SHUT UP: Jeb Bush, ‘Illegal Immigration is Not a Felony, It’s an Act of Love’

Immigrants coming into the United States illegally are acting of out love, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said on Fox News Sunday.

Bush explained:

The way I look at this is someone who comes to our country because they couldn’t come legally, they come to our country because their family’s dad who loves their children was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table, and they wanted to make sure their family was intact. And they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family.Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s kind of, it’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that’s a different kind of crime that should be, there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t be — it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.

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  • JoeBlake

    Yeah shut up Jeb…Veterans coming home are having to compete for jobs with the Illegals. That is not cooll!

    • MatrixHater

      Yet another Bush. This is like the movie “Groundhog Day”. He is married to an Hispanic, and it influences every opinion he will ever have on illegal immigration. Read my lips: NO MORE BUSHES!

  • CountryBumpkin

    This Repuli-crat will NOT get my vote!


    Vote all DEMON-Crap’s and RINO’s OUT!! ( this includes you Jeb “CFR” Bush.)

  • Jgahring

    So, in his opion, those who steal or sell drugs to make money to put food on the table are acting out of love for their families and are not commiting what he would call a crime? Just because these people come here illegally and take jobs away from citizens, take food off of American’s tables, take our tax dollars for food stamps, health care, education and refuse to learn our language or accept our culture, our laws, our ways and add a burden to the working tax payers of this country it should be okay, they are acting out of love?
    This RINO has no business in our government.

    • Mark Smith USArmy

      Thanks, you said it all! I DO NOT want him or christie for that matter on the ticket!

      • WhateversFair

        The probability of my voting for Bush, Christie, Ryan or Rubio in a primary is ZERO. The probability of my voting for one of them if they were the Republican nominee is, at best, a coin toss – 50/50.

    • Endgame

      No doubt! When drug cartels rape, behead and dismember people, they’re only doing it as an act of love so that they can put food on their family’s table. When illegals throw rocks and injure border patrol agents, it’s an act of love for their children. When human smugglers kidnap chilren and sell them into sex slavery, they’re soing it out of love, and when drug runners shoot at border patrol agents who attempt to stop them, it’s only because they want to flood our country with their cargo of love.

  • Devasahayam

    Irony that a group of illiterate Assamese (specifically Lalung tribe) in 1983 understood more about illegal immigration than the Bush family ever will — and also took action on the matter (albeit not long effective)!

    (in 1983, considerable number of Bengalis — both West Bengalis and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh — had settled in Nowgong District of Assam. The native tribesmen didn’t like it — and specifically disliked the almost-cent-percent-Muslim Banglas more so than the West Bengalis; in fact it was documented that the tribesmen told West Bengalis, including Muslims from Murshidabad District, to stay inside specifically selecting Banglas to send their message to Delhi)

  • TxPatrick

    If the GOP puts this rino to the front for 2016……WE are doomed and Our Country will be in Total Ruins……… :-(

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Does his stupid statement project that his wife is here illegally?

    • nobody

      The first thought that came to mind!!

  • J Cooper

    When their swarming all over your back yard, and eating your dog, reality will hit home. Love is NOT involved here.. It’s a take over.. with ballot boxes..

  • D S

    What part of illegal does this Bush Clown not understand? Why do we have laws, every body from every other nation can break and we American Born citizens are required to obey? We need to keep crappy people like the Bushes, Boehners, Reids, Pelosi’s, etc. out of government.

    • Westy34215

      He is just another RINO who is also pushing Common Core down our throats.

      • Jim

        Let’s see how many of these politicians can work a common core math problem.

      • johnny737

        That’s because he is making money from Common core.

      • TexasJester

        Heck – he’s one of CC’s biggest cheerleaders!

    • Joan

      You forgot the Clinton’s!!!!

  • Harry

    Just what America does not need, another Bush in the White House! When George W. Bush was President I would go to protest rallies and shout “George Bush, kiss my tush!”.

    So if tragically Jeb Bush should be elected in President in 2016, I will go to protest rallies and shout “Jeb Bush, kiss my tush!”.

  • E Wolfe

    One more nit wit which our party leadership will run for president, knowing full well that he’s a loser. There are absolutely no leaders in the mainstream republican establishment, not one. The party leadership actively works to marginalize those who manifest any indication that they will not go-along, to get-along. We need a candidate who is a strict constitutionalist, period! Then we need to weed out the trash that sits on the Supreme Court. Any judge who believes that our constitution is a living document is a threat to your freedom and mine. That person tromps on the principle that we are a nation of laws, not a nation of men.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Note to self: Do Not Vote for Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, et al, who are completely clueless & only want the status quo to remain…

  • Frank W Brown

    Another ASSWIPE bush, I DON’T THINK SO! NO MORE BUSHs, NO MORE BUSHs, NO MORE BUSHs!!! They Played TOO Big a Part In Giving Us This…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but
    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might
    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or
    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might
    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a
    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not
    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that
    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from
    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty
    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a
    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but
    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make
    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a
    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman
    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head
    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but
    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions
    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a
    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his
    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class
    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation
    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more
    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with
    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses
    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to
    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment
    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was
    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation
    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest
    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a
    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government
    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself
    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a
    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

  • sunshine308

    what a crock of bs… just another rino.. save your money Bush.

  • yaki534

    Jeb, does that mean one can kill a couple that are cheating on their spouse? Or kill the jerk that got my daughter pregnant, stole from me or other thing?

  • jpcec

    What a friggin’ dope! Great idea to make it that much more difficult for our “Natural Born” citizens to get work due to competing with illegals who have no right to be here! THis from a guy who has no clue what it’s like to struggle. Give me a break Jeb…just go away and shut up!

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Not the right choice for me. Sarah is.

  • yaki534

    Another thing: just try to sneak into another country to get a job.

  • southerner15

    Dumb statement that will put the Republican Party behind again. Pick someone who will keep their mouth shut and follow the constitution.

    • Joan

      Not really!! Its the person you vote not the rest of the idiots that think this is the way to get votes!!!

  • jaxtom

    Egg sucking dog comes to mind…

  • gman2

    OK let’s let everyone in the world come who wants to. Or is this reserved for Hispanics?

    • BradR

      No, it is for anyone who can get to the southern border and is willing to work for sub-standard wages.

  • Carol

    Boy, Rinos are bent on committing political suicide so no one votes for them. Is this just another way to allow the dems to stay in power and bring the end of our nation. Are they all one worlders at the top? I guess the answer is pretty obvious. The GOP has had a death wish for some time.

    • Joan

      I think its a way for them to get the vote!!! Its like Obama giving out free phones!!!

    • elmcqueen3

      I agree…Republicans are afraid to put up a good fight…They might offend someone within the Democratic Party!

  • Stan in Texas

    Cruz-Palin or vice versa
    Cruz-Paul or vice versa
    Walker-Cruz or vice versa
    Palin-walker or vice versa

    No bush. No Clinton. No huckster. No Rubio. No Ryan.

  • johnstephano

    I wonder if Jeb Bush’s wife is legal. This guy is lives in a fantasy world.

  • Harry

    One comment that was made that I feel I need to respond to. I have travelled extensively during the 40+ years of my career and most of it has been internationally. The United States is the only country that I know of where you leave the country and do not go through exit immigration. You just show the airline a valid passport and destination visa if required, get on the plane and go! A person comes here with a valid visa, and our government has no idea if they are still here, or have left prior to the expiration of the visa. We should do as all other countries and keep records as to when a foreign national has left the country. Then we will know when a supposed “student” is still in the country when they should have left months or years ago. We can then go looking for them.

    • elmcqueen3

      During the 60’s when I worked in Germany as a civilian as a machinist for Honeywell Corp. I had to have a work permit which was stamped in my US Passport…If stopped by the police for a traffic violation, etc.I had to show my Passport and they checked to see what type of visa with which I was in their country…Once when my wife and I were out of country on a vaction and by the time we returned my work permit had expired and the French border guard didn’t want to let me cross back over the border into Germany…After an hour or better and several phone calls he made he finally let me pass through…Needless to say I was pissed for holding me up from returning back into Germany…Of course none of this would happen today as Europe now has open borders and people can cross from one country to another without having to stop at the borders to have their paper worked checked!

  • pappap42

    Sounds to me like he should be heavily medicated. Why do these fools think they can pee on our legs and try to tell us it’s raining. The problem is so many people believe this.

    • samochief

      Lol! I love the “pee on our legs” analogy, papap42! But the problem is not that so many people believe it but that many disagree but are not willing to rise and do anything about it. The ones pushing for this are the millions of illegals themselves and their sympathizers! They’re the moochers who have found a free ride to all the welfare benefits they haven’t earned thus stealing from the American tax payers.

      • pappap42

        All I really want is for the United States to enact the very same laws that Mexico has.

  • Freedom_Road

    This guy is a Moron and a globalist who believes in open borders and no US sovereignty! No different than the Dems!

  • d

    I’m sure that’s why all the drug dealers came here via the river instead of the proper channels.
    They love that money.

  • peteserb

    Jeb is just another RINO liberal. He would continue to destroy this nation.

  • Nikita63

    Mr. Bush: It is not a matter of the illegals coming to this country which you consider an act of LOVE that is the problem: It is the manner of their coming in Violation of American Law as their FIRST ACT on our soil. It is a felony and punishable under EXISTING but unenforced law! Is it an Act of Love, to take unearned benefits and entitlements from AMERICAN CITIZEN taxpayers, both native born and those naturalized who came here in compliance with our law and assimilated, while their own lives are negatively affected as is are those of THEIR children by the increased taxation and reduction in services to them to provide those “entitlements? Many of THOSE immigrants EARNED their citizenship in SERVICE to this country in our military. Why should we be providing bilingual teachers in the School systems at tremendous additional expense and NOT insisting that all teaching in the Public System be done in English, the de facto, language which a vast majority of us were born under and which has been the national language for all of our national history? Why are they being recruited in the Mexican Consulates to participate in the ACA? And, since our jails were full of illegals until Obama released thousands of them, why were they released as threat to Citizens? I’m listening, Mr. Bush . What have YOU to say in rebuttal? These inequities are only a small part of the existing problem but: THEY WILL DO FOR A START!

  • FrankC

    Please don”t let this IDIOT anywhere near the White House! Between this and his fanatical pushing of Common Core, the United States will cease to exist in his first term. Complete the work of destroying our education system, complete the destruction of our economy, complete the destruction of rule of law, and we are GONE!

  • elmcqueen3

    Gee..Another Republican turned Liberal!

  • rulistening

    Remember when we were a nation of laws? We have the most lawless regime in history and now we are hearing from the other side with stupid statements like breaking the LAW is just fine as long as political hacks say so? Leave it to the Republican Party to lose another election because they simply can’t buy a clue! I want the next president to do what is right for America for a change. I want someone that will defend this country and our borders.Our country is being invaded with people that may carry disease, weapons, who knows because we are not protecting the border. We don’t need more poor and sick people, we have a regime making all of us the poor and sick .
    I have a suggestion, how about we do an exchange program. We can take as many illegals from another country is willing to take our politicians?

    • johnbbbb

      So, with that insane reasoning from J Bush, I guess if I rob a bank….it is an “act of love” brecause I want to feed my family, because I am out of work. Good God man, do Republicans want to lose another election Stupid RINO’s.

  • Tango

    technically it may be ‘an act of love’ to better their family, but legally….its illegal. you can justify anything if you work at it hard enough…..

  • rivahmitch

    The way I look at it, Jeb, is that as a combat veteran America is my home for which I have paid. Anyone coming in without following the rules is a home invader who should be killed at the threshold rather than given a place of honor at the dinner table and their choice of menu.

    • TexasJester

      We are being INVADED. Nothing less. Mexico has their military at their southern border to stop illegal border crossings — WHY DON’T WE???

  • red55bird

    Not a felony ??? Great Scott man have you lost your mind, crossing into America illegally is a felony period, try going into Mexico without papers and see what happens to you, you go to jail for a long time. I’m sorry but it’s all about the vote nothing more then that, secure the border stop illegals coming into this country, require anyone who wants to come to America for work to have a work Visa and if they stay past there allotted time export them back to Mexico to never come back again period. WE have million of family’s struggling to make a living who our legal American citizens, were the love for these poor people Jeb Bush.

  • dave

    No reform Bush. Don';t run for President. How many terrorists have crossed our borders? The immigration system works. Use it. We don’t need a third Bush in the White House.

  • American

    Coming to American is an honor not for the unwanted as we now have …. We have laws why not use them? One must not break laws and have the honor of getting an American citizenship to live here!!! GET IN LINE!! NOT BREAK OUR LAWS!!

  • wiggumc1

    No, it is not an act of love.

    It is an act of WAR!

    How many other countries allow people to flood over their borders without even ATTEMPTING to stop them, and beyond that, WELCOMING, ENCOURAGING and PAYING them to come?!?!

    • fcutch

      Exactly right. This is a foreign invasion. N Korea and Iran will imprison and possibly execute you for entering illegally. Go into Mexico and your thrown in jail. That includes any and all Americans. Armed drones on the border, along with tanks, attack chopper and troops

  • Rham

    These Bushes…the other one looked into the eyes of Putin and saw only kindness and this one calls illegal trespassing into our country an act of love. No more Bushes around, all they do is cost money to legal working citizens of this country. Time for a hard right on these issues. Build the fence, shut down the borders, enforce the laws in the books and issue workers permits only to the ones proven not to be have committed other crimes while in the USA. No citizenship and no handouts from tax paying citizens. Only allow work if licensed to be here.

  • johnny737

    We have laws. They are not being enforced and Jeb says don’t enforce them. That’s reason enough not to want you in the presidency. We already have this mentality.

  • Onteo

    No one will support this fool for prez. Go away already

  • gypsy314

    Coming from a man who has a dozen of illegal aliens doing his work for him. If J. Bush runs I will not support another progressive republican who will go along to get along. America needs a true conservative leader like Cruz or Paul or Lee. No more rinos.

  • rog363

    Just one more damn politician who doesn’t know the definition of ILLEGAL,
    so he makes up his own. If you or I do something ILLEGAL, what happens to us?

    • parlayer

      a $500 ticket at the least. (from probation to the death penalty) you never know where your going to end up!

  • gtm615

    Wow! Isn’t it wonderful to know that leaving 20 million of your own law
    abiding citizens and countrymen unemployed or underemployed while
    allowing the same number of lawbreakers in to undercut their jobs,
    get free education, health coverage, etc. is such a wonderful act of
    love. It’s about time we made these Regressives realize they are
    paid to serve the people of the US and not of every other country in
    the universe.

    • PatRiot

      I put this clown on the same page as 99.99999999% of the socialist progressives & is one of their delusional sheep. That his wife is Hispanic is not an issue, but don’t cater to her illegal countrymen because of it.

  • Texas_Jake

    We knew he was soft on illegal immigrants. Now we know he is soft in the head. Jeb, please go away.

  • parlayer

    Enough Bush’s, Crap in Crap out. How about Dr. Carson. instead of poncho villa.

  • gvette

    If he likes them so much, take them all over to his house!! Then see how he feels.

  • Oldtymepatriot

    Watch for the establishment to promote Jeb now that Christie has all but lost momentum over the lane closure scandal. Jeb is as much a New World Order globalist as the rest of his family and that fits like a glove with the people currently ruling the GOP. Remember what they did to the Ron Paul delegation in 2012? Backroom rule changes and an unscheduled bus tour of the city for Paul delegates during the voting at the convention. The establishment is very vigilant since the Reagan coup in 1980 when the establishment’s choice G.H.W. Bush was torpedoed at the convention. If you also remember, Bush was made number two man in the administration in a backroom deal and Reagan was almost killed just two months after becoming POTUS.

  • NoLibLiz

    The act is no less illegal or detrimental to the people, culture, society and laws of both nations just because the motivation behind the act is “love!”

  • lizaz

    It’s a crime to sneak into our country, no matter what this guy says. Obviously he’s another one who won’t enforce our laws……we don’t need any more of that!!!! Also he supports the marxist indoctrination agenda for our children called COMMON CORE!!! We and our family will never support another Bush, especially this one!! Can’t you just hear the liberal/marxists demoralizing this candidate with years of previous Bush failures???? Not the way for Conservatives to save America!!

    • ADRoberts

      And yet, the Establishment Republicans will probably offer HIM for their candidate.
      Time to LEAVE the Republican Party and make them like the WHIGS.

  • dhwilson58

    Are you flippin crazy !!! So like, I’ll go rob a bank because my dad did and it will be for love, It will not be breaking the law and getting a felony charge out of it. You are one ignorant son of a bit@& !!!

    • ADRoberts

      With that arrogant, egotistical Barbara, you may be right.

  • BamaReb

    Where do these people come from that want this communist for our president. There is no difference between him and a democrat . We need to enforce the laws on the books thats why congress has such a low rate of approvable. We do not need more common core marxist communist take over of our schools we need this out of our schools. We do not need this F—l Bush.

  • fcutch

    Sorry Jeb ,but that is not our problem. Its the problem of their government and the taxpayers of their home country. RINO SCUM. I will never vote for you or anyone like you. Between politicians like you in both parties, we are looking more and more like a Third World country every day. Your not only killing the Republican party, your killing America

  • RalphZ

    Illegals are law breakers. There is no excuse not is there any reason to state otherwise. This country has the easiest rules for entering of all other countries. We are condemned by Mexico which treats all illegals there as felons and to be treated as harshly as possible. Hypocrites.

    Here is how I see to take care of all illegals. After this, any illegals found should be sent back to their country of origin and have their country be billed for our time, court costs and cost of their plane ticket sending them back to the middle of their country.

    1) Have all illegals register and give them a time limit. After that deadline, all those that did not register would be hunted down, kicked out of whatever jobs they have, and deported.

    2) All registered illegals would pay a fine depending on the number of years they were here and pay the taxes if they did not pay any. No exceptions. Refusal or non-payment results in them immediately being sent back to the country of their origin.

    3) Then they would be given a green card, no citizenship until all those legal immigrants that are waiting for citizenship receive theirs. Then the ones who were illegals would have to learn to read, write and speak English fluently, Learn our History and Government, and then if they have not been arrested for criminal actions, they can apply for citizenship.

    Citizenship is not guaranteed nor is it given as a reward to those that have broken our laws by sneaking into our country, and stealing identification.

    If anyone does not like this, I must ask why they want to reward law breakers with citizenship? Also where is their honor?

    That is the way I see it. If you don’t like it, then I ask why? This is more then fair and after this no other program of this kind will be repeated. If anyone wants to come in, they can do it the legal way or be sent back. My Granddad did it, why can’t they? He also had to have at the minimum two years of savings so he would not be a burden on society. I remember listening to him about the requirements that were laid on him and Grandma. I’m surprised he even stayed the course. These people that sneak in don’t have half the honor, morals or character that my Granddad did.
    If we are truly a country of laws, then all laws should be enforced equally whether they are a citizen or illegal or a legal visitor. It should not matter. (Deuteronomy 1:16-17 KJB).

  • BlueEyedAl

    Jeb, your head is shoved up a dark hole! Oh yes, there are some illegals that could and would benefit America, but that is a very small percentage. If we all had your standard of living, we probably would see illegals trough your rose colored glasses. But we don’t have your standard of living, no illegal maid, illegal gardner, illegal nanny or any other illegals in our employee. What we have, is the reality of working with them and living with them. They do not come here to be Americans, they come here to make America Mexico. Their children run around in stores like a mad bull, taking things off of shelves and destroying them. Many have no respect for others. Many also wipe their butt and throw the dirty toilet tissue on the floor. They also take away from us many good paying jobs. Many legal Americans have been forced out of the construction fields due to illegals. Those jobs are far from minimum wage. Now I also no some of the 10%, they are educated, courteous, embrace our culture and don’t believe in amnesty. Jeb, try living in the real world and see how fast you change your mind once you have cleaned the crap out of your eyes.

  • Bill T Smith

    Sorry Jeb we know your wrong and hire illegals to work for you and your family plus we know your wife family has illegals here

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Please don’t get fooled again. Dump the criminal bush family for once and for all.

  • fmc_disgusted

    Reeally Jeb ol’ boy? How about you and the Bush family set up a nice big ranch somewhere (in Mexico?) and you can house and feed and incarcerate and “rehab” and provide free health care to all these loving parents. All as you spit on the memory of my grand parents who fled the Nazis and LEGALLY entered this country and never took a damn dime of assistance when they got here.

    And you can shove your moronic demonic support of common core too. Are you really that stupid or are you so used to pandering to anyone or anything for votes that you have abandoned all semblance of intelligence and show no respect for hard working, tax paying Americans?

    Kiss off Jeb boy.

    • fmc_disgusted

      And I forgot..your daddy can shove his allegiance to Agenda 21 up his…you know the rest.

  • ADRoberts

    This is the reasoning of someone who is trying to provide cheap labor for American corporations. He is also complicit in the Democrat’s efforts to increase their voter base by ELEVEN MILLION.
    It would also increase the strain on the welfare programs by adding EVERY ONE of those illegals to receive EVERYTHING the Democrats use to buy votes.
    So why would Bush WANT these illegals? Not because of logic or real compassion.
    You see, when the economy comes DOWN, these people will suffer worse HERE than they would at their home.
    Allow the system to work. (Not the way Obama is opening the program to MUSLIMS, but the way it used to work.)
    Stop thwarting the will of Americans. Stop OBEYING your masters the Bilderbergs.

    • Voncent

      The US Chamber of Commerce and the large corporations are drooling over amnesty. Amnesty WILL create jobs–for Jeb, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Flake, Kyl, Rand Paul, Ryan, Cantor, Toomey and other RINOS. Cheap labor means Jebb can get another multimillion dollar job as a consultant. And as wages come down, we can all feeeeeeeeeel good about the new America. It is our job to learn Spanish and pay for those freebies! The Jebster just knows that 20-40 million new citizens will vote Republican. Just look at California…

  • JuneUSA

    I am tired of this double speak. Enough, enough, enough. Is anyone else going to get the TV time that he is getting? I haven’t seen anyone else get a sit down and talk on a major show for any other candidate. I do not want Bush and I do not want the “elite republican party ” pushing another loser down our throats. Bush or not. I do not love illegals. They get away with breaking our laws and our politicians break our laws by not enforcing them. Close the borders.

  • AG Dot Com!

    Yep. Pretty through with the Bush family. Bush Jr. was a troop supporter and I appreciate that, but he caved on the domestic front, and I want no more of that for our Great Nation. I have less than zero interest in another Bush presidency.

    Cruz. Palin. Carson. Somebody like that. Also, someone with testicular fortitude would be nice for a change. Nobody who wears mom jeans or smokes dope, please.

    Also, bring it, you libtard trolls – let’s hear it how all Conservative choices are “racist” and “anti-woman” – there has never in the history of the United States of America been a more racist constituency than the leftists, socialists, and democrats – thanks for the KKK, btw… way to go all “racial solidarity”…

  • rog363

    I remember when Jeb Bush vetoed the peoples request for a law stating you keep to the right except to pass on the highway, in Florida, you pass you get back over to the right lane. This allows those drivers who want to make a left turn easier access to get over and those in, what I and many others call the suicide lane, to merge with traffic. When asked why he vetoed it, he said he doesn’t condone speeding, not one reporter had the nerve to ask him if he condoned road rage, he of coarse would have said, no I don’t, the reporter could then have asked him “If you don’t condone road rage, why are you promoting it”. Just one more politician who thinks his ideas are that much better then those who he is supposed to listen to.

  • warpsix

    I would Hate to see Jeb on a Ticket in 2016

  • AG Dot Com!

    This might be an epically historic moment .. as conservatives & liberals unite in saying “That is quite enough of the Bush family, thank you…”

  • George

    This is the reason to stop NEPOTISM! It has ruined the motion picture industry,TV,politics and everywhere it is practiced. A case in point look at Doocy on FOX and his personality void son.!! No more families in the WH.

  • jerry1944

    And if Bush had enforced the law we would have so many here now to have to deport. But it looks like the gop dont want to get rid of illegal and more than they do the healthcare

  • SuperD

    Another DA rich guy talking love and kindness as long as working people are paying the bill. No sovereignty, no private property, no constitution, no America these thing common core will guarantee.

  • John Stratemeyer

    And the GOP “Establishment” wonders why it loses elections. They stand for nothing anymore – not even law and order. Jeb Bush is in the wrong party. The good news is that We, the People seem to have had enough of Bush-style “Compassionate Conservatism.” This nonsensical comparison might put the final nail in the coffin of Jeb’s Presidential chances.

  • red55bird

    If you think about this, Jeb just slap the middle class legal American citizens in the face, for middle class will be hurt extremely by legalizing illegals in a Nation that has high unemployment of it’s own citizens already.

  • Leo2Leo

    Both parties are telling We The People who our candidates are going to be.

  • gunny55

    Another RINO is out of the closet.

  • rockcut

    Jeff Bush speaks in a reasonable matter and people come out of the wood work to denounce him. Sorry to see it. We need immigration reform that includes border security, getting these people ouit of the sadows, making them pay a fine, and to get at the back of the line to become citizens. You are not going to round all of them up and sen t them home. Deal with the problem now instead of all this nonsense talk.

    • red55bird

      Question why can’t we round them up and send them back, we waist million on clean energy and other crap like the EPA department.

    • Voncent

      No one suggested deporting the 12-20 million illegal aliens. If you cut off the food stamps, welfare, AFDC, bilingual ballots and ESL programs, housing subsidies, free healthcare, free legal services and free education for illegals, most of them would leave voluntarily. Yes, we are paying for it!!

      As far as the illegal aliens in our prisons: execute the ones convicted of murder and sex crimes against children, and deport the rest of the incarcerated ones! That could save alot of lives. And if the INS/ICE cannot keep track of the thousands of felons that they released, how in the bloody hell can they enforce the fines on 12-20 million illegals? Of course, we did not address the rise of tuberculosis, Chagas’ disease and other dangerous diseases on the rise!

      • rockcut

        agree with that those that are incarcerated should be deported upon completing their time. However, you are incorrect illegals do not get food stramps, welfare, or housing subsidies or free health care that is a myth. The only time a household gets aid is if their is a child born in the USA then that child is eligible for aid. Also, bilingual, ballots and ESL programs are for those that became citizens. The sooner we address this problem in a logical correct matter the better this country will be for if you bring them out of the underground economy and they begin to pay taxes it is better all the way around. I cannot see doing nothing to address the problem.

        • fliteking

          What are “Food Stramps” rocky?

    • Bill

      Sorry, but rounding up the illegals has been done twice in this country – now is time for a third one – and this time keep it effing PERMANENT!

    • fliteking

      Yo, genius, it’s “Jeb” Bush . . . and “reasonable manner”

  • Susan

    This NWO fascist is so fascist……thinking Rule of Law is meaningless. Such evil Leftists who want to annihilate the borders and nations and local control (Common Core brainwashing and warping the minds of the children with Billy Ayers, Bertrand Russell (Snow is Black) Worldview). (Nations need no laws).

  • Carol Dorne

    Just one more anal orifice, these lying politicians will say anything to get elected. John





    • falling321

      Jeb is definitely an idiot, but you are incorrect when you say it is a felony to enter this country illegally. It is not. It is a misdemeanor equal to a jay walking ticket…sad but true.

  • KDS

    You’re nuts Bush!

  • Oldchopper

    They’ll keep talking and doing nothing until every derelict in every country that hates America has come to our shores. Bush may be saying compassionate things but the reality does not support his hollow words. Which in my opinion is standard rhetoric for political hacks.

  • john

    Stick a fork in him, he is done.

  • jim

    Just another dim wit, Jeb Bush.

  • gorrie

    Jeb Bush here comes Amnesty

  • Robert

    Jeb Bush is just another RINO (republican in name only), just like Bob Dole and John McCain. They are not much better than the democrats. I would not be surprised to see the GOP run Jeb for president in the next election. I am sick and tired of having to go to the poles and hold my nose in order to vote for the republican candidate.

  • falling321

    Jeb, as far as I am concerned, it is an act of treason to support these illegal aliens entering our country when our OWN citizens are looking at empty pantry’s and wondering when WE will once again have the full time jobs we need to support our family!

  • klsparrow

    Another loser in 2016 just like in 2008 and 2012. There are three name i would like to see banned from politics. Bush, Clinton and Kennedy.These three families act like they are etitled.

    • fearlesskris

      One of those families has given their lives to public service when they could have done what folks like the Romneys have done, rake in more and more wealth and spit on their employees. That same family has given the lives of their sons for this country both in military service and assassination. The Kennedy family has given more than any family I have ever known for this country. I’m not for another Bush – as a matter of fact if everyone loves Jeb’s wife so much, I don’t see why we don’t let her run.

      • 2Shadow2

        You must not have look at the family patriarch that closely. I met Jack Kennedy in Naples, Italy and he was very open and candid. He was also the last Democrat to put the country first, but Ted was a horse of a different color. Murder surrounded him and we are left to wonder why the family tree has so much death around it. Reminiscent of a Mafia family., no?

        • fearlesskris


      • grammy23

        I agree with you on the Kennedy’s. I believe they encompassed the best of what the Democrats had to offer and he did reach across the isle. John F was truly a uniter, unlike our current president. However, we part ways when you fraudulently claim that Mitt Romney spits on his employees. Mitt Romney is a businessman, and a darned good one. He would have put this country back on track where it comes to jobs and economic growth. He is wealthy due to his being good at his business. I have never heard he mistreats his employees.

        • fearlesskris

          Well, the only thing I can tell you about Romney is that I’m in Illinois and had to watch the sadness that happened in Freeport. Those workers did absolutely nothing wrong, they weren’t greedy money grabbers, they just did a good job. Romney and partners ripped that plant right out of the town – and since it’s a fairly small town, it had the expected devastating effect. Based on his own stated business history, this doesn’t sound like a single incident – more like an on-going strategy. Wouldn’t be quite as bad if he had not called the working class of this country “takers”. We have been raised to believe in the American dream of hard work and education lifting our children out of poverty and providing a better life. It was horribly sad. And I have to quote the President on the reaching across the aisle – “I’ll take your hand if only you’ll unclench your fist”. Reaching across the aisle is not only one side completely giving up on the American people as the GOTP would have us do. Have a good one grammy!

  • mudguy1

    If coming here illegally is not a felon then robbing a bank is not a felon because the bank was robbed out of love for ones family so they could have a better life.
    Wonder how much love the 60,000 illegals that Obama released had for our country?

  • paulrph1

    And the Rino Jeb Bush has to say?

  • R. Shackelford

    Even if you agree with Mr. Bush that illegal immigrants are coming for the good of their families – where does it end? The world if full of poor suffering people that want to come here, and we can’t take them all. These other countries need to step up and make reforms to improve their living conditions and economies, so that their people won’t need to leave.

    • 2Shadow2

      I know many Mexican families who have work permits and come every year to work for 6-8 months and then return to their farms in and families in Mexico. They have it all and are are happy and here legally.

  • 724willy

    The worst thing about Jeb Bush is that he is a luciferian, via Skull & Bones
    indoctrination as is his father and grand father, that and the Bohemian Club.
    The last thing this country needs is a Satin worshiper leading it.

  • jcbathtub

    Love, leading to a single liberal party, to bring the country to total socialism, is not love. It is the oposite. Tough love is enforcing the law. That is how to show real love for our Country and the people who follow the law.

  • ditzydad

    This why the GOP gets smaller and smaller; WE NEED A NEW POLITICAL PARTY. In this country we have the DEMOCRAT PARTY (Communist-Socialist-Liberals-Perverts) and the REPUBLICAN PARTY ( RINOS-Democrat Lite- ME TOO). TIME FOR A NEW POLITICAL PARTY.

    • Buyerbwear

      We have it now. It’s called the TEA Party.

  • Sparky

    This is who the establishment Republican Party thinks is mainstream. They will push him or Marco Rubio (same position on immigration) instead of a conservative that the bulk of the party will support, like they did with McCain and Romney. After they loose the election they will be scratching their heads wondering why they lost. Romney had four million less Republican votes than McCain and that is why they lost, we are tired of having the most liberal choice represent us.

    • felix1999

      I fear you are right!

  • robocop33

    JEB, I voted for you every time and you did a great job as our Governor but the last couple of years you have gone off the deep end supporting illegals and even Common Core. I can no longer support you because of these two things that I am completely opposed to. Heck, I even enjoyed speaking with your son while you were doing your speech while campaiging and he seemed like a bright good kid. JEB, you need to come back to your conservative ways. Look at the Tea Party with an open mind.

    • felix1999

      Jeb is another RINO testing the waters to see if he can get the ILLEGAL VOTE and the support of Hispanics. He is looking more and more like the LOW LIFE that is a GOPer destroying our country. Truly pulling on ones heart strings isn’t going to work anymore. It’s been EXPLOITED and ABUSED and WHY we are in the mess we are in. Jeb is another ENABLER for MORE of it.


    twice this country has put up the Bush family. If they are depending on name recognition to win the presidency we are in trouble.

  • miprecinct9

    And the GOP likes this guy? And Christy? Grand Old Democrat Lite Party. Their going to loss the next election too, if they don’t figure out Conservatives wouldn’t support their RINO picks.

  • felix1999

    Oh brother!

    Jeb, ILLEGAL children are ILLEGAL. They are born here to get benefits and a “free” education. The OFTEN come here WITHOUT kids, have them here – ANCHOR BABIES- to get on the public feeding trough.

    Jeb, DISOBEYING out laws is not an “act of love”. Jeb, dear, it is a calculated flagrant ACT OF DISRESPECT” for our laws and country. Jeb, in MEXICO you couldn’t get away with this. Mexico ENFORCES “harsher” immigration laws than what we have.

    Dear Lord, I hope he isn’t being forced on us as the next primary candidate in ANY position. He is also CLUELESS on Common Core. Yes, the governors got together and created “standards” however the Obama administration took those “standards” and hijacked the curriculum and CHANGED the standards. It IS what people didn’t want – the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT literally dictating books, standards and scripted lessons that are often INAPPROPRIATE in requirements for the age of a student.

  • ditzydad

    JUST a QUICK QUESTION; What else is LOVE? STEALING your identity, just sharing with illegal/ Sexual child abuse, ADULT SUPERVISON/ FREE SCHOOLING for ILLEAGALS while you BUST your ASS trying to put your kids through any SCHOOL. MUST BE NICE TO HAVE FAMILY MONEY. YOU GO GOP!!!

  • suzyshopper

    Oh since its an act of love, lets send them to your mansion, would u then consider that to be and act of love, i bet not so muchhh.

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    Jeb…Are you really naive?? The illegals don’t want to come here out of “Love for our country” but for love of our “Freebies”!!!!

    • 2Shadow2


  • Vsshooter

    Bush is in LaLa Land!

  • 2Shadow2

    Bush is and always has been pandering to the Hispanic vote. As if all the Hispanics who got inline and are here legally will support amnesty. The reason they are here is that there is so much free stuff like health care education and on and on. If you want to stop the illegal immigration then stop subsidizing it. Any pest control agent will tell you this.

    • Robert Courtney

      Here is why what you said is reality.
      Jeb Bush married an Illegal from Mexico. She was Illegal until his Bro, George, helped her get citizenship. So his Inlaws are mostly Illegal, but surprise surprise, they are in the US. Love is great, isn’t it? Especially when you are an Illegal.

      George, had an Illegal Nanny from Mexico. He had a thing for her as a child.
      The whole Bush family are Amnesty Hounds, as they have skin in the game. the rest of us? Not so much.

      ALL the Bush line is CFR members, you know, the NWO group. Only the very wealthy need apply.
      Jeb Bush will be the left’s MSM GOP Fairhair boi…until he wins the Primary. Then the MSM will excoriate him, starting with screams “NOT another BUSH!”.
      Just like they did McCain.
      And these idiot RINOs have yet to notice this?

      • 2Shadow2

        Good points. I knew his wife was Hispanic and that has a certain influence on his politics. I also knew about the big oil ties and the grim part about daddy’s time as head of the CIA. Not the type of organized crime one can leave either. Here is a posting with some really nasty revelations about the GOP.

      • 2Shadow2

        My late father was a retired Navy captain and had long time friends at the Pentagon. Among the many things he told me of importance was that the Pentagon was loaded with NWO types going back to the 1970’s at least. The second thing was that John Kerry was DD’ed from the Navy for aiding and abetting (meeting with the North Vietnamese in Paris in uniform) and that is the reason Bill Clinton sealed Kerry’s military record. For a clearer picture of why things don’t exactly work anymore in this country try some of the excerpts in the article here:

  • Lois

    Oh boy! How wrong this is! And the Rinos want him to run in 2016?! A sure ticket to losing! Go home to your wife, Jeb. You can never compare with your brother. Do the USA a huge favor….DON’T RUN! And GET REAL! Illegal is Illegal: SIMPLE! I am fed up with people taking advantage of Americans freedom! I expect them to fight for their own freedom. If they come here LEGALLY, we will welcome immigrants with open arms. Then expect them to GET a job and work for your keep!

  • andrewjerome

    Well, I just crossed him off my list.

  • Smokewagon1984

    So now we can rob banks as long as we do it out of love for our children.

  • Johnny

    Stealing is a felony. Stealing your way into a foreign country is definitely a felony, NOT an act of love it is an act of HATE.

  • John b

    jeb bush is the biggest idiot in the family!

    • jondarmes

      Now that is saying something. Just some more of that compassionate conservatism.

      • John b

        Are there not people waiting everywhere, who have filled out all sorts of documents, in an effort to get into this country and become citizens legally?

  • mapoffla

    I thought he did a decent job as Gov of FL (at least compared to Charlie “Turncoat” Crist), but as far as president goes…stay retired Jeb.

    • sickpuppy70454


  • sickpuppy70454

    His true (blue) colors are showing. He’ll never get my vote.

  • seenitb4

    Don’t you wish you could get someone like Jeb Bush in a dark ally and leave him there with his head bashed in? It’s bad enough to have a foreign-born Muslim president that’s turned on the American people, the church, marriage, military, the Constitution and the family and now the Repugnants are scrambling to find a candidate to take back the White House with Jeb Bush. And he’s married to a pepper belly to boot. You know he would throw open the doors to every immigrant on the planet! I’m ready for a civil war to take America back from traitors and return it to the patriots. Next time vote Tea Party which is Rand Paul!

  • JaniceSix

    This fool couldn’t find his butt with both hands. Just another idiot RINO!

  • REDRUM777

    Been reading the comments below and it’s not just a RINO 2016 thing. It’s being promoted by the NWO peeps and he’s following a puppet line like BHO. We are on a death spiral independent of the 2016 elected POTUS. Been that way since day one.

  • 2020Vet

    My question is, “Why the hell is he getting any attention at all?” The last several GOP polls for presidency indicated he’s had no more than 6% of the vote! Just another IDIOT from the same village!!! Forget about this! It’s the same tactics the GOP used to shove McCaine down our throats – look what a traitor he’s turned into!!! The Democrats used the opposite to springboard Obummer past Hillary when she had the Democratic nomination sewn up!!! Do like you were intented to do Fornicate Bush and vote for the real candidates!!!

    • Mark Marquis

      The Republicans have created a history of running people who cannot possibly get elected to the presidency, the question is are they doing this intentionally or are they just that inept.

  • Mark Marquis

    The vast number of illegal mexicans have been back and forth to mexico a number of times, which makes them Felons, Jeb Bush is an idiot of unimaginable proportions , how he got elected in Florida is beyond belief , perhaps all the retirees with alzheimers is responsible. He most certainly has “0” chance of ever landing in the White House except as a janitor.

    • Name

      most times it seems like the janitor IS running the white house, or someone equally comptent

    • Lugh

      Why? Because Whites are fools and Hispanics are smart in terms of what’s good for them.

  • WesTexan

    Shut up indeed! Illegal aliens, leeches, wetbacks, welfare thieves—they are what they are. We must stop illegal immigration yesterday, and we need at least a three-year moratorium on legal immigration. This mudslide is going to bury us all.

    We send the likes of Bush, McCain, Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the RINOs to France for an extended stay. Let them get a good taste of what uncontrolled immigration does to a country.

    Hate to say it—all you Huckabee fans—but he agrees with Jeb.

    • jondarmes

      You can’t expect anything else from the Bushes. They are, after all, just transplanted Mass. liberals.

  • ed28

    Jeb Bush = Buh Bye GOP!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    All the more reason that America needs the likes of Sarah Palin – a true blooded American who is for Americans first and foremost. We are a Nation of Laws – they must be upheld and our borders can no longer be porous! Anyone who denies this is to be barred from the Presidency – PERIOD!~

    • Robert Courtney

      Now you will get Commie Trolls screaming that Palin supported Amnesty when she was running for VP with McCain.
      let me pre-empt that, if you don’t mind.
      Palin NEVER endorsed Amnesty outright, but did go soft on it as she was told to do so by McCain’s campaign folks.
      Just like when she was told to go to that infamous Katy Couric interview.
      Palin objected, but was ordered to go anyway.
      And we know how THAT turned out, and we know how McCain’s campaign turned out, too.
      McCain picked up 24% the day he announced Palin. On the day of the last debate, he canceled it and ran back to DC because the GOP “needed” him to rally the troops for the bail out. After. he was the big dog in the GOP, right?

      Obama ridiculed him over it , while voting from afar FOR the bail out.
      McCain was so embarrassed he ran back and did the debate, and got trashed. He was 7% ahead the day before, he was 4% behind the day after the debate.
      Silly me, and here I was thinking McCain actually wanted to be POTUS. Yeah, I voted for him in the General. And Romney. Won’t do that EVER again, 2X is enough.

      • Lugh

        Exactly. She does what she is told. She’s a good women way out of her depth at the National level. She knows it so she depends of Neo-Con advisors like McCain or Podhoretz who will mislead her. Thus she’s not Presidential material. She would need many years in Congress and some serious reading first. I doubt she’s going to do that. She’s a great cheerleader and cultural figure. I hope she keeps on doing what she is doing now.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Right you are. And, also the media and both parties have slammed Sarah Palin in so many derogatory ways. She is one tough Lady and I think the people will start to wake up with an onslaught on her. Meanwhile, being a smart Lady too, she hugs the sidelines prepared to enter the ring if she is needed and called on. America has always been fortunate that in times of dire need a true leader steps forth. In my humble opinion Sarah Palin is America’s Woman On Horseback!

  • machodog

    I thought he was thinking of running for the presidency??? What’s the matter with these morons??? If you hope to get the majority vote…you don’t insult the majority!! Geeezz!! How stupid can a person be??

  • Chuck

    I just crossed him off of my candidate list for anything. He is doing nothing more than pandering to the Mexican vote. He’s wrong and if he wants to pursue a democrat agenda then let him run as a democrat. What ever happened to the rule of law?

    • Chuck

      Oh yeah, maybe Jeb and Chris Christie and obama can have a three way hug fest.

  • eatdawg

    So anybody from anywhere should be able to come here and vote for more leftists that will give them our money? Illegal is ILLEGAL!

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Come to the USA legally and you will be WELCOMED.
    Invade the USA, be it one at a time or a hundred at a time, and you will be SHOT. Period!

    • walda151

      Great idea!

  • bobmann101

    He just wants the votes!

  • Niku

    Well, he does have a point, in the same way that rapists commit “acts of love.”

    • Connie

      Niku, BRAVO, great comment.

      • Niku

        Thanks. I’m so sick of these people who go on and on about how the aliens so love their families and only came here to better their lives, as if that’s justification. They don’t stop to think that our prisons are filled with people who committed their crimes to support their families. I wonder when we’ll be hearing calls to release them because their motives were admirable and, after all, why should their innocent children be made to suffer for what their parents did out of love?

  • johnwlooper

    What a warped way of looking at felons!

  • Thomas Weiss

    Do they EVER talk about the UNFAIRNESS to everyone else
    in the world tryin to get in?? How about some European immigrants for a change??

  • Robert Courtney

    Jeb Bush is INSANE!!
    And this proves it without a shadow of a doubt.
    Another progressive RINO the MSM will try to push on us.
    Until he wins the primary, and then, like they did with McCain, they will ruin him.
    Watch and see.
    All I can do is open my wallet to whomever runs AGAINST Bush, not vot e for him in the primary.
    Normally, I would then vote for the GOP primary winner in the General, regardless of who it is.
    Not this time. I will NOT vote for Jeb Boi, (or Christie), and that’s that.
    And I guarantee you this, too.
    IF Bush wins the Primary, the Left’s main meme will be NOT another BUSH . And I agree with that sentiment.
    And the only person on the planet that doesn’t get that, is Jeb Bush. he will fall for being the MSM’s GOP fair haired boi, until he is runing against Hillary.
    It worked on McCain, and it’ll work on Bush.

  • Mark Brickey

    So, using basically the same argument, the guy who robs a bank or an individual is committing an “act of love” because he needs to support his multi baby mammas with his 6+ kids… Or not…
    Compassionate Conservatism has softened his already soft head,

  • jondarmes

    If the this idiot wins the primary, say hello to president clinton and at least another 8 years of misery.

  • john h

    this say it all !!!!!!!!

  • E.J. Letz

    The illegals are traitors to their own country. A decent person with love in their hearts would fight to improve their country, and better the opportunities for their children.

  • Chief47

    Calling Jeb Bush a Republican is the biggest joke that I have heard in many, many years. He is more of a RINO than just about anyone I can think of in the Republican establishment (although McCain, Boehner, and Chris Christie come in as very, very close seconds). If you thought Republican voters stayed home in the last presidential election, just go ahead and nominate Bush and see how many stay home this time around. Those who are trying to foist Bush on us as a candidate are about as crazy as you can get. He has absolutely no chance of winning any conservative votes due to h is immigration stance and RINO status and no Democrat is going to vote for him over Hillary (regardless of her being a murderess).

    • Jeanne Ballard

      How about let’s write in our candidate!

      • Chief47

        That sounds good to me, because I’m personally not about to vote for any of these RINOs that the Republican establishment is trying to shove onto us.

    • Lugh

      No he is a Republican in Reality. That’s what Republicans are: the Party of Big Money. Real Patriots are very, very, rare in high political office. I grant you there are many real Patriots at the local Republican level. But they are dupes. Their hearts are great but their minds aren’t up to the challenge. Remember, the Founders weren’t just good and brave, but also Smart.

  • GrumpyOleMan

    This is EXACTLY why we don’t need another Bush in the White House! Clinton either. Are there no other people left in the United States that can better carry the title “president” and restore America’s image and reputation throughout the world? C’mon people! GET IT TOGETHER!

  • grammy23

    I think any politician that supports amnesty is spitting on every immigrant who ever came here the “legal” way. Many waited years to win the “lottery” to get a visa. Those individuals are required to have a sponsor and a means to support themselves. To my knowledge they are not allowed to sign up for Government benefits. These are the people that open small stores, restaurants and more. Most are hard working and proud. When they gain citizenship they cry at the ceremony because they are proud to be an American. Unlike the Mexicans who wave their flags and demand others remove their U.S. Flag emblazoned t-shirts because THEY are offended. Jeb Bush just put another nail in his coffin.

  • purplewings

    Any Conservative that votes for these RINOS should be ashamed. Vote Tea Party and help restore America!

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Is he effin serious? Give me a break. I smell another luke warm centrist trying to get the R nomination. …This will guarantee Hillary a first

  • RockyMtn1776

    Not a felony ? Since when you RINO who sold you soul and your country for money, power and votes ! Anyone stupid enough to vote for you deserve what they get !

  • john h

    JEB has been breathing the RAREFIED AIR around his dad & brother and is light headed with great thoughts. BUT HE IS NOT GORGE

  • 1bob

    You’re seeing the nomination process play out for the 2016 election….
    Either you are here legally or you are not…We have given amnesty twice before, and each time it was going to solve the problem once and for all…My wife, a Canadian, had to prove she had been in the country for x years without leaving for more than 45 days…and had to have a clean record…(What was I thinking? I could have ditched her 30 years ago?!), and she was here on a visa legally….
    Illegal is illegal is illegal, dang it, and it has consequences…or should have, but under this administration where so much ‘illegal’ comes from the top, who knows anymore. I wonder how the Muslims will do fighting the Mexicans.

  • tcdesalvo

    I keep saying…. “HE IS HILLARY IN DRAG.”

  • Pat De ESposito

    Deliberately breaking existing law is a felony; abetting it (as you are doing, Bush) is also a felony!

  • Valerie Bailey

    Good grief. I wasn’t planning on voting for Jeb Bush, but this kind of nonsense settles it. I will never vote for someone who thinks it’s just fine and loving to break our laws.

  • Liberty for All

    When You break Felony Laws you are a felon . any questions.?

  • Doc

    Gee, could the fact his wife is Mexican have anything to do with his “open arms” opinion? If he is elected there will be no border; there will be no Border Patrol, and every lazy, criminal Mexican who can will walk, crawl, and swim to get every freebie Bush, McCain, and his fellow liberals can steal from our pockets. Entitlements will skyrocket and he will bring about the final financial collapse. Leave it to the Republicans (Yes, I used to be one) to pick a sure loser. We MUST get rid of all the “good old boys” who are closet liberals this November.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      I think Rep. and Dem. alike need to go, especially if they’ve been in office for an appreciable period of time. Incumbents become lazy. They lose that fire you need to make things happen.

      • daisykmt

        We need term limits!

  • mellie

    I was right. No more Bushes for me!

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      It really is time for some new blood, for sure. I think I’d be more comfortable with an inexperienced new guy then someone who’s had enough time in office to figure out how to milk that cash cow!

      • daisykmt

        Right. It’s sad that one has to be rich in order to even run. There are plenty of folks who have the good common sense, knowledge, and wisdom to run this country, but they don’t have the resources or name-recognition to campaign.

  • nvrat

    Another Bush family Reality Show. I`m fed-up with the Bushes, Clinton`s and Obama`s and every other Liberal, Moderate and Compassionate politican in this country. The harder they work the worse we get. Can`t figure out why people can`t see it. The poor are still poor the rich are still getting richer and the middle class (whats left) is still paying the bill only getting deeper and deeper in debt. Every government program is in trouble, broke, outdated or riddled with fraud and corruption and we had to go and start another health program fiasco. We no longer have a Space program our Military has been stretched to the limit and downsized again, our education system is broken, our foreign policy is a laugh, only one or maybe two country`s are still talking to us or have any respect for us, we have a judicial branch of government that can`t make a decision or abide by the Constitution and a congress that can`t talk to the benefit of the people but, continue to take us into the arms of Liberalism and or Communism we have a freak POTUS that organizes with out leadership skills because he has a pen and telephone. This whole Politically Correct Progressive Movement is suicide it`s a sham and killing the country. Men can`t be Men, Women can`t be women but, we all have to be some sort of freak humanoid bound to brainless one tracked poachers of free hard working people and creative enterprise.

    • 2Shadow2

      Remember that you’re dealing with such a huge amount of money as incentive, that the “machine” has had enough time to build “crime families” who can buy and shoot their way into power. Where the hell is Elliot Ness when you need him??

      • nvrat

        I agree Shadow2. But damn you would think people could see the damage and at least try to do something.

        • 2Shadow2

          I hear you. People are slow on the uptake. We are also a nation of spoiled people who are completely hypnotized by television and media. Very easily coerced into believing pro wrestling is real and being bought off with promises of easy living. Food stamps, unemployment, welfare and a pathetic public education system the Bolsheviks now want to control even more. Hitler Youth coming soon. A nation very quick to “support our troops” while the government waves a flag and sends the best and finest to die for political gain. All in the name of God and liberty. It may be that Rome has to collapse before the proletarians realize they should have fought harder for all that the had before other people’s money ran out. I am a vet and I know a little about political buzz words. George Carlin would have asked “why is it that so many have fought for their country abroad but not at home”

    • walda151

      You certainly hit the nail right on the head!

  • justathought22

    So the next time someone robs a convenient store or bank and says “but it was an act of love. I was just trying to feed my family” does that mean we should just let them go? Can you be more stupid????? But hey does it matter that that love is stealing from others? or that that love is bringing illegal guns or drugs with them? I cannot even express how stupid and idiotic those statement are and just proves he so not qualified to be president.

  • Brhurdle

    Let me see if I understand this: a person motivated by “good intentions” is adequate justification for disobeying the law. Stated another way, a burglary committed to obtain funds to buy your daughter a $1,000 prom dress is not a crime since it was motivated by love. I certainly hope that Mr. Bush doesn’t run in the Republican primaries – what a loser.

  • Rich

    I hope Ted, Rand and Mike jump on this and blast Bush for having special interests in granting amnesty since his old lady is Mexican.

    • Lugh

      They want to triple the rate of legal immigration – with tens of millions of Americans unemployed. And remember, we might be able to get rid of the illegals but we can’t get rid of legals, no mater how alien and vicious they turn out to be. Just accept it: the betrayal of America is complete. The Tea Party is mostly vacuous – as supporting these guys shows. Big Business has already coopted them. We need a 3rd Party – a militant America First party that will take back America for real Americans.

      • Proud2bfromtheUSA

        The tea party does not support this crap.

        • Lugh

          Rand Paul and Ted Cruz want to tripe the amount of legal immigration. It’s wrong and just because it legal doesn’t change that.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Don’t dare put The TEA Party in with those idiots. I gave up on Jeb when he abandoned Terri Schiavo. Where was the love then, Jeb?

  • Jerry Llewellyn

    The Borders need to be secured for more than those that come here to work. Terrorists, Criminals and Dope Runners can also cross at will. The following is an interesting read.

    This English teacher has phrased it the best I’ve seen yet
    Tomatoes and Cheap Labor


    This should make everyone think, be you Democrat, Republican or
    Independent From a California school teacher – – –

    “As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal

    immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of:

    I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a

    large southern California high school which is designated a Title

    1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic

    and income levels. Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell

    Gardens, Huntington Park, etc., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools.

    Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program.

    When I say free breakfast, I’m not talking a glass of milk and

    roll — but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices

    that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is

    monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash

    uneaten. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK)

    I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at

    least moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell

    phones. The school also provides day care centers for the unwed

    teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend

    class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for

    babysitters or having family watch their kids. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT


    I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing

    funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need

    for anything; my budget was already substantial.. I ended up

    buying new computers for the computer learning center, half of

    which, one month later, have been carved with graffiti by the

    appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to

    have a free education in America. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK)

    I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute

    teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students

    here in the country less then 3 months who raised so much hell

    with the female teachers, calling them “Putas” whores and throwing

    things that the teachers were in tears.

    Free medical, free education, free food, day care etc., etc, etc.

    Is it any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country

    but to demand rights, privileges and entitlements?

    To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants

    contribute to our society because they LIKE their gardener and

    housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some

    time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE costs.

    Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical

    costs, more crime, lower standards of education in our schools,

    overcrowding, new diseases etc., etc, etc. For me, I’ll pay more

    for tomatoes.

    We need to wake up. The guest worker program will be a disaster

    because we won’t have the guts to enforce it.

    Does anyone in their right mind really think they will voluntarily

    leave and return?

    There are many hardworking Hispanic/American citizens that

    contribute to our country and many that I consider my true

    friends. We should encourage and accept those Hispanics who have

    done it the right and legal way.

    It does, however, have everything to do with culture: A third-

    world culture that does not value education, that accepts children

    getting pregnant and dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses

    to assimilate, and an American culture that has become so weak and

    worried about “politically correctness” that we don’t have the

    will to do anything about it.

    If this makes your blood boil, as it did mine, forward this to

    everyone you know.

    CHEAP LABOR? Isn’t that what the whole immigration issue is about?

    Business doesn’t want to pay a decent wage.

    Consumers don’t want expensive produce.

    Government will tell you Americans don’t want the jobs.

    But the bottom line is cheap labor. The phrase “cheap labor” is a

    myth, a farce, and a lie. there is no such thing as “cheap labor.”

    Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children.

    He takes a job for $5.00 or $6.00/hour. At that wage, with six

    dependents, he pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if

    he files an Income Tax Return, he gets an “earned income credit”

    of up to $3,200 free.

    He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent.

    He qualifies for food stamps.

    He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care.

    His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school.

    He requires bilingual teachers and books.

    He qualifies for relief from high energy bills.

    If they are or become, aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for

    SSI. Once qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicare. All of

    this is at (our) taxpayer’s expense.

    He doesn’t worry about car insurance, life insurance, or

    homeowners insurance.

    Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed


    He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour

    in benefits.

    Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6.00/hour left after

    paying their bills and his.

    The American taxpayers also pay for increased crime, graffiti and

    trash clean-up.

    Cheap labor? YEAH RIGHT! Wake up people.

    • cae973

      so true…living in phoenix I can tell you firsthand how many so called dreamers and anchor babies are pregnant by 15 so they don t have to work, while the males are already gang members. The parents all cry Leave them alone, they are citizens when their kids get picked up by the cops and our jails are crawling with them causing even more burden to the taxpayers. You go to a supermarket and they have 2 overflowing carts are pregnant and already have 3 kids under 5 which we the taxpayers pay for…add to that the fact that as you pointed out while the adult males are slim the woman and children range from fat, to fatter, to totally obese so it appears they eat well on our tax money!

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Okay Jeb, that may explain why some of the illegal’s sneak into our country, but certainly not all of them… not by any means. And rationalizing those intentions doesn’t make it right either. We’re a country of laws, and these laws are only as good as the people who follow them.

  • Sam

    I am not sympathetic to illegals and I will not vote for anyone who is. They broke the law and should be deported. If I do anything wrong I get a ticket or a court date or arrested. Why are illegals being catered to? Votes is why. If the politicians want votes then they must earn them the right way, not by corruption.

  • James Andrews

    He’s a moron, and probably just said this to try to get more votes if he runs for president. I have no problems with legal immigration, but they must do so legally, the old fashioned way, and earn their citizenship! We also must screen out the criminals, and put limits onto who many are allowed into the states every year. And we need to seriously seal up the borders.

  • cae973

    This is the moron that thinks he could become president..what a laugh! So lets see then according to his logic when they cause me to lose my job and to have to pay higher taxes to cover bi lingual programs in schools, food stamps for their anchor babies ect and I can no longer feed my family then it would be an act of love for me to demand they be removed….actually it is An Act of Love…love for my country and love for my fellow citizens…..deport them!!!

  • D. McCue

    Most of them act out of a desire to exploit our system for everything they can get. They have no desire to assimilate into our society and they often hate us “Gringos” and will prey upon us every chance they can get. Don’t vote for anyone that panders to these criminals.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Hey Jeb, was that new massive tunnel from Mexico to San Diego they just found called ” the tunnel of love ” or was it called a drug cartel drug and ” illegal alien ” smuggling tunnel. You Putz ! These are ” illegal aliens ” NOT immigrants. An ” immigrant ” is someone that follows the rules to gain ” legal access ” to come into this country. They fill out paper work required to make sure they aren’t ” insane, sick, or carrying an diseases ” among other important information. When someone ” sneaks ” across the border they are a ” criminal ” look up our border laws, you idiot, you might learn something.
    Just my 2 cent worth.

  • daisykmt

    Three years ago I was in an emergency room in a southern town. Needed immediate attention, but there was no room for me—had to sit in a wheelchair in a waiting room, all the while deathly sick. Too sick to even hold up my head. My husband told me later there was a sign at the desk that said, “If you do not have insurance or cannot afford it, service is free.” He said there were 5 or 6 whites & African-Americans in the waiting room . . . and 23 (twenty-three) Hispanics. When I finally got to an examining room, a nurse said we must pay $100 before I could see a doctor. This, plus the fact that as a school teacher, we were already paying apprx. $900 a month insurance premiums. Now, each one of those 23 individuals MIGHT have had legal status. I’m thinking those odds were quite small! What is NOT felonious about folks coming here ILLEGALLY and being given treatment that’s being denied to lawful, insurance-paying citizens? America welcomes immigrants—who come here LEGALLY and take their place in line, like so many have before them—who learn the language, take their citizenship test, and assimilate into American society.

    • Al Chemist

      It’s not going to get any better. There are already 12 million illegals here (I believe that is actually an underestimate), and more are pouring across the border…hundreds a day, if not thousands a day. They are coming to the land of milk and honey: free health care, food stamps, and Obama Phones. And, it is all paid for by you, people who actually work and pay taxes.

    • givenswayne

      Had the same experience at a clinic in odenton maryland , the waiting room was full of mexicans and when I die get to the window the person there told me i would need to pay 250 dollars to see a doctor . UNBELIEVABLE , i am an american citizen on medicare , and had been there one year before for a checkup ..

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This is what the Republican Establishment proposes as a viable candidate? The party must indeed have a death wish.

  • JPeyton

    Jeb, you are a major disppointment.

  • cluckhut

    Just say no ! to the status quo !

  • magic1114

    I seriously hope he has no intention of running in 2016. I can think of no better way of having another Progledyte for President…

  • ayebeesee

    How about “tunnel of selfishness, law-breaking” to take jobs away from legal citizens!

  • Snorri

    What awful choices we seem to have: soft fascist Jeb Bush or hard fascist Hillary Clinton. If it comes to that I will vote for neither; I’ll write in “Daffy Duck” for President. As I see it, the GOP and the Democrats politically are interchangeable with the exception that one party is able to lie, to distort and play the victim better than the other. Oh for the Good Old Days when political prostitutes were the real thing.

  • givenswayne

    Jeb you make me sick , Please don’t embarrass your self by running for president with that kind of attitude . No country in the world feels that way about their borders and we don’t either ..

  • tmunson15

    jeb, slice it, dice it, explain it any way you want…. we are a nation of laws… and illegal means illegal … period…..

  • rick0857

    Let us all commit right now today to voting AGAINST Jeb Bush in our State Primaries in 2016. Hopefully we can eliminate this Democrat in a Republican Suit (RINO) by the end of the New Hampshire or North Carolina primary.
    We don’t need him or anyone else with the name Bush to ever sit in the White House again.

    • MissRoni

      You don’t have to ask me twice! If I never see another Bush/Clinton in office, it will be too soon!

  • Doug T

    Who in hell was touting him as our next conservative presidential candidate?

    • disqus_HceA7te8kY

      how do you think the demo puppies will get in again, the bush crime family has taken us by the throat, if they put jeb bush as the next runner up, that will prove they are both on the same team, both parties are owned by the money powers, and use the mainstream media to tell us who won and all the lies they tell us.

    • MissRoni

      It definitely wasn’t me!

    • frawgeyz

      The marxists.

  • DAY8293A

    Every homeless family in the country needs to go to Jeb Bush’s house, and break in, not a felony according to him, and help themselves to what ever they want for their family! After all, they just want to take care of their ‘children’….. SHUT UP JEB BUSH, YOU STINKING RINO!

  • Blastoff

    Dr. Gregg Brannon for US Senate for NC, Richard Lynch for US House for NC. Jeb Bush as janitor for the animal shelter.

  • knight2

    Jeb Bush is a total idiot! The point is Jeb, they broke the established laws that you and Barry Soetoro fail to uphold in your oath to office. I would never vote for the likes of you or Christy. You’re both RINO’s.

  • bamissfa

    please! illegal aliens from mexico are destroying the beauty of my state NC. Advertising signs should be in ENGLISH BY LAW.

    As a US citizen with health issues, i cannot even get out of serving jury duty unless i spend money to go to my dr and get a detailed written excuse as to why i cannot serve dr..i assure u the judge if i fail to show up will issue a bench warrant for my arrest.

    Please tell me why US citizens are treated as 2nd rate citizens while LAWLESS LAWBREAKERS from other nations break US laws and are excused by idiots like Jeb Bush who feels “sorry” for these poor latinos who are just trying to show love to their families. WRONG! Jeb Bush you are not fit to serve our great n ations UNTIL and unless YOU can put US citizens FIRST.

    How about some sympathy for jobless US citizens who need those jobs that those 6 million LAWBREAKERS are keeping…. I am sick of the hypocrisy by our lawmakers.

    And how about all the rapes, the murders, the sexuall assaults on little babies and toddlers by latinos…it must be a national pastime it is in our state news all the times.

    • Injeun

      Outstanding post bamissfa. Well said. I heartily agree. They aren’t thinking or caring about Americans or principles at all.

  • Bob Macfarlane

    Praise God that is most likely the end of any possiblity that Jeb might run for President. He was a good governor for our state but the guy has gone off the deep end just because his wife is Mexicant.

  • c69101

    No Amnesty! No Jeb!

    • artarlo1

      NAH #1 NO Jeb Bush

  • MissRoni

    Jeb is just another establishment Republican buying into the new world progressive agenda. When will they learn? Perhaps when they lose their elections? Come on peeps, time to send all of the Bush/Clinton fools packing.

  • charles_hakes

    Bush (the Jeb type) has antagonized many Republicans by supporting an immigration overhaul and educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade known as Common Core.

    On immigration, he said that those who come into the country illegally generally do so because they had no other means to provide for their family, and what they did
    is “not a felony.”

    “It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family,” Bush said. “I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime. There should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.”
    Thank you Jeb Bush. I am happy to hear that crimes I may commit to provide for my family are not felonies but acts of love.

    I had hoped to live my entire life without committing a felony. You have now made
    that possible. I’ve drawn up a list of possible felonies and am trying to choose
    one or more that meet my criteria. The only restriction to these is that they must
    not injure anyone. This severely restricts the list but leaves open embezzlement and a plethora of theft and burglary options.

    With the economy still in the tank and Obama offering nothing but empty promises it
    is becoming increasingly more compelling for me to do everything I can to improve
    my family’s standard of living, which is slipping badly. I do so love them very
    much. And you have taken off the handcuffs, so to speak.

    I am increasingly appalled whenever I purchase groceries and see how prices have
    risen. It’s not as if we haven’t tried to conserve. Rice and beans are filling
    and sometimes I can get an especially good deal by buying in bulk those items that
    were spilled and then swept up off the floor.

    We used to have hamburger once or twice a week. Now we’ve had to downgrade our tastes to the cheaper cuts — like pigs’ tails and cows’ teeth — and those are
    only for special occasions.

    Birthdays are still special occasions but we use a painted cardboard cake that says
    “Happy Birthday” on it. This saves a lot of money because we never have to buy a
    new cake. And after all, it is the sentiment, not the cake, that counts.

    Did you know that duct tape is an excellent patching material for shoes and
    galoshes, and generally for rips and tears in other apparel?

    Anyhow, Jeb, thanks a lot for letting me know that a felony isn’t really a felony
    if perpetrated out of love for your family. I’m sure that as this belief permeates
    our society we will see dictionaries rewritten.


  • Sgt. York

    yes love,love to send there butts back home along with jebbieboy

  • pudbertsavannahga

    Just like it is an “Act of Love” when criminals take their kids with them to rob a BANK ! ! !

  • toomuchsense

    Will be voting for the opposition party in my Purple State if Jeb is the republican party canidate. I will also be campaigning dillegently against Jeb. Purple State will go Blue that cycle.

  • toomuchsense

    Will vote against ANY canidate that does not come out strongly against COMMON CORE.

  • armydadtexas

    Stay in Florida Jeb, you won’t be receiving my vote. Jeb just went LEFT

  • Guest


  • FRENCHIE1369


    • frawgeyz

      Yes Frenchie and those of us who agree with you will be ostracized for giving the Marxists the elections because we wanted a third party. There comes a time when those of us who love God and country cannot compromise our consciences. Those who would ostracize us should join us to bring about order. There can be no more Buckley Model which no longer works in voting for the lessor of two evil when both parties are evil!

  • matt mccleary

    Yep you got that right! Im not voting for a pos that lets um come in and stay! Guess what jeb? Im gonna make everyone know about you being on the muslim in chiefs side. Your worthless bitch!!!

  • stephanie wilson

    i hope george bitch slaps him!

  • Eliott

    I agree with Frenchie1369. I am so sick and tired of these R.I.N.O’s being picked to run for President. We need a true conservative but it seems the members of congress do not want these true conservatives to have a say in what is going on. Jeb is another RINO that if nominated, I may never vote again.

  • John

    Scary what our choices might be for the election.

  • sfcpete

    Hey jeb a crime is a crime. They come here for a free life = free housing, free medical, free food, free money in other words they love our freebies, thus the bigger the family the more freebies – at the working class U.S. Citizen’s expense.

  • AppraisHer

    They break into our country along with their families, use our money and take our jobs, but he considers that “love”.

    So, If a bunch of illegals along with their families moved into JEB’s house, used his money, car and belongings for themselves, because they wanted “something better for their families”, would he consider it a felony or “love”?

    Let’s guess…

    • frawgeyz

      I would consider it wonderful!

      • AppraisHer

        I’d consider it poetic justice.

  • Take 2

    Back of the line and. Mexico needs to step up and start preparing to take about 10 million criminals back.

  • Tonto

    I been wondering about this “statement” since I first heard about it. Is it a “calculated risk” and a bid for a better “Hispanic”/libtard/anti-white racist vote, sheer stupidity, and/or a capper that will make people leave him alone and quit bugging him about running for prez……or….is it a real sincere “feeling” that puts this Bush in the running for “idiot of the year” along with the Obama tribe? Hard telling, but the GOP has been trying to lean more left …. Which means the GOP is continuing to ignore what the grass roots in “flyover country” been trying to tell them.

    • Injeun

      When Jeb was Governor of Florida and we had four or five hurricanes in a row, he gave a televised address to our people in two languages. He speaks fluent spanish and is married to one. Sooooo it’s evident that he is afflicted with a conflict of interest on the topic of illegal immigration. And is incapable of making the tough decisions.

      • Charlie A

        Good point. I think you hit the nail on the head.

  • sdmiller

    Jeb Bush is a idiot! I hate it when politicians like Jeb Bush pander to minorities! Can anyone of those politicians actually be honest for a change?

  • Pissed Off American

    I think ole Jeb must have found one of his brother’s bongs from back in the day, and took a couple hits to see if it still worked. No wonder he always looks cross-eyed.

  • DOOM161

    What other crimes does he think shouldn’t be punished? Here’s a tip for republican politicians: STOP TRYING TO WOO DEMOCRATS. They won’t vote for you if you stand on your head and spit wooden nickels.

    • frawgeyz

      “What other crimes does he think shouldn’t be punished?” Murder! Remember Terry Schiavo and never forget.

  • cae973

    as independents who have been voting republican my family and I will simply not vote at all in the next presidential election for anyone who supports amnesty in any way, shape or form,,we will simply not vote and hopefully others will do the same!

    • Jerry Llewellyn

      Please Vote for the lesser of the two
      evils. Just do your homework on the Candidates

  • phxrcf

    So we’re supposed to just lay back and try to enjoy it, like a woman being raped?

    What a disgraceful nitwit!

    I won’t vote for him.


    • frawgeyz

      I am with you! “Get out the Bushes”(Jesee Jackson or Big Al ?)

  • Tinman Jones

    Jeb is the one who fell off the turnip cart! This is a terrible manifesto–the trillion dollar social gospel. We should love our neighbors as ourselves just like Jesus says, but not at the expense of American taxpayers, who have already been gouged by the splurge in immigration allowance of the last several years. The money that this idea would suck out of our economy should instead be used for military spending or for more border agents, who can help keep the rogues from the cradle of civilization from using the southern border as a launching pad onto American soil, where they can train to carry out their death acts on Americans and keep the “politics of terror” machine running. What a shame we don’t have politicians who support the Constitution’s limits, or federal limits, (adjusted, I am sure, for a world of 7 billion) on immigration in order to protect American soil and taxpayers. Well, Romans 12:12 everybody!

  • will rodgers

    In no way can this guy get the Presidential nomination. Jeb, think of the diseases these people are bringing to the US. Measles was declared by the CDC eradicated in 2000. We now have a large outbreak of this disease in California, a place packed with illegals. When illegals come to the US and are not tested and documented via the I-693 medical certification we are opening ourselves up to potential wide spread epidemic infections. Recently Measles and Small pox began to pop up in the US. We need to protect ourselves and our nations health. That is why we have the USCIS immigration rules. Let’s keep out diseased illegals out of love for the health and welfare of our own American families.

  • ItalianScallion

    Hillary or Jeb? No more bush in the White House!!!!!!!!!!

    • Apolloone

      We need to let Mr. Rove know this early on, we sure as ell don’t need someone like John McCain stating at some point in their campaign that Hillary will make a good president for those who don’t know John McCain said this about Obama, I think the videos are still up on you tube, Michael Savage commented that McCain shot himself in the foot when he got ahead in the polls

      • 2Shadow2

        Carl Rove makes big money as a public “analyst” for the GOB establishment. He is only interested is business as usual and is a very clever manipulator of double talk. He will be on the side of the RHINO the GOP is prepping for the presidential run because they will pay him to be there. More important to the Presidential run will be the coming mid-terms and how many “old” guard GOP dinosaurs, and Progressives can be replaced with functional opponents to the socialization of this country. Then, perhaps the game plan of the GOP can be shifted o more rational Constitutional corrections.

    • Jerry Llewellyn

      No more Clintons either….


      “We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help
      everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and other liberal bed-wetters.

      We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are
      confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of

      ARTICLE I:

      You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form of
      wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is
      guaranteeing anything.


      You do not have the right to never be offended. This country is based on
      freedom, and that means freedom for everyone — not just you! You may leave the room, turn the channel, express a different opinion, etc.; but the world is full of idiots, and probably always will be.


      You do not have the right to be free from harm. If you stick a screwdriver in
      your eye, learn to be more careful; do not expect the tool manufacturer to make you and all your relatives independently wealthy.


      You do not have the right to free food and housing. Americans are the most
      charitable people to be found, and will gladly help anyone in need, but we are
      quickly growing weary of subsidizing generation after generation of
      professional couch potatoes who achieve nothing more than the creation if
      another generation of professional couch potatoes.
      (This one is my pet peeve…get an education and go to work….don’t expect
      everyone else to take care of you!)

      ARTICLE V:

      You do not have the right to free health care. That would be nice, but from the looks of public housing, we’re just not interested in public health care.


      You do not have the right to physically harm other people. If you kidnap, rape, intentionally maim, or kill someone, don’t be surprised if the rest of us want to see you fry in the electric chair.


      You do not have the right to the possessions of others. If you rob, cheat, or
      coerce away the goods or services of other citizens, don’t be surprised if the
      rest of us get together and lock you away in a place where you still won’t have the right to a big screen color TV or a life of leisure.


      You do not have the right to a job All of us sure want you to have a job, and
      will gladly help you along in hard times, but we expect you to take advantage
      of the opportunities of education and vocational training laid before you to
      make yourself useful. (AMEN!)


      You do not have the right to happiness. Being an American means that you have the right to PURSUE happiness, which by the way, is a lot easier if you are unencumbered by an over abundance of idiotic laws created by those of you who were confused by the Bill of Rights.

      ARTICLE X:

      This is an English speaking country. We don’t care where you are from, English is our language. Learn it or go back to wherever you came from!


      You do not have the right to change our country’s history or heritage. This
      country was founded on the belief in one true God. And yet, you are given the
      freedom to believe in any religion, any faith, or no faith at all; with no fear of persecution. The phrase IN GOD WE TRUST is part of our heritage and history, and if you are uncomfortable with it, TOUGH!

      • ItalianScallion

        Bulls eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job.

  • paco12348

    What a crock of crap! Jeb Bush surely doesn’t think we will buy that snake oil medicine! He sounds like Obama selling his snake oil! An Act of Love? How stupid, and idiotic can you get! American Citizens have had illegals CRAMMED down our throat for decades. WE had to educate and provide health care. We lost jobs to them. It’s our idiotic government using illegals as a hammer against the other party that failed to get the border closed. Frankly, neither Party wants it closed. We have a loser government, and now a loser wants to be President and thinks he can sell us a load of crap just like Obama has been doing for the last 5 years. Frankly, I would rather shoot every illegal and build a fence of bones. I would top it with the bones of every politician in Washington. Civil war is looming and when it occurs it will be from, “an act of love”. CITIZENS will be protecting their families from invaders and ignorant politicians.

    • Apolloone

      That’s the same reason we have millions of Moslems coming here and joining the career welfare crowd it’s because they love us Infidels, they don’t really mean it when they say they want us dead, as this would go against their religion, the religion of peace. The Psychiatrist Doctor Kyle Rossiter who did extensive research on the minds of Liberals is spot on by diagnosing it a Mental Disorder, Many Liberals try to claim radio talk show host Doctor Michael Savage
      came up with this but not so; Doctor Rossiter is a board certified Psychiatrist with forty years experience being top in his field, Check out his web site he has some great articles and books that are great reads.

  • Injeun

    If one robs a bank to feed their clan, is that too an act of love? Clearly Mr. Bush lacks the courage to make the difficult choices. He’d rather burden Americans than put the burden where it belongs.

    • Apolloone

      Excellent analogy Injeun. Bush is just another McCain type RINO should he run he’ll most likely tell everyone that Hillary will make a good president as McCain told us during his bid that Obama would make a good president.

      • Injeun

        And to think that I used to like Jeb Bush!

        • Steven DePriest

          I did too until I read about his full support and financial connections to Common Core Curriculum and now his openly support of illegal amnesty. That does it for me.

  • Injeun

    Oh no!…they might have to go back home after overstaying their welcome by decades!…..Horror of horrors!….beastly Americans are we.

  • JoJo58

    Let’s all commit “acts of love” and vote every RINO up for reelection out in the primary/general election and work hard to flip the senate with Constitutional minded people…maybe even one or two from a BLUE state!

    Enough already with MORE Bush clan members running for president. Let’s all show Rove and his friends an act of love by voting against every candidate that he spends millions to support. Hopefully, he will become a relic and forgotten.

  • Ron Coon

    So basic shoplifting of whatever by an American citizen should be tolerated then. I mean, I only love those sneakers and my son needs new shoes.

  • SouthernMan

    Let’s face it. Jeb Bush has misguided emotional ties to illegal aliens in this country and should not be considered as a candidate for POTUS. With him it is family first, nation second.

  • Steven DePriest

    Hey Jeb, take some advice from your mom and commit an act of love of your own….forget about running…PLEASE!

  • henryknox

    No wonder the Progressives want him to be the GOP candidate. Half of the conservatives wouldn’t even bother showing up to the polls.

  • CaptTurbo

    Jeb was an OK governor but since then he’s become a dick with ears. These undocumented (illegal aliens) have brought with them a whole new level of violent crime. Screw Jeb Bush.

  • drthomasedavis

    Governor, that kind of false narrative sounds like your big brother, another “nice” guy with no intestinal fortitude.” Our forefathers crossed the icy Atlantic to form a Christian settlement. They broke no laws, took no one’s job, neither stole from nor murdered citizens. Many “illegals” are not from our neighbor to the south but from the terrorist breeding grounds of Africa and the Middle East. For the safety of all legal Americans, ALL illegals need to be rounded up, deported and get in line to enter the USA legally. You ‘bleeding heart’ Liberals and RINOs need to learn that our constitution is the LAW, Not your touchy, feely bleeding heart illogical bovine excrement.
    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

    • Injeun

      The open border folks talk like the choice is between imprisoning, raping, torturing and murdering the illegals or simply accepting them. Of course most normal Americans would choose acceptance over the visiting of such wickedness upon others. But the real choice is to either send them back to their original home country or accept them. So what is so horrible or unbearable about requiring someone to have to go back home. The answer is, practically nada. Just pack up and go the same way you packed up and came. It’s a wash. Jeb Bush is welling up big teers over nothing.

    • Fred

      All the Bushes, including this one are owned and managed by the rich, powerful criminals of the NWO. Not just the Bushes, but Carter, Clintons, and JFK, and their crowning accomplisment, the Kriminal Kenyan, a fraudulent illegal alien who they created out of thin air and for whom they bought several elections

  • Jerry Llewellyn

    The worst thing one could do is stay home and not Vote. If you do that, you’re voting for the very ones that you do not want elected.

    Everyone needs to do your homework and VOTE for a candidate that is going to do things that will help the Country, not some jerkoff that wants to give everything away to those that are too lazy to do honest work.

    How’s this for a solution? US Govt does not charge income tax to Industries or other businesses large or small that conduct their business here in the USA. The Money that would have been paid in taxes goes equally to the employees of the Companies and Businesses as a bonus. Those employees are motivated to work harder so the jobs they do make more taxable income for the employers, which gives more $$ to each employee. Employees pay taxes and spend the money on the economy.
    The economy grows and becomes alive again. Also, States and Cities give tax breaks to companies that will return from overseas and relocate here. This is simple and would work if the f..king Federal, State, and local POLITICIANS would work together and be honest.

    We are the only ones that can make any good happen, but we have to VOTE the right folks into office and then make them do the right thing. Otherwise, there will be another Revolution and chaos will rule…

  • York Aptain Sidney Field

    An example of the grisly knife violence that accompanies racist illegal aliens:

  • Rob Erta

    It’s up to each of us to help secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity:

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