• robocop33

    Naturally the Harry Reid lead Senate voted down this Resolution so there will be no involvement in this investigation from the Democrat led Senate. Wonder why the Democrats do not wish to find out the truth about Benghazi? Could it be because Reid knows the truth, that Stevens was tired of the smuggling of arms to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada through the Embassy and was going to go public with it so Obama and Clinton decided he and the man who handled his secret communications had to die? The two former SEALS were not supposed to be there and kill and be killed. The only two fatalities were supposed to be Stevens and his Communications Specialist. Don’t ANY of you wonder why with all that confusion and violence these two were the only ones that were killed immediately?

    • Mr Nobody


    • gloria

      The clintons had a stream of body bags from everyone who got a little squishy about covering all their criminal activities. obama is like the clintons on steroids. We need to pray for a major conversion of our nation so the dumbed down people coming out of our public schools and colleges stop voting for Communists. Today is the 95th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima where The Blessed Mother warned 3 children that if we did not repent, reform and pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners, Russia would spread it’s errors (Communism) to the rest of the world. See the movie The Thirteenth Day.

  • McCabe

    11) Where are the 30+ Benghazi attack survivors and why haven’t they been allowed to testify in Congressional hearings?

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Absolutely correct!

    • John Willis

      receiving federal benefits , like thorazine and electrotherapy

  • Rham

    Give them hell Ted, it will be up to Texans to fix this poor excuse of a government that we have, or do not have because there is madness everywhere and all agencies are running wild.

  • victorbarney

    Wake-up folks, our nation’s 74%er’s are our nation’s “gatherer’s,” who only want more, more, more, and even more handouts given them from the “RICH” as they love to attest! Can’t fix “evil” folks, it requires their DEATH to fix! No? Try reading Revelation’s chapter’s 7 & 11! How ironic those numbers will not be lucky numbers; watch…

  • colsooonscoorner

    OMG get answers to questions? Yup, I think it’s about time, past due even.

  • Chuck

    Why did former deputy CIA director Mike Morell edit the intelligence
    community talking points to delete the references to “Islamic
    extremists” and “al-Quaeda”?

    One possible answer to this question (no.6) is that Morell was working for the Director of the CIA a gentleman named John O. Brennan, a rather sick puppy who has been reported as having converted to Islam. Whether this is true I do not know, but when Brennan took his oath of office he declined to swear on the bible, rather he swore on an original copy of the pre-Bill-of-Rights Constitution. Odd?

  • WJC

    The answer to all these questions is: We have a Muslim terrorist sympathizer and apologist in the White House. If anyone would honestly look into his background, you would see that he is the true Manchurian candidate. He’s purposely sabotaging our economy and the American way of life.

  • monacall

    Let’s all jump on the band wagon. Where were these a holes when it happened? I’m sick of all these so called good legislators. Talk is all they do.
    IMPEACH OBOZO. For God sake. What do you people do except talk.

  • Global Minority

    Its all a dog and pony show. Nothing is going to come of this. It never does….. Shameful and disgusting. Anarchy rules america and has for sometime now.

  • Jack King

    What changes were made to rules in the state dept so this cant happen again? Massive coverup for gun running to al-qeada in syria and the prisoner swap they had planned if Ambassador had been kidnapped. Of course they didnt plan on special forces not standing down.

  • David S.

    Great questions but it was a waste of time on his part. Why? He will never get the real answers. Obama needs to be impeached and both he and Clinton need to be jailed. 4 died and we have no answers.

  • John Rustic


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