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  • justice

    Love it.

  • RhondaOR

    War mongers would love this rabble trash reply. Paltrow sows for peace and love and you sow for war and american imperialism. I’ll take Gweneth anyday over terorrism.

    • tiredofwhinners

      Really? Poor 1%er Gweneth. Their life just sucks is like war to them.

    • Aprile

      You are a true idiot RhondaOR….pathetic.

    • Tom LaGesse

      Paltrow is certainly sowing something, but it ain’t peace and love. Fertilizer comes to mind, though….

    • TheDadoo

      Are you insane?! What reply did you read?! This warrior did not say that he ENJOYS war and its hardships! Ms. Paltrow did not say her “Twitter” account was a force for “peace” and “love”. Neither the soldier nor the actress said ANYTHING about terrorism! For crying out loud! He was attempting to inject some perspective into things; a mean “tweet” does not kill, draw blood and end lives. Not even YOUR heartless words can kill, drw blood or end lives. It DOES however imply your life values are suspect.

    • Mike Mike

      When the SHTF remember to run to Gweneth to protect your sorry rear. Actually you and your ilk will be the first to go as you willingly surrender your defense weapons and your boy-panties to the libtardians.

    • Constitutionalist

      Sow is a female pig. How is that related to this article?

    • Marcy James

      You idiotic ass.

    • Brian D. Hester

      Is your mental condition hereditary or was it brought on by too much msnbc?

      • chasaragdy


        Your response is a perfect retort–your question actually answered the question!! Just the bare mention of msnbc is TOO much!! And, the vast Leftwingnut Progressive, Liberals are full of it. Msnbc is the DNA that oils the nuts of the Progressive minions, lemmings and useful idiots!

    • Toltepeceno Delsur

      War veterans would love this excellent reply. Paltrow is a clueless sow and you sow for american liberty by serving your country. I’ll denounce Gweneth’s ignorant comments on war “anyday” over someone who knows.

      There, fixed it so you no longer look so clueless. Disabled veteran here, looking out for your interests.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        “Clueless sow”?

        I have yet to meet a female pig that is “Clueless”, and never met one with a “poor little me” attitude.

        My comrades in arms that lie buried on foreign shores did not die to protect her right to prove she is stupid.

        They died to protect her from tyranny, the same type she votes for and demands that others cower to.

        She is stupid to the factor of 10.

    • PJParks

      This man has fought for your, as stupid as your statement is, right to make an ass out of your self publicly.

    • Geo Velo

      Reading comprehension is not your forte.

    • markprep74

      What an interesting perspective you have. My oldest son just returned from his third combat tour, 2 in Iraq and the last one in Zabul Province Afghanistan and I am sure that his take on war and twitter is also rather different than Dear Gwen’s, and by the way, his JOB is to fight terrorism. He is a Army Capt. with a Ranger tab and an Infantry Co. command, he’s seen real WAR.

      • DJ

        Thank your son for me

      • keefer1958

        Please thank your son from all of us SANE people here. OOO-RAH.

      • talonbug

        God bless you son !

      • Bill Gilbow

        Thank your son for his service.

      • bigdoggy1205

        Thank you for raising a young man kind enough to write a blank check to this Country! And thank him for his service!

      • voteliberty2014

        Your son, his men, and his colleagues in uniform are ALL heroes! Words can not express my love and respect for our men in uniform who turn their lives over to the edicts of our elected officials. Please, pass it on to your son that there are indeed people left in this country who thank every uniformed soldier for their tremendous sacrifice and who know exactly where we would be with out them.

      • DrSique

        Glad your son is home BUT, liberal utopianists like Rhonda will never grasp that she has peace because of Americans like him. She prefers to think that her world is made more beautiful by Hollywood actors and their red carpet events. Ignorance is bliss……….at least for some.

      • MeToo

        Know where you are coming from. I have a son who has returned once again.

      • Bos95

        Thank your son for me for his service. I too have 2 sons who are both Navy Pilots. The oldest just retired was in the first Gulf War and was on his way back from the Persian Gulf when 9/11 happened. He didn’t get to come home that year. My middle son has been over there 3 times and will deploy this July for the 4th. time. Thanks to all the service men who have posted here. God bless and keep you safe!

      • N8

        As a Veteran I would like to thank your son for continually protecting us. I would also like to thank you Mark for the sacrifice that you and your family make for our Country. I know it is not easy being a Father, Mother, Brother, Son etc of a Soldier. So please thank your Family for the continued support and sacrifice of our nation.

    • yaelra

      Light up another joint Rhonda….breathe in…yeah, man, like, Gwynnie man, like she’s all for love, man…like wow….Rhonda…..you are so deep. You potheads are past hope. The brain damage is done.

    • John Rustic

      Retard Troll Rhonda is back! Guys, that’s her name, please address her as such. right, retard troll rhonda?

      • cmoore0307

        You shouldn’t insult the handicapped like that. I wouldn’t dare clump them in the same category as Loser Troll Rhonda. At least the handicapped don’t choose to be that way. She DOES.

        • John Rustic

          It’s kinda crazy, but when I say retard I don’t even think about handicapped people….just kinda how I think. But I agree.

    • kimberly

      You do not DESERVE to dwell here., Rhonda.

    • voteliberty2014

      Well guess what Rhonda. You are misguided. These solders don’t go to war on their whim. They do it on the whim of our elected officials, one of which is President Obama. So, if it is this terrorism you so call it, don’t get mad at the soldiers who lose life and limb to support the men YOU and the rest of us have put into office.
      In fact, you wouldn’t be ENJOYING Gweneth if hundreds of thousands of soldiers hadn’t died throughout U.S. history for what you call American Imperialism. Maybe you need to appreciate the people and the families who have bled and died for you instead of the people who are sucking your blood for a little entertainment.
      And if you can’t, maybe our soldiers should start telling our politicians to sod off and quit going to war for this country. I wonder how long people like you would last without such a sacrifice? Maybe it’s time you started wondering this as well…

    • S Robeal

      I hope to God that OR doesn’t mean Oregon. If so, I can only guess you live in Multnomah County along with the other brain dead OWSers and the governor’s crowd, having a total count of two brain cells among all of you, and that’s generous. Quit embarrassing the rest of Oregon with your stupid-ass posts.

      • John Rustic

        Of course she does, but I wish she would FOAD and just straight up cease to exist. And retard troll rhonda, please don’t procreate!

        • chasaragdy


          Your suggestion to Troll RhondaOR, “…please don’t procreate…” is spot on! I’m pro-life (rather than pro-death), but anti-life abortions should be reserved to the “useful idiots” that follow the banner of DemocRATs and those that managed to pass through their mother’s birth-canal to become pains-in-the-azzes of moral and upright Patiotic Americans!

    • Terry Lee

      Don’t feed the troll. Her lack of response makes it obvious.

    • jong

      I have a real nice place for you. Its called Rhodesia. It is a place were people like you doomed a nation and millions of people that have died since 1980. Dont worry you will have plenty of company with the likes of Bob Bickel

    • MeToo

      RhondaOR — Let me break it to you gently. As Scripture tells us, Mark 13:7-9, there always will be wars and rumors of war. That is the way it is and has been. Not everyone is a ‘war monger’ but a defender such as the letter writer, SFC Sikes. He is willing to go to other places to defend against evil so that we don’t have to fight here and not have your trip to Star Bucks interrupted. You have listened to some who would have you believe that we sow (as in seeding) war as the national hobby. The facts don’t quite bear that out. We may not be as white as the driven snow but we have mostly defended our national interests, e.g. protect our people as well as free other peoples (June 6th is rapidly approaching – “D-Day” when ‘imperialist forces’ (said tongue-in-cheek) invaded the Normandy beaches, fought and died for ‘imperialism?’ or to free Nazi occupied Europe? — I think that the peoples of Europe would opt for the latter (2nd) option in response). You will read or hear about “American Imperialism” in some of our schools, etc. and it is like reading and listening to old Soviet propaganda (Jay Carney actually has old Soviet propaganda posters as ‘art work’ in his home as seen in a recent magazine article about his family; great choice of ‘art.’) … a lot of baloney. I used to see ‘May Day’ communist demonstrators in the old West Germany who were hardly oppressed at the time. I could never understand how they could behave like that while enjoying the benefits of freedom while East Germans were risking death every day of the year to try to escape to the freedom of the West. Just some things to consider, Rhonda. BTW, I will agree with you on one point, I too will “take Gweneth any day over terrorism” … as long as she keeps her mouth shut.

      • Bos95

        I wonder if Obama will choose to go to Normandy, France this June 6th, like every president before him has done. So far since he has been President he has chosen not to attend. Probably too busy playing golf.

        • chasaragdy

          I did hear a blurb on FOX News that he, BarrySoetoro/akabarackhusseinobama(BSBHO), was leaving for Normandy, but I did not hear any of the specifics. He’ll probably visit the Jewish Concentration Camp where his white uncle helped to “liberate the prisoners” there. To those that don’t know any better, he–BSBHO–lied about his white uncle rescuing anyone!! Surprise, surprise!! .

          • Bos95

            He is just going to take the attention off of all the scandals going on in his administration.

    • urbsdetector

      Rabble trash reply?……..Rhonda. You have as much business calling this Soldier a war monger as you have teaching an English class. Do yourself a favor and take a class in remedial writing and spelling.

    • Kaiser

      If you truly believe what you just wrote, I hope you don’t have kids. If you did and, God forbid, someone tried to kidnap them, then you can’t defend them. If you did, then that could be construed as going to war against your enemy.
      Since your against war, I feel sorry for your kids.

    • Jo

      RhondaOR How does it feel to be the laughing stock of millions of Americans? I’m glad you will take Gweneth over terrorism, because you idiot our soldiers are fighting to keep terrorism out of this country. They are doing it so a joke like you can sit & pass a comment on a computer. You are not the solution to problems in this country, it’s people like you & Ms Paltrow & the rest of her ilk from Hollywood Who are the problems with your ways of thinking. You should be thanking this soldier & every person who wears a uniform for your freedom to be an idiot.

    • Winston Smith

      Are you for real? I don’t know about all the conflicts out current Administration has got us embroiled in – but if we’d not stopped the other Hussein, $10/gallon gas might be a fond memory.
      “Imperialism”? America hasn’t added a square inch of territory through war for well over a century!
      Umm, “sows for peace”? What has Ms Paltrow and the rest of the Hollywood elite actually DONE about Fort Hood, Benghazi, non-Muslims murdered wholesale in the Middle East, the ongoing slave trade, … ? In the REAL WORLD you CANNOT stop evil with songs, flowers and selfies!
      Jesus sowed for peace … but made SURE his disciples had lethal weapons!

    • interestedobserver2

      Potweasels would love your envirowhack reply. Sikes calls a narcissist out for being a moron and you think you actually have something worthwhile to say. I’ll take Sikes any day over douchebarrels like you and Gwennie.

    • Pendy1

      Gwyneth sows for Gwyneth. Learn to capitalize “American” and how to spell the insufferable narcissistic Gwyneth’s name, you useless waste of air.

    • Jim Barrow

      Oh shut the hell up you brain dead POS.

    • Jim Barrow

      You truly lack common sense and any reading comprehension.

    • Jim Barrow

      RhondaOR, your Reading Comprehension Disorder is acting up again.

  • sp00kydude

    RhondaOR….hahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha. That was just so pithy! Man, you really put him in his place. I bet he’s crying right now. Or maybe he (along with the rest of the thinking world) doesn’t give a rat’s @ss what you think. Come to think of it, its probably that. Keep on showing the world how smart you are.

    • keefer1958

      “Man, you really put him in his place.” <—– Who is "he?"
      "I bet he's crying right now." <—–
      "Or maybe he…" <—–

      I guess you don't know who MS. paltrow is, do you?

      • grame

        Only that she MUST be someone pretty GD important. (A smiley face goes here.)

      • Desdemona’s bane

        Keefer1958, Sp00kydude was replying to RhondaOR, who posted in support of Gwynneth Paltrow early in this thread. Your confusion stems from the fact that sp00kydude did not reply directly to RhondaOR’s comment but instead started his own new comment. He was not replying to the soldier who penned the letter to Ms. Paltrow,

  • stuart

    Hey Gweny-guess what “Your Fat!”

  • MBishop

    Get a grip. Her point is being proven by people attacking her hyperbole so arrogantly.

    • antiliberalcryptonite


    • DrSique

      Good, a well worded reply to her ridiculous comparison will give her a little more to whine about. Pampered, powder bottomed Hollywood stars, like Paltrow and Cruise, should be informed that the stress of being on a movie set is nothing compared to what those who carry the real weight of our nation go through, every effin day. Having the caterer serve the wrong wine with lunch shouldn’t be compared to eating an MRE in a war zone………EVER!!! If liberal Hollywood douche bags can’t keep their mouths shut, they need to be corrected, at least to keep the record straight.

    • JayJay

      Had she likened it to being picked on by the school bully in the playground THEN people would have supported her. But her point reeked of vapid narcissism and arrogance. To compare her “hardships” to men and women who suffer and die for her freedoms is tasteless and childish and shows only that she has lived a VERY privileged life with NO real idea of difficulties. For you to support her speaks of your own impairments with deciphering right from wrong.

    • interestedobserver2

      Stop being such a whiny dickslapper and get a grip yourself. Comparing your negative twitter comments to doing a LRRP behind enemy lines does not constitute a reasonable equivalency.

    • voteliberty2014

      Please, she’s lucky that’s the only attack she has to suffer. And it’s NOTHING like war! Hell, it doesn’t even come close to being in boot camp.
      Man, I tell you, the government model in Starship Troopers had it right. If you don’t server, you aren’t a citizen. If you aren’t a citizen, you don’t vote. So, if you didn’t do at least your mandatory 2 years, you never saw the inside of a voting booth. I imagine D.C. and Hollywood would look a LOT different if we ran under such a model!

  • Tim_Logan

    RhondaOR, you’re clearly an idiot and part of the large percentage of “Americans” who have stripped our nation from its standards. It’s people like you that “unintentionally” lowered the bar on just about every aspect in our society with your soft-hearted, weak-minded, sympathetic cry for help to feel better about yourself because you could never meet or exceed the original standard. Open your eyes and realize that without a Defense their will no longer be a country to bitch about. Don’t worry though, our economy is in the gutter and only getting worse because of individuals with weak mentalities like yourself. Just in the past 15 years we have tripled our debt from $5.6 trillion to $17.9 trillion and are accumulating about an extra $2-3 trillion extra each year. Our % of foreign-owned debt is through the roof, which not only jeopardizes our relationships with allied countries, but also paints a target on our country. Not to mention, the larger the amount of debt we accumulate causes an increase in our % of mandatory spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) which causes our discretionary spending (Education, Veteran’s benefits, Homeland Security, Defense, etc.) to decrease in spending. So what exactly do you and your buddies, like Paltrow, have in mind during an economic meltdown if we no longer have funding for our Defense? I would surely hope your pal Paltrow can defend you.

  • JayJay

    Thank You SFC Sikes for your service. Thank you to your family for all that they put on the line for our freedoms. God Bless. My father was a Vet. He died last year (involved in this VA stuff). He was the best man I’ve ever known. My hero. God Bless our soldiers and their families.

    • Laurablue

      Bryan Sikes, SFC, USA

      I believe his rank is Sargent First Class as indicated at the top of the article

      • Guest

        Thank You :) corrected

      • JayJay

        Thank You :) LauraBlue corrected

  • kimberly

    I am not sure exactly HOW she meant what she said but she would really serve HERSELF well to just keep her mouth shut. She makes me wanna puke she is so petted. As for Rhonda…you need to be deported to China or Cuba or maybe Siberia.moron

  • krjfla


  • rjhollydog

    This what happens when you don’t have a real job, or life for that matter. You take things that are foolish and make them important, the funny thing is that if no one commented on Gwyneth’s remark, she would be equally upset since the(the”A list” people) need this constant drama for their careers to survive, they “must” be noticed everyday or they are afraid they will be forgotten and disappear…….

    • ian

      um….acting is actually pretty hard.

  • keefer1958

    People like RhondaOR actually believe the crap they post about. It’s hard to imagine that if, and WHEN, this country comes under attack from a foreign force bent on killing, who will they turn to first? They will turn to people like Mr. Sikes, (Since the article gives no rank, I am forced to call him Mr.) and all the other heroes out there. And liberal elites wonder why most of the military vote republican, if they’re allowed to vote at all. Sad and disgusting.

    • selahgreene

      Actually, his rank is listed just above the body of the article. He’s a Sergeant First Class, which is a senior NCO. He’s been around the block in a few wars.

      As an old vet, I will say to SFC Sikes, thanks for your courage and your sacrifice; and thanks for your eloquence in dealing with the denizens of fantasyland who think so much of themselves.

      • keefer1958

        Thank you too!

    • John Rustic

      SFC Sikes

      • keefer1958

        Thank you.

        • John Rustic

          My pleasure good sir!

    • Milton W. Lowe

      Most people of any intellect vote republican which is for smaller government not MORE…most democrats or progressives which want to be known now…are made up of bigger government & bigger freebies for the “down trodden” & lazy waiting for a hand out from their socialist gov. …but were do the get IT when the ones who pay in run out of money…the society crumbles like all socialist societies do in time…wake up AMERICA

  • James A. DeHart


  • rodstew

    I was going to reply to Rhonda OR, but I would need a lobotomy first so that I could get down to her level. If not for Bryan Sikes and his ilk of patriots, the liberal idiots would not have a country where they could spout their stupidity. US Army vet, 1967-1968.

    • cmoore0307

      For you soldiers and former soldiers on here, not all of us are so ungrateful. Thank you for your service!

    • Bos95

      Thanks for your service. My husband was also a Vietnam Vet.

  • Karin

    Um.. no one forced you to go to war. Cry me a river.

    • John Rustic

      Karin, have you ever heard of orders? Just curious, please respond with a yes or no if you can.

      • Stumpy

        I’m sure she has. Difference is, her orders are the ones she takes at McDonald’s.

        • John Rustic

          BAZINGA!!! Too FN funny buddy! Thanks for the laugh :)

        • Byron Preston

          Now that is the perfect response, Stumpy. Reminding us that her normal reply to her orders is “Would you like fries with that?” or “Pull around to the 1st window” frickin’ hilarious! Take a bow brother . . .

    • selahgreene

      And that is exactly the point. SFC Sikes has the heart, character, and courage to volunteer to serve his country in one of the most difficult and challenging military units that ever existed, the Special Forces. He is willing to fight real battles and face real agony and hardships for his fellow Americans. Missy Paltrow and her compatriots believe that putting on their makeup is a real battle; and they can’t see beyond their own powdered noses.

    • guest

      What a stupid, idiotic, ignorant comment! Luckily, those who chose to defend this nation (and in so doing WERE ‘forced’ to go to war), also defended your right to be a horrible human being!

    • Margaret

      You ungreatful B. It’s soldiers that keep your rights. That includes your right to complain that they go to war so you can live in a free country and run your mouth about how “no one forced you to go”. I suggest you move to Iran or one of those countries where women aren’t even allowed to think their own opinion.

    • voteliberty2014

      What kind of idiot are you? Obviously a clueless one who could stand a just a little time in boot camp. Our soldiers don’t “choose” to go to war. Their Commander in Chief (President Obama) chooses to send them to war. They just do what they are told to do (or they get punished, and in war time, they can be shot for disobeying orders). You are a clueless moron. And I swear, I will vote for any politician who creates a national draft where everyone who finishes school or turns 18, whichever comes last, has to serve 2 years in the military. It’s what your beloved socialist Europe does. Maybe some of you clueless kids would get a bit of a clue if you had serve a few years mandatory.

    • RangerRick

      No, he joined the armed forces to protect the rights and freedoms of people like you. Think about it for a second, he’s putting his life on the line so you can sit behind your computer, in your comfy chair, and ridicule him and belittle his career and those who serve with him, how mighty noble and brave of you, Karin.

      • loafing

        RR, I got this off of one of the comments section on one of the sites. I think Karin needs to read and understand it.

        It is the person in uniform, not the minister
        has given us freedom of religion.
        It is the person in uniform, not the
        Who has given us freedom of the press.
        It is the person in
        uniform, not the poet
        Who has given us freedom of speech.
        It is the person
        in uniform, not the campus organizer
        Who has given us freedom to
        It is the person in uniform, not the lawyer
        Who has given us the
        right to a fair trial.
        It is the person in uniform, not the politician
        has given us the right to vote.
        It is the person in uniform who salutes the
        Who serves beneath the flag,
        And whose coffin is draped by the
        Who allows the protester to burn the flag.
        Copyright 1970, 2005
        Charles M. Province

    • James

      Karin that has to be the most shameful response i’ve see, this man “chose” to go into the service to provide the very Liberty and Freedom you have. I’m sure Ms. Paltrow would be as willing to go into battle for you…

      • selahgreene

        Come on, Kimberly. Gwyneth goes into battle every day when she steps into her limo and the traffic does not part for her passage; when she has to spend time with her children; when she has to memorize her lines. Those are stressful battles for the Pretty People.

    • Stumpy

      this one is a special kind of stupid.

    • modernminuteman

      Bull crap! Islam did!

    • Mindy Coen

      Karin…. Your right…. Our Brave men and women of the armed forces are not forced to go into battle and face death at every corner…. THEY CHOOSE to…. so ungrateful people like you have the freedom to spew your bais opinions. NEXT time you open your mouth…REMEMBER…. A brave, unselfish, fearless soldier gave his life or limb for your rights… What have you done for your country and fellow men? I betting Nothing

      • selahgreene

        John 15:13-14
        “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

        Just a bit of a different definition of love than that sold by Hollywood, and swallowed up by sad cases like Elliott Rogers. To these folks, love is reduced to nothing more than lust and the craving for pleasure.

    • Marie

      Karin, without his willingness to go to war, you might not have the right to sit there behind your keyboard and make idiotic statements like that. Our constitutional rights are protected and preserved by men and women like him who are willing to lay down their lives to protect them. A little appreciation for him might be better than this crass statement (actually, he’s due a truckload of appreciation, but maybe start with baby steps!).

    • grinnie

      I’m not doing what I preach at this moment…..and that is to reply to the likes of you and your ignorant response to a man that gave his all for your freedom to make ignorant remarks. You are NOT worth a response.

    • cmoore0307

      Actually they are, technically, FORCED to go. If they are ordered, then they must go: Here is what Article 2 of the UCMJ says: “Any person subject to this chapter who–

      (1) violates or fails to obey any lawful general order or regulation;

      (2) having knowledge of any other lawful order issued by any member of the armed forces, which it is his duty to obey, fails to obey the order; or

      (3) is derelict in the performance of his duties;

      shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

      Among other things, soldiers can face dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of their meager pay and allowances and confinement to prison. Wow, are you ever a confused person. Let’s not forget that not everyone that not everyone joins the military does so voluntarily. Are you not familiar with the term “drafted”? Since you are clearly ignorant, “Drafted” means the government ORDERS you that you HAVE to join the service and if they choose, you will be sent to fight on behalf of the United States. I feel sorry for the soldiers that they stick their butts on the line for ungrateful people like you. Wow. Smh…

    • jamann1

      Going to war isn’t exactly voluntary when you have orders, but that’s beside the point. The whole point is that reading mean words on Twitter isn’t the same as going to war.

      Someone should have forced you to go to school.

    • Barbaree

      Um…these troops are the reason you have the freedom to make such a ignorant comment!

    • Tanker75052

      Yep we volunteered so that you have the freedom to continue voicing yourself in an idiotic manner.

    • Bos95

      Maybe you don’t know that in the Vietnam War there was a draft! So, yes if your number came up you were forced to go unless you were a coward and went to Canada.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      YOUR NEED for Freedom and LIBERTY forced US, the Brave, The Proud, the WILLING to protect stupid people like you to SERVE our county.

  • bobby1122

    This makes a number of Multi-MILLIONAIRE Hollywood stars(perverts) who have compared their super dangerous jobs (” I’M scared, get the stunt person” to combat veterans. Hollywood has proven they lose through stupidity and ego.

  • sargeant rock


  • jong

    Time to send Hollywood to war. Let them patrol in areas that are nice one minute and shooting at you the next. The biggest problem of course is showing them the business end of a weapon. 50% would never make it they would shoot their heads off with a weapon the same way they do with their mouths.

    • bob machaffy

      they would not survive boot camp

    • Adult Stewie

      the action stars may have a chance I’ll take the rock making it all the way

      • jong

        Ah, but for every “Rock” there are hundreds of “ga ga’s”

    • Tagdogs

      Back in WWII and Korea there were several big time Hollywood stars and Major League ball players who served in the military and did so with honor–not like most of the “candy asses” we have now days.

      • oldgoatee

        Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Sterling Hayden…

        • Bos95

          And don’t forget Eddie Murphy! A real hero. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

          • FreetheBirds

            Eddie Murphy??? AAAARRGGHH!!!! Audie Murphy!

          • Pendy1

            Eddie Albert, perhaps? Certainly not Eddie Murphy.

          • Bos95

            Sorry I meant Audie Murphy.

      • jong

        Including Ronald Reagan and of course General Jimmy Stewart. Could you see any one of the “popular” “cool” people serving anything but, there own interests today?? Gen. Ga Ga leaves me with losing my lunch.

    • Bigolfascist

      The last time any of them served voluntarily was in WWII. THEY WERE HONORED TO DO SO.

      • jong

        Including Captain(P) Ronald Reagan. (P is for promotable which he would have been if the war had gone on.)

  • red55bird

    You know Miss Paltrow I hate to say this but, you have no clue young lady, think you could carry full body armor all day or night long with weapons strapped to you along with ammunitions to fight in a battle in heat around 110 degrees, not knowing who in the hell is trying to kill you for your enemy does not ware a uniform, maybe if you took a little time and visit a V.A. hospital you just may see what WAR can do to human flesh.

    • alanaforsyth

      She’s no “young lady” anymore at 41 years old.

      • red55bird

        I got 27 years on her she is young to me.

        • alanaforsyth

          I’m about your age, but she’s outside the category “young.” Relative to us, you might say that, but in general description, she’s not “young.”

  • rog363

    As a USAF veteran who served during Viet Nam, I have to, no I must agree whole heartedly with Brian Sikes.

  • danny

    I hope she cries and realizes what an idiot she is! The letter was awesome, great, and all around putting her in her place!

    • Joseph Toth

      She is too stupid to realize it.

      • selahgreene

        Or maybe just too narcissistic. She suffers the same dysfunction that Obama and most celebs suffer from – acute, terminal megalomania. In their world, nothing exists beyond themselves; they are in love with their mirrors; and they assume everyone else is present in the world to worship them.

  • Milton W. Lowe

    Hoo Rah to you Bryan Sikes (Green Beret) you nailed it in very few very articulate words. I can’t stomach anything about any “social media” as I feel most people that live on them are very lame & out of touch with reality. I appreciate your thoughts & the kind way you worded them…once again Hoo Rah!

    • Adult Stewie

      you’re using social media right now…. -__-

      • Kenneth Kirkham

        Try again after you go through puberty.

        • John Rustic

          Or grow a sack ;)

        • Adult Stewie

          this is a forum correct? online, on a website, this is “social” interaction amongst people, or are you that dumb?

          • Kenneth Kirkham

            Your childish attitude is once again demonstrated.

          • Adult Stewie

            yes, so childish you can’t comprehend using social media, you use it everyday, but your mind is so warped that you think differently.

    • Joseph Toth

      Same here.

  • t_mccowan

    She was living in England during the Bush years because the USA was just too mean and terrible. I’m thinking she no longer lives there because the Muslims are taking over England even though the stupid lefties love the Muslims and hate the Christians.

    • steven

      Wait until they have to live under sharia “shithead” law, complements of bathhouse barry and friends.

      • Barbaree

        They’re too stupid to know that they will be lined up first for execution because of their decadent lifestyle. By then, it will be too late for all of us.

  • Michael

    OOHRAH GREEN BERET! Thank you and all of your brothers in arms for their sacrifice and service to our country!!! Oh yeah, and putting twerps in their place!

  • Adult Stewie

    when did he have time to respond lol soldiers have more important things to do then worry about what a celeb is saying. After all the heroes of war are easily forgotten even though they are the ones who risk it all.

    • selahgreene

      Too easily forgotten. Just look at our VA hospitals.

      • usmc1063

        In the sense of this administration and government bureaucrats that feed off their own egos they are mere tools, that can be used, broken then thrown away. But the reprisals are forth coming and heads will start rolling in the VA and among those who represent us falsely.

        • selahgreene

          USMC, I pray that you are correct. I really do.

          • usmc1063

            I do also everyday that our Nation turns away from the evil that has been spawn here.

    • usmc1063

      That’s right Stewie they do risk it all so we can remain free. They don’t do it for fame or fortune they do it for love of their Country. Yet what you seem to forget they have the right to say what they feel because they above all pay for that right everyday. Where you are wrong in your statement they are never forgotten. Don’t believe me Stewie go to the cemetery’s across this Nation on Memorial Day as see the thousands of American flags carefully placed at each Veterans grave site. They are not forgotten nor will they ever be.

      • selahgreene

        I believe what he is saying is the the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who are willing to give their lives for their country are at the top of the ladder in character, heart, integrity, courage, sacrifice, and love. People like the celeb Pretty People are at the bottom. What Sikes and his fellow warriors do is far more important that what the self-obsessed Paltrow does.

        Yet, even on Memorial Day, few remember the vets. The focus is on holiday travel, the holiday sales, etc. We know the names of the biggest stars, but not the Congressional Medal of Honor winners.

        To see how quickly we forget the real heroes, just look at the VA Hospital mess. This country made real and tangible promises to those willing to sacrifice for the country; and those promises turn out to be a bad joke.

        It all comes out in the wash. Jesus says “If anyone wants to be first [in the Kingdom], he must be last of all [in this world] and servant of all.” I will gladly take His world over Paltrow’s.

        • usmc1063

          You are correct in what most of what you say. It is the Vet that remembers the sacrifices of his comrades. For many years I have walked among the silent markers with and arm full of flags. I stop at each marker that bears a veterans name and identification and if only for a few seconds I remember them in silent prayer.
          As for the mess at the VA we all know the causes and the risks yet I believe reprisals are coming and people will pay for what they have done. If not in this life in the one to come.

    • voteliberty2014

      They are NEVER forgotten! EVER! At least not by the Americans who matter!

  • Jason Sloan

    WOW!!! I am sick and tired of ACTORS and ACTRESSES saying their job is just as tough as SOLDIER in WAR. These are the people that know nothing about SERVICE above and beyond ones self. I now longer watch TOM CRUISE for his dumdass comment and now I will no longer watch Paltrow. It is time the world puts actors in their place. If we all quit going to the movies their livelihood is at stake. No more big bucks rolling in for their to tough for me job…
    I am a retired CHIEF PETTY OFFICER with a 100% Disability rating hoping my kidneys never actually fail or my back does not actually give way and put me in a wheelchair. You people need to get a grip on what reality really is. You have this cushy job were nobody shoots at you daily, you do not have to worry about a mortar hitting your bunk in the middle of the night. AS FOR YOU OTHER IDOITS “RESPECT THE ONE THAT LAYS HIS/HER LIFE ON THE LINE FOR YOUR FREEDOMS”

  • rcl

    Over these “whoa is me” rich, or even living comfortable, people crying over minor things and making them bigger than they are! Whether you agree with the concept of/reason for the military or not, war is war period! There is nooooooooo comparison!!

    To all those people out there that fit the “Gwyneth & Kanya” profile, this song is for you. Brad Paisley – Celebrity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9mpDAJOPac&feature=kp

    • selahgreene

      Kimberly, that is the perfect response. Absolutely perfect.

  • javelina

    The vast majority of the elitist Hollywood crowd are so far left in their thinking and so detached from reality, after all make believe is their bread and butter. They are rich, they are pampered, they are not used to any inconvenience and Paltrow has made an idiot out of herself with her short sided and moronic statement.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Great article towards the one who also does not believe that stay at home moms have a life. She reads a script and memorizes it, but her mind is in the slow lane when it comes to really conversing with people–just like the nonleader of America without his teleprompter! Perhaps she will find Mr. Sikes’ words mean, but they sure do make this reader happy!

  • medivac

    You tell her and her p***y friends, Bryan !!! In war real men die. You grow up in a hurry and I’ve met many men that were below the age of 20 in the military but to find a real man civilian under the age of 25 is really rare. You have to learn how to cope with loosing real friends and the pain never goes away.

    Semper Fi, my friend !! You have my complete respect and I’ve got your 6 !!

  • guest

    Brother, I would always have your 6. Paltrow, I would step over. The whole lot of them are deuche nozzles.

  • Randolph Rivers

    Hear, hear. These people and their lack of character is why the last movie I went to was Batman 1.

    • azcowboy

      Same here…I am VERY selective about which movies I go to see or rent…and they are VERY few. I think the last one was BUCK. I know a lot of people say to overlook Hollywood and that they won’t stop going to the movies because he/she is still a great actor/actress. I disagree…I think we need to STOP supporting their fancy lifestyles. If enough people stop going to movies…their revenues will go down…and they may see what it is like to live in the REAL world. I also don’t attend professional sporting events for the same reason.

    • ProudGGDOfAConfederateSoldier

      The last time I was in a movie theatre was 1985.

  • cris

    Would love to see Al Qaeda invade Hollywood and the Marines just stand and watch

    • grame

      How many thumbs up can I give? Only one? rats. A hundred and one would be deserved.

    • ian

      Al qaeda ever invaded us. The fought back.

  • Ron Wade

    WOW easy on the eyes but empty between the ears what a shame

  • Marie

    Not sure I’ve ever read a more articulate and spot-on response to a celebrity’s idiocy. Way to go, Bryan Sikes! And thank you for your service to our country!

  • Gordon Waite

    Oh SNAP! WTG Sergeant, so well written. I hope she has the integrity to respond with a comment dripping with mea culpa. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen!

  • Rham

    Here is my take on this. Let’s not be hard on Paltrow, she is supposed to just look pretty and not think or say anything, her bad if she is complaining about Twitter to the as hard as war although probably in lalaland it is. She is very cute so I have a soft spot for her. About this comment by this dimwit RhondaOR, forgiveness only is if she looks as good as Paltrow. Does she?

  • M.O.T.L.

    This is why, when you are on social media (including here) you really really need to think over what you are saying, prior to committing it. Pretty, but kinda shallow & dumb. Too bad.

  • RayR55

    Wouldn’t it be grand if all hollywood arrogant, ignorant, completely out of touch, self absorbed, narcissistic, egomaniacal, superficial, mindless idiots would just stay in their fantasy world, and shut the hell up?

    • DukeDiesel

      It would be grand indeed!

  • john h

    you would think a person of 41 yrs air between her ears . the statement is that of a 13 yr old . GWYNETH maybe those TWEEYS were RIGHT

  • stbaumsb9155


  • trugrits

    right on! Yea the little starlet thinks her stars aren’t shinning. Life is so hard. Poor me it is like I am at war. I am surprised she even could spell war.

  • cae973

    perfect example of why entertainment people should keep quiet as when they speak the public becomes aware of how stupid they actually are!

  • Jayne Nielsen


  • coldboreshot

    Bryan, RIGHT ON!!……………Thank you and your family for your service to this great Nation

  • Azsteve53

    The Hollyweird types will never get it or even understand, all they know is money, privilege and power.

  • Susan

    Only the humble are truly wise. This has been known since the Bible and Socrates in the West and Confucius in the East….but these ignorant elites never learn that essential Life lesson. They are idolators and narcissists and try to promote their ignorance for the children (evil).

    They are full of hubris, which makes them so incredibly ignorant and dumb. “Knowledge is Virtue and Ignorance is Vice” (Socrates). Hmmmmmm.

    • Sharon

      One correction, Susan, they are not dumb because that is a curable affliction. They are stupid and there’s no cure for that.

  • AR154U

    GWYNETH PALTROW just moved to the number ONE spot on the biggest C**T of the year award nominees !! Michelle Obama is now number TWO !!

    • LHTwist

      @AR154U – Naw…moochele has always been number two as far as I’m concerned.

    • Tedi

      Wonder if she and Jane Fonda ride the same short bus…

  • Linda Lee

    He’s right. She lives in fantasyland. She should wean herself off tweets. I said it before, I say it again. Ya don’t need tweets to validate you. Tweets are unproductive

  • LHTwist

    Bravo SFC Sikes!

    A classy retort to an imbecile who really doesn’t deserve the consideration.

  • Rey

    you Sir, are on the mark………Thank You …….because of you and your service and sacrifice people like me , my wife, my daughters and grandkids sleep secure and live our lives in SAFETY……..words can never express our gratitude to you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers…….

  • Bigman

    Bryan…….first and foremost, my great appreciation for your service….both to you and your family. If it wasn’t for you and your military years and training, our country would probably covered in sand like places you’ve fought in. Believe it or not, there ARE American citizens who are finally awakening and beginning to realize just how far we’ve fallen from being the
    absolute top of the heap. Hopefully in the near future, we can consolidate to the point of being a proud nation again, ridding ourselves of the scum who have taken power TOO seriously!

  • Laura

    Could not be said any better or clearer…

  • Droo

    Why is the American SF guy wearing British camouflage?

    • Olen Thomas Giles

      could be one of two things…he could be attached to a british unit for whatever reason…therefore wearing their camo…or its not really a picture of him…seeing as he is special forces and possibly still deployed…therefore his actualy face cannot be publicly known

      • burntownhall

        I would suggest the latter of your two points, he is a professional of high intergrity.

  • james

    Gay. Diva green beret. Shut and do your job and kill someone.

    • Tiffany

      ‘Diva Green Beret’????? Let me guess, your not a soldier then eh? Diva my ass! As it’s been said, if you don’t want to stand up for our soldiers then PLEASE, feel free to stand in front of them you coward!
      Signed: A proud army wife of 11 years!

      • Olen Thomas Giles

        well said

      • Rob Price

        After 22 years in the Army, I learned real quick that the only thing more dangerous than a commie with a gun pointed at you is an Army WIFE with an attitude! Well said and GOD bless you, your family, and your military man!
        “The battle may be won, but the war rages on!”
        MOLON LABE

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          Or maybe a Sub Sailors wife…..

      • Sharon

        Thank you, Tiffany, for being there for your husband. Please tell him thank you for his service from a grateful American.

      • voteliberty2014

        Tiffany, you have more cajones than the coward james to whom you responded. You’re a hero too, keeping your soldier’s life glued together! Thank you, and thank your husband and your whole family for your sacrifices for US and for the idiots like james.


      You’re a faQQet D-bag.

    • Jerry Konieczny

      You are the type of sorry scum bag that begs for some one to help when you are being bietch slapped by the ones who are gang banging your sorry arse.

      • bambi hussein

        Actually, James likes that!

    • SATCitizen

      You seem like a good choice.

    • Son of a Marine

      James, it’s a shame you couldn’t say this to his face so he could do his job!!!

    • renton

      Boom! Like a boss! Thank you for your sacrifice.

  • Dudley Hill

    Well said!!!!!!

  • mule man

    Well said First Class!!

  • BillybobBiden

    Audentis Fortuna Iuvat III%…..Well Said Bryan

  • Olen Thomas Giles

    if ever there was a time for kelso to pop out of nowhere and scream burn…it is now…*waiting…waiting…waiting*…damnit kelso…i guess ill do it you stupid bastard…BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you and your family for your service. Your reply was both right on and classy. She doesn’t have the first idea of what war is like, so that had to be one of the stupidest comments she could have made. It’s because of solders like you that she doesn’t know. May God bless you and keep you. Praying for your safety, as well as all who serve.

  • Marcus

    Very, very well written and composed.

  • ForrestHorn

    Bryan, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Ever need anyone to cover yer 6, I’m Usually available! :D

  • Eagles_76

    Well said my Green Beret Hero. It’s these little bitches and their obnoxous brothers, spoiled by rich dumbass parents, that are destroying our culture. The Jane Fonda’s, John Kerry’s, Nancey Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s, just to name a few, have disgraced our country by disgracing all of our Military’s Brave Men and Women that have given and are giving their lives to keep our country’s citizens safe. Ignor this little bitch because she knows not what she’s saying because her brains are up herASS. God Bless you Mr. Sikes, your Family as well as every Man and Woman in the Armed Forces and THANK YOU.

  • Adult Stewie

    this guy may want to write a more important letter to those Westboro Baptist nuts who protest military funerals.

    • Susan Reilly Wood

      How do you know he hasn’t already written one to them?

  • knowledgeisgood

    She is full of BS. I would hate to be a star, and feel as if everyday she wakes, it’s a new mission, so she has be briefed before she first opens the door to her home, stick her head out, look left, look right, before stepping out her war torn life, give me a break.

  • DS11T

    The pretenders can’t seem to separate reality from the fiction they portray, that’s why so many of them see psychiatrists !!! In their make believe world no one actually does in battle, when the director says “cut,” the “dead” get up, take off their makeup, then go out for a beer with their family and friends. THANK YOU Mr. Sikes for the sacrifices you and your family have had to go through to help protect and promote freedom !!!!!

  • Louman

    Well said Green Beret, Those Hollywood people are a joke. Comparing themselves to our brave soldiers.

  • millerstwo

    How could anyone be so naïve and self absorbed as to think that their mundane lives with their day to day miniscule problems somehow compares to this….waiting to be ‘called up’ anytime night or day to be shipped off to some ungodly corner of the Globe to ‘take out’ some Despotic entity risking life and limb for God and Country?
    Unfortunately most people, especially people of means, tend to forget that the freedom we all enjoy comes at a price and patriots like the Green Beret are willing to pay that price for us with their blood if necessary, God Bless Them!!!

  • Robert Glassett

    Mr. Sikes, great job. You are absolutely correct about this. It’s an honor to know that you are out there defending our country.

  • SATCitizen

    Still in the Shallow Hal role are ya GP. . .stay stuck with your fat a s $ attitude for only a hypocrite like you can show the true colors of a fool.

  • http://www.jamesehorn.com/ Jim Horn

    Paltrow is an example of being dumbed down with your (her) head stuck in your (her) ass.

    • Chris P

      You aren’t a woman getting death threats from misogynist clowns. And people DO get killed for less.

      • 19gundog43

        You really are the poster boy for stupid on steroids Crispy. How one person can become so clueless and brain dead is beyond comprehension. You must have to take a really strong stupid pill to be
        that way.

        • dave

          crispy-I thought there was a difference between “death threats” and actually getting shot at with an AK-47. And as far as “misogynist clowns” I will personally chip ing $20 for your airfare to Nigeria so you can kill you some Boko Harem.

      • Sharon

        You aren’t a woman either, so what’s your point?

      • voteliberty2014

        So, death threats, which are part and parcel for a public figure, make her equivalent to a soldier who doesn’t just get death threats, but gets real lead and explosives their way. Cry me a friggin river for hollywood actor death threats…

      • bambi hussein

        Is your name really Chrissy? You’re probably as effeminate as the prissy little man occupying the oval office.

      • http://www.jamesehorn.com/ Jim Horn

        I’m not disputing that Paltrow may get threats and others from crazies. that’s to be expected when she’s so out there on the social networks.

        What she is experiencing is nowhere near what one faces on the battlefield and in combat situations, or as a cop on a daily basis.

      • falling321

        If she quit saying stupid things like this, she would get a lot less of them! Face it, she’s an idiot and has no clue what real hardship is!

  • Rob Price

    Amen! Sarge needs to get the Academy Award for “most truthful portrayal of a hero”.
    Hollywood has become so narcissistic and amoral that the only way left for them to walk in life is LEFT! G. Paltrow owes a huge apology to this American hero and all others that serve and die for her rights to make a complete ass out of her self in public and on the web. Bryan Sikes is a hero, whether he admits it or not! The other men and women in our armed forces are all heroes as well! Keep on hitting your target sarge-it is definately, Target Rich!!
    “The battle may be won, but the war rages on!”


    Remember, Paltrow lives in fantasy land and just thinking gives her a headache, she is just a pretty face, a unimaginative line reader for the movies and never thinks beyond her Disney World life……you cannot fix stupid…

    Mr. Sikes……OuuuuRah!

    • jimbo124816

      Gwyneth Paltrow suffered through years of hardship before becoming an actress in the movies.

      She grew up in the slums of Hollywood where her parents were also in the difficult business of “show”., scraping by on their meager thousands of dollars per week salaries. I’m sure they sacrificed to send their daughter to private schools where she had to settle for only one BMW in which to get around.

      So, peons of the world, don’t judge Gwyneth until you have walked 30 feet in her Gucci shoes. A mile is too far so take the Beemer.

      • Bellagio551

        Typical ditsy Skittle-brain Valley Girl… and such a sheltered awful life she had to endure. Breaking a nail signing autographs, humiliated by a mean post, lauded by fans in her gown on the red-carpet while loosing her shoe heel… such a tough challenging life.

        Her pic should be the poster child for “Dumb Blond” along with the poster children for Communism… Barry Hussein, Pelosi and Harry Reid on a red background looking up to the Hammer and Sickle that hangs high over the Capital Dome.

  • Paul

    Way to say it brother

    • Chris P

      Misogyny central.

      • Paul

        I happen to like Women, I don’t care for stupid people though

      • Sharon

        Projecting Chris P?

      • Maverick

        Yes because it can’t be about the person it has to be that it’s a woman.

      • Maggie

        There is nothing misogynistic in what he said, nor in someone agreeing with it. Where’d you get that? As someone who actually has, you know…ovaries…I defend him in every sense of the word and thank God for men like him ever day.

      • LadyDoc

        No, Chris P, we think you’re an idiot, too.

  • Dawn Duncan


  • billyjshafer

    You guys shouldn’t be so hard on Paltrow. After all she has to wake up in a nice clean bed every morning. While all of us combat vets had to wake up in a muddy hole or sleeping in the dirt. My heart bleeds for her.

    • jaxtom

      Excuse me but we taxpayers had to deliver you to that dirt. Did you appreciate that? NO – you had to dig a hole AND let the dirt get all wet! I’m so mad I could just …Tweet! (>; ##########LOL, Semper fidelis.

  • CrossHugger

    Well said Warrior………

  • Thepops

    Wish I had this soldier as a friend.

    • Americans Wake Up

      He’s already the closest friend you’ll ever find. He is willing to lay down his life for you and your freedom.

  • Natalie

    She may want to use her words more carefully now.

  • Sharon

    BRAVO Bryon Sikes, BRAVO! And thank you for your service.

  • Chatty Kathy

    Well said Sir!! Well said.

  • Shaun

    Anyone else wondering why they chose a pic of Paltrow when she was like 18?



    • Sharon

      Thank you for your service Edward Mikan.

  • Billy Medz

    who’s writing her speeches Kenye West????

  • Maverick

    This reminds me of Kanye West saying that going on stage every night was like going to war because he could slip or something and that would be “I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2520845/Kanye-West-claims-risks-life-like-police-officer-soldier-war-onstage.html#ixzz338P3U1CD

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  • MoDeVille

    Liberals are the scum of the earth.

  • crislthompson

    Someone buy that man a beer….truck!

  • conservativelibrarian

    I love this!

  • Sharon

    Mr. Sikes, I felt chills to that response. Simply awesome! I commend you for your on-time response.

  • Robert Hough

    Thank you for your service Sergeant. Ms Paltrow? meh, not so much.


    Just ran the name “Brian Sikes” through the U.S. Army personnel data base; no record of such an individual. The name appears fictitious.

    • Steven Wedig

      Maybe an alias ??

    • Nieber

      Maybe you spelled his first name wrong?

    • outoftowner321

      maybe because it’s “Bryan”

    • H

      That’s because you spelled it wrong.

    • Bos95

      When you are in Special Forces, you don’t use your real name. At least I know several Navy Seals who don’t. It is for security reasons.

    • Tom

      just checked myself, he is there

    • TRex

      You spelled his name wrong dumb-ass.

    • Rich Munson

      He’s in AKO… fail troll is fail have a nice day

  • Pendy1

    Why does anyone continue to pay any attention to the insufferable, elitist “The Gwyneth”?

  • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

    These insulated pampered hollywood multi millionares like this empty headed bimbo have absolutely NO CLUE about REAL PROBLEMS especially combat…Like Mark Twain used to say….”They open up their mouth and remove all doubt”….

  • Maverick
  • TG

    Gosh it’s sure tough being an A-lister and dealing with mean words. (With an English accent now for effect) “What bloody hardships I face with these meanies on twittah.” said she with a tweet.

  • Lu

    A murderer is a murderer is a murderer.

    • Americans Wake Up

      A moron is a moron is a moron. Move along folks. Nothing intelligent here.

  • Maggie

    And allow me to answer what will inevitably come from her frothy mouth, “No, Miss Paltrow. This man doesn’t find you cute or adorable or attractive in any way. Nor, as is apparent by his letter to you, does he understand your “plight”. He is a MAN. A real one. Not at all like the Pablum-drooling, emasculated “men” you pal around with and toss your skirts to in Hollywood…but a REAL, live military… MAN. A war-experienced, wife-loving, devoted to all things right and good in the world… MAN. I know this because I have had one of these MEN for 30 years and have created 3 more of them…all of whom have served, two of whom have been to war. So, you and your whiny ilk don’t impress anyone who realizes what a true man and a true woman and a true life is. OUR lives are forged through smiles graced on faces, scarred with the experiences of worry and wondering if half of your soul will ever return to its rightful place inside your heart. But you would never know this feeling… that devotion. Your marriages are shams; something to be dispensed and discarded as easily as your recycled toilet paper. Nor would you ever know the feeling of having to consider the way to tell your child that their father or mother might not be coming home… and why. I pray that your children remain isolated from the knowledge that their parent isn’t being shot at, or hungry, or cold or scared or missing them. I hope they never have to call you from school, crying and wanting to come home because some other child told them about war and what it can do to the parent who is in the middle of one. I hope you never lose sleep for not being able to find the words to speak over your dead soldier son’s grave. I’m sorry your ivory tower was scorched by the likes of this true MAN. But, in real life… this is what REAL women want. They want a man to stand up for what’s right and to shut the mouths of those who would dare to compare themselves to what they could never understand. Grab attention for yourself somewhere else, honey. Perhaps, try another divorce over someone not putting the seat down or a lack of catering to your every, meager whim… get a life and stay out of ours. We’re a little too busy with our own advances in emotional evolution to kiss the heels of an ego so obviously titanic as yours.” Pathetic…

    • Ewade

      If only this could be made viral. Thank you for reminding me there are women like you in the world. Uh … got any single sisters?

  • cam

    Way to go, Sgt! Right on! Thank you and your brothers-in-arms for keeping the USA free. People who do not understand can speak their piece without being hauled off to some prison. I do NOT consider anyone who is in the military and protects this nation and its citizens to be a murderer. Then again you have those who just don’t get it, but have the right to say it … thanks to you!

  • Tom K.

    We avoid the social media AND the Newer / More Corrupt Hollywood like a plague. I wouldn’t know Paltrow if she showed up at our front door. If she was in need of help, we would help her and send her on down the road. What’s Gwyneth going to do when the Govt. Entitlements fail and the have nots come over her gate and crash down her door ? Who you gonna’ Tweet ?

  • Pilgrim

    Who cares what Gwyneth says in her Twitter? Why post articles like this even giving her or people like her the time of day? I don’t care for her at all, but seriously doubt she really thinks she has it as tough as someone going through war. Big deal – don’t make us conservatives look weak by making such a big deal out of what was likely a just poorly chosen analogy.

    • selahgreene

      This kind of article presents a real contrast between the spoiled, pampered Pretty People who drive our culture, and the real men and women who are the protectors of our country.

      People like Paltrow, Sean Penn, Mat Damon, and others are worshiped and idolized by the majority of Americans; and yet they worship either themselves or tyrants like Che Guevera, Fidel, Mao, or Obama. It is important to reveal the heart and soul (or lack thereof) of those who are held in such high esteem by our culture, and contrast that vacuum of character with the anonymous strengths and courage of the real heroes. We pay homage to the shallow and the vacuous, and turn our backs on those of great courage, integrity, and heart.

      And this isn’t Paltrow’s only case of self pity. Check out her comments on how much harder a celebrity like her has it raising two young children than your run-of-the-mill working Mom. She needs to find a cause celebre’ other than herself.

      • rickers

        You think this is bad- you should read all the BSA on AOL under the Huffington Posts’ segments.. They luv’d me so much they banished me..
        Leftist Liberal anti American crap– took me back to the Kent State days.. Head bashing was very common then…

        • selahgreene

          Banished from AOL? What an honor. Good on you!

          Kent State – now that’s my hayday.

      • Elizabeth Volk

        Now that I found the perfect sentence to happily leave this site. I thank you selahgreene!!! ” We pay homage to the shallow and the vacuous, and turn our backs on those of great courage, integrity, and heart.”

      • Elizabeth Volk

        I’d like to put a snow shovel in her hand with a Minnesota winter. lol

        • Pilgrim

          Unfortunately, she probably wouldn’t know how to use it.

      • Pilgrim

        You are 100% correct. It is a good thing to see the contrast between real people (like Sikes) and pampered fools. I’d just prefer to only see the real deal and ignore the likes of Paltrow.

    • Elizabeth Volk

      I’m getting tired of the word “analogy” and those that use it as their excuse to write crap. There is no comparison or similarity to most of the “analogy” I’v read as late. Get a dictionary, damn.

      • Pilgrim

        Say what? Your post makes little sense. “There is no comparison or similarity to most of the “analogy”(sic) I’v (sic) read as late.” What does this have to do with what I wrote. I know very well what an analogy is. Do you? I’m not the one who chose a poor analogy, Paltrow was. I’m sorry you don’t like the word “analogy”. Unfortunately you are going to be quite tired, because the word will continued to be used by many as it is a useful word.

  • RA

    This is true, I spent 2 years in Iraq during O.I.F. and O.E.F. As a convoy driver supporting the troops and proud of it, it was an honor. And yes even as non military personnel we didn’t use our real names for OPSEC

  • Remag1

    Hey guys, Look at what these POS’s use Twitter……yes because they are TWITS. I’m doing my best to watch my language.

  • Telford

    I’m a wife of a marine Sgt and reading this is just saddening… :(

    • Elizabeth Volk

      I am not just your average gal from Minnesota and I better leave this sight before the mean sailor comes out. Thank your Marine Sgt husband for keeping my children and self safe and thank you also. Forgive the American Idiots for they know not what they say. Bless you and yours

  • mcrognale


  • WilliamSpires

    Amen Bryan, tell ‘em like it is. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  • Telford

    The hardships and financial difficulties and the sacrifices we make as a military family is just something that not a lot of people go through. Even through financial tough times my husband who is a united states marine would go give plasma after work just to help make ends meet and he did it so I wouldn’t have to because I’m a wuss lol. He works long hours, sometimes going days without sleep and still staying awake so he can spend time with his two year old son. He has deployed twice and has dedicated 5 and a half years of military service so you can freely get on twitter and yip to your liking, you can thank, him for that freedom by not comparing your life to his. Thanks. :)

    • Reba

      No Maggie, unless someone lives with it they don’t understand nor will they ever understand it. Although being retired now, it does not change that part of your life. They can’t comprehend what our men and women do, because they have never done it or done it without having the same patriotism as “Ours” do. They can’t take care of a home, finances, children, job like we do or did. They wouldn’t know what it’s like to be alone, more than being with your spouse and wondering every second of the day, if he will come home. I can’t imagine seeing her or a lot of other women crawling under the kitchen sink and fixing it. Taking off the A/C cover and looking for the reason it quit working. I can’t imagine them opening the hood of their car and checking all the fluids, belts and then tires. Taking your car to a mechanic and dealing with a condescending jack ass that thinks because you are a woman, he can screw you over. Naught, we have been taught by the BEST! How we deal with things, so you don’t have to burden your love one while he is fighting to protect “Us” and “Our Country”. Yep, they have no idea and never will. Nor do they have the Community we have, that watch over and help each other. Yep, our spouses even think we have become too independent at times, but we learned to be and it served us well. Telling them what A/C company to call and they use another one. He should have listened to me to begin with. I’ll never forget the time when he happened to be home and I never thought anything about it and went and bought new tires for my car. That was a hell of a discussion. I still laugh about it. Myself, I would not take anything over this kind of life. It takes a special kind of woman to deal with this kind of life and I’m proud to be one of them.

      Hang in Maggie, it’s a Wonderful Life!

  • Telford


  • tgr

    Whats is a Gwyneth anyway?

  • selahgreene

    The real issue is, why is Sergeant Sikes even holding a rifle? He looks to be able to snap the head off of any enemy he might encounter.

    • Don

      Because even the strongest of men cannot rip a head off at 300 yards but CAN put a peep hole in their forhead with a rifle.

  • jmotivator

    If mean Twitter posts are like war then Gwenyth Paltrow just got nuked.

  • Jason O

    For a trained killer he turned whining B@itch real quick. GP has bigger balls than this loser.

    • TRex

      said the guy hiding behind a pseudonym.

    • TRex

      Jason O is a winner who types sophomoric comments from his mom’s double-wide trailer home. How’s unemployment going for you, JO?

    • selahgreene

      Whining? Paltrow complains that her life as a celeb Mom is tougher than other Moms. Paltrow complains about the treatment she gets on Twitter, and compares it to the effects of combat? A spoiled, filthy rich celeb complains about how nasty her life is, and tries to put herself on the level of a warrior? And HE is the whiner?

      Here’s a suggestion: Go to Sergeant Sikes and tell him what a whining b***ch he is.

    • whoRUkidn

      Go back to dummy underground stupid – you’ll find all of your AH buddies waiting for you.

    • Stonedudley

      You have got to be kidding me? This man has seen things that would scare people for life? For her to even compare the two things is quite appaling and you agreeing with her shows how educated you really are. I respect you Doug!

    • roadsider

      Don’t feed the troll.

    • Doc

      And you are a hero? Let’s here why you have the right to disparage this warrior.

    • Oren Player

      You squirm around on your belly so low you have to look up to see a human. You are not now, nor will you ever be worthy to carry a pair of Bryan Sikes’ dirty underwear. It’s men, yeah, that’s right MEN, not some “G.I. Jane” of movie fame, that protect our rights. So buck up you fruit cake. You owe him an apology.

    • Mike

      Hey douche canoe, what does the “O” stand for O’ shut the f(-)ck up, we don’t care what you think, RLTW!!!

    • Kimberly White-Cannon

      Jason your a disgrace! Praise & thanks should be given to this soldier. Not to some women who has NEVER risked her life to defend our country or given you the right to speak your trash. I thank you Green Beret Sikes! Godbless

    • Reba

      Why don’t you move to a Communist Country and see how you like it there.

    • Elizabeth Volk

      I hear Mama calling you out of her basement for supper.

  • Telford

    I would also like to add, as a marine wife, that we can’t knock down everyone in Hollywood because of something one idiot said. People like Keanu Reeves. Or however you spell his name has contributed a lot of money to hospitals and other organizations and does a lot of good things for society. If it wasn’t for people like Michael Jordan contributing to organizations like The Ronald McDonald House then a lot of military families like ours wouldn’t have benefited with a place to stay when they had a sick child in a hospital and I am very thankful to them for that.

    • selahgreene

      Good points. I certainly wasn’t aware of Michael Jordan’s philanthropy. Good to hear.

      And there ARE some sane, down-to-earth, non-self-absorbed celebs in Hollywood, who I admire because they are definitely swimming against the current in that world. Sadly, the culture seems to twist the vast majority of those who get caught up in it. Look at the effects it had on young stars like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Makes those like Reeves and Gary Sinise look pretty strong.

      • telford

        Oh yes. Reeves had a family member in the hospital and then he donated a lot of money to the hospital. Michael Jordan donated money and made personal donations to the Ronald McDonald house. They had a pair of shoes showcased in the one we stayed in. The Ronald McDonald houses run solely on donations. Food was donated and they had a lot of volunteers there to make food every night. I plan on giving back at the end of the year myself.

    • Doc

      Really? Charities forgive their elitist behavior? No. They serve no purpose in life but to support their egos. Name one “actor” that has served in the past fifty years. None? They all live lives of luxury because of the service and sacrifices of our military and their guilt payments do not assuage their actions.

      • selahgreene

        Alan Alda served in the Army Reserve; Chuck Norris in the Air Force; Drew Carey was a US Marine; but your point is taken. It’s a very slim list.

        There are a few who aren’t spoiled by good life, but not many. Look up Gary Sinise, and you’ll find someone who has gone above and beyond in service to others, including vets.

        • BeJebus

          chuck norris is a hermaphrodite

      • Erica Bixler Basbas

        Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rodgers both actors both served

        • Doc

          You are correct and their shows reflect their concern for children and America. We thank them for their service but you must admit they are hardly representative of Hollywood today.

        • BeJebus

          Fred Rogers never served in the military. Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) enlisted just before we dropped the bomb, so he didn’t see any combat because the war ended. Doesn’t make either one of them good or bad, that’s just their personal history.

      • Benjamin King

        Ice T served; just do a simple search and you will find out your “past fifty years…” generalization is pretty much false.

        • Doc

          Nonsense. Statistics (damned as they might be) show less than 1% have served.

          • Benjamin King

            Hey, Doc, while you are at it with those statistics, why don’t you crunch the numbers for what percent of the wealthy in general have served, just sayin’, if you wanna go there.

          • Doc

            That’s an easy one. Zero. It IS a volunteer force and rich kids, like the one who just killed a bunch of people, are raised believing they are better than we peasants. They believe it should be left to the low life’s to do the dirty work. I would point out they are not America. They are one tiny piece of who we are, and despite their wealth, not necessarily a better part. We are blessed with a plethora of fine young men and women who understand that freedom is not free. They know the rich will take advantage of their sacrifices, as the rich always do, but they keep on fighting. They fight for you, for me, and for every American; regardless of wealth. For that we should be eternally grateful.

    • John

      In the writer’s defense, he didn’t knock down every one in Hollywood. He said “You and the other “A-Lister’s” that think like you…”

  • rickers

    Thank you– These people in the arts really do live in the ether!! Have not got a clue what it would be like living in a Chinese or North Korean Prison….not a clue…
    Guess they never heard about Bataan, Burma, Bridge over he River kwai..

    Don’t know history, you will relive it!! Thanks for your sevrice GI..

    • BeJebus

      lol i guess they have wifi in that prison camp you’re commenting from!

  • BeJebus

    meh. everybody gets so offended these days.

  • Suckerfreeallweek

    Oh my god… Relax guy… It’s called an analogy… You’re great for all that you do, much respect… But dude, chill the f out. Remember you signed up to be a bad ass to fight for people

    • selahgreene

      Analogy, simile, what difference does it make? When one of our cultural mavens makes herself out to be a martyr compared to a warrior, and she is nothing more than a spoiled child, that is insulting to those who live in the real world. Yes, he signed up, and I thank God for all who did and are willing to fight the real battles and lose the real lives, as opposed to those who fight the fantasy battles and then compare themselves to the real warriors.

      • Wayne

        Hmm.. She wasn’t comparing herself to a warrior.. But.. whatever.. I’m off to continue with my actual life..

    • Mike

      Douche canoe

    • Wayne

      Any soldier that gets their panties in a wad over that analogy is pretty thin skinned. If soldiers want to be soldiers, then show a little backbone and stop whining about a paragraph and a media spun headline for dramatic effect. and yes.. 10 years Vietnam vet. This whole thing is silly..

    • palehorse58

      Did you ever have someone else read a western union wire because you feared what might be in it. Just ask any military wife what it is like before you make stupid comments.

  • Doc

    We’ll said by a national hero. I too wake up ever day and reach for my morphine. That and two cups of coffee gets me up and out every day with our once whining. Paltrow disgusts me. Let’s drag her (not so pretty) butt down to a filthy VA hospital and watch my brothers suffer and die. The spoiled primadonna would chuck her breakfast and run back to her limo to go see her shrink to process the trauma. I don’t watch much of Hollywood ( Sole Survivor, Act of Valor) but no Paltroy. Let’s ALL stop putting up with people like her.

    • Reba

      Thank you for your service, sir.
      We should have a list of every person in Hollywood and Washington that do not support “Our Military”.

  • roadsider

    Frank Zappa said it best (and most succinctly): Shut up and play your guitar.

    • DrBobNM

      funny, Frank didn’t take his own advice.

  • One of “The Wives”.

    Thank you. In more ways than one.

  • John Samuel Wilson


  • A Product of War

    You sir…You deserve more then just this internet comment that I am writting. My grandfather and father both were killed fighting for my freedom. My family has very much suffered from war, but we in no way hold grudges. We have RESPECT for those who have fought and continue fighting. I stand behind you and salute you brother.

    Those “A-lister’s” have no right to talk about “War” when they haven’t even been on the front lines. STAY STRONG.

    • rodermck

      Freedom of speech is what we fight for gives them that right !!” Are you denining that !!.. Cheers!!..

  • thomashenryjr

    Perspective, he has it, she is and always will never have it

  • KGG

    This Marine certainly has the right to express his opinion, and did so in a way that was both articulate and hit home. I get his point. However, it’s also important to remember, when seeing an offhand comment from someone that strikes you as offensive, that you have no idea what another person’s life may be like, just like they don’t have any idea what yours is like. It’s a matter of perspective. I’ve seen some of the awful things that people don’t think twice about saying online about celebrities and sometimes I just shake my head in wonder that anyone could be so crass and heartless (all under the benefit of anonymity of course). They are human beings. And there’s at least a chance that they might read those things and be hurt by them. That’s what she meant by ‘de-humanizing’. Perhaps Miss Paltrow should do a tour of duty in a war-torn country and our Marine should get to experience what it’s like to have thousands and thousands of people publicly flaming/insulting you and picking apart every aspect of your being and every word that comes out of your mouth, no matter what you do. Point being: both of those things SUCK. Everyone’s got to put on their grownup pants and get over it. Taking someone’s words out of context because you didn’t like them isn’t a great thing to do, and neither is comparing anything but war to war. Mistakes have been made. Moving on..

    • Gunflint

      I find it offensive when people say.”This is what they meant when someone says something offensive”. It’s like that individual needed an interpreter to the rest of the people. If their was no pun intended, she should have come out with an apology immediately. Hummmm, haven’t heard one yet.
      God Bless you Marine, & Thank-You

      • rodermck

        I find you offensive its a matter of prospective !!.. cheers!!..

    • cajanone1

      US Army Green Beret!

  • Mike

    Well said SIR, RLTW

  • Evan White

    Who the heck is Gwyneth

  • SGT Big Dawg

    SuckerFreeAllWeek you go take another hit of your bong and chill the F&^K out dude ! Doc I to was a Doc and I reach for my pain meds as well every morning along with coffee to wash them down. It’s how I start each and everyday and I wouldn’t have it any other way as my experience in our great US Army is what made me the man I am today. I detest the Lollywood types and don’t do a lot of movie watching especially the trash being made today. For people like this woman and Tom Cruise to even mention the word ” war ” in one of their statements or diatribes is an insult to every military person in this country. Mark Wahlberg had the decency to call out the dumbass Cruise when he made his stupid statement trying to equate a day’s work making a film to a day of war ! What a dumbass !!!!! And if my post offends anyone then good as more people need to be insulted and called out when they make such stupid statements.

    • Reba


  • Kelly

    First off he is not a Marine and second off he is exactly right in what he said. My hats off to you good sir and my God bless you and yours.

    • rodermck

      He’s not right read mine rodermck Cheers!!..

  • Solomon08

    We fight for the American way of life, right? For example, your gf wakes you up because she’s having a bad hair day and she just doesn’t know how she’ll survive. Trivial, right? No, just because you’ve volunteered, no doubt lost friends, and seen unspeakable things. Doesn’t give you the right to judge anyone else and what they deem hard. A true professional wouldn’t have let this bother them in any way. You sound more like a navy seal then a green beret. Just doing your job because it makes people think you’re really cool…well next time you’re “deployed” take sometime and understand what war really is. When you’ve wrapped your feeble mind around that you’ll understand how pathetic you sound bashing the American people. You truly are a pathetic representation of the American Special forces.

    • Reba

      Who is your post to?

    • DrBobNM

      interesting contrast to your post above.

    • CobrayRPB

      You are just as delusional as the celebrity “elite”. They live in a microcosm that is in no way shape or form attached to reality. Celebrity lives are full of undue privilege and their fragile little egos cant handle one iota of criticism. We venerate those vapid twits when people like the author of the retort should be emulated. Sacrifice for ones nation and family far supercedes anything Paltrow ever accomplished. You are way off base with some vague complaint of bad hair days or what have you. The soldier is correct and anyone that thinks otherwise has zero concept of the self sacrifice this man willingly and silently endures.

      • rodermck

        He’s the only one that’s on a real soldier fighting for our country doesn’t have to wrap himself in a flag over a celebrity is absurd its so over the top its almost unbelievable!!.. If this was for a pacifist or war haters it would be justified wrong place wrong time!!.. cheers!!!..

    • Colleena11

      Solomon, you are as pathetic and whacked as the left!

    • peteserb

      another sick and demented liberal.He’s never served a day in his life and denigrates a man who has more courage in his little finger than solomon 08 has in his entire being. God bless our military.

    • palehorse58

      Maybe you don’t have enough carbon credits!!!

    • cajanone1

      Personally, I all can say is you would make an excellent poster child for a prophylactic commercial!

  • rivahmitch

    Dead on, Green Beanie! Semper Fi!

  • Sharon Harrah-Hale

    I hate to be the one who brings this up, but performers are just like politicians, we created and support them. The Frankenstein”s belong to us. They would die a very quick death if their iv’s were removed. Like the trolls that post, don’t feed them.

    • rodermck

      Your a troll for bringing in your hate and the people supporting you are no different You are no better than them the 15 that support you are the Frankenstein’s for you and feeding you!!.. Can you tell me high and mighty how you are any different??????….Cheers!!!..

  • DrBobNM

    nothing more to add. Mr Sikes is my hero. God Bless this man. I wonder if teary Gwyneth will get a chance to read this? She’ll probably lament it as another war-time clusterbomb launched by the ‘haters’.

  • mike mccullough

    Absolutely agree. In addition to what SFC Sikes has written, I would like to add this: War for a soldier does not, I say again, does not dehumanize. In fact it brings us closer to being a human. We share a family that no one can understand. We feel pain for what we endure, and go through, more so than most citizens. We are not better than any one person per say, but we are definitely human. We do not judge of someones misfortunes, character, nor backgrounds. We embrace it as it makes us stronger. I am a soldier in the US Army, and have been for almost 18 years, and having spent 4 separate tours in Afghanistan in combat, I have learned more of an appreciation for human life than I did before my service started. So please if you have something to say about your infinite wisdom of what war does, make sure you have the experience to back it up. Then express what war does, and does not do to a person. Sincerely, SGT McCullough

  • Matt

    We are Brothers in arms, you from the USA and me from the UK, we have both been to war we have both seen THAT aspect of war, the aspect that stains the soul with an inedible mark that will show itself when we least expect it.
    It is the mark that will bind us together forever even though we will never meet, it will make us brothers and even enemies that are quick to forgive when we hug and hold back tears for we are fighting the same battle within ourselves.

    • Evan White

      Who the heck is Gwyneth palthrow. I have to add in saying that cyberbullying is not like war. I myself deal with bipolar disorder and autism and don’t get along with others bullies have given me emotional depression but i try to keep my head high and not pay attention to bullcrap others post about me. The bullying is not like war. Anyone who has a disability physical or mental is actually in a way fighting a battle not a war a battle that never ends till death the battle is hard when you’ve got the enemy army Depression on one side attacking you and army Anxiety on the other side and it is a fight for your life you fighting army depression and if you give in to army depression he will have you die ( suicide ) so a disabled person has a mental battle they have to win. The battle is won when I die but not by suicide. The reason i have not given into the pressure of army depression’s leader Gen. Self Hate is because my king and commander in life is Jesus Christ.

      This article is fully a Analogy except for the last ten words

      • cajanone1

        We all deal with DIMWHITCRAPS daily and that is cyber bullying.

        • Evan White

          Yes i agree DemonCraps are very bad,

      • rodermck

        Then you have no mind of your own . you ruined every thing you wrote by bringing religion into it !!.. Cheers!!!..

        • Evan White

          All i did was add in who my commander is.

          • Gunflint

            You did just fine Evan. We have all kinds on this form, & you must understand this. Most are Good American Patriots. You need NOT apologize to anyone, especially to an idiot who doesn’t have the capacity to even function as a moron..

        • Hugh Mannity

          Here we go again. Kindly enlighten us by explaining how Evan White “ruined every thing” by bring religion into it.

          Oh, and yet again you cannot spell. The word is “everything”.

          • Evan White

            I wrote the analogy to explain what it is like to be mentally or/and physically disabled

        • Evan White

          I know what i saying the analogy is a good one and it is susposed to explain what me and others with disorders are like and what we go thru

  • Mys77

    I think you can substitute almost all of Hollywood on this one.

    • rodermck

      Read my post to Gunflint and The Master Chief you fit in like a glove hateful spiteful !!.. Hollywood gives much fantastic intertainment

      • norm

        Sycophant much?

      • LadyET2

        Holy moly, I can barely read anything that you have written! I pay to watch a movie and be entertained, that doesn’t mean I give one good care about what the actor or actress thinks. If that actor or actress opens their mouth and says something completely inane or idiotic such as comparing their oh-so-difficult lives to being in a WAR (complete with references to blood and difficulty), I’m going to call it like I see it. She’s an unapologetically spoiled and pampered twit who has zero clue what it’s like to experience hardship in any form – let alone being in a war.

        • rodermck

          The question is what she says has no effect on any body but haters like you who are you trying to impress haters like you

      • Hugh Mannity

        OK, there you go again rodermck, being an idiot.
        The word is “they’re”, not “there”. Might help if you got an education and stopped spending so much time posting online.
        I have re-read your post numerous times, yet am still unable to find a point. Oh, yes, it’s from a liberal blabbermouth, so no point is possible. My error.

        • Gunflint

          I agree Hugh…She most likely does not know who to thank for the very freedom’s she has. All credit goes to Hollywood. Most likely she watched to many episodes of Rambo.

  • The Master Chief

    Bust the Elite’s Hollywood Bubble. They live in their Ivory Towers and never once have to lift a finger for anything,except to pick out those 1200.00 shoes. Telling it like it is. God bless brave Warrior.

  • Dale Patterson

    Hollyweirdos would be nothing without us… We spend money to go see their dumbass movies…

    We are the ones who lift them up into their ivory towers and give them everything they desire…

    We are the ones who praise them for something they should be condemned for…

    We are the ones to blame…

    • Gunflint

      I agree Dale, were ultimately to blame. And its time for a change. But attitude change is starting to show up everywhere. Read what many of our form Brother & Sister patriots are saying today. It is changing, we must change it.

      • rodermck

        Yes we need a change from the self centered that only sees the world from there own whining and complaining and narrow views that wants to shape the world in there image. Isn’t there some dictators that wanted to do that you are no different. Spare us from your misguided anguish!!!.. Cheers!!..

        • Hugh Mannity

          Hey, rodermck, you are truly an idiot. Let me quote you when you said “we need a change from the self centered that only sees the world from there own whining and complaining and narrow views”. That is what GP is doing, and the comments about her are spot on. Now, if you find that Dale’s comment is wrong, and in fact we, the public, do not actually spend money to see movies made by the likes of GP, then say that. Otherwise, your options are two-fold.
          1 – Shut up and accept that you are a moron.
          2 – Keep posting stupid comments and proving you are a moron.

          • Gunflint

            Hugh Thank-You you answered everyone’s question: I second the motion! She is now a voted moron.

        • Gunflint

          Excuse me ? Misguided? Dictators? Does anyone know what this person is trying to say?

    • rodermck

      Million’s of people see and love their movies and there not dumb ass you call here narcissistic look at your self I am a fan of hers she’s a good actress and singer I know her faults and can overlook them like I do with them.. If you hate the movie business and people in it than why do you go to movies people that are fans of movies don’t act the way your acting with this post.. I have the feeling you are not happy in your own life otherwise you wouldn’t be this way .. cheers!!..

      • Gary Hart

        You defend her because you have no experience yourself; you fawn over professional fakes. I have a feeling you are not happy in your own life because you spend a lot of time here desperately trying to rebut people who pick on your favored actress. Waaaaaaa. Cheers!!!!

  • 1911man

    I , personally, am disgusted by all of these morons who think their lives are so full of hardships that they can even compare to people who really have life altering situations to deal with . They haven’t got a clue what hardships are and can kiss my lilly white ###.
    I would love to see them have to deal with the realities we do on a day to day basis.

  • J Cooper

    She is just another Dumb Blonde Joke…..

  • austin

    I’ve always thought lil gwenyth was foolish and self absorbed. A lot of us see her bs in the news (Uncoupling! Really?) but some of her pettiness was subjective. Your beautiful retort is something that the whole world can agree on. GP you need to get over your self.

  • seanstanford

    Avenged Sevenfold has a song that fits this perfect – Critical Acclaim. Love it.

  • Bob

    Whether one agrees with this author’s politics or not, this piece is spot-on. Anyone who disagrees just wants Paltrow to retweet something of theirs.

  • AFZoomieTim


  • palehorse58

    Like I said before, she might not have enough carbon credits!!!!

  • john john

    you chose to be a green beret. there is no conscription; this isn’t Vietnam. don’t expect people to pat you on the back for your choice to have a hard life. you could have been an accountant; files 1040’s every year, I dunno…. but then, i’m guessing, you wouldn’t have as many opportunities to harangue others about how tough it is being, well… TOUGH. yes, being in the military is hard; everyone knows this. and yes, celebrities suck. GP is socially maladroit, so what? she is an easy target (wait — was that “target” metaphor too much for you to handle? can celebrities not be so-called targets?). Look, man, focus on your family. If you were really, truly happy with your life and your choices, you wouldn’t be penning pointless open letters to some rich bitch….

    • Russell

      You john john are clueless…

    • cajanone1

      Just like the rich bitch, you too are as clueless as any jackass!

    • Read before replying

      GP, as well as Sikes, chose her life. If she can’t handle people talking trash to her perhaps she should get her sniveling ass out of the public eye.

    • John Bush

      You could join now and wouldn’t even have to tell.

      • Ogrrre

        John john would be crying for his mommy on the first day of basic. Hell, john john (fitting name, since he’s full of …” would be crying for mommy if that big meany, SFC Sykes even looked at him crossly.

    • calnorthern

      What an idiotic post. Sikes chose to defend America, you moron. That is a valiant and difficult task. He is understandably outraged by wimps that compare negative tweets to bloody war.

    • PatrioticInfidelInPA

      I second and third cajanone1 and Russell. John, you are clueless and a jackass!

    • igotacomment

      Hey John John … and what’s your reason to be penning a letter, other than to be defending “some rich bitch”as you put it. Or is it because YOU “really, truly (are not) happy with your life and your choices.”

      She chose to ‘pen’ her ‘post’, now she can take the heat for it.

      — 5th SFG SOG ’69

    • lisabee

      john john. you are messed up.

    • Mz. Christmas

      john john…You are such an Idiot…If You have nothing Intelligent to Say then keep Your Pie Hole Shut!….Someone has to defend Our Country and obviously You don’t have the balls to… You must be one of those from the Young, give Me, give Me, give Me Generation….So go back to Gears of War on Your X-box and play!…Thank You for Your Service Sgt. First Class Sykes!!

    • Hugh Mannity

      I have now wasted almost 60 seconds of my life reading your pathetic, childish drivel that makes absolutely no sense. Please do the world a favor and stop breathing.

    • yaelra

      Johnjohn sounds like a clueless college kid ….

  • Scarlett

    Great job, Sgt First Class Sykes! Real people sincerely appreciate and honor the men, women and their families who sacrifice for our freedom. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.

  • cajanone1

    Amen my brother in arms. But have you ever broken a nail in a fox hole? Or maybe gotten dirt under your nails Bryan? She would lead herself to believe that was like the TET Offensive or another action of like proportions. Bryan, although I understand your frustration with these twits don’t lower yourself to their childish standards. After all, you are one of the nations finest! HooRah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Norvell

    Bravo Zulu SFC Sikes,, thank you for your service and God Bless you. These so called “A-list” celebrity could not even do what you and the rest of us that have served and continue to serve. It makes me sick to see and hear them say they have it so hard. They would never last a day in the field or on the sea or in my time under the sea.

  • Charles P


    That is right.
    ON THEIR OWN SOIL!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that is why you never see any movies made about the 11 wars which I stopped, 1973-1991!!!!
    Hollywood DOES NOT LIKE THE TRUTH! (That they openly supported the enemy, NUMEROUS TIMES!)

  • PBHayes

    Paltrow and almost all other Obama supporters are the same when it comes to serving our nation. They don’t serve they only enjoy the freedoms won with the blood of those they criticize. You can count on one hand the number of people in Hollywood who have a brain in their head. Paltrow certainly doesn’t, not does Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn or on and on. These people are pathetic.

  • barb patton

    HOLLYWOOD>> should change their name to HOLLYWHORE….they call themselves “artistes” and “actors” I call them Whores because they have sold their souls to the highest bidders. I hope that they wlli all live to regret such a move. Enough said.

  • Claudia Coughlin

    Thank you for your service. You’re a TRUE hero.

  • Stealth

    Bravo my Brother… and fellow S.F. soldier….

  • TheRonin

    Well said brother.

  • Always_RIGHT2

    AWESOME!!! Now, can someone print this out a thousand times, and go to the next awards show and staple it on the foreheads of all those dimwitted libtarded naive clueless imbecilic Hollywood pretenders!!!!

  • James Russell

    Watch her cry bullying, then hashtag #yesallwomen

  • Enubus

    Why do we bother to comment on what Hollywood morons tweet. These so called celebrities are mostly low educated drones, who make fools out of themselves every time they open their collective mouths.

  • higgy01

    Paltrow is just another narcissistic sociopath with nothing between her ears. She is not the only Hollywood thoughtless empty headed liberal. SFC Sikes’ response was well put. It is too bad the Hollywood clowns don’t understand what it means to be a real American, especially one that is willing to sacrifice their life just so these nincompoops can demonstrate their stupidity.

    • oh2five

      ahahah so well said

  • mcbee555

    Gwyneth, Gwyneth, you should have known better, but you don’t. While you think of yourself to be on the level of Mother Theresa or Joan of Arc, the guy who responded to you earned a Green Beret. The life he’s committed to live is not make-believe, it’s not entertainment. He does so for his nation. The Green Berets they wear can’t be purchased at some NYC or Beverly Hills boutique. The nearest you’ll get to “green” is how green you are as regards to real life away from the screen filming sets.

    • yaelra

      Beautifully stated.

  • dandeman

    I’m not sure I would put GP in the “A-lister” category although she thinks she is. More like a “A-wanna-be” washed up celebrity. Just ignore her and maybe she’ll move back to Europe – or we can all chip in and buy her a one-way ticket to Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m sure they will love and cherish her tweets in that part of the world.

  • Michelle

    Gwyneth is a true dip$hit! Someone should slap the crap out of her mother for raising such a spoiled, self indulgent, inconsiderate butthead!

    • komodo

      Funny you mention her mother, Blythe Danner, who is also an actor (can’t call them actresses anymore). Several years ago, I read an article about her one day at the doctor’s office and in it, she proudly illustrated her commitment to “saving the earth” by scolding people at grocery stores for using plastic bags and lecturing the commoners on the street for other such crimes. Strangely, the interviewer actually mentioned Danner’s huge, luxury SUV and she whined that she couldn’t possibly make it up to her secluded mansion without an SUV! The “apple” doesn’t Falk far from the tree!

  • Mort Leith

    Paltrow is but ANOTHER ign0rant libT ard that has NO CLUE as to what REAL WAR is like,,, she needs to be sent into a war zone to educate her,, along with her ign0rant hollyweird libbies

  • Jake Edwards

    First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your service, sir. My father and grandfather are both veterans and I hold the service that they, and other men like them, do for their country in the highest regard.

    That being said, I’d like to say something about your attack on Gwenyth Paltrow. It is true, as you point out, that Paltrow is a wealthy celebrity whose affluence allows her luxuries that very few veterans, and certainly no active duty soldiers can possibly enjoy, and that it is likely that at no point in her life has she ever had to endure the sort of suffering that you and your brothers in arms have had to face on the battlefield.

    But I would like you to consider, for a moment, that maybe her message was not only about her specific experience on Twitter. There are many people on Twitter. There are poor people, people of color, people of ethnic and religious backgrounds that are oppressed or even hated in their native countries. For these people, Twitter is a microphone, a chance to be heard. As a soldier fighting for the American ideal of freedom, I’m sure that you hold our First Amendment right, the right to free speech, in high regard. Twitter isn’t just a tool to “feed your ego and narcissistic ways,” it is a lot more than that. All over the world, revolutions by the people against their government have been organized with Twitter and social media. Sure, it can be used for trivial things, but it can also be used to communicate messages which can change people’s lives, free the oppressed from the oppressors thumbs, and give power back to the people. You may not always agree with what people say on Twitter. But as an America, I know you agree that everyone has a right to say it, as our right to free speech is an unalienable, human right, one that should extend to every man, woman and child, regardless of whether or not their government tries to crush their voice.

    I can see from your picture you’re a big guy. I know, from that and from your experience, that you’re strong, and that you’re extraordinarily brave. You’ve had combat training from the most elite military on planet Earth, and you’ve seen the sort of horrible things that most people hardly dream of. I’m sure you don’t have a lot of trouble when it comes to speaking your mind, and your stature and your experience probably make most people shut up and listen when you talk. I’m a pretty big guy, too. I’m not a soldier, but I’ve been raised tough enough that I always speak my mind.

    For a moment though, I’d like you to imagine you were someone else. That you were born into a woman’s body, a small and frail woman. Maybe you were born in a country where your ethnic background means that there are whole tribes that would kill you and everyone like you just because of who you were. Imagine you had no training, no military to teach you how to fight, no access to weapons. Imagine you’re surrounded by people much bigger than you, much stronger than you, and that, as a woman, you’re expected to be silent, or face physical punishment, even death, for simply speaking your mind.

    These are the sort of people that Twitter brings a voice to. You and I, as American men, we can post our opinions on sites like this. We can post our picture next to our stance and never worry about what someone will do to us. We can speak our minds in public, and we don’t shy from a fight, because we’ve been in them before, and we know how to handle ourselves. But there are other people around the world, smaller people, weaker people, who don’t have the luxuries that we do, just like soldiers don’t have the same luxuries Ms. Paltrow does. There are people that, if those around them ever found out what they had posted on Twitter, really would be killed. There are places where women are beaten, raped, and killed for speaking their minds. It happens every day. For them Twitter is a war. They risk their lives every time they speak out, every time they take to Twitter to raise their voices above the oppression of their towns and countries and share their struggle with those like them, and with those like us who have the great fortune to live in a country that allows us to say anything we please.

    All I ask, sir, is not that you respect Ms Paltrow or the metaphor she used to compare her own Twitter experience to that of combat, but that you respect that there are millions of men, women, and children using Twitter right now to send messages of hope and courage, messages of defiance and resistance to brutal governments. There are people using Twitter who really are risking life and death to fight for the same freedoms that you fight for, and that we all enjoy. They may not be strong, they may not know how to use a gun or even to use their own voice, but they fight in the only way they know how, they only way they can, and the consequences for some of them are every bit as heavy as the consequences are for you, and for soldiers like you.

    • yaelra


      • Jake Edwards

        Yeah, the reasoned response usually is the dullest. I could just completely and totally agree with the poster, while calling Gwenyth Palltrow a whole bunch of nasty, mean, offensive names on the basis of one thing that she said once in one interview, without ever having met her personally. I could launch into a vitriolic rant about all of Hollywood, cussing up a storm, make it really entertaining, maybe even throw in something about how much Obama is ruining America, despite him and his administration having nothing to do with Gwenyth Paltrow’s Twitter talk, like Mort Leith, the guy below me. Then I’d get double the up votes, because people don’t really want to think about an issue or imagine that the person they disagree with is a person. They just want a place to throw around a lot of swear words and a black&white perspective of the world, and have everyone tell them how much they agree.

        • Theresa Benz

          You could. Glad you didn’t. Your response was much more interesting to read.

    • Theresa Benz

      I think your criticism misses the point of Bryan Sikes’ blog post.

      First, he does not ever state that Twitter is only used for narcissistic purposes. He is simply addressing one instance where he believes it was used that way.

      Second, I don’t see how the people who risk their lives to exercise the freedom of speech through social media apply to this blog post at all. They are very important people, and the things you say about them are great. I doubt Mr. Sikes is ignorant to the fact that they face difficulties and I do not think he is disrespecting them. His post simply isn’t about them. It’s about how the hardships of the physical battlefield cannot be compared to the media experiences of celebrities.

      His point is not that other people don’t struggle. His point is that struggles on the physical battlefield belong in their own category, and certainly are not equal to “an ‘A-list’ celebrity reading internet comments.”

      • Jake Edwards

        You have a valid point, Theresa, and in my initial post, I became sidetracked from my initial argument of defending Ms Paltrow. But what she said at the conference was not as simple and inflammatory as people are making it out to be. For example, here’s another of her quotes from the same exact talk: “But the Internet also allows us the opportunity to project outward our hatred, our jealousy. It’s culturally acceptable to be an anonymous commenter. It’s culturally acceptable to say, ‘I’m just going to take all of my internal pain and externalize it anonymously.” The reason I brought up Twitter activists was because her talk was much more about them then it was about complaining about people criticizing her. You can see the problem she’s addressing on this very page, with people threatening her life, calling her names, insulting her mother, her children, calling to send her to boot camp, and all because they heard one thing she said, taken out of context and played on some pundit’s show. My point was to illustrate how what happens on the internet isn’t just meaningless, and Mr Sikes’ article seems to imply just that. I do not, of course, believe he did it intentionally, and I’m sure he would empathize with a lot of the freedom fighters that use Twitter in the name of freedom, but by drafting such a hostile attack, it breeds the same sort of negativity and nastiness against Paltrow that she laments exists in that very same talk.

        • Theresa Benz

          I don’t think he meant to suggest that attacks via social media are meaningless, either. I can see how his post might have that connotation, though it isn’t one I get from reading his post. I agree he is a little harsh, and he does make an unfair generalization about the lives of celebrities. However, it is not entirely his fault that so many people are responding in outrage. I have not watched any of the conference, hence my decision not to directly address Paltrow. Perhaps his message is better suited for other celebrities, but I like what he has to say. I still agree with him that the physical battlefield and the social media battlefield, especially to any celebrity, are two very different things.

  • Iam4WILL

    I speak these words Respectfully and am a GRATEFUL American for the sacrifices of our Military and their families. But please hear me . . .

    TODAY your voice is being HEARD, don’t waste it by attacking her with the same ignorance she has offended you with – the world is listening and your talking about her shoes.

    Just as insensitively as she used war in a comparable way to her own worst “horrors” – which is simply about perspective – you are now committing upon her the same injustice. Change your perspective, change your mind.

    Perhaps it would be respectful to simply acknowledge her ignorance to your experiences, ask her to re-think and apologize. THEN TURN from HER and SPEAK LOUDLY to the audience of AMERICA through the microphone and platform she has handed you; you might only have it for a brief moment.

    USE IT to draw attention to to the things YOU WANT to make a difference in – on behalf of the cause you have served or for the injustices being heaped upon our Veterans by our own Government.

    Otherwise you are only making a difference in her. Think bigger than blond.

    • Melissa

      Amen! So right! Take the high road!

  • johnsnare

    How could Paltrow, and the entire Hollywood left liberal crowd, know anything about the real world, when they dwell and live in the fantasy land of MAKE BELIEVE, AKA, HOLLYWOOD. Their entire life is consumed by play acting, and consumed by make believe people. The real world does not exist for them, since they try very hard to avoid it. As another commenter stated. Bodygurads,gated homes,and secret getaways. All to avoid the exact same folks, who pay the price of ticket to see their movies.

    • oh2five

      AMEN, they live in a fantasy land where everything is okay and there are no problems.
      -Hollywood Hills Residence (3 + Celebrity Neighbors)

    • ian

      do you know their personal struggles?

  • phxgeo

    This is but one example of how far out of touch and real world these Hollywood butt heads are. Their life is worthless on the scale of values. It is a damn shame that they get paid money for being so empty headed and valueless. They should be kissing the arse of every veteran otherwise they would have to learn German or Japanese or Russian. Paying to watch any movie is insane since these people and all of Hollywood lack the respect for those who put Country above self. Something Hollywood has no understanding of the meaning of such value.

  • Cheryl J. Brock

    I can’t say AMEN enough times to this!! Paltrow a self-obsessed POS. Never have been able to stand her, now it is even worse. I think she should be boycotted!

  • Privatejetsetter

    I think the one good thing about the Obama administration is it really brings out the liberals and how utterly narcissistic liberals are and their hatred for our country and our freedom. 2014 will hopefully be a start to the rush in 2016 to rid the vermin from the white house and other departments. Finally our heros will be accounted for

  • Stacy

    Not only could these celebrities never stand up to the rigorous life of any service member, they would drop to their knees and cry like babies when faced with the lives of military spouses! I do wish they would learn that what happens in Hollywood is FAKE not REALITY!

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      They couldn’t do real warfare for five minutes

      • ian

        and you guys probably couldnt act for five minutes. What is your point?

  • Rambler

    Paltrow is not with slamming..well okay, she is damn good looking but should not be taken too seriously.

    • Rambler

      Meant to write not worth slamming but is damn good looking etc.

      • Barrustio

        Maybe bang

    • Mary

      Rambler, Paltrow should not be taken seriously at all.

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      The trouble is the mindless boobs who hang on to these people’s every word.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    She’s completely vapid, completely without merit.

  • Darius Medea

    I agree with the Green Beret. Gwyneth is nothing but a twit. Well, Gynnie, baby, you have just joined my list of so-called “A” listers that I will never watch again. Get real, get a life.

  • Mary

    Amen Green Beret. Paltrow is a superficial, shallow, childish person along with most of the Hollywood crowd. It’s all about them. They don’t understand that it has more to do with truth, justice, freedom, morality, decency than their picture shows. I for one, think that the military of the USA is the best in the world and thank God for all who choose to serve, especially under this current administration. God bless our military and our veterans.

  • 1936benz

    There is nothing surprising about what that mindless twit said about her life being comparable to going to war; there’s nothing surprising about what any of those mindless ingrates in Hollywood say about anything. What is surprising, however, is how many of the people who have commented on this site will line up like drones at a movie theater this weekend to pay their hard-earned money to those perverts. If you really are a patriot, boycott those films; don’t reward the Hollywood elites for hating what you stand for. If you absolutely must see a movie, buy a pirated copy, make more copies of it to distribute to your friends.

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      I never go to movies anymore, it’s all trash written by a bunch of commies, acted out by even more commies.

      • rodermck

        The theaters are better off with out you there !!.. Communism is a party

        • Blade_Runner_1776

          The only “good” Communist is when his/her body reaches room temperature.

        • Barrustio

          A beaten party

    • felix72

      Preaching to the choir brother….never going to happen…want to hit a nerve, take out a few cell towers near her house.

  • mdy616

    “Remember, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never…be close to what war is.” What a great ending to his letter. These hollywood leftists really have no clue about anything!

    • Deepizzaguy

      Robert Downey Jr. took offense when I said I did not understand the Iron Man movies he made. I remember Iron Man from the comic books in the 1970s only.

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    The pity of it all is that these elitists live in a fantasy land and cannot so much as imagine what real life is like. This is how they can believe that socialism could actually work. It’s fantasy!

    • budman

      Ask them to name one country under Socialism that has lasted as long as our Republic. I will bet they cannot name one.

      • ibelieveinfreedom2

        Well, I suppose you have us all on that one since there is no such thing.

      • rodermck

        Spam !!., this page is not about socialism so don’t change the subject rib

        • Barrustio

          twitter is social media ….thereby ….socialism :-)

      • ian


  • Thomas Weeks

    Green Berets ran out of real problems already? Now to correct the use of analogies which liken anything with “war.” If this guy hasn’t heard “Love is a Battlefield” from Pat Benatar then I would advise against drawing his attention to it.

    • Doug

      What? Since I didn’t read what the blonde airhead actually said but know what she’s said in the past, I think the SFC reply is more than appropriate to the her and holly-lib-wierd-wood.

    • Drew O.

      I actually agree with you. She didn’t say “I’ve experienced war first hand” or “being a celeb online is exactly like being a marine”. She likely just used a top of the head comparison and now people who really wanted something to be mad about got what they wanted.

      • Barrustio

        That’s the problem….off the “top of the head” can have a lot of meaning ….just ask Sterling or Bundy

    • Barrustio

      If they did, it’s because they “took care” of them. Love is is a cakewalk compared to the battlefield. My 45 years of love (and hate) can never compare to my three years of war

  • Republicon

    The thing that makes me sad about all this is that I did pay to see a couple of her movies! Well never again!! Lessons are taught in many ways…

  • Deepizzaguy

    Thank you Bryan for expressing what I have to tell the actor who played in the Iron Man movies when he took offense saying he is an overrated actor. I simply told Robert Downey Jr. take my comments with a huge grain of salt. It will snow in south Louisiana in the summer before I see any of his movies again.

  • Mj

    This is a dude I wanna smoke a cigar with…over a nice glass of amber colored liquid!

    • Barrustio

      I wanna be there too

  • USCivicsTraining.org

    Man that is well said… Thanks.

  • Jason Page

    send the bitch to boot camp

  • Arlinda2

    She’s a stupid, aging vapid actress who named her children after produce. Ridiculed and laughed at as a dreary frump with bad hair by the fashion police, she makes outrageous statements about her life and death war on the red carpet battle field. There are no more starring roles in pictures, no more paparazzi and no more children with crazy names. She fights to be noticed because nobody cares about her anymore. Oblivion is her enemy and its winning. Bye bye Gwen. Shakespeare doesn’t love you anymore.

  • Guest

    Hollyweirdo Gwyneth, should be airdropped somewhere over the Middle East. Let her find out what “mean” really is. Why even give any of these plasticized,botoxed, reconstructed superficial, shallow celebutards any attention at all? This is what she and her fake,plastic phoney baloney buffoons and attention whores want. What a despicable shame these celebufreaks are. They pop out kids that will be raised by strangers and give them oddball cruel freakish names, like Apple or North or whatever the hell drug they’re on at the time when they’re picking out names. Hollyweird is a bunch of wackos and losers kissing and worshipping Satan’s filthy a -ss. Someday Hollyweird celebutards will meet him face to ugly face and have themselves a good old fashioned “celebrity roast” that will never end.

    • Rich

      The softies in Hollywood don’t understand what war is and unless you have been there and lived it, you can’t know what it is – You might think you know, but like I said, unless you are a veteran, you don’t. End of story. An old vet from way back when.

    • Barrustio

      They should go to youtube and hear voices from hell…it is filled with their ilk

  • disqus_ZN3ittOIb8

    AMEN to that! The funny thing is- that these “insecure celebrities” are the very ones who fall prey to “elite” bribes like “Scientology”- or the Illuminati- etc.. just to fit in, and to continue their fame and fortune all while selling their soul! They are weak and can easily be bought!! YES I said it! A SOLDIER is a real hero- and endures extreme things these celebrities can never even imagine- things that make them truly human!. This soldier is brilliant! Kudos to him!! No celebrity is worthy of words such as Gwyneth’s! This soldier – however- is!!

    • Barrustio

      They basically pull a “Robert Johnson” for real

  • slk

    she really is just such a twit!

  • Joken Joe

    So if I became a hollyweird celebrity, does that mean I get worship odumer?

  • stonemike

    Who in the hell is gweneth paltrow?

  • mozziem

    Well said and I thank you for your service.

  • MoparToYa

    If one is ignorant to something it’s not bad, it can be learned.
    Stupid can NOT be fixed, stupid can not learn.
    The words of Mr. Sikes are beautiful, a lot of depth and meaning.
    Unfortunately, used on a person that can never comprehend or learn
    from what they mean.
    Side note; If she is considered beautiful, beauty means nothing-obviously.

  • BDunn

    I would still let her make me a sammich!

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    She should stick to acting. These Hollyweird elitist think fame equals authority in real life. Pathetic. Thank you for your service, SFC Sikes. Semper Fi!

  • screwliberalism

    Well said, Sergeant! And I thank you for your service to our United States and her citizens!!

  • Shane Notice

    Preach it brotha! I thank you for servicing our country & all the sacrifices you have made that so do. God bless you & your family!

  • Jim

    BRAVO !!!!!

  • Theresa

    Playing dress-up is so exhausting. I don’t know how she copes. She’s an mental case.

  • DOOM161

    Hollywood actor are literally paid to create drama. We’d all be less stupid to simply ignore their cries for attention.

  • CharlieFromMass

    Very nicely put.

  • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

    Great post.

  • mustang

    If war came to our shores, she and 90% of the Hollywood crowd & Liberals in general, would either (1) help the enemy or (2) try to reason with them and wind up dead. They would not think to join the fight for freedom, because that takes mental courage, which they lack. Gwenyth being a typical example.

    • Richard Brandt

      You forgot (3) hiding somewhere, shaking and crying. Waiting for rescue.

    • Jake Edwards

      In Argument School, my teacher would always tell us, “When you’re really looking to discredit someone, throw out some ludicrous, completely unlikely hypothetical scenario and then assert that whoever you’re attacking would conduct themselves in an abhorrent manner that they have given absolutely no indication or evidence they would ever conduct themselves in.” We must have been in the same class.

    • bluealiendevil

      They already help the enemy and it is a very well known fact.

    • fbpdplt

      If war came to our shores she would be one of those women that ended getting their heads shaved because they “collaborated” with the enemy//// WAs that mean Gwenny…oh my!!!

  • Sgt Davis


  • Richard Brandt

    since Miss Paltrow is a blond, I thought that I’d ask a question an old Navy buddy asked me. “What do you call a smart blond?” Wait for it. “A Yellow Lab.”

    • mcbee555

      Aha! But a yellow Lab is a real blonde.

    • Chuck Chuckson

      If blondes were generally of low intelligence, Northern European countries wouldn’t have some of the highest national IQ’s. http://www.photius.com/rankings/national_iq_scores_country_ranks.html

      Blonde jokes are just anti-White.

      (Not saying that Paltrow isn’t a dumb, self-absorbed twa.. twit)

    • fbpdplt


  • Barrustio

    May I say…. Amen brother…. PFC Robert L. Gonzales 173rd Airborne Vietnam 66-67 82nd Airborne Vietnam 68

  • Mark A. Sikes

    My son is Bryan Sikes. I have been reading the comments posted about Bryan’s response to the Gwyneth Paltrow “poor me” speech. There have been mostly positive responses to Bryan’s statement (and a few negative). I am confident that Bryan won’t give a moments thought to the negative comments. His real life experiences have given him perspective as to what is important vs. what is not. His honor, integrity and sense of self is never questioned by those who know him (even a little). I am proud of who he is. I am proud of his Army wife, who is everything that Bryan has described. I only wish that every service person had a spouse that supports them the way Bryan is supported.
    We do not have to look very far for someone who has it tougher than we do. I guess we all sometimes need a reality check to realize that. Our society (and many other societies) value entertainers and athletes for more the defenders of our freedom, but it seems as if it has always been that way. My challenge to all of you is to do something everyday to make the life of someone else a little better.
    Bryan’s Dad

    • bluealiendevil

      You have a wonderful son and I commend you in raising such a fine, young man and who is also evidently a wonderful husband and father with the way he spoke of his family. May God Bless him and keep him safe and bring him home safely to those who love him.

    • elmcqueen3

      Thanks Mark…We are all your sons…Semper Fidelus!

    • fbpdplt

      Thank God for your son & all the sons that still have the American spirit, and willingness to serve …without them that bimbo wouldn’t have a Hollyweird to go to recuperate from her “war”

    • Talidan

      He should totally pay attention to the negative comments. It’s like war, man, and I heard through the grapvine that your son might know something about that.

    • merry_mermaid

      “We could all do something every day to make the life of someone else a little better.” Simply and beautifully stated. That, Sir, is honoring the gift of LIFE.

    • PatriotInk

      Ten times ten million likes. You did a great job with your son. God protect him and bless him throughout his life. We the people are all the better because of his servant’s heart….

  • ray

    Well said SFC! Thank you for your service. TAKE THE POINT!

  • Thomas R

    Well said Sarge. As a former specops sailor, I applaud you and all our combat troops and veterans for a difficult job well done. On behalf of a grateful nation, Godspeed, and come home safe if possible. Thank you.

  • Bob

    Well stated. HOORAH

  • bluealiendevil

    Not the first time she has opened her mouth and insulted people. She has made it a habit the last 5 to 6 years, from insulting women in general, insulting mothers, and this. She needs to just go way!

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      Actually, I hope she keeps talking, because every time she opens her mouth she reveals the true heart (and brain) of the Hollywood elites.

  • bluealiendevil

    Thank you for your service to our country and may God Bless you an bring you home safely to your family.

  • morejoy68

    I am a progressive, Ivy League-educated, black woman. In other words, I am everything that the white men who love this site love to hate. I am sure that some of them will start spouting racist and sexist invectives without even reading the rest of what I have written below because they can’t stand the fact that I even exist.

    I, also, happen to agree with every single word of this letter, which was written with power, depth, nuance, thoughtfulness, intelligence, integrity and the beauty of righteous indignation. People of all backgrounds and belief systems were offended on behalf of members of the military by Paltrow’s offensive words. I certainly was.

    Like many people, I was very moved by this letter. It gave structure, tone, and vision to the thoughts and feelings so many of us have had.

    I have family members, living and dead, who are/were in the military. I, also, am one of those liberal professors that the fans of this site despise, and in that role I have taught and learned from veteran students. I have been overwhelmed both by their brilliance and by their suffering. I am enraged by what has been done to them, what has been taken from them as a result of their service. I am frustrated that those of us who try to serve them now that they are home so often fail to fully and effectively address their needs. I try, but I include myself in this failure. (I support our military and our military families although I rarely agree with acts of war, especially those that cause so much suffering on all sides and serve a few wealthy and greedy individuals – of all political stripes – who order our brothers and sisters in the military to protect us under horrible circumstances but do almost nothing to protect them when they come home. You give so much, too much, and get so little. It is an obscene betrayal, and I am sorry that it is happening.)

    In addition to being a compelling critique of Paltrow’s offensive narcissism, this letter also, challenged everybody who has not been to war to think more consciously and compassionately about the experiences of men and women in the military and the families who love and miss them. It certainly challenged me, and I am grateful for it. I think it will help me to understand my veteran students more fully, and I wish to do so. All Americans need to be more aware of the experiences and emotions described in this article, regardless of our ideological positions on a particular military action or agenda.

    Mr. Sikes, I thank you for your service to our country and for the gift of your words and insights. You are a wonderful writer and a dynamic advocate for members of the military. You have a clear, powerful, and important voice. As an educator, I must encourage you to please, please, please keep writing. Also, consider writing for a broader audience beyond this site so that many different kinds of people may learn from you. I have appreciated learning from you today, and I look forward to reading more of your words. I may not agree with everything you will write, but I will be honored to learn from you and to think about what you have to express even when my views and experiences are quite different from yours. Consider it?

    I wish you and your family the very best of all things.

    • Mark A. Sikes

      I appreciate your comments about my son.

      • morejoy68

        Sir, thank you so much for taking the time to read my comments. I know that I must be the billionth person to tell you that you should be proud of your son, but you’ll have to add me to the list because you really should be. In addition to his brave service, he truly is a fantastic writer. I read his letter, and I thought, Wow, forget whatever that actress said, this man can write! He really should write an entire book, and I will be first in line to buy it. He seriously is that good. He has much to share and a special way of expressing himself so I am glad to know that he has a family that will encourage him to do so. We all need his voice. Congratulations to you for raising a brilliant son.

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      I appreciate your comments, but remember, just as you do not care to be judged, defined or stereotyped, those who flock to this site don’t either. All kinds of people with all kinds of viewpoints and life experiences are represented on these pages, so be careful before lumping us all into your own stereotyped definitions.

      • morejoy68

        You know what? You’re right, and I’m sorry. I was very nervous about expressing myself in this context, and it made me prejudge to protect myself. It was wrong, and I shouldn’t have done it.

        • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

          As you are seeing, people here, including me, are very happy that you contributed your thoughts. People aren’t always who and what we expect — on both sides of the political spectrum. Thanks again…

    • SFMedic

      Ma’am, I wanted to take a brief moment to reply to your comments, first and foremost, thank you for the kind words, they mean more to this Vet than you may ever know. The only issue I have with you, is your somewhat blanket statement, “I am everything that the white men who love this site love to hate.” I don’t hate you, I don’t even really know you, but I respect you. As a child, one of my favorite movies was, “The Green Berets”, not because it glorified war, but because it showed the dedication and commitment of a group of Soldiers, who chose to be the best they could. During a Scene in the movie, a reporter ask a Special Forces Soldier, why they were waging this ruthless war, his replay was to the point and honest, “A Soldier goes where he is told to go and fights whom he is told to fight”. I will not go on with my thoughts on the Wars our Nation has been engaged in, but will say, once again Thank you for your support of the Members who have answered this nations call.

      • morejoy68

        Thank you so much for your words, your service, and your candor. I will be more careful about how I frame my thoughts in the future.

    • ranlindulin

      Dear Ms. Lovejoy,

      Thank you for your kind comments for our veterans, although our views surely do not agree all the time I was blessed with the kindness and respect that you showed Mr. Sikes. God Bless Him for standing up to true stupidity and God Bless you for your Kind response.

      • morejoy68

        Thank you and bless you, too.

    • Patrick

      I probably would disagree with you on many things but why does that mean I hate you? Because you’re a woman? Or because you’re a Democrat? Or because the color of you’re skin? For an educator, that is very sad to see. You’re supposed to the smart one here and you boldly assume that every conservative white man will hate a woman because of what she thinks is right or because of what race she happens to be. I hope you are able to open your eyes and not close yourself off to something just because you think they’re all racist white men who hate me. Also you don’t use commas before the word and just a little help with the comma rule. You can use them, it’s just redundant. Signed. The racist bigot white man

      • morejoy68

        Actually, dear, you are not understanding the rule of commas fully. I am glad to offer YOU help regarding the comma rules, which are complex and geographically informed. You DO use the comma before “and” if the conjunction is separating two independent clauses. In such cases, it is incorrect to omit it unless the independent clauses are quite short. In such cases, the use is optional and a matter of taste. It is considered more formal to always use it to separate independent clauses, which is what I do. It is not mandatory, but it is correct.

        Geography and taste inform whether one uses or does not use the comma before “and” if one is listing items in sequence. The American rule is to use the comma, which is sometimes called the “Oxford” Comma. The British rule is to omit it. I was educated in the United States and follow the American rule. Both are considered correct and not at all redundant. I hope that was helpful to you.

        As an intellectual and educator, it is my responsibility to recognize and analyze behavior, including discrimination, no matter how unpleasant such observations or analyses may be. Denying discrimination does not eliminate it any more than denying cancer does. Fortunately, discrimination can be “unlearned” just as it can be learned. No one is born hating members of other groups. I have experienced and observed my fair – or unfair – share of discrimination based on skin color, gender, and political belief systems. I have observed such discrimination on this very site.

        Those observations informed my comments though you are correct that it was unfair of me to generalize. That was not my intention, and I apologize. (The use of the comma in the previous sentence was correct thought it would have been correct to omit it as well.

        Your snideness and sarcasm tend to justify my apprehension rather than alleviate it. However, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope you will do the same.

  • fbpdplt

    This letter should be hand delivered to her personally…..just to make sure she sees it!. These Hollyweird types live in a bubble surrounded by” yes” men & women. Everytime she opens her mouth she gives credence to the “dumb Blonde” jokes!!!

  • peter

    moerejoy68! You give me hope for like yourself who have your political and social feelings. You have shown yourself to be intelligent, open and fair human being of morals, character and strength. As a veteran and retired soldier you are the person I believe I have fought to protect and defend. If more of your progressive friends were as open to discussion and able to reason as well as you, Life in the USA would have less tension, as more , on both sides would be able to reason without name calling. I am prou to call you my sister, a real American!

    • morejoy68

      Right back at you, brother. We can disagree with each other while still really listening to and learning from each other. Many progressives feel deep gratitude that servicemen and servicewomen who disagree with some or even all of our beliefs still risk and sometimes sacrifice their lives to protect our right to have and express them. I certainly do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Jerry Colon

    that was great
    bollywood has no idea about real life anyway
    they live in bubbles where it is all rainbows and unicorns and we are stupid enough to keep them there with our money-well a vast amount of people .
    if hollywood exploded and was gone from the face of the earth i would just go on with life like i do everyday.
    there is noone there i look up to-it is all fake.
    FAKE!!!! GET IT!!!!
    only a fool would believe those that make a living like this out of touch moronic actor
    i am a veteran of the IRAQ war and she has no idea what war is or having a bad day could be like

  • Jerry Colon

    i salute this Green beret. stay frosty young man
    we love you
    GOD bless all of you

  • KS

    Get it, SFC! What a well written article in response to an ignorant person’s sh-t for brains… she’s clearly not splitting the atom in her spare time. Although it’s easier to just ignore people when they make such ridiculous comparisons, I’m glad there are Vets out there that sticks up for us 1%’ers and sets the record straight.

    • Dan S.

      Semper Fi

  • coffeeallday

    Very well said! Anyone who compares minor disappointments and written words to a real war is a moron.

  • Dan S.

    SFC Sikes, as a disabled vet, I salute you!!! I served as a Navy corpsman(FMF). I was stationed with Echo company 2nd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment. After leaving the Navy I joined the Army Signal Corps. While I was blessed to have never been in combat, I do suffer a service connected disability. That all being said, even I cannot dare compare what I go through on a daily basis to being on the combat field. Yes, if called upon I’d stand with my Marines, or fellow soldiers in combat in my years of service. Heck, in fact, if I actually could today, I would still stand with them all. My contract does NOT have an expiration date. Again SFC Sikes, I salute you and all our service members. May God bless and protect you all.

    • 2ndLTUSMC

      S/F, Doc. Thanks for being there for my Marines.

      • Dan S.

        Semper Fi sir. Proud to stand with all my Marines, sailors, soldiers, and airmen!!! Though I now have a service connected disability, my contract has NO expiration date on it. I will proudly do what I can under a PROPER Commander-in-Chief.

    • richbach

      I served in the Marine Corps and I am a Vietnam Era Vet. I may not have seen any combat in that conflict, but I will still stand with my fellow Marines. I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. I still honor that contract to this day and will honor that contract until I draw my final breath.

      • Dan S.

        Shoulder to shoulder with you richbach!!!

  • Jerry Ezell

    Thank you SFC Sikes.
    Our country’s people need more true role models to step up as you have and speak out against the weak, victim-minded mentality of the Hollywood elitists.
    Our children desperately need to lend an ear to your words not the televisions.
    I will share your stand with all I know.
    God bless

  • karpenter

    I Don’t Know Gwinnies Accont
    Who Reads Twitters Anyay

  • ADRoberts

    Elitists, arrogant, and those who are more focused on their SHAME, are unable to see past the end of their noses.
    She honestly thinks she is important to a lot of people. But just like MM, when they are dead and gone, the perverts who USE them will just find another victim.

  • stvenkng

    About the 29th thing I do each morning is look for my iPhone… My day usually starts between one and three A.M. after two or three hours sleep which is only possible after taking a powerful narcotic for pain relief, another narcotic to ease my anxieties, and two more meds to block my dreams (aka nightmares). The pain meds are supposed to last for four to six hours but normally start to fall off after three which rousts me from a fitful and restless sleep. Then comes the two hours or so that it takes for the ten to twelve prescription drugs it takes to start my day to turn me in to a somewhat functional human being capable of coexisting with those who love and support me physically and emotionally on a daily basis. I may or may not remember to eat breakfast (or any other meal throughout the day) since my personal assistant does not show up until…… “Never”. I can’t stand crowds so the things I loved to do the most, (drag racing, attending NASCAR races, going to the”big three” Motorcycle events (Laconia NH, Sturgis SD and Daytona Beach FL) are out) though I still ride my Harley, usually at night and almost always alone, and I own a couple of very powerful, very fast cars. I don’t “twitter” or “follow” anyone and other than my young niece and nephew could care less about anyone on any “Social media”… I can go days without picking up or turning on my iPhone and more often than not will leave home without it. I am a disabled Marine Vietnam Veteran and those who are unfortunate enough to be familiar with the symptoms will imediately recognize PTSD. And to be honest about it, I’m not at all certain that I would change places with someone like Ms Paltrow, I prefer having the awareness that there is a very real and very dangerous world out there and a few unkind words read by her thousands of sheeple followers should be the absolute least of her worries, but I honestly do hope she never knows what it is like to be shot at (or shot) or the terror of fighting in hand to hand combat against a determined enemy of unknown size in nearly absolute darkness long after the bullets have run out or to try to comfort a guy whom has probably saved your azz a dozen times as he gasps for his last breath. And you could not have picked a better time for this I mean, really? Right after Memorial Day when all of the Ghosts come knocking and no amount of medication will make it possible to close your eyes without enduring an endless onslaught of memories. Yeah I can see how she could become confused between a few words and fighting half the night for your life with a broken entrenching tool and a K-Bar knife, shame on you people for picking on her, it must be a truly frightening thing to see a couple of disparaging words about yourself on display for perpetuity for the world to see…

    • Andrea

      I know all about that pain. I didn’t serve in the military, but I live life from a chair and I know that soul-crunching pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night, too late to take another narcotic pain reliever because I have to drive the kids to school in 4 hours, so the wrestling match begins, with Pain always getting the upper hand. The daily lineup of pills on the counter, the thrice weekly trips to the pharmacy.

      But I have not been to war, I have not seen friends die terrible deaths defending others, and I certainly have not earned the distinction of “soldier”, that honor goes to you, and to all those who served before you, with you, and after you. Thank you for your service, I will pray for you to have more good days than bad, as I pray for all our servicemen and women every single night.

      Gwyneth Paltrow was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and she knows no other life. For that reason, she should not be given a moment’s notice. You fight enough battles already, her selfish crowing shouldn’t be one of them.

      God bless you.

    • web

      First of all Thank You for your service and sacrifice for our Country.
      I have lost friends to war and have some with the same problems that you are going through and to me the meaning of honer is that they would do it all over again. You Sir have my undieing respect and may God find a way to ease your pain, Welcom Home my Brother.

    • Mary Emerson

      I am sorry that you have to endure the pain and memories of your time serving our country, I sincerely thank you for your service , and will honestly pray for some relief for you . Thank you for your comments also . And thank you for your service !

  • cardnut

    Bryan Sykes, you nailed it! I do hope all the negative comments stirred up by the “divine” Ms. P’s “poor me, poor me” whine will REALLY give her a headache! Let’s all tweet her hateful comments every day!

  • Cynthia Gist

    The bottom line is War is Hell, Hitler was pure evil, the Holocaust is still unimaginable, Rape, Torture… Anyone who has not been directly affected by any of the above is NOT allowed to use these words to describe any event, person, place or thing. Thanks for your service, both then and now. Everyone goes through their own struggles in life, every experience molds us. Unfortunately for Paltrow, this big important thing that only happened to her is but merely the normal human process of living that we all go through. Maybe your words will serve as an intervention.

    • SSN697

      As a vet who served proudly, I would like to say that any American is allowed to use whatever words they like to describe their privileged life. And like this shallow b****, they are also free to feel the consequences.

      • grunt life

        As another vet I would like to agree and add the consequences may involve a naked man that’s really Pisces off

  • eriFnOliveD

    Semper Fi my green brother. Very well said.

  • Nam Vet 67-68

    You said that well and on point G,Beret -SFC, B,Sikes !! Signed, Nam Vet 67-68.

  • Torin

    For Private No Class Gwyneth Paltrow, and all of the Wounded Ego Warriors.

  • Kevin Miller

    Today’s Hollyweird are a bunch of SPOILED CRYBABIES! They don’t even come close
    to comparing to the Hollywood of Old.Back then,many of the A-List Actors signed up for
    the Call To Arms or did their parts back home or visisting abroad to support our Armed Forces.Hollywood was filled with Real,GOD Loving Americans then(For the most part)!
    Today,Hollyweird just takes and the only causes it does support are the Libturd ones!
    The True,GOD Loving Americans in Tinsel Town now are Few and Far between.WAAA!
    WAAA,GP! As for the Green Beret,you are one of America’s Best and I Salute you,sir.
    Great Letter!

  • P Marz

    I am now and have always been awed by the service and sacrifice of our military men and woman.I have an uncle whom I’ve never met that died in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge.He gave his life while trying to recover wounded and fallen men from the battle field in an attempt to ‘leave no one behind’.Centuries ago,Someone once said “..there is no greater love than this,that a man(woman)lay down their life for their friends..”. Not everyone who does or has done this pays the ultimate price but everyone who serves/served lays down their life. I salute you all ! As for my uncle Tony,well,maybe I’ll get to me him one day and thank him in person. God Bless America and may God bless our military men and woman!

    • John Francis Russo

      Your quote comes from Jesus, Himself. It can be found in the gospel.(John 15 : 13 KJV)

  • Hypocrite

    Multimillionaire professional athletes use the ‘war’ analogy CONSTANTLY. Yet you don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    • grunt life

      That’s cause I go commando

    • John Francis Russo

      Please, cite some examples to support your claim. Also, I seldom hear of any sports figures who claim that the problems they face compare to those of combat troops.

  • JAMoore

    Ms Paltrow has no clue about military life. My husband is a Viet Nam vet, was sprayed with agent orange while there and even after 40 years is still suffering from that. All the medical issues he has from this are insane, to include a now bad heart. Something she does not have. She needs to know what it is to follow the ambulance four times a year as they take him the yet again another trip to the ER. Or my two sons who are still active duty. Between the two of them I have been through seven deployments. That’s enough for one mother. Let me see her wait months to hear the phone ring just hoping it is them on the other line, or hear on the news that more troops have died just hoping it is not yours. Or watching your son with sever PTSD take up drinking only to have his command tell him he does not need help. Ya I would say she has no clue but she needs to get one because my children and all the active duty military and reserves are serving for her. And their pay checks do not even come close to the amount she makes and they work harder. She needs to shut her mouth and appreciate what our troops are doing for her. I will say I will not be watching any more of her movies. THANK YOU to all our VETEARNS, You have shaped this country and I am in awe of what you do. Thank you to all your families who support you and are there when you come home. And thank you to SFC Sikes for a very well written letter. God Bless America and all our military.

    • ian

      the military are hired thugs to protect the interest of wealthy land barons and oil tycoons. Get over yourselves.

    • John Francis Russo

      And my thanks to all of the mothers and wives who suffer with us soldiers, sailors, airmen. and marines. The job which you do on the homefront is truly amazing. I for one am glad that I get to do the fighting on the battlefield (Well, I used to do that. I am retired now.) I don’t think that I could stand the problems our military families face at home.

  • Michelle from Australia

    Gwyneth is a joke, yes, but I’d also say that men who kill defenceless animals (with high powered rifles) and then pose with dead trophies are psychopaths and not ‘men’. A Theology of Hunting? Get over yourself, psycho moron.

    • Ballistic45

      Jesus, another Metrosexual blowing brain farts… Michelle, if you eat meat, spend a week working at the place it came from killing the meat you eat… This artificial world we live in is NOT reality.. Cut the power, stop the carbon fuels and this world stops as we know it, we will be drug kicking and screaming back to the real world where YOU will be responsible for getting your own food as it no longer will be killed and delivered to you for pieces of paper… Without those so called psychopaths, humanity would have not survived, you better hope some are around when this fake world comes crashing down around your ears… It only takes a Natural Disaster to give you a glimpse into the reality of off the grid living.. I don’t know about Australia, but in the USA hunter license fees are a MAJOR source of revenue to support wildlife and the habitat they need to survive… I dare you to live one month in the outback of Australia or the Alaskan Wilderness of America with no amenities of your world except a knife, gun and fire starter….

      Funny how the sheep are afraid of the sheep dog when no wolves are around but will cower behind him when wolves are attacking… “psycho moron”, really, I hope you are a victim of the next war when no “psycho moron” is there to protect YOU…

    • Armywife

      I’ve read many of the comments below, and so far yours is the most ridiculous. Doug Giles is not the author of the reply; it was Bryan Sikes. If you can’t even figure out who wrote what, I’m not interested in your opinion.

      • John Francis Russo

        Yes ! AND, I am not interested in the opinion of anyone who uses one improper plural as an excuse to ignore the substance and content of an entire letter. Colleen is simply well versed in the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

    • grunt life

      Yea cause men have not been hunting since the dawn of time your right or maybe it’s that your a left wing hand job

    • axmickl

      You wouldn’t be here today if some man hadn’t killed animals to feed your ancestors. Funny, we all survived and the animals are still with us.

    • Choo Yr

      Doug Giles wasn’t the one who wrote the letter. At the very least, you should put in some effort to check out who you should be bashing.

      • John Francis Russo

        AND, even with one grammatical error, Colleen’s conclusion is WRONG. She is using one gramattical error in an article of four paragraphs to ignore the content and substance of the soldier’s remarks. Even a college professor would not give a failing grade on such a basis. Rather, an incorrect plural would result in only the loss of a few points from the grade. A college paper would need to be riddeled with numerous errors before being failed and the writer’s commeents rejected.

    • No Name

      Have you ever tried hunting? How about getting out of your bungalow and really trying out something before you condemn , misjudge, or categorize someone as a psychopath.
      You are not a woman, just a little dolly on some little girls bed, and your mental state is absent without leave.

    • John Francis Russo

      Ignore facts, if you wish, but hunting IS approved by God; as this author’s book is intended to show. From my own study of scripture (This author’s book has not been released yet. Thus I can not coment on its content yet.) I can cite Genesis 9 : 1-3 in support of my position that hunting IS, indeed, moral. Other than your own opinion, what authority can you cite to support YOUR assertion ?

    • Davemaster

      It isn’t just men, dear. Don’t try to make this gendered.

  • Colleen

    Kind of hard to take this guy seriously when he can’t pluralize the word nanny

    • Brenner

      It’s hard to take you seriously when you make judgments like that. Not everyone spells correctly or cares about it enough to proofread. It’s not like it’s an APA paper or whatnot. If you were smart, you’d realize his points, despite the obvious ad hominem influence you have because he didn’t pluralize “nanny.” Goodness, get off your high horse.

      • Colleen

        Well he’s trying to sell a book, which is arguably the only reason he wrote this ridiculous post. Obviously she wasn’t actually comparing her life to war. I’d just rather not read a book written by someone with a fifth grade grammar level. The picture of him standing next to a dead animal also doesn’t help his case.

        • Bob

          Colleen, you’re dumb

          • JCWS1

            How did a lib find this website ?
            She probably refuses to eat meat and her tofu must be perfect.

        • Brenner

          Two things. One, “nanny’s” is from the letter contained within the post which is written by someone else. Another thing, the book is not written by the just previously mentioned person.

          Grow up. Good lord.

          • John Francis Russo

            My fellow patriot, your defense of the grammatical mistake (nanny’s – possessive form vs. nannies – plural form) is NOT correct. However, it should be pointed out that Colleen’s use of ONE grammatical mistake in an article of four paragraphs is, to put it bluntly, unfair and nit picking. Furthermore, the use of this error as an excuse to ignore the content and substance of the soldier’s remarks is ludicrous. Yes, Coleen, he DID get one plural wrong. But, NO, you may NOT legitimately denigrate his comments on that basis.

        • Mary Emerson

          So do the rest of us a favor Colleen, Go away ! Negative posts irritate me ! Especially your kind.. And WHERE do YOU get your meat ? Oh God , someone killed an animal ! You twit !

          • Colleen

            You look like such a sweet old lady. Too bad. Your post was super positive by the way – nice name calling. I’ll do everyone a favor and leave. Have a lovely weekend.

          • No Name

            Your thoughts are so “pitiful”. Your take on grammar is the essence of the gods, you know, excrement. Perhaps you were being sarcastic, then I would have found your post to be funny.
            I did not perceive such post to be so. Your swipe at Ms Mary Emerson only solidified my feelings of what your real make-up to be, Max Factor.

          • Brenda

            You should have placed a comma between sweet and old.

        • DarkKnight68

          If you would have looked closely you would have seen the book is by the person who runs this site, not the SFC who wrote the response. I can’t take you seriously!

        • John Francis Russo

          Correcting grammer is one thing. Ignoring the CONTENT of a comment is quite another, and I highly disapprove of THAT.

        • Rob

          Ma’am, … There’s Doug Giles (whose book/webpostwebpost-page this is) and then Bryan Sikes (author of the content you complained about). Forget the angry mob.. I just ask you know your target.

        • Guestie

          Books have editors. Blogs don’t. End of discussion.

        • Linda Thompson

          You are a friggin IDIOT and you need to crawl back in you hole !!!!

        • Phyllis Booth-Finnegan

          As someone who came to this country to be free, I find your comments ignorant, and disgraceful. To focus only on a grammatical error, and to think he is promoting a book, which was an ad for someone else’s book, is beyond my comprehension. I shake my head every day at people like you, who clearly, clearly have no idea about what it means to be free, and what the cost is for that. To say that this is a ridiculous post, makes you no better than the callous people who disregarded the vets at the VA. People like yourself should go live in conditions like many of us immigrants have, grammar would be the least of your worries.

      • John Francis Russo

        I too am an advocate of correct spelling and grammer. However, I do object to those who use small errors as an excuse to ignore the SUBSTANCE of a person’s comments. Correcting grammer is one thing. Ignoring the CONTENT of a comment is quite another.

    • John Francis Russo

      That’s right, use grammer as an excuse to ignore the SUBSTANCE of his comment. I find it hard to take you seriously when you display such an arrogant and ignorant attitude toward someone who places his life on the line protecting YOU, and all of us.

    • empty pockets

      Right…and you probably never take anything Sharpton says seriously since he’s a walking ungrammatical disgrace. Or Obama who doesn’t know the difference between “corpsman” and “corpseman”. Consider that perhaps he misspelled “nannys” (nannies) because he never had one–himself, for his own kids or even knew anyone who DID have one. I’m sure if he’d had one (instead of struggling to buy things like food, shelter, etc.) he’d have spelled it correctly.

      The substance of his comments is the message. And :guest”, I’ll tell you something else: whether or not his spelling is accurate, I’d bet what little hard earned money I have left that his shooting is dead accurate.

      Thank you, SFC Sikes, you and your patriotic and long-suffering family and friends, for your willingness to sacrifice for all of us…even idiots like “Guest”, here.

      p.s…Your letter is quite eloquent. I am proud to share it with everyone I know, all of whom are also grateful for your service. Yep–even if you misspell a word occasionally.

    • thegreatamerican

      It’s kind of hard to take you seriously when you sign in as a guest. I guess being Ms Paltrow’s nanny involves defending her stupid statement? The fact is, until she looks into the face of a friend who is bleeding and in shock, as his heart stops and you feel the desperation, she has no idea if her war of words on social media feels anything like war.

    • morejoy68

      I am an educator and editor. SFC Sikes is a superb writer. Your focus on a minor error reveals YOUR small-mindedness, not his. Perhaps people who raise their own children are less attentive to how they describe nannies than those who pay others to do it for them.

      If you truly cared about language, you would recognize the great value of his ideas and his beautiful and powerful way of expressing them. You know nothing about language. You may begin by learning to write in complete sentences as SFC Sikes does. His writing is far superior to yours.

    • Tom Butler
    • Guest

      And yet you fail to use punctuation to end a sentence. Hmm!

    • the one who defends

      troll lately??

    • Wayne Ogilvy

      Hard to take you seriously when your not man or woman enough to use your real name ! P.S Because of Bryan and many thousands like him you get to talk and pat yourself on the back and be self important without having to work for your right to have rights ! This Guy, Served our country ! What have you done for it ?

  • Rich

    Bryan, thank you for your service to our nation. It’s men like you that keep us safe and hopeful that we will return to greatness once again. Your letter was spot on; 100% correct. God bless you, your family, and the United States of America.

  • John Francis Russo

    Amen ! Bryan. Even a peacetime deployment is hard on the family back home. (I recall having LESS pay after a field exercise because my “seperate rations” allowance was reduced when the army fed me in the field.) So, my thanks to you for speaking up for all of us.

  • Robert Crim

    Did you know she doesn’t even live on American soil and hasn’t for years!

    • Blu Arbiter

      Sooo?? What, that makes her a terrorist for what she said?

      • Robert Crim

        It makes her a bigger boob then what she is. Typcial Liberal BS to condemn and compare her “terrible” life. Oh woe is she!!

      • Cameron Triplett Sr

        No, just a dumb@$$ hypocrite who earns her money here but lives somewhere else so she doesn’t have to pay American taxes. & HER feelings are “hurt”?

  • JOHN

    not sure who that bitch is but she needs to shut the hell up OMG pisses me off

  • Alan

    I don’t agree with Hunting at all….most of the time its just for the thrill of a kill and not to actually sustain your household with needed food. And if we talk about the big game hunters in Africa they don’t usually care if the animal is endangered or close to extinction…sorry its just what I believe in fact I’m strong against guns of any kind…

    • The one who defends

      and you would be called a sheep… see you later when you need someone to defend you idiot ass…

  • Alan

    But Gwyneth is wrong with trying to say her life is as hard as a soldier…I would say being a pacifist like myself it would be extremely hard to get over the fact that I’ve been one given a gun and told to kill someone…so the fact that anyone can go through war and come back still sane is not something most people can endure as you can see with all the mental health issues of war vets.

    • ToddElia

      She never said “her life is as hard as a soldier…” She said that the dehumanizing aspect of being harassed on social media was like the dehumanizing aspect of going to war. It was a metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of speech where the writer makes a point of comparison between two things that are otherwise unrelated. So she was saying that the the dehumanizing aspect of social media harassment is like the dehumanizing aspect of war, but nothing else about social media harassment is like being at war.

      • Cameron Triplett Sr

        She chose a piss-poor example to use as a metaphor. But then I’m sure she didn’t think of the thousands of soldiers & Marines she insulted w/her “metaphor”.

  • Bud Green

    Amazing how the Hollywood prima donna hypocrites seem to think they know everything because they saw it, or played a role, in a movie.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      When actresses are called to testify before Congress because they have played farmers’ wives, or police detectives, no wonder they have such an inflated opinion of themselves!

  • Blu Arbiter

    Wow really? This is important? 1 who cares what’s she says?? Why the f*!# does this needs to be pointed out? Talk about shi7 being blown out of proportion. And 2 – why is a green beret so butt hurt over something so stupid to even be brought up?? Really guy?? How bout you just worry about that family you point out.

    • Davemaster

      You say this, and yet you go and commit the same crime. You’re a nobody.

      • Jessie

        Be careful Davemaster. You might be dehumanizing Blu Arbiter to the point that it hurts him almost as much as having his arm destroyed by an IED.

    • Freedom?

      Ever been to war?

      Having the experience belittled to such a degree is an INSULT.

      • Bill Nix

        I’m a Marine Nam vet. Look at the crap that we had to put up with when we got home. She has no idea what an insult is. Screw her and the horse she road in with.

        • ian

          get over yourselves. Please.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      When you’ve seen & done so many acts of inhumanity, it gets to you. I read a poem when I was in high school, class of ’69, & for some reason it has stuck w/me. I do not remember the author.
      They ask me where I’ve been,
      And what I’ve done and seen,
      And what can I reply?
      Who know it wasn’t I
      But someone just like me
      Who went across the sea,
      And with my head and hands
      Killed men in foreign lands,
      Though I must bear the blame
      Because he bore my name.
      author unknown

    • Vetrn

      Obviously you are not a Soldier and have not been to War! Enough said!!!

  • m. c.

    I think the key point or her comment was that dehumanization does not only occur in war. I am unclear if you who are so upset about her comment just don’t like her or if you think that war is not dehumanizing or that feeling dehumanized by tweets is not dehumanizing, or that you think dehumanization has “degrees” and it is not black and white and somehow when soldiers come back they have not somehow survived dehumanizing experiences? When I think of Gwyneth Paltrow, I try to stop and ignore her. Why are we even discussing what she said? This site seems constructed simply to generate anger at someone. Anyone. It s this kind of site that IS dehumanizing.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      If anyone in acting or any other job gets their feeling hurt over a “tweet”, they need to toughen up & try living in the real world where unkind words can mean a busted lip or worse.

  • Barbaracvm

    The “I feel your pain” is absurd. No one can know what another person is feeling. You can empathize with or understand; but you can not feel their pain! To ‘feel your pain’ minimizes what they are going through. You discount the seriousness and the pain. That is not understanding.

    • http://www.twitter.com/wixostrix WixosTrix

      I disagree. A lot of the things we go through others are or have as well. Telling someone you “feel their pain” is often telling them, while it may hurt and seem like your alone in that feeling, you aren’t and will get through it like others have. It’s empathy.
      In this case it is discounting the seriousness of the pain celebrities endure from social media as they sit in their cushy homes with assistants and servants waiting on them hands and feet. That’s one of the main points of the article.

      • Barbaracvm

        So break your toe. I guarantee I do not feel the pain. I can know it hurts. I understand you will be hobbling around till it heels. But I do not feel the pain of your broken toe! You do.
        Do not say you feel my pain. You can’t. You can say you understand the agony and the heart ache. That is empathy. Everyone goes through their grief in the way that works for them. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Right is what gets you through the hardship.

        • http://www.twitter.com/wixostrix WixosTrix

          C’mon now, you’re being way too absolute. The statement does not mean you are literally feeling their pain at that moment, but that you understand it, often because you’ve experienced it too at some point. It’s just another way of saying “I understand your pain”.

          • Barbaracvm

            REALLY?! Well when would you say it? I promise you NEVER – never say “I feel your pain” to a parent who has buried a child. Because you have not a clue. An other parent knows the grieving process roller coasters so fast they themselves do not know what they are feeling.

          • http://www.twitter.com/wixostrix WixosTrix

            Well obviously you wouldn’t use that phrase in that situation as there are an abundance of others you can use that would express more sympathy. However, it can be used in less dire situations, such as breaking your toe, if the person has in fact experienced the same thing.

    • Shannon Pendergrass

      WOW really???? I believe an intelligent person would find that as SARCASM!

  • Guest

    When I got to the bottom of the article and saw the book plug, I realized what this story is really about.

    • morejoy68

      The author of the article/letter is NOT promoting a book. The owner of the site is promoting a book. They are two different people. It would have been helpful to us as reader if the site owner’s name had not been placed above the author’s.

  • coman1

    Who is this “Gwyneth Pal ?????” anyway. Never heard of her !

    • JeanneD

      Oh dear, this is probably one of the worst things she could possibly hear !

      • Seabass120

        She’ll never read it. She doesn’t consort with the plebes.

    • stepfordwife_dot_com

      I think she’s just some girl who follows Mario Batali around when he does he cooking / travel tv show.

  • Freedom?

    I hope hollyweird continues to get disappointing turnouts to their over ambitious movies, preaching their ideologies at us.

  • Nikki Fields

    This is good, but how about when Kanye West compared being on a high stage prop to being a solider at war? That was even worse in my opinion, someone needs to make an open letter like this to him!

    • ToddElia

      Wouldn’t it be great if everyone everywhere just stops comparing anything they do to being a soldier at war? Except if you actually are or were a soldier at war, then it would be okay. /sarcasm

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      The thing w/actors/actresses is that they spend their entire lives pretending to be something/somebody they are not & would never be if they were offered a chance. I think that’s why so many of the Hollywood crowd are homosexuals: they have spent their lives pretending to be straight so why not get a job pretending to be something else as well?.

  • ToddElia

    Why all this uproar over a war metaphor? People use war metaphors all the time in sports, politics, the news, and at work, and have been doing so for decades (centuries?). The only thing SFC Sikes proves in his letter is that he doesn’t understand what a metaphor is, or that he is too sensitive to be reasonable. A metaphor is making a point of comparison between two otherwise unrelatable things. Her use of metaphor is an implicit statement of, “With the exception of this one point, these two things are nothing alike.” Are we supposed to believe that we veterans and soldiers (I’m a vet) are a class of people that is beyond reproach? To place us in such a class would be decidedly un-American. This kind of reaction makes us all look bad, SFC SIkes.

    • Nick

      First of all, thank you (and Mr. Sykes) for your service.

      However, I don’t see Mr. Sykes’ letter as placing “…veterans and soldiers [in] a class of people that is beyond reproach.” Veterans are not above reproach. But they are a class of people who have done something great on behalf of those of us who cannot serve in that fashion. It is a matter of respect. And as a vet, you know the sacred sacrifice that is made by hundreds of thousands of your predecessors in the theater of war… the brutality and the pain suffered by these men, and the eternal price paid by those who won’t return. Maybe her “metaphor” doesn’t ring true to you because you haven’t come to terms with that reality (or perhaps never experienced that reality firsthand). Or maybe war just didn’t impact you the way it did Mr. Sykes… but to belittle the words of your brother in arms – to marginalize his outward expression of a pain that is very real to him (and to thousands of other vets) – to say his expression of that pain “makes us all look bad”, to call him “Un-American” for expressing it – is just plain wrong.

      Yes, Ms. Paltrow offered a metaphor. But it is a bad one. And just like bad metaphors that are racist, or sexist, or homophobic, those that minimize the real pain felt by survivors of war should be challenged. Just as Mr. Sykes did. Not because soldiers are “beyond reproach”, but because they deserve our respect. Just as you and Mr. Sykes both do. So please show him the respect he deserves.

      Again, thank you for your service, on behalf of this citizen on a grateful nation.

      • ToddElia

        An excellent response. However, I did not suggest that SFC Sikes was un-American, I stated that designating veterans and soldiers as a class of people who are beyond reproach is un-American. I’m not a combat veteran. I served from 1989 – 1992 in Korea and with the 10th Mountain Division. There is no reason I should not write an authentic response to SFC Sikes letter, as what I read was more of an angry rant than an “expression of pain.”
        C’mon, she used the words, “Almost like,” which even further minimizes the comparison beyond the use of metaphor. This is nothing.

      • Korean War Vet

        Different strokes for different folks, NIck. ;-/

    • Shannon Pendergrass

      shame on you!!! How dare you disrespect your brothers in arms in that manner! RUDE MUCH????????

    • ProudVet

      What is “un-American” is your disrespect for your brothers in arms!! No one said that Veterans are beyond reproach ( although they should be held in the highest respect!!!) but for anyone who lives such a privileged life and have everything handed to her and done for her (weather she has earned it or not) to compare any part of her day or life to a soldiers in war is unacceptable!!! there is no part of her day that even comes close to that of any soldier in theater!!! They don’t have just a bad moment or someone say a bad thing to them or be mean to them….they are dodging bullets, rescuing their wounded brothers, eating their meals out of a bag (if they get one) sometimes not sleeping for days, showering when they can out of hanging bag, carrying heavy loads of equipment thru the desert, worried about being and or being blown up by roadside bombs. Their bad days don’t end… they continue until their time there is done or they are kill in action… And guess what happens then…that soldier has to put his or her brother in a body bag and send what is left of his or her body home to their loved ones!!!! Yes I am a Veteran and I cannot condone or make excuses for anyone who compares any part of their privileged life to that of war!!! There are allot of other metaphors that can be used…So My advice to her and anyone else who has not put their life on the line for their country is…. “Leave the War to the Soldier”

      • john

        I myself am a British vet, I fail to see how ToddElia showed any disrespect. Yes Paltrow may have said something that made her sound foolish, but no more. We cannot expect anyone else that has not served to know how we feel or what we have endured, how could they and why would they. We are all volunteers and this should not be held against those that did not volunteer. We chose our own paths we can not expect those that chose a different path to understand. Although to ask for a little respect is not alot to ask, but it is a two way street.

        • ProudVet

          We would never expect anyone who has not served to know how we feel for they will never understand what a soldier goes thru mentally or physically. The war on terror has claimed over 6000 deaths and over 50,000 injured just for the U.S. since it began and trust me the last thing any of these people worried about was a mean tweet! But to compare her star studded lifestyle and how mean someone was to her in a tweet to a soldier at war was wrong no matter how you look at it. Deciding to make this analogy was not the smartest thing to do and not very considerate of the people who are separated from their loved ones, the ones who have lost their loved ones or the ones who are nursing their loved ones back to health some of which will never be the same. This is a very sensitive subject to a lot of folks and should be given the respect it deserves…There are a lot of metaphors that could be used besides war.

  • NSAfilter_inc9

    We shouldn’t make fun of her. She is a manufactured automaton who has no concept of what real life is. Sort of like the idea of a sexbot. She only needs to be as deep as the job requires. Anything deeper would be over engineering.

    • Klabauterhuhn

      And she has tits. Somehow.

      • Shannon Pendergrass

        those are as plastic as the rest of her.

        • Klabauterhuhn

          Still good enough to fap to :D but she should use her brain before talking about war.

          • Shannon Pendergrass

            EEEWWW in your opinion I would not “fap” if she was the last person on Earth to fap with.
            And Sorry she was not gifted with one of those! (brain) When the great creator was handing out brains she thought he said trains and decided she did not want one! (hehehehe)

          • Klabauterhuhn

            raep tiem

  • Remington 870

    Am also a vet and we must keep in mind that most Hollywood people are the type of people most of us would never allow near small children, in our homes or near farm animals. If the Paltrow woman wants to compare her life to ‘warfare’..who cares. She is just another obama-bot who has no idea what most of us do to survive in this obama contrived country.

  • Starz

    Perfect time to say…oh Snap! He told you!

  • https://www.facebook.com/FarRightOfLeft Farrightofleft

    OMG! I laughed so hard, I accidentally farted!
    I’m sure soon she’ll claim she’s “sufferng from PTTS” (Post Traumatic Tweet Syndrome)

    • Mimi

      Hahahaha! Awesome!

  • rick0857

    As a combat vet myself I’m really getting tired of these hollywood types using this War metaphor for every little thing they don’t like on a given day.
    I say the next one that does we load them on a C-17 put a parachute on their back and kick them out of the plane over a fire fight on the ground somewhere!
    Maybe then they’ll understand

  • jpatton346

    Now you can understand why Ms Paltrow is on of the most disliked persons in Hollywood. She is a pretty,so-so actress, dumb ass.

  • Dvwrld

    Has to be the lowest of the low.
    What a stupidbitch!

  • RLM357

    First off, I thank ALL servicemen and women for their service to Our Country! I too am a Vet. Now,… Why has the left and Pansy-World and some commentators that write thsee articles decided to bad-mouth this Pretty Actress. She is Intelligent, a gourmet, Accomplished and well travelled globally. Are they Jealous? Or, in the case of that ‘fruit-loop’ who goes by the name of Paris Hilton, Jealous of His Competition on the street? She exudes class. Something that is lacking in many that are called celebrities and singers today. The left praises Dopers, Drunks and Harlots. They are Not to be immitated or idolized. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  • G Maff

    Hmmmmmm seems like there are millions of kids that deal with war every day that don’t whine as much as mr. Green beret

    • Shannon Pendergrass

      I hope you lose the freedom he fights to provide for you! UNGRATEFUL jerk!

      • Melanei

        Well stated Shannon

      • CeCe Cassie Nodes

        While i see where you are coming from I don’t really think that was the right thing to say. By saying this you have basically said you hope that everything Mr. Sikes has gone through and fought for would be for nothing. All so Maff (and every other American) can loose their freedom because he saw Mr. Sikes’ letter as whining.

        • Shannon Pendergrass

          Wow really that is what you got! Try reading the entire thread again! I was actually talking to the single idiot who disrespects our military but if you feel the same as he than I wish the same for you!! People who complain or disrespect our military DO NOT DESERVE the freedoms that the many lives sacrificed afford them! And their disrespect is extremely offensive especially to a marine mom!!!!

      • CeCe Cassie Nodes

        Maybe it is you who should be doing the re-reading. Or maybe i didn’t
        write it to where you could understand. I never said that i agreed with
        him. I was talking about YOUR disrespect to Mr. Strife by wishing some
        one to loose the freedoms Mr. Strife is fighting so hard to protect. I
        have many friends and family in the military. I even tried but due to
        health issues i am unable. What i was saying was while i agree that what
        Maff said was something ignorant there are better ways of saying it to
        Maff without saying that all of our soldiers hard work should be for
        nothing. I hope this time you can better understand what i am trying to

        • Shannon Pendergrass

          WOW seriously!!!

          clearly you did not understand I NEVER disrespected Mr Sikes IN ANY WAY. I said that MAFF deserved to loose HIS freedoms that MR SIKES FIGHTS FOR because of HIS disrespect and the disrespect to ALL soldiers!

          • CeCe Cassie Nodes

            I see that trying to talk to you as an intellectual just isn’t going to get me anywhere. I’m sorry you just cant seem to see what I’m trying to tell you. I concede. There is nothing else i can do at this point. I’m frazzled with trying to explain how saying that any America , weather they deserve it or not, should loose their freedom is disrespectful to our soldiers who fight for that freedom. I even made sure i wasn’t in the wrong and posted the question to all of my friend who are in the military. Every one who answered found it as disrespectful toward them. So i am done trying to rationalize with an inarticulate close-minded individual. I wish you a good day and a happy life.

          • Shannon Pendergrass

            I’m sorry you don’t like being WRONG but that is YOUR problem! As a MOM to a MARINE who agrees with ME and so do the OTHER SEVERAL marines that I know and also asked who also agree with me I will say to you WHATEVER! I still stand by what I said those who do not respect the military do not deserve what they sacrifice for! Another thing the beauty of America is YOU don’t have to agree that is your choice! And I don’t have to like your opinion as irrational as it is!!!

    • LTC

      Please note this is NOT whining. This is sarcasm and pointing out the logical flaws in a persons allegory. I know your parents did not think you had any flaws so you may be new to the concept. We in the military have to deal with this thing called the real world and have to correct logical errors, before they kill someone.

    • TiredVET1

      So which list do you fall in G Malf WAKE UP IDIOT

    • TomJB

      This “whining” you talk about. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • http://cfp4us.org/ AmericanDuckie

      Could be that Mr. Green Beret- who has a name, has done more to help many of those kids than you or what’s her name ever has, and has seen the pain of children suffering under brutal dictators and is frustrated enough to speak out against fool selfish actors who think they know what is dehumanizing.

  • CaptGene

    If Bryan Sikes is reading this: Bravo! Excellent letter! As for the “A” list, you DO know what the “A” is for in the “A” list, don’t you? It is for all the hollyweird A$$holes. That is the only “A” list I see any of the hollyweird slime heading. My war was Vietnam and notable hollyweird A-listers demonstrated against us, threw their garbage – both verbal and actual in one case in particular – and then whined that WE were “mean” to them just like the poor little rich b**ch gwyneth paltrow (lower case intentional). With few exceptions, very few, the entire hollyweird crowd are of the hanoi jane variety.

    • TomJB

      Capt, I can’t imagine what it was like to come home to that as my generation has had the complete opposite. Most coming from the same “A” listers is incredibly disingenuous as well, and when they visited us down range, it was very easy to tell which meant it, and which were simply checking their “I support the troops” card. They still treat you poorly in Hollywood today as I can only think of one movie that wasn’t the stereotypical “burned out Vietnam vet” movie and that is “We Were Soldiers”.

      • CaptGene

        Tom JB – Actually it gets better. My mother’s parents (I refused to call them “family” to their dying day) came here from Czechoslovakia. They were gypsies and card carrying members of the communist party here in America. I called them “$hithead and b*tch” to their faces without remorse. During WWII gypsies were considered lower than the Jews and were good for only one thing: Target practice. One day $hithead asked me, “What are you doing to keep from going to Vietnam, Eugene?” to wit I said, “I took the EASY way out!” He got all excited and asked, “You’re going to Canada?!” I said no. “You’re going to SWEDEN!” the great socialist haven. I told him, “Better than Sweden!” Being the slow witted bolshevik a$$hole that he was he asked, “What’s better than Sweden?” I proudly proclaimed, “I enlisted!” I also volunteered for the Infantry. Had my delivery been just a hair better the communist ba$tard would have croaked to a fatal stroke. Instead he ran off to my folks and cried I was going into the Army. This was their first wind of it but my Dad and my Grandfather (my Dad’s dad) were prouder than peacocks. When $hithead asked “what if he gets kill’t?” my Dad told him that is the price a lot of Patriots have paid just so he could live here fat, dumb and happy. When I came home, I walked in the door unannounced. $hithead saw me and said, “Welcome home, BABY KILLER!” and then spat on me. He was out for the better part of half an hour from the single punch delivered squarely to the middle of his face. By the time the Sheriff and deputies arrived, he was finally coming around. A deputy asked both sides of the story and when I told them what happened the deputy talked to the Sheriff who asked me to repeat my side of the story for him. He hadn’t heard my side yet, only my mother’s father. When I told him what happened, he asked, “Sergeant, do you want to press charges for assault?” I left that decision up to my mother’s communist parents. They decided maybe they wanted the whole thing to go away once the Sheriff explained that I was the one who had been assaulted and I only “reacted as any reasonable person would”. He was also a Vietnam Combat Vet’. And when I entered ROTC and earned my commission, we never spoke again; not that we said more than a dozen words between my coming home and entering ROTC, anyway. The photo is me and a few other cowboys in my platoon. This is how we relaxed after coming in from the bush. As an aside: A couple crazies from Montana wanted to “borrow” some water buffalo and put on a rodeo. If you want to be a bull rider it’s easy: Take a handful of marbles and stuff them in your mouth. Every time you ride a bull, spit out one marble. When you don’t have any marbles left you’re a certified bull rider. They lost all their marbles a long time before going to Nam!

    • mason2000

      I never really reply I just read but saw this and could not help it. Thank you sir for going over there regardless of the reason you your brothers are my heroes!!!

      • CaptGene

        mason2000 – Thank you, Mason. Your thoughts mean a lot more than you could possibly know. I responded to “TomJB”. You might want to read that one, too. Thanks again!

  • Randmo

    I have, and always will, ignore the b|tch.

  • Huskerbob

    Oh snap! Hooah!

  • Delia

    Thank you, Mr. Sikes, for your service to this country. Thank you, as well, for your excellent response to Ms. Paltrow. Your reply was intelligent, witty, and wise, and yet I’m sure she’ll now deem you one of those horrible mean “trolls” that upset her so much, simply because you disagree with her. What Gwyneth fails to understand is genuine criticism is not hate. Disagreeing is not trolling. Nasty words are not real bullets. These are distinctions that elude Gwyneth, and many of her Hollywood colleagues, time and again. They are fragile people with very large egos. Sounds like a miserable existence. Beneath the veneer of glamour and glitter are sad, vain, and meaningless lives.

  • eternalboomer

    We should start a movement. How about boycotting movies. How about not going to the movies anymore. Maybe that was a listers wouldn’t vanish and go away. Maybe they’d be sucked up by one of their vacations in some sunny happy place.

  • SOIA

    BRAVO! Mr. Sikes!

  • Bryan

    Amen, SFC Sikes. Powder blue and Follow Me!

  • http://cfp4us.org/ AmericanDuckie

    Oh Dang! #HOORAH! Thank you Bryan & all! Selfish wench wouldn’t know sacrifice if it slapped her upside the head.

  • parlayer

    Bravo, Deserving of a Salute, please accept it. (not for the A-lister’s)

  • Joe Tee

    Miss paltrow is a jackass like the majority of the hollywood morons. She and the rest of them would compare not being able to get their convertible top up in the rain to CQB.
    De Oppresso Liber, Sikes…you said it well!

    • John Willis

      twit ter perfect media for a bimbo like gyneth

  • Foreverthankful

    Thank you Mr. Sikes and thank you to every man and woman who has ever served in any branch of the military. Thank you to all of the civilians who serve in whatever capacity they can. I am humbled and so very grateful for all of you. Very eloquently said!

  • gartrosity

    jee wiz, although this soldier’s response is great, I hate how much soldiers also toot their own horn. U signed up, its voluntary. Stop acting like a superhero.

    • Gartosity

      Dont people realize that when we glorify war by creating “heroes”, it makes it easier for people to support politicians decisions about war. and war…there is nothing to be proud off there

      • http://cfp4us.org/ AmericanDuckie

        Being thankful and supporting our Troops and Veterans is a lot better and deserving a “hero” status than any lame hollywood ACTOR who laments violence while blowing things up and shooting things in their movies.

      • Ann_Banisher

        BTW, no one glorifies war more than Hollywood.
        So what do we get when we glorify ‘celebrity’ above a serviceman’s service? We get a society of self absorbed narcissists who want to be famous…or rich….or maybe rich and famous. They tweet about every aspect of their mundane lives, they post selfies for all the world to see – look at me, LOOK AT MEE!
        Real heroes are the ones that make sacrifices for their families, that work hard every day just to be productive members of society.
        Real superheroes are ones who make sacrifices for complete strangers to make the world a better place for everyone.
        You figure out who the superheroes are.

      • cmcmike

        I’ll guess your superheroes get their awards at the Grammys or the Oscars in front of 1000’s of their peers and fans. I prefer those that get embarrassed by being recognized for being at the wrong place at the right time. Superheroes don’t wear capes, they wear cottage!

      • ProudVet

        Sounds to me like you are living in the wrong place!!! We are a proud country and we are proud of the “Heroes” both men and women who sacrifice life and limb to keep it this way.

    • http://cfp4us.org/ AmericanDuckie

      Stop acting like a super hero? really?
      I don’t see him doing anything of the sort, and neither do any of the ones I know. In fact most don’t say much at all in their own defense to selfish and ignorant comments.

    • John Willis

      go back to your xbox and youre hand

    • ARgirl0306

      Stop acting like a superhero? Seriously? These men and women are the real superheros, and they don’t get the half the recogonition these A-listers get. They are the ones who deserve it, and not one of them that I know toots their own horn. They would much rather be in the background, unnoticed and out of the lime light.

      • http://cfp4us.org/ AmericanDuckie

        They’re not called Quiet Professionals for nothing. Well said.

    • Laura

      Soldiers are the closest thing in the world to superheroes. I miss my superhero every day.

      A Marine Widow

      • juneaumarine

        Semper Fi Ma’am, and please remember…we never forget our own and that includes our better halves (Wives and families). Thank you for your own service and sacrifice.
        God bless

    • Retributi0n

      Tooting his own horn? He is telling it exactly how it is. You should really think about your comment before officially posting it. NOTHING in this post was him saying he was a better than anyone else or deserves more than he has. You are labeling him and all the rest of us.

    • Cathy

      Gartrosity, lucky for you and me these wonderful men and women signed up. Without them, where would we be?? I don’t think this soldier was tooting his own horn at all, and if he was, I think he’s earned that right. I thank God for our military everyday, the brave men and women that voluntarily sign up to defend us.

      • ian

        We would not be hating by the rest of the world is where we would be.

        • Go Hugga Tree

          Right. We’d probably all either be dead, or living under Shar’ia with our mouths duct taped shut, MORON.

        • joe

          If we didn’t have people volunteering to join the military like myself decided to after high school your ass might have been drafted if it wasn’t for all us who volunteered

    • COL W

      You can alway tell those who serve, they are humble about what they do or did and they do not act like superheros. But they are fiercely protective of their brothers. Your comment is way off the mark.

      Hey Ian below,
      Your public education is showing. It should be “Hated” not hating. Wrong tense.

  • Linda Barbera

    Miss Paltrow.. My Son is a Soldier who has been severing our country and fighting for your freedom for almost 14 years now. Is now needing OUR Help to fight for him. Will you ask your assistant to sign the petition for you? or can you even think of donating to his legal fund.? Life is Not tough for YOU!!

    2 Ways to
    . #Help #Support an #Innocent #Soldier
    #Sign #Share

    Show less
    #Michael’s Legal Defense Fund
    How Can I Help?
    Show less

    • ian

      What freedom that do not posess is he fighting for?

  • Dr.Navarro

    Soldiers are like the highschool football team..cocky stubborn assholes.

    • Kleric

      And you have the freedom to say that on the blood of those cocky stubborn assholes. Thanks “Dr.”

      • bhunter911

        He is Dr. Do Little and Dr. Talk a Lot saying nothing of any value

    • Manny

      How can such an ignorant dueche bag even fathom being called a doctor.

      • DejectedHead

        Doctors can totally be douche bags, why do you think your medical bills are through the roof?

    • Cathy

      What a sad little troll you are…… Just watching to see how you can stir everyone up….. smh

    • bhunter911

      you are the cocky stubborn Asshole..You wouldn’t have the Balls to join the military to fight for our country..

    • Sheila Carrigan

      And Dr you should be thanking God daily for them! Otherwise you might have to defend yourself… Drs are typically like the Jocks IMO. Self glorifying bastards who think they are a step from God.

      • ian

        who, pray tell….is currently threatening our freedoms?

        • wakeup

          Actually no one is and that is because of our soldiers.

    • GI Joe

      What happened, “doc”? Did some high school footballer kick your butt “back in the day”? Sir, it is apparent you have little, if any, experience with anyone who has actually served in our nations’ military. I would suggest you get down on your knees each and every night and thank whatever god you believe in for the presence of such people. They are why you are able to write such drivel on sites like this one. A very astute writer said, during the Second World War, that: “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” The writer was George Orwell. He was speaking about those soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen that were fighting to free Europe from the scourge of the NAZIs and fascism. Absent those “rough men”, you would be speaking either Japanese or German today.

    • Scott Snoopy

      another liberal progressive proving they have nothing of value to add and simply resort to the use of profanity and insults…have a nice day

    • COL W

      And just what pray tell are you a Dr. of? Please stand up straight, your pronounced lean to the left is very disconcerting. You should thank God every day of your life that you live in a country that allows you to so freely demonstrate your ignorance and that is defended by people who are willing to risk their lives for your freedoms. Wait,……..you probably don’t believe in something higher than yourself either. You really are a mess aren’t you?

    • American Soldier

      I guess my comment was taken down for using the F word. Not even going to call you by your wanted description but you should be thanking us that your arrogant ass eve has a education here. Let it be know please make that comment to the face of any Soldier and see where it lands you. You will be the one calling somebody Dr…you are nothing but a wimpy ass wannabe…go screw yourself….and I will gladly give you my address or give me yours and I will be more than glad to introduce myself.

    • juneaumarine

      Trolls will be trolls. How’s mom and dads basement sparky?

  • BeBeX

    WOW…..don’t You just feel so sorry for all the Harlotwood…er Hollywood starlets that have to endure such behavior from the likes of us? Such hardships in their lives. And all those people in their homes/kitchens doing menial labor or driving their limo. I just hate that they couldn’t find another job and had to do what they do for a living. It’s just so unfair. So little money they receive for such a grueling job.

  • Cathy

    Thank you Mr. Sykes for your service and sacrifices for all of us, the sacrifices of your family. You and all of our military are appreciated and prayed for everyday. God Bless you all.

  • marktomark

    Mr. Sykes TY

  • Sheila Carrigan

    Sgt Sikes I would like to say thank you for such a perfect response to an absolute Hollywood Jerkette!! You and your brothers are in my prayers daily! I wish you all the best.

  • DailyNightly

    Well done, Sgt. Sikes! And Thank You to you and your brothers for your service to this country!

  • Marvin Nelson

    My hat’s off to you, Sgt. You succinctly put that stupid bee-yatch Paltrow in her place. She is an empty headed “celebrity” who has not one ounce of her being grounded in reality.

  • CleanSweep

    To SFC Sikes: Nice shot, center mass.
    To Ms. Paltrow: You are a whiny goon.
    To the anti-American, communist, tree hugging, hippy, granola eaters: Your stupidity knows no bounds. If you ever made it out of your mom’s basement, you would know that the world has no shortage of evil people. They don’t care that you love them, they will kill you just the same. Evil despots are always willing to kill innocents in order to gain power. Hashtags don’t kill those people, 5.56 rounds do. Also, if your impression of military members is that they “toot their own horns” or think that they act like superheroes, than you don’t know many of us.

    Carry on, Semper Fidelis, Have a nice day.

    • save the trees

      woah man. don’t be hating on them there tree huggers

      save the trees

  • Go Hugga Tree

    If the so-called entertainment industry did not fill the world’s ether with slime, porn, and self-centered crap 24/7/365, we might not have quite so many enemies worldwide who resent what we have done to lower human cultural standards … and as a result, we might not need to deploy gentlemen like Mr. Sikes quite so often. Those proggies who dominate Hollywood and who spend their political capital in denouncing America, might look in the mirror and discover who, exactly, has been trashing our nation’s moral standing in the eyes of the world for the past several decades.

  • Teri

    Well written and right on point. Nicely done SFC Sykes!

  • Scott Snoopy

    yes the likes of poor gwyneth,,,they suffer so; may she rot in hell….Thank you for your service SFC Sykes, god speed.

  • Sean

    As a Marine who has been to Afghan. I understand where my fellow brother in arms is coming from. How dare anyone try to match anything they do to being at war. I feel if you have never woke up with the fear of will this be my last day or go to sleep wondering if you will wake up. Gwyneth do yourself a favor and please keep your pie hole shut when it comes to anything you know nothing about. How dare you insult anyone who has died or fought for this country and compare it to reading negative comments on the internet. Please try and do something with your life and don’t insult anyone besides yourself.

  • fleur

    Jane Fonda, second verse.
    Never have liked the little bitch and her Communist parents

  • Next Basher

    I guarantee if she thought she was at war then…she DEF is at war now!!!!! Stupid indulged, selfless, spoiled rotten, ACTRESS!!!!!

    • Troy Berkely

      She is just the microcosm of the rest of the d-bags in Hollywood. When will people stop watching their products? Then at least they actually would become regular people again.

  • Rmic

    Hope she read it or should I say had her personal assistant read it to her ….. oh what pain ! Thanks for putting her and her fellow celebutards in their place !

  • HarleyB

    I am seriously standing up for the ovation you get for shutting her down…but probably not up…in such an articulate, eloquent manner. THANK YOU for your service to our country.

  • Sean


  • COL W

    Hooah! Says it all SFC!

  • steve

    Doug, thank you for being a quit professional. When I was a Green Beret (before you were in the Army) I excepted the fact that I was putting my life on the line so Amerians like Gwyneth could say what ever came to thier “Constitutional” free minds want to. I guess you new “All about me” Green Berets have a different out look on why you joined the Army….

    • T

      It was an analogy. Nothing but respect for those who join the military. But it’s usually due to a personal initiative. Those who follow through with heart. Kudos. But seriously, it was an analogy. Relax.

    • dean shineman

      yeah steve, she has the right to bitch even if she is shallow. But the people who actually pull the weight, stand the watch and fight the fight have a right to call bull$*t when they hear it. take off your martyrdom hat. its ugly.

  • juneaumarine

    I read a headline earlier today about her comment and frankly, it bothered me all day at work. Now I’m smiling and thinking, “Outstanding, Army and well said!”.
    To Mz Paltrow- Seriously? Do you mean just like Hollywood and the movies, where you have assistants and several takes for each scene and an air conditioned trailer to go to between takes and look over your script?? And then you go to your mansion or suite (with a concierge) for the evening?
    Sweetpea,you have no idea what war or combat is like, nor will you if we keep doing our job and get support from Americans.
    Meanwhile, I’m hoping for a headline some day about loud popping noises from LA. That would indicate massive cranial, anal extractions from the “glamorous folks who know war so well”. Not holding my breath.

  • suzyshopper

    What an air headed thing too say Ms. Paltrow!!!!

  • tomKatt

    Bryan Sikes should have had more class. He’s a decorated military guy but picked an easy target and overreacted. A comment like Paltow’s should have been taken with a grain of salt not as an insult. He and the McCain’s might do well to tone down their outrage and not use it for self promotion.

    • DebPatriot

      You are clearly a clueless liberal. So, we should just ignore idiots in the media and not call them out on their crap. Why? Because they are special or because as humans we aren’t allowed to hurt anyone’s feelings? People like you are the downfall of society.

      • tomKatt

        DebPatriot no need for name calling and yes, just ignore them if you have the strength of character to do so.

  • Brian

    Brian Sikes WAS NOT self promoting. Maybe tomkatt forgot that he has the SAME right to free speech! He has put his life on the line for it! What have you done for your country?? Brian Kimball (MSG US Army S.F. retired)

    • tomKatt

      He chose to put his life on the line and he chose to use his service as a forum for attacking a girl with the same freedom of speech rights. Calm down a deal with the facts.

      • Rose

        He didn’t attack her. He used his freedom of speech as a rebuttal.

  • http://swamphermit.wordpress.com/ Karmi

    Bryan Sikes is a real meanie! This horrible attack on her is uncalled
    for – even though she fights daily to give people like meanie Spikes the
    right to free speech. Poor Gwyneth Paltrow … meanie Spikes attack here proves Gwyneth Paltrow’s point!

    • Rose

      Your comment is pure insanity. Sometimes, the truth hurts.

      • http://swamphermit.wordpress.com/ Karmi

        No…”pure insanity” would be saying how easy “average working moms” have it when compared to how hard she has it, and then following it up with this war statement. My post here was merely sarcasm…

    • juneaumarine

      Time for your meds little man.

  • Ben Hall

    Karmi – “Bryan Sikes is a real meanie!” May I suggest you take you head out of your arse. As an ex serviceman, I can assure you BS was only scratching the surface of what we have to endure. We DONT do this for money and/or fame. We do it for our country and wear our colours with pride. Yes its a job, but it is also more than that. Sadly, on many levels I cant say that for the celebrity self centred, self indulgent community who think we owe them a living. So Karmi, please take of those sparkly rose tinted guchi sun glasses and get back with us into the real world.

    • http://swamphermit.wordpress.com/ Karmi

      Ben – may I suggest you buy a dictionary and look up the word – sarcasm

      • Ben Hall

        May I suggest you buy a book on how to do sarcasm? Otherwise, please dont give up your day job.

  • mickey

    jJst as Gwyneth has the right of free speech, so do the ones that hurt her feelings. If she can’t stand the heat she should get out of the kitchen. That is a choice also.

  • Kevin

    First to Sergeant First Sikes; THANK YOU for volunteering to serve our country Sir! May God bless you and your family in your recovery. May he equally bless your Brothers at Arms. God Speed!

    To anyone who may take a few seconds to read this; Ms Paltrow has joined a long list of the privileged out of touch with reality, upper economic class, self-righteous ego maniacs. They and they alone are allowed to say flat out stupid things with
    impunity. The rest of us are to be seen and not heard unless it’s convenient
    for the Paltrow’s of the word. Ms. Paltrow’s in good company:

    George Clooney
    Charlize Theron
    Nancy Pelosi

    Best thing we can do is not buy their books, see their movies at home or in a theater or vote for any of them. 2nd best thing, teach our kids that the Men & Women to look to as role models are those who serve their country and communities.

  • ruserious

    great post by the solider SALUTE!!

  • Rob Roberts

    tomKatt The name kinda speaks for itself. Your comments are breathtaking. Probably would wait in line for her to scribble her name on a piece of paper. BRILLIANT!! Mr. Sikes, thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done and thank you to Mrs. Sikes and y’alls family

    • tomKatt

      “y’alls family” kinda speaks for itself

  • Maddy Ferguson

    Awesome! Watching Gwyneth Paltrow get her a$$ kicked by one of America’s baddest and bravest just made my day. Good job, Mr. Sikes!

  • Michael Powers

    Bryan Sikes is a hero! Paltrow, along with the hundreds of other liberals in Hollywood deserve “both barrels”.

  • http://www.thoughtsandrantings.com/ Thinking Americanist


  • kitchen club

    Gywenth Paltrow is starving for attention. She will say and do anything to get her name out there again. She hid out in England and now has decided to make her life in “LaLa Land” again. Gwyenth is using the paparazzi (which she use to disdain) and her mouth to make a comeback. Yes, freedom of speech is a persons right. I for one will not view or pay to attend any movies, shows, or purchase any magazines she is associated with. If she can’t bring any money into Hollywood coffers, she will disappear, quickly! Ignore her idiotic comments, she is a nobody!

    • coman1

      As I said, never heard of her. But was has she done ? Each member of our Special Forces is a Gold Medal winner in fighting. They don’t stand on a pedestal, they do it quietly and anonymously and with dignity. So, Palthore, keep your pie hole shut.

  • greekguy9999

    Yeah… but I can’t really del sorry for either of you. Why? Because BOTH of you CHOSE to be in the profession you are in. So both of you, quit your whining and fess up that maybe what you THOUGHT would be a good career move was in fact, not all that it was cracked up to be. Sorry military, but our corrupt government took you as pawns like they have ALWAYS done and fed you a bogus load of propaganda about how it is to protect our freedom when it really is all about the money. And you Miss Paltrow, were fed a bogus load of propaganda that your so called career was going to be all peaches and cream, which it is but in your twisted reality, it’s not. So being an equal opportunity cynic, I say you are both trying to manipulate the public into feeling something that frankly, is just wasted energy.

    • A.D.Hominem

      “So being an equal opportunity cynic …”

      Greekboy666, you wouldn’t understand cynicism even if Diogenes rose from the dust and bit you in the ass. Bryan Sikes’ diatribe is spot-on. Being a negative-assed simpleton is no way to go through life, boy.

    • Sagamore

      Because he chose to defend his country, he is not deserving of our appreciation and gratitude for his actions. I say this for I’m pretty sure the last thing Sikes would want is for someone to feel sorry for him.

      • Mark

        Agreed. I saw nothing in Sikes’ diatribe to indicate he was/is looking for sympathy. I saw it as an attempt to educate a vacuous, narcissistic, Hollywood elitist.

      • greekguy9999

        And how EXACTLY is he defending our country? Is he picking up arms as the Russians sweep onto the shores of Miami?


          Go away troll!

    • Steve89gt

      While there are some people that genuinely desire to go defend our country, many, many people are backed into a corner by life’s circumstances and have no option other than to join the military. The nation benefits from these people’s service, and the service member benefits from things like the GI Bill, increased employment opportunities, etc. The point of Mr. Skykes’ article is that the threshold of what constitutes a genuine “problem” is far too low for far too many people. It is absurd for Ms. Paltrow to compare her “problems”, which I imagine that most of would find to be insignificant, to the challenges faced by those engaged in active combat. If Ms. Paltrow wants to know what a genuine problem is, I’d suggest that, in the immortal words of Nathan Jessup, she “pick up a rifle, and stand a post.”


      Your a PUNK, who does not deserve the freedoms that Americans like this warrior provide you! MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs GFY

    • Kristophe Schneider

      What was it the SF guy was “whining” about?

  • meg616

    1st of all I want to extend a heart felt Thank You to Bryan Sikes and all the others that chose to stand up and defend my freedom! To geekguy9999 agree or not-it is because of him and people like him that you have the freedom to say what you did! That being said how dare you judge anyones choice of a career! Did it ever occur to you that like so many others he had no choice? There are many reasons he could have been there so until you know what the reasons were just Thank them all! I myself do not agree with war but I will never be upset that some went! No instead I will Forevet be Grateful for him! All these movie stars are quick to speak thier mind and very slow to be thankful they still have that right! Instead of judging these soldiers they could help those they left behind!

  • Malcolm James

    It had to be done. God bless all who have served and their loved ones.


    • GotMeANewMaster

      Malcolm James, it seems that you have violated the rules for posting on this blog, by using strong vulgarities in your pictures. I hope that everyone doesn’t think that you represent all of the fine men and women who have fought for our freedoms over the generations, and the ones who are fighting now. You could have gotten your point across without using such foul language in your pictures. It shows no class whatsoever on your part, and on the part of the person who created the captioning in these pictures.


        Dude, get a clue!! FMJ is a classic! If these big bad words hurt your feelings, I am sure you have a touchy feely allowance in your odumbass care. This criminal regime HATES Vets, and those still serving. MOLON LABE!! nsa dhs GFY

      • Walther11

        What foul language? Where? What?

  • TJMac

    Well written. Thanks for making the point eloquently, as well as for your service.

  • William Davis

    WOW – Psychological Warfare going on

  • Noah Kilian

    There’s nothing “well-written” or “eloquent” about this. It’s a condescending diatribe that fails to understand analogy, human suffering, or what Paltrow was even trying to say. To put it frankly, she said people on the internet are mean, and you proved her right. Congratulations.

    • MC

      Yes, because mean words are just as hurtful as bullets and bombs. SMH.

    • Kristophe Schneider

      I can easily look past the lack of eloquence and not being “well-written” . . . after all, his career is one with an emphasis on the physical characteristics necessary for success. I don’t knock him because he doesn’t communicate like a Phd in English. Interestingly, that you even take the effort to point that out indicates you are dismissive of those who don’t communicate at a level that you deem intellectual enough. I take a different tack. I consider the substance over the style. Even the least articulate among us may have an opinion that when fairly considered might illuminate any of our lives. Gwyn was the one who failed miserably in this instance. From the lap of luxury, with near infinite resources at her beck and call, and the luxury of time she made a clumsy analogy. Yeah, “people on the internet are mean” . . . . I can RESPECT that statement . . . but her hyperbole made her look ignorant and petty such that she earned the disdain she’s receiving.

  • DJTX

    First, many thanks to all military service members and their families for ALL the sacrifices they have made. I hope Ms. Paltrow did not intend to make light of your service or sacrifices, and hopefully, she will be more considerate in how she uses hyperbole in the future to describe her experiences. However, many young people would love to be a celebrity and have no idea the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to be rich and famous. It sounds petty to complain about losing privacy, spending hours daily watching what you eat and exercising, having every move you make end up on the nightly news, or being stalked by every weirdo in a thousand mile radius, when you’re worth 7 or 8 figures, but just as most of us will hopefully never experience war firsthand, neither will 98% of us experience what Ms. Paltrow experiences. Maybe we can all show each other respect and a little grace for not knowing what each other has gone through in life.

  • roarke75

    I knew she was out of touch when she made a list of her ‘spring clothing essentials’ and the bill added up to around $300,000. This latest salvo really takes the cake, though.

  • maximuscaligula

    Exactly…Obama-loving, left-wing, uninformed, spoiled-rotten, completely out-of-touch, treasonous, unpatriotic, America-hating, Hollywood hypocrite limousine liberals need to be put in their place…

  • hairyapple

    Well I’m not sure what some one could say in a tweet, all of 140 characters, that could cause someone to feel dehumanized, but I guess if they have a low tolerance for negative feedback it’s a possibility. Meanwhile if one insists on pursuing celeb status they ought to realize not everyone will love them. As a matter of fact they might be disliked just because they are celebs. I can understand that, I especially dislike Micheal Douglas for instance, just something about him. I’d say Doug Giles is a celeb wannabe. Isn’t that why he’s taken up writing, selling AUTOGRAPHED copies of his book, you can buy one right here. Celebs give out autographs. Is Bruce Willis less of a celeb dweeb because he makes movies pretending to be a guy like Doug? I’ll bet they both live in double wide trailers in the Montana outback and eat their meat raw.

  • Linda Barbera

    #Help #Support an #Innocent #Soldier
    #Sign #Share
    Show less
    #M…ichael’s Legal Defense Fund
    How Can I Help?
    Show less See More


    Very sad that this reply to the libtards, will fall on deaf, but very well jeweled ears, but that people will actually feel sorry for her dumbass. MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs GFY

  • mr.e

    I’d say that about sums it up.

  • Mark

    Thank you sir. I did not serve but can only imagine, when you have, how incredibly frustrating it could be to see and hear all the ridiculous non sense from people that have suffered very little if any tragedy or unpleasantness in their lives. Anybody who thinks this country is going in the right direction, is lost at best.

  • dave


  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

    I was in the Charlize Theron thread before…I can tolerate what Theron said. But what Paltrow said—yeah, she needs to be taken down a few pegs. But the line forms to the left and there’s a long line. I don’t know how or why it started, but Paltrow is easily one of the most entitled people in entertainment these days if not the most by a mile.

  • Robert Stinson

    Thank you for your letter. If more people would boycott these weak minded actors and actresses that are out of touch with reality we wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore. The one thing that unites our brothers in arms is heart. I have never met one that didn’t have heart. That is what separates real men and women from those who feel entitled. It must be a sad existence to think the only reason people talk to you is because you have a little money and fame and no heart. I will take the riches of friends and family over money anyday. Our time here is short. The eternal is what we live for the future generations are what we fight for. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  • Walther11

    I love it when a real person properly dresses down a media putz like Paltrow.

  • chasaragdy

    Paltrow, Gwyneth, her minions and pals are the very iconic example of the Muddywood Elitist, in their ivory towers of glitter and pamper!! The real world is as alien to them as the dark side of the moon. They’ve never known hunger, pain and suffering, going to bed without food, most having only one parent that’s barely able to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, Since the early 1960-s I’ve seen at most four big screen movies and the majority of the stars and headliners were Republican. I do not contribute to the opposition–every degree of DemocRATic persuasion–at the box officer, in their stores and not even their products!

    My advise solution is to boycott the “big screen” movie moguls and their Progressive Leftwingnuts “free-loaders”. Their idea of work is several months on location and take off the next year or two shopping their bodies on as many red-carpets they can garner. Of all the SAG union membership the percentage of Republican and Conservatives number in the area of 15 percent of the total.

    • chuckfreyer

      too bad . We rule you . We are going to continue to rule you with Hilary coming up. We’ve ruled over you already for two terms. You have no chance. Do you really think you’ll ever have a chance? Not for another two terms of Hilary.

      • ArneSkogen

        “We rule you” strikes me as a very undemocratic thing to say. And to be honest, I doubt there will be a term with Hillary even though it would probably be good for the country.

  • georgedonin

    I agree that Paltrow’s comments are foolish. But, a real soldier might have ignored those comments. Why? A real soldier knows that he fights for freedom. But freedom includes the right to express one’s opinion — even if that opinion is foolish.

    • RockyMtHigh

      @george. you might have a point, although I think you’re missing the point. As a veteran myself, I can easily spot those who have never served, and you my friend have never served, correct?
      A “real soldier” would have ignored her comments? Maybe. A “real soldier” knows he fights for freedom? Absolutely.
      SFC Sikes is only practicing his 1st amendment rights, which he has put his life on the line to protect. He had his say in a very “respectful” manner. He did not insult her, put her down, etc. He simply told her the truth, from his own experiences in combat. How more could SFC Sikes celebrate Paltrow’s freedom of speech, then laying his life on the line to protect her rights?
      What if by some very remote chance, SFC Sikes’ letter shocked Paltrow and brought her down to reality? What say?
      No, SFC Sikes did the right thing and couldn’t have said it better.
      But I guess, only someone who has served, would realize that.

      • georgedonin

        Sikes is invoking his 1st amendment rights. You, and I, and all of us who comment on the Internet are doing so. You say his comments are respectful, but to me they read quite a bit more bitchy than I would have expected from a fighting man. So be it, Sikes is entitled to express himself any way he chooses. And you are correct, I have not served in the military. But I have many relatives and close friends who have done so, and I’ve never heard any of them express themselves in such a snarky way as Sikes did. In truth, I can relate to what Sikes said. But the way he said it seemed rather unbecoming. Aside from the question of having served in the military, did Sikes never learn the basic rule of manhood… that a man should never criticize a woman for expressing herself emotionally?

        • Noor

          You are sexist. I doubt if you always treat a woman with respect and courtesy. A soldier has the right and duty to tell it like it is so others can see and not assume. Because of people like you, I’m so glad there are real soldiers out there to set the record straight for everyone to read/see.
          A man (or woman) should defend right and wrong and tell anyone (woman or not) that s/he sounds like an idiot. GP needs someone to tell her this. She has been making so many dumb comments that it’s time to tell her to get therapy. Obviously, she needs some emotional help because she cannot handle strangers telling her she’s dumb. Really? Grow up.

      • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

        “He did not insult her, put her down, etc”

        He called her weak, and that’s insulting. He has a right to speak out. But that doesn’t make him right. In this situation he needs to look at the larger picture and understand that it’s not all about who has faced the bombs in war.

        If you’re going to separate the wheat from the chaff on the basis of who has “served”, does that include people who have served in the CIA, in the police, FBI, in Congress (staffers), as Park Rangers or are only soldiers allowed to serve? What about the supply clerks and truck drivers and all the people who were never sent overseas? Do they count or are they inferior to the soldiers who actually saw combat?

        What about all the defense contractors who make the planes and bullets and ships and trucks? Do their contributions matter or are they also inferior for not having served?

        What about all the intelligence analysts? What about the teachers and university professors who taught the engineers who made all this warfare possible? Do their opinions count in any way or are they also less qualified for having “not served”?

        At what point do you stop posturing and admit, “Sure, we all played our parts and it’s not just about who stood on the front lines.”

        Modern armies aren’t just composed of the grunts who go into battle. They have a LOT of support and a lot of supporters. They may not always see eye-to-eye with you on every topic but that doesn’t make their opinions less valuable or meaningful.

        • Kristophe Schneider

          He did not insult her. Her inability to deal with a twitter post in a mature manner demonstrates the truth of his statement. Stating the obvious is hardly an insult.

          • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

            Yes, he DID insult her. His inability to accept what other people is a shameful lapse on his part. He should know better.

        • BikerBro

          You Michael are missing the point. GP compared her pain to that of war–not that of serving her country. THEREIN lies the meat of this whole discussion of which YOU have little to contribute, unless you have been in a combat zone with the uncertainties THAT experience carries with it.
          Everyone is free to voice their opinion because of our 1st Amendment rights for which some of us willingly and proudly fought and others proudly served. But you have no right to tell anyone that they are wrong to voice their opinion, especially when they risked their life to protect your right to voice yours!
          MSG, SF, USA, Retired

          • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

            No, you are missing the point. People who ridicule other people’s opinions and then claim some moral higher ground on the basis of “service” have completely misunderstood what they are fighting for. We don’t have an army that can lord it over everyone else like ignorant muscle-bound assholes. We have an army that is supposed to defend the weak and respect everyone’s right to speak freely. When you demonize people for making comparisons, when you belittle and ridicule them, when you set yourself apart on the basis of “service” you completely remove all the value of the sacrifices that hundreds of thousands, millions of Americans have made in terms of life and loss to ensure that we live in a country where we respect each other.

            Ego-tripping through verbal abuse of others is not acceptable from our people in uniform. They have risked too much to return us to the Dark Ages. The best you people can do is learn from this huge mistake and move on.

          • BikerBro

            I haven’t seen any ego tripping from SFC Giles nor any vets supporting him. It seems to me that the only ego I see is from someone who can not admit they have a bias (that would be YOU). If you can only see things darkly as thru welding goggles, I suggest either take off the goggles or go into the bright light! I have learned very much since I retired from the Army several years ago, which added to what I had learned before and during my military career. I am not here to fight with you, Michael. And I probably will not alter your thought processes or your opinion on anything at all. But I do pray that I give you some food for thought. GOD put each of us here for a purpose. Mine, like SFC Giles, while I was in SF was de oppresso libre (to liberate the oppressed) which is the Special Forces motto. And now it is still the same, but for a different Commander (that would be Jesus Christ). You seem oppressed, Michael. Do you need liberating? Do you need to take those dark goggles off to see the light? Let me know. I can help you.

          • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

            “I haven’t seen any ego tripping from SFC Giles nor any vets supporting him”

            That’s because you’re not interested in being fair-minded to other people. And try posting under your real name.

          • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

            I didn’t miss the point at all. Gwyneth Paltrow and everyone else in this country is allowed to speak in metaphors and make comparisons, especially when it comes to the belligerent asinine behavior people of all ages and from all walks of life have to put up with on the Internet.

            The lesson of freedom is wasted on people who think they are better than others. I have every right to speak out against SFC Sykes’ abusive behavior and that of any other soldiers who dare dishonor our republic in the same way.

      • Cynthia Canaday

        If she would compare comments from social media to what our soldiers deal with daily, she really needs to stick to scripts and keep her mouth shut otherwise. Thank you to all of our military. Be safe.

    • Kristophe Schneider

      Duh . . . he exercised his right to express himself and you intimate he is less than a “real” soldier? I take the opposite tack . . . his exercise of his right to express himself underscores his authenticity.

      • btzi1962


    • morejoy68

      Soldiers have a right to freedom of speech, too! God knows they’ve earned it! He respected her speech by reading it and responding to it. Only a soldier could have given such a powerful and effective response. We need to hear more speech from soldiers, not less.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    You have served your country well and we are proud of you for that service. But you are clearly inexperienced and lacking in knowledge about the devastating harm that criticism on the Internet can inflict on an individual. That is understandable, given that you have lived a different lifestyle from those who are subjected to constant scrutiny. But the psychological trauma that the Internet unleashes is not limited to people in “the biz”. It harms many thousands of innocent, almost unknown people from students to teachers to random mothers and small business people — all of whom are subjected to constant or near-constant abuse from self-appointed trolls, watchdogs, critics, and people who take no thought or consideration for what they do.

    That you fail to take into consideration what these people suffer every day, and express no regret over your own disparagement — in fact, the verbal abuse you heap upon Ms. Paltrow and others for whom you have no sympathy — shows that you yourself are completely out of line. War is not the private purview of those who put themselves in harms way. It is not just about bullets and bombs and tanks. It is merely on form of conflict, the worst form, but all conflict can produce the same traumatic effects even if no physical violence has occurred.

    You have shamed yourself and all military personnel by belittling the difficulties that others face when pressed by a massive Internet presence. They are not weak; you are ignorant. They are not the enemy, not easy pickings to be labeled as misfits.

    You have literally dehumanized the many victims of Internet oppression, including all the children and adults who have taken their lives because of the callous bullying that people like you heap on them. You take no responsibility for your harsh words and you set youself up as a judge of others. You have not earned the right to stand above anyone.

    Until you have learned more about the people whose lives are disrupted by the constant scrutiny of the public — until you yourself have lived in that spotlight, with virtually no relief and no support when you feel the stress of being constantly surveilled — do us all a favor by keeping your opinions to yourself. You have not walked in the victims’ shoes and you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

    • Phalanx

      Go cry somewhere else you stupid baby. People can only choose to be offended or feel bad by what others say about them. Do you understand that? If you were to call me an evil, worthless scumbag, it wouldn’t matter, because I could choose to ignore it. And I have, multiple times. You cannot choose to ignore people shooting at you or bombs blowing up in your face. People crying about being bullied by a mean tweet or whatever are the worst form of cowardly weaklings. Grow the hell up!

      • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

        Learn to post under your own name and take responsibility for your trolling.

        • Maria Diaz

          Michael Martinez I also believe you are an ass. All Mrs Paltrow needs to do is shut down her twitter account if it’s so tormenting and continue on with her luxurious life.
          How dare you speak to this man in that manner. I believe you are the idiot that is belittling the people who serve our country, that with not only blood shed and lost of life but with the sacrifice that they leave there loved ones behind waking every day not knowing if they will ever see their family again or be able to kiss their children good night.
          They serve our country so all of us including Mrs paltrow can rest there heads at night knowing that we are safe and with God’s good grace won’t be blown to pieces . So like I said your an ass for defending this woman that by the way can’t keep her foot out of her mouth by all stupid insolent thing she says. I hope she’s tormented by her twitter account. But till she can get her head out of her ass and realize how good she has it or actually gets a nine to five job just to make ends meet and be a real mom by action not only because she gave birth she can than complain. BUT by any circumstances she should compare her bull crappie twitter account or her blog to the life of a soldier. And as for you Michael get a life go to real war and then come back and post to see how your post will differ. And I will post my real name.

        • Kristophe Schneider

          You are the one trolling . . .

          • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

            I’m here to speak on behalf of the people who are ridiculed on the Internet by insensitive, ignorant people who think they have some free hand in demonizing and belittling other people who hold different points of view from themselves. You clearly have a lot to learn about what “trolling” means.

          • Kristophe Schneider

            You repeatedly engage in belittling posters and insulting them — fits right in with the generally accepted definition of “trolling”.

          • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

            No matter how much you troll me you can’t change the truth of what I have been saying. SFC Sykes and his supporters are hypocrites. You cannot say you’re defending a right to freedom of speech if you want to deny that freedom to the others with whom you are supposed to share it. He needs to get down off his high horse, take responsibility for his inappropriate essay, and apologize to everyone for making all this fuss.

          • Kristophe Schneider

            There is nothing hypocritical about Sykes’ post. He is EXERCISING his right to free speech while NOT saying Gwyn DOESN’T have a right to her free speech — he is reasonably critical of the CONTENT of her speech. She diminishes the supreme sacrifice of service members at war by making a sick comparison of her dealing with inane comments to bullets and bombs blowing the brains and limbs off of human beings. It is rather thoughtless and insensitive of her. SFC Sykes rightly points out the impropriety of her remarks. He has a right to do so. Exercising his right is not hypocritical. He did not say she DID NOT have a RIGHT to say what she did. Had he said she did NOT have a RIGHT to speak, then he would have been being hypocritical. Your mischaracterizing what he said as being “hypocritical”, when by definition he was NOT being hypocritical is a hallmark of trolling.

      • IrwinLinker

        That’s tellin’ him Phalanx! Who the hell is “Michael Martinez” to second-guess our rush to judgment?! If we want to make a mountain out of a molehill, WE GET TO! Because of…uh…the troops(?) Mr. Martinez is just another libtard who doesn’t get it. Ms. Paltrow’s words mean what WE say they mean, and if we choose to interpret them in the most damning way possible, SO BE IT.

        Idiot Boy Michael, the entire point of an analogy is the two things being compared are exactly the same in every respect. Emotional pain and physical pain are not similar in any respect at all. In fact, I think I speak for Phalanx and all the troops when we say that there is no such thing as emotional pain to begin with. Except for PTSD. THAT’S REAL and if you say a word against it we’ll set the dogs of hate on you as well.

    • Nancy

      You are an ass. If you take your life because of a tweet, you would never survive life in the first place. If you are bullied on the net… push the damn power button. You should be ashamed of yourself “walked in the victims’ shoes” for some actor or actress who gets upset over a tweet from someone she will never meet in her life over a soldier being shot at for your right to be an ass.

      • chuckfreyer

        No, Nancy – you should be ashamed of yourself. You push the power button and get out of here. You are a shame to our nation.

        • Jamie

          I’m beginning to think you’re from the GP camp. You are ignorant. Reading your comments to others make me think you truly are from her camp trying to defend her actions. You should think about others, too.

      • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

        “If you take your life because of a tweet, you would never survive life in the first place.”

        I hope you have the courage and opportunity to say that to the faces of families whose children have killed themselves because of Internet bullying. You would have to be inhuman to be able to live with yourself after seeing how they would look upon hearing you.

        • David Brown

          I will look into the faces of those parents and tell them the truth that you all all the rest seem to deny. If their “children” are being being bullied on the internet then “they” as parents failed to step up and be what “parents” are supposed to be. If their “children” are so immersed into the cyber world the parents have failed, if their “children” are so mentally weak to even consider suicide then they are genetically defective and the “parents” need to do some soul searching (since they are the source of the genetic material) before procreating again and bringing another genetically defective mentally weak “victim” into the world…

          Now you will call that harsh and uncaring but truth is just that truth and denying it is even more uncaring…..

    • Jamie

      You want to sound sympathetic to GP by insulting a solider of war? Your post defends her actions for degrading the real life affects of war on military families. Cyber bullying is harsh but it is not the same as war…Idiot. Hundreds of people commit suicide from cyber bullying but millions of soldiers are affected by war. If you don’t like what others say about you on the internet, stop using it as a way to promote yourself or your work. Public figures are fair game for criticism because they advertise themselves that way. She makes her money from being on the internet. Ergo, she has to know negativities will be part of it. If she thinks otherwise, then she is confirmed to be delusional. Therefore, she should seek psychotherapy and stop trying to be a “lifestyle guru”. Common people who suffer from cyber bullying didn’t advertise themselves to be “holier than thou”. If someone does suffer from cyber bullying, then s/he also have other issues going on in their lives. But if you have true support, you would know to look the other way, especially if the bullying is from strangers. GP and her friends need to learn what a “hard life” truly is before they make comparisons.
      I have money and I am thankful for it everyday. I try not to complain about any hardship in my life because truly all my hardship in the past has given me my lifestyle now. When you become ungrateful or you have taken your life for granted, you only see the bad and forget the good. GP advertised herself to be a lifestyle guru…she needs a reality check. When you’re this ins ecure and complaining so much…what are you really teaching? You’re just whining because you have a platform for it. Whine to your friends and families. Her PR people need to be fired. They’re letting her look like an brat and sound like a moron. Now your opinion of this solider is also bullying. Learn to differentiate between the two realities before you preach. I seriously hope you are not a licensed therapist. I feel sorry for your clients if that is the case. You are judgmental and cannot look beyond your beliefs. So you are narrow minded, not what a therapist should be. Unfortunate.

      • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

        When our soldiers insult the people they are supposed to be defending merely for speaking freely then our soldiers need to be bluntly reminded what freedom of speech is all about.

        You and anyone else who approves of SFC’s Sykes’ bullying clearly don’t understand what is happening across the Internet. People are not weak because they hold different points of view or have different experiences.

        The contempt that you and others heaped upon Gwyneth Paltrow and anyone who stands up for her right to speak underscores just how poorly the lessons of freedom have been lost on you.

    • tiredofidiots

      Your comments about this soldier being uncaring and bullying people are about as moronic as you are. If you had ever been in any type of conflict where your life was on the line, then maybe you’d understand when he said that having a bad word or two said about you is nothing like being on the battlefield. Yes, bullying is a terrible thing that does injure people in many ways, but when someone posts something about you on twitter in response to something that you said or done, that’s not bullying, it’s responding. So in response to that I say, if you don’t like what is said about you, maybe you should put a bit more thought into what your putting out there for the whole world to see. And in closing, if he is so uncaring, why is he fighting so that you can enjoy the pathetic life you have?

      • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

        “Your comments about this soldier being uncaring and bullying people are about as moronic as you are. ”

        Your cowardice in not using your real name tells us all we need to know about your opinion.

        This is a country of 300 million people who all deserve to be treated with respect, but Internet trolls like you would rather turn it into a fascist haven of flame wars. Crawl back under whatever rock you came from until you’re willing to take the heat you so freely heap upon others.

        • tiredofidiots

          Oouuch, that really hurt, don’t bully me any more. You know something, every time you open your stupid mouth, you show just what a pathetic loser you really are. What difference does it make what name I use, the point is that you know exactly nothing about what your saying. So find something constructive to do with that pathetic life of yours instead of sitting at your computer defending women like Gwyneth Paltrow with the hope that she’s going to simply adore you for being her cyber super hero. And you know something, I’d come out from under my rock and pay money to see if you got the stones in your panties to say to that soldiers face what you said in your loser comment. Its too bad our military can’t pick and
          choose who’s worth defending, because you sure aren’t.

    • Kristophe Schneider

      You have a future in comedy.

    • Jim

      Mr. Martinez, GP has a choice of how she deals with the BIG BAD INTERNET she can do like many others and ignore the idiots posting the crap and write it off as stupid people doing hurtful things or she can disconnect for the World Wide Web altogether. Our green beret friend can’t just throw down his weapon, disobey an order unless he wants to get shot or sent to the brig. When you have had bullets fly past your head or held the hand of a friend who is dying during a battle then you have no idea what TRUE PAIN IS. Lets talk about SUFFERING EVERYDAY…while I sit in some desert, eating MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) waiting for the next group of people to shoot at us and my family is at home having hamburger helper wondering if I’m Ok. SUFFER…YOU HAVE NO CLUE, I feel really bad for you my friend that you think these people hold some kind of position of power…..they are actors, they are primarily passive in nature and if it wasn’t for the men and women in uniform who are out their we would all be speaking some foreign language. you obviously have never served your country and have never been in a battle situation. WE WATCH THE WALL FOR THE WOLVES AND IF THEY GET TO CLOSE WE KILL THEM, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW CLOSE THE WOLVES HAVE GOTTEN, UNTIL YOU HAVE STOOD ON THE WALL……HAVE A GREAT DAY.

    • morejoy68

      Oh dear. You are deeply misguided. I agree that bullying is a very serious issue; it is vicious, cruel, dangerous, and deeply damaging. However, it is not the same thing as being at war. A bullied individual – even a child – may choose how she or he responds to bullying even if that choice is only psychological and emotional. A person who has her or his limbs blown off cannot choose how her body responds to bombs and bullets. There is a difference. A bullied person can go to a new school or job or stop looking at the internet or seek valuable psychological or spiritual help; it may be very difficult but he or she has choices. A soldier who has been shot or bombed cannot get a new body or a new life.

      We can BOTH respect the unique experiences of soldiers AND the experiences of individuals who have been bullying without saying that their experiences are the same. We insult and disempower both groups when we do. I would, also, like to note that there is bullying in the military though you do not even recognize that intensely challenging reality. Consider the experiences of soldiers who are bullied AND risk their lives at the same time. Unlike private citizens they cannot escape the situation in which they are bullying; they must serve while being emotionally abused and they must risk life and limb at the same time. Consider how different their experiences are from a movie star who has been insulted on the internet.

      Paltrow has neither been bullied nor has she been at war. Her words were just as insulting to people who are not wealthy movie stars, especially children, who have been genuinely bullied and emotionally abused as they were insulting to soldiers who have been at war. Paltrow has not been bullied on the internet or in Sikes’ letter. She was criticized. That’s all. That’s what happens when you speak. Sometimes people disagree with you. It is part of being a citizen of a country that protects our freedom of speech. If she doesn’t like it, she can shut down her website, stop starring in movies, and leave public life. She has an extraordinary array of choices, more than any bullied child or wounded soldier on the planet Paltrow is not a child or a victim, and she is not a soldier. She is an extremely wealthy woman who is too vain, childish, and weak to accept the criticism that comes with being an adult, not even a public figure, just a grown up.

      We need to distinguish between criticism and bullying. SFC Sikes did not bully Paltrow. He criticized her, and she invited that criticism by choosing a public career. We all endure criticism. It is the price of living in a free country. The legitimate practice of social and personal criticism that adults direct towards one another is a necessary part of democracy; it is not pleasant but it is not bullying. Bullying is a form of abuse and harassment. It is serious, and it should be stopped. But distorting it and misnaming it does not solve the problem. It just creates new ones.

  • maggie

    Well said! I am so glad for your “reality check” for not only Ms. paltrow but other privilaged folks! Kudos!

    • IrwinLinker

      I agree. Bullying is not a real issue. In fact, I suspect emotional pain may not even exist to begin with. I honestly don’t care if cyber-bullying has driven some kids to suicide, to hell with Gweneth Paltrow for using an analogy to convey the pain supposedly felt by such people.

  • JaneSmith100

    Congrats on making the NYP handsome soldier! I reposted the NYP and this at California State Politics on Facebook. We’re Indie/Righty/Libertarian/Disaffected Dems

  • Dave

    Gwyneth Paltrow is the human version of the 1970s’s pet rock and the pet rock is slightly smarter. The best we can hope for is that she does not ever breed.

    • chuckfreyer

      She is an American hero. What have you done for your country? She has raised millions in taxes (off her income tax and other tax) !

      • Kristophe Schneider

        Bernie Madoff must be a real hero for you as well. He raised millions more than Gwyn in taxes and then after getting convicted he paid even more millions in fines. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to lionize anyone based on the taxes they pay.

      • Gwendolyn

        How in ANY REALITY can you call that idiot woman a American hero …. You poor dear have the intelligence of …. Well sorry apparently you don’t have ANY!

    • Lord Alderon

      Too late.

  • IrwinLinker

    HELP! I know two veterans who say this guy’s opinion is ridiculous. What do I believe to keep from upsetting the troops!?

    • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

      Not all veterans are going to agree with idiots like SFC Sykes and his supporters. That is what freedom of expression is all about.

  • chuckfreyer

    Your comments show brain damage. This is not an insult. You need to seek help or you’re a danger to America. Reasoning: the ‘inability to understand metaphor’ is a common symptom of brain damage. I hope the press gets a wind of this post.

    • Sasquatch

      Oh for god’s sake shut up. He can understand metaphor, he just thinks anyone who would employ metaphor in the way she did is woefully disconnected from the real challenges in life that many people face. He believes that a movie star with millions of dollars ought not be whining about some small fraction of the massive amount of attention she gets (and courts) being negative.

      I am truly tired of this modern craze of trying to armchair psycho-analyze absolutely everything and everyone from afar. For example, people nowadays will try to call anyone with the slightest momentary unpleasantness a “sociopath” etc.

      And here you come telling this guy he’s a “danger to America” – seriously, shut up.

      • chuckfreyer

        I am a medical doctor and neuroscientist. Metaphor can be employed in “any” way. And you are putting words into his mouth because he does NOT appear to understand symbolic language (metaphor) – signs of brain damage – which is highly likely in a “former fighting veteran”. He needs medical help – not your empathy.

        • Sasquatch

          Yes, metaphor can be employed in any way but it is widely acknowledged that metaphors can be in poor taste, miss the mark, or trivialize important issues.

          Nobody’s saying certain metaphors should be outlawed, just that when you use them you run the risk of being called silly for doing so.

          When people abuse Hitler and the Nazis as metaphorical subject matter, this often is the result. Many people feel that those are topics which are overused and which are too serious to be compared (even via metaphor) to trivial day to day concerns. Many people feel the same way about service in a combat environment.

    • Jamie

      You show brain damage with your response. His article was to shut GP down with her “reality”. Her comments were insulting to the soldiers and their families/friends. Metaphors like hers are delusional and exaggerated. She lives in a world full of insecurities and privileges. An insult to one’s ego is not war or dehumanizing. She’s an adult, not teenager. She has kids. She needs to grow up and practice what she preaches about spirituality, common courtesy and respect for others. She completely disrespected the military families with her comments. Now, you just joined her league. Moron.

  • Mick

    And the fighting continues. That’s war for ya.

  • Bladerunner1776

    Right on the money Mr. Giles. The Hollywood elite are so far removed from reality that moron moments like Ms. Paltrow’s are commonplace. She has such a tough life, we should be sympathetic to her, she is in need of serious attention to feel she has a purpose in life besides being “on set”.

  • Tonka

    With all due respect, I think the author’s energy would have been better spent addressing actual issues that veterans face daily, such as the very real and far more threatening forces aligned against them abroad and at home (personal, political, financial, psychological, vocational, etc.) rather than using up bandwidth to directly and rather attack a person whom he doesn’t know in a rather petty fashion about some off-the-cuff comment. I’m afraid this kind of aggression says more about his fixations, anger and grudges than her ignorance. Why not focus on better targets for your frustrations? For example, Congress regardless of party is far more dangerous and belittling to the average soldier than “Hollywood A-list” types because they actually have power to affect the lives of military families directly and do so in many negative ways (and some positive too, of course). While this article and stance might make for good clickbait, it doesn’t really advance the military’s cause or image when those who have served proudly and bravely lower themselves by excessively and snidely attacking people who might not completely understand soldiers’ experiences, or who are a little foolish or ignorant in their commentary, etc. Rise above the corrosive stereotype of the raging, cynical ex-military guy and educate the public about your experiences and viewpoints in a constructive way. If you simply lash out and pull the “I’m a veteran, so shut up” card, it might feel good in the moment, and sometimes even be justified, but inevitably it just alienates those you’re trying to enlighten. And if it is done too much, and no matter what you’ve been through, how much sacrifice you’ve put yourself through for others, people will eventually stop listening. That kind of aggression in discussions like this doesn’t really work that well, no matter how unfair that might seem. Patient, respectful, but assertive communication with the intention to opening the public’s eyes to the life of those who have served would probably go much further and actually help your brothers and sisters more.

    • frank

      Why do you always have to refer to another topic, the man writing this article is spot on and to the point. I did 6 tours in and out of Afghanistan and I am also Special Forces. I like what he said and it is very meaningful.

      • Tonka


        This is the first time I’ve ever posted here, so I am not sure what you mean by “always”. But I agree with you in part – I also think what he said was meaningful. However, I’m addressing the somewhat snide way he said it, not the content, necessarily. I’m not a fan of sheltered actors’ opinions either, but the overall tone seemed to be more about his grudge against the left, or Hollywood, or pampered actresses, etc., than actually addressing the very real problem of the misunderstanding and ignorance that exists in the civilian world as to the experiences of those who serve in the military, especially during wartime. The punishment doesn’t exactly fit the crime here, in my view, and I see it as counterproductive to go after this kind of target (some meaningless Hollywood actor) for basically innocuous off-hand remark that wasn’t thought through enough before it was spoken, and that remark certainly was not threatening toward anyone. It was just poorly-informed and executed. Soldiers, especially experienced ones, should be bigger than going to the offensive every time there is some perceived verbal slip. They’ve seen more of life. They don’t need to puff up with indignation every time someone who knows nothing about war and has no real direct effect on their lives makes some casual remark. It just doesn’t reflect well on the uniform and the community. As I said, this is mostly due to his snide tone rather than the content. I just think there are far more constructive targets for criticism, and also better ways to engage the public when making those criticisms than what is displayed here in this article. If you want the public to understand military life, explain. Don’t attack when it isn’t really necessary. It may feel good in the moment, but in the long run I think it will be more effective to let silly stuff like this roll off the back. That’s all. I mean no disrespect to the author or anyone else. I just think it’s better to keep some perspective when faced with these kinds of remarks. The heat on this thing isn’t necessary.

    • Ssilversmith

      You’re commenting like this article actualy took a great deal of energy. Like the exercise and effort that went into it were a tremendous undertaking, and were there fore a wasted because it wasn’t put into something more “worth while.”
      I’m sure this article took no more time to pen than it toom me to read it. With that regard, why can’t this man do both? This man is a United States Green Beret. This is a man who’s mind is as sharp as a razor and trained to be able to multitask-on the fly- in some of the most stressful and horrific situations known to man.
      Compared to some of the things he’s probably done I doubt this paper took no more effort than passing gas and the after thought of it lasted a fraction of the same amount of time.
      Why then can he not, as I’m sure he already does, do both?

    • BikerBro

      You’d be surprised at how much good SFC Giles can/has done by making the comments he did. The Hollywood types can have a lot of sway in politics sometimes, but that isn’t the point. A lot of the people who follow the Hollywood elite are effected by what they say on and off the set. Many people have a totally warped view of real life due to the way it is depicted by Hollywood. War and combat; police chases, fight scenes, gun battles, etc. are so warped from reality that most vets cringe when we watch them.

      Everyone is free to voice their opinion because of our 1st Amendment rights for which some of us willingly and proudly fought and others proudly served. But you have no right to tell anyone that they are wrong to voice their opinion, especially when they risked their life to protect your right to voice yours!
      MSG, SF, USA, Retired

      • morejoy68

        Thank you for your great points and thank you for your service. We need to hear MORE from veterans, not less! And I will be glad to listen no matter how you express yourselves! It is our job as citizens to listen to and truly hear you no matter how you choose to voice your thoughts, not to judge how or to whom you respond.

        I, for one, think SFC Sikes had an amazing response so if I do have a judgment it is to be deeply impressed.

      • Tonka


        I appreciate your opinion, and I never said he didn’t have to right to say what he said. My criticism isn’t the same as trying to silence a voice. I simply disagreed with his targeting. Of course, everyone has the right to say their piece. He said his. You say yours. I say mine. It’s all part of the discussion. I don’t think we all have to agree on every nuance, do we? In fact, I would hope we wouldn’t be that robotic. As you pointed out, many people have died for an open discussion like this to take place. So, I joined the discussion. That’s all. If you believe his remarks to be 100% effective and righteous, that’s your take on it. I agree wholly with the content of what he said. I just thought the tone was off, and more importantly, the criticism is better saved for more meaningful targets, one that hold real power over the military. Often I see veterans attacking sandbag targets like this over some kind of underlying frustration with a certain type of people, and I really wish they’d point their very intelligent criticism toward the levers of actual power that have sway over their real lives.

        • BikerBro

          What makes you think he hasn’t? Why can one not make comments on the Clash and also talk to their elected representatives also–it is not mutually exclusive! We all know that people of influence speak to publications all the time as well as to politicians, so I guess I just don’t understand why you disparage his attempts to bring light to GP’s comments. Sure, there is plenty to talk about to congresscritters and senators and local officials and state officials; and many of us do that. But that does not mean we have to remand ourselves from commenting on the frivolities of the elite as it applies to those who protect and serve.

    • Veteran

      Boycott Twitter Vader (Gwenyth Paltrow) until she apologizes to people who really suffer from war!!

    • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

      “I think the author’s energy would have been better spent addressing actual issues that veterans face daily, such as the very real and far more threatening forces aligned against them abroad and at home (personal, political, financial, psychological, vocational, etc.) rather than using up bandwidth to directly and rather attack a person whom he doesn’t know in a rather petty fashion about some off-the-cuff comment. I’m afraid this kind of aggression says more about his fixations, anger and grudges than her ignorance.”

      Well said, and worth repeating.

    • morejoy68

      Tonka, you missed the point and you missed how strategically effective this letter was. SFC Sikes doesn’t care about Paltrow. He cleverly used her silly comments as a launching pad to educate a broader audience about the challenges facing veterans and military families. Because of Paltrow’s exposure in the mainstream media, he has been able to draw the attention of that mainstream media to people and situations that truly matter. Have you seen how many sites that never mention veterans or their families have links to this article? What he did was absolutely brilliant! both in terms of content and strategy! You don’t get it, but a lot of us do.

      • Tonka

        morejoy68… Thanks for your thoughtful response. You write well, and obviously are a sharp thinker yourself. Let me just address a point you made. I never said I was uncomfortable with the author speaking about the realities of war. I fully agree that the realities and horrors of war should never be brushed aside or remain unspoken for the comfort of civilians. I am not sure why you thought I was saying this, but I assure you that I wasn’t. I too am very concerned about the ignorance of those who haven’t experienced war and how it affects our society, especially the ones who have actual power over the movements of the military. I never had a probably with his bringing up the real plight of soldiers of all wars, present and past. My point was simply that he is choosing a typical pampered Hollywood, left-leaning target that is often derided for the vapid and ignorant views they hold, but not really important in the long-run. They rarely have true decision-making power over the military and military lives. Yes, those points of view should be talked about and criticized, but too often the criticism from members and supporters of the military which is aimed at these types comes across as overdone, overextended, and it is often rather transparent that it is about deeper held grudges or biases. While he wrote well (I agree with you there), and he’s obviously concerned about his brothers and sisters in the military in their lives, I think the military community is better served by its seasoned members not overreacting to some casual remark an actress made. I do think they should save their passionate attacks for Congress, powerful types who make bad decisions regarding the wars they fight, and organizations like the VA who sometimes fail to take care of them once they are back home. Attacking a thoughtless actress might garner a lot of attention, but I don’t think in the long run it is the right kind of attention. Yes, let’s speak about the realities of war. Let the veterans educate the public about them. That’s more than important – it’s necessary. We’re in accord there. But going after rather easy targets like Paltrow with such heat and with put-downs, saying she’s egotistical and narcissistic, etc., implying she’s weak, etc. makes the writer seem reactionary, as if anyone would take her cheapening of war experiences so seriously, or as if they have any real weight in the actual world of veterans. I think such criticism would be better aimed at the chickenhawks in Washington that have not ever experienced war (and in fact have avoided service), but have spent their lives planning wars and sending young men to their possible deaths with little thought about the real consequences during and after. Those politicians and planners would be a much more worthy targets for the author than some meaningless A-list actress. That was my main point. And that was my only point. I am fully supportive of talking about the reality of war in a public forum otherwise, and yes, we all should be made to feel uncomfortable about it. Take care, and thanks again for your response.

        • morejoy68

          I believe SFC Sikes had multiple targets, including the politicians. Paltrow was only his symbolic target, but his true target was a broader cultural and political dynamic and audience. He used Paltrow to draw attention, but his audience was clearly much wider.Politicians only listen to us as individual citizens when they think the media is listening to us. The media is now listening to SFC Sikes so politicians will, too. This article has a better chance of making politicians hear him than if he physically went to congress and shouted in their ears. Again, his strategy was to draw the attention of those who may only be interested in celebrity gossip and compel them to hear an important message. Politicians are very attentive to issues of popularity including “clicks” so the fact that SFC Sikes is getting such a strong internet response is more likely to attract their attention than anything he could say to them directly.

          I take exception to your description of how SFC Sikes expressed himself. You described him as a “raging” and “attack”-ing Paltrow. He was not raging. He was appropriately angry not only on his own behalf but on behalf of those who did not survive this war and their families. He did not attack Paltrow; he criticized a public comment she made and the context in which she made them.

          As a black person and a woman, I do not like it when white people or men tell me how to discuss my experiences of racism and sexism, and I have had many. Therefore, I can empathize with SFC Sikes. Your words were very similar to the way men tell women to talk about sexism without being angry or whites tell people of color to talk about racism without anger. I imagine that soldiers do not like it when civilians like us try to tell them how to discuss their experiences of war. Again, sometimes our discomfort when listening to the words of others who know an experience that we don’t is instructive and necessary.

          Also, you inaccurately suggest that we are constantly hearing raging soldiers to the degree that it’s a stereotype. I don’t think we are hearing enough rage from men and women of the military. They have been remarkably restrained. Every single one of my veteran students suffered from PTSD, and I mean suffered. Yet they didn’t complain or rage. They worked hard and tried to get an education. I was stunned by the experiences they had and how calm they were when they described them, but my God, did they suffer. If they had raged a bit more – in a non-physical way – they would have had every right to do so and so would every other person who has been at war.

          Frankly, if we created more opportunities for soldiers to express their anger in the public sphere, and if we listened thoughtfully and respectfully, we would have less toxic symptoms of veteran PTSD and fewer soldiers who harm themselves and others.

          I think SFC Sikes letter is a great first step.

          • Barry Stilts

            Down with Twitter Vader!!

  • Kristophe Schneider

    If Gwyn has her panties in a wad over what people tweet about her, she is going to have PTSD after the backlash from her insanely moronic comment about her life at war now . . . .

    • Jeff

      lmao, NICE

  • LaughingatBubbleHead

    Listen, you really can’t blame someone with a room temperature IQ for stupidity. She thought Twitter was an exclusive club for Twits, so she signed up.

    • Sunshine43


  • scotsman

    well said mr giles…..they make millions being”stars”, not give a Sh&t what they do…respect is earned ,and you and yourbrothers and sisters in arms have EARNED this by the cartload….

  • Owllyn


  • KC

    This vapid display of hyperbole is just what the “stars” of today expect, that we actually care what they think when dealing with the issues presented. Regrettably, the TV and radio is replete with our hunger for just such supercilious behavior. All those who have served our country in any capacity should be revered as much. I, for one, am in eternal gratitude to them for the cause they defend. To quote another (sic) “They have provided the very blanket of freedom under which we sleep”

  • Antie War

    I gotta agree, with comparing anything to “war” as ridiculous. The war on christmas, war on christians, war on the rich, war on marriage, etc. You have to be an idiot to make that type of comparison

  • JStef

    Thank you for your service & God bless you! People like Paltrow should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Veteran

    Jane Fonda was christened Hanoi Jane for this stuff. I nominate Gwenyth Paltrow as Twitter Vader.

    • Lord Alderon

      Hanoi Jane is what she will always be…

    • Milwood123

      You demean Darth Vader.

    • Sam Houston

      Sounds good. Twitter Vader it is. Pass it on y’all.

  • Chris

    God Bless you Mr. Giles and all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country – I would hope that Ms Paltrow is not conducive of the majority of actresses and actors – But to her and people like her, I’m begging you, and thousands like me are begging you, get over yourselves already – If it weren’t for people running out of more important things to do and finding themselves completely bored with a couple of free hours on their hands, you wouldn’t even have a job – Seriously Ms. Paltrow, the people you employ contribute more to society then you do

  • Lord Alderon

    Gwyneth needs to keep her lips shut.

  • Sam Houston

    Hollywood has long become irrelevant mush. Few of those currently in the limelight could hold a candle to Hollywood Legends of yesteryear. You know, that time back then when Hollywood was not full of Progressive Liberal morons trying to tell you (hypocritically) how to live.

    Great retort Bryan Sikes.

  • dog

    When I play a hero that doesn’t make me a hero. When I play a villain that doesn’t mean I’m a villain. If I’m in a industry that pays me a lot of money to parrot words and emotions that doesn’t mean I really went through that circumstance that I’m mimicking. Here is a example for all you Hollywooders. Try to pretend on camera that your tired from a hard day of labor. Then go outside the next day and dig a fifty foot trench. They are not even close to being the same. I feel sorry for Hollywood, which is nothing more than extension of Disneyland for adults.

  • jack mc bride

    really Mr Giles, as a veteran 1965 3 tours you are fighting an enemy with a first grade education, leather thongs, dusty robes, an ak47, a rocket launcher and a few id’s and some 15 years later we are no closer than the fall of Saigon, this war was illeagal and under the bush regime 12 us embassy’s were attacked 2002 once, 2004 twice, 2006 once, 2007 once, 2008 twice with some 24 dead unlike Bengazi where four died. The contracters who provide security make up to $250,000 dollars a year and flown to the states free?? We were drafted, you volunteered, get a grip I am sure like most sitting on a sofa eating nacho chips, drinking beer, farting and burping, watching honey boo boo or duck dynasty she meant no harm. Less than 1% of americans have even served. You pick up a rifle and fight then you come back to the states to die at the hands of the va hospital, this is where your hatred should be directed at the va hospitals who have treated us with disdain and contempt far longer than you have been alive, semper fi, I am just done with the false wars we get into

    • Johnny Carson

      Seriously Jack?,

      And who do you think you were fighting? A bunch of Scientists? Your foe did have an AK47, probably an outdated RPG and a trip wire, or maybe a some widdled Bamboo for a trap. If you were a true patriot like your rant up there seems to suggest, you should be ashamed of yourself for basically calling the Afghanistan war “Weak” and calling someone out for saying his mind. Are you defending what the stuck up snob said? Sounds like it. I can already see your political view point, I know everything is Bush’s fault right? BTW your Embassy attack list is ridiculous. Most were car bombs outside of a couple embassy’s, a couple consulates and compounds. 2 were suicide bombers outside the walls of the Consulate. A couple were gunmen that attacked. 1 was a RPG fired at an embassy with no damage. There was no TAKEOVER of an embassy!

      Also that fact is those attacks were told to the public, NOT covered up for political gain at the cost of American lives! And why didn’t you Volunteer? So it took the Government to come get you for you to serve? Real patriot there.

  • Adult Stewie

    I’m a republican, air force vet, and while I understand SFC Sikes stance and outrage I think deep down there were other intentions for this letter. Most men I served with could care less about what the civvies think about them. As long as they come home alive and neutralize the threat the country can be at peace. Usually special forces don’t communicate outside of the military networks, but every now and again it happens. War is horrible and changes you forever, but it’s a necessary evil to keep the world in check.

    • jumper297

      Agreed… while it was funny, Sikes is just as big a narcissist as Paltrow, which may be why she bothers him so much. The letter was very much a self-serving “look at me!!” moment under the guise of an object lesson.

      • Bob Beverly

        I agree, Down with Twitter VAder!!

  • tomKatt

    Well said Stewie and Jack. There’s a huge difference between those who were drafted and those who chose to join. The men who were yanked from their homes to serve our country are true heroes and deserve our respect. All others must earn it. WWI, WWII, Korean, Viet Nam vets just wanted to come home and put their service behind them. They would not dream of parading around in combat fatigues just to have people fawn over them. A simple “let me buy you a beer” was enough; not incessant “thank you(s)” for their service. Nor would they have approved of the picture above showing a service member holding a weapon, next to a photo of a pig tailed little girl; let alone take a minute out of their day to blast a person publically for making an off handed comment. These were and are real men, not show boaters intent on keeping the myth of their heroism alive .

    • Ignorant Veteran

      It sucks what happened to Vietnam Vets. I think the guys who join voluntarily deserve the heroism logo though by virtue of the fact that they joined voluntarily, kicked butt and took names. The Vietnam Vets deserved better than they got, but don’t let the fact that times have changed allow your jealousy to impede the experience of the current soldier/heroes.

      • Bill Joe Monhausen

        Down with Twitter Vader!!

  • MSG, USA, Ret.

    Who is GWYNETH PALTROW ? Never heard of her. Oh and for my Air Force friends …. ground crews stay on base while the pilots fly to the fight. Green Berets are on the ground at the fight. Two different types of combat.

    • jumper297

      Right… because every single person in the Air Force is ground maintenance on aircraft. There are no JTACs, TAC-P, SPs, PJ, Combat Controllers, or Special Tactics Sq. at all.

      • VolunteerVet

        A close friend of mine was a helo pilot in USAF during Nam, and he was shot down twice. He took bullets while on the ground after being shot down, and saved his crew in ground combat. While his actions were truly heroic, he could not have done his job without the ground crews. “He also served who only stood and waited.”

        Please do not denigrate those who do ground work, as they are needed.

  • Vivian Yu

    I think she’ll say , “accountants, personal assistants , wait a minute , you forgot to count my personal trainers !! You are so rude . This is exactly what I mean by ppl attacking me all the time !! Do you know how hard it is to pick a dress for my movie premier ? $1200 shoes ? You don’t know me at all ! I don’t wear cheap shoes , okay ?”

  • Andrew H. Miller

    Mr Sikes, below is my reply to your letter. In much the same way as you “burst a bubble” for Miss Paltrow, I hope to do the same for you. I have served for six years on active duty with the Army, including 2 in Afghanistan. I know what I’m talking about.
    Read here, or below: http://andrewhmiller.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/dear-mr-sikes/
    -Andrew Miller

    Dear Mr Sikes,

    I’d first like to start out by saying how terrible I feel for you and all your friends that on a daily basis have to endure mean or ignorant words by celebrities you don’t know. My name does not matter, nor my nationality, nor my true language. I am a little girl who hasn’t yet reached adulthood. I am already dead. I was born to a tribe or small town in Asia or Africa, my family was killed or I was taken from them at gunpoint. I was traded for weapons or food, or imprisoned by men, barely teenagers, who were force fed amphetamines, killed each other, and raped me daily. When I grew too old-maybe 17 or 18, or when I became pregnant – they shot me in the head. I am a composite character, because many young women share my story.

    Dear Mr Sikes,

    I am a person of African descent that was born, lived, and died without knowing freedom. I have never experienced a moment of life that was not shaped by fear and the threat of punishment. I must choose daily whether to work myself to a near-death state of exhaustion, or to be beaten or killed.

    Dear Mr Sikes,

    My name is Andrew Miller and I was not a green beret and I did not work my way up through the enlisted ranks like you. I joined the Army in 2006 as an officer through an ROTC program and served in Afghanistan for a total of 2 years. I studied history. And I consider myself a lifelong student of common sense. In the recorded history of humanity we are enjoying, believe it or not, a greater overall state of peace than ever before. This would not seem the case for you or me, but it is true. We have both experienced, firsthand, war and its effects. It is indeed a bloody dehumanizing thing, and it has defined us.

    It would be foolish, however, to assume that our experiences in war define an imaginary point on a spectrum of suffering, on which we are morally justified in pointing out the rightful place of others. You are correct in the spirit of your description of Miss Paltrow’s luxury-filled life, but you demean the experience and moral authority of those who have suffered war by implying there is a relative value. There is no value in war. We who have survived our experiences overseas are morally obligated to share our experiences with honesty and conviction. Castigating celebrities for sloppy or off-the-cuff remarks does not help our case. You clearly feel passionate about the significance, meaning and sacrifice associated with your war experiences. Please don’t waste your voice on correcting a celebrity in a public forum. You have a story to tell – that is apparent – and the world should hear it. Speak of war honestly and intimately, and don’t undermine the truths of war’s highs and lows through Hollywood discourse.

    I opened this letter with voices from two composite characters that are rooted in truth. You and I both grew up in relative safety in America. We did not have to worry about whether the water we drank was safe – if it was even available. We did not have to worry about being raped or murdered by other tribes or rebel groups. We were born into freedom. Your letter to Miss Paltrow is equally deserving of the same message from someone who has seen even worse than you. Imagine that.

    Shouting down a person like you have done will only make people more afraid to honestly discuss and inquire about war. If people aren’t free to make mistakes, ask “dumb” questions, and test out ideas, then we will never learn. An entire generation of Americans will grow up with an “abstinence” policy about the topic of war. And they will only know what they “can’t” say, and will be afraid to say the “wrong” thing. The public’s opinion of military service members and veterans is generally weak. That is, they have little grasp of our place in their lives except as figurehead heroes or carriers of misunderstood mental illness, and therefore a threat. I hope you continue to write and share your experiences on what it means to have survived war, seen others who have not survived it, and to have returned home to a country in need of education on that topic. Despite my hope that my “job” would be complete when I returned home and put my uniform away, I have accepted that veterans must force the issue in a benevolent and thoughtful manner. We who have made the journey must also be the ones who shine the light on the good and bad. This is a perpetual effort, not a task we can expect to complete in our lifetimes. I would appreciate hearing your voice again. Speak firmly, honestly, and with patience – we’ve all had a mentor in the military who forgave our mistakes and made us stronger, better. It’s our turn to do the same.


    • Ignorant Veteran

      Quit pandering to celebrities Mr. Miller. Attempting to intellectualize a very simple matter doesn’t make you sound smart, more arrogant and self aggrandizing. You and Gwenyth Paltrow need to go have tea somewhere and talk history over crumpets or something. Down with Twitter Vader (Gwenyth Paltrow)

      • Maurice A Tillman

        How so? If you read the entire message, you’d understand it. However, you’ve skimmed it and blocked out any common sense. Miller didn’t insult anybody. He told an unbiased truth about war and the enemy we face.
        Sfc. Sikes needs to realize that he has a responsibility. As a Green Beret, he’s probably seen the ugliest parts of war imaginable. However, he needs to realize he HE CHOSE THAT LIFE. Unlike him, many people don’t have the luxury of deploying to a war zone and leaving. Some people live in a war zone. He needs to stay humble and realize that there are millions of people that fight his war EVERYDAY.

        • David Hampton

          Maurice, as I read your post I found myself shaking my head and smirking – although soldiers often do sign up because they need a job or want the GI Bill or the medical care or for hundreds of other reasons, the fact is, there are bad people out there that want to take what is ours (including our lives) and the United States simply has to be ready at a moments notice to defend herself, if not for people like SFC Sikes, who voluntarily stand up to defend our country, then we would surely revert back to the draft in some form or another – it’s as simple as supply and demand in reverse. “The luxury of deploying to a war zone and then leaving”…I’ll let you fighure out what is wrong with that statement. Many of those people who find themselves living in a horrible war zone share the responsiblity because they failed to vote or fight when doing so would have been a small effort and instead blindly accepted whatever form of control that their government asserted over them (in my opinion, all of the horrible places in the world are controlled by leftists – they play nice until they have total control and then they begin stealing the wealth and heart of the country. The Barack Obamas and Bill & Hillary Clintons of the world…). And finally, you suggest that he stay humble, how much more humble can the guy be? He goes and places his own life on the line to protect people who often don’t appreciate it and will likely place themselves right back in the same predicament as they were in before (Look at what is going on in Iraq right now – we gave them everything that they needed to succeed and they simply aren’t willing to fight to stay free).

          • Maurice A Tillman

            Its a shame that you probably know more about this pinhead than the last soldier to earn the Medal of Honor. That guy is a real hero.

            I wish soldiers would stop feeling like people OWE them something. A person is supposed to join the military. It his duty. A person is not a hero for doing what they are supposed to do.

            By the way, he’s not “defending our freedom” right now, ma’am. He’s protecting U.S.Government interests. If America wasn’t making a lot of money Jihad would mean nothing to us.

          • David Hampton

            Maurice, I didn’t call him or anyone else a hero – I described my idea of a hero and I said that the responders to the WTC attack weren’t my idea of a hero and I explained each of those positions but I didn’t call anyone a hero – that word is way overused (in my opinion) and that tends to take away from those real heros.
            No one in this country has a duty to join the military; however, if you do join the military then you have a duty to serve in accordance with your oath. In over 40 years of working with soldiers (all services), I’ve seen few that think that they are owed anything other than what they contracted for and the few that did were liberal types.
            Sure “He” is defending our freedom simply by the fact that he is serving. Soldiers don’t get up every day and go look for a fight but because they are there and are ready to fight we don’t often see the bad guys of the world try to come and forcefully take over our country or our government so “He” is certainly defending our freedom every day that he serves. I assume that the U.S. Government interests that you’re speaking of is the “Oil” that we supposedly always go to war over but never seem to take. Instead, we, the people of America, pay for those wars – not only in the lives of our young people but through our tax monies and we never charge those governments or peoples that we defend – we certainly should make those countries that can afford it pay our costs (Iraq) but we don’t.
            And finally, you refer to me as ma’am – what woman have you ever known with a name like “David”? I assume that you just looked at the picture of my grandaughter and assumed that I must be a woman…funny.

      • Andrew H. Miller

        I don’t like Paltrow’s words any more than you or Mr. Sikes do. Read my post, please. Berating ignorant people does not help anyone; that is my point.

        • Jack Bandit

          First, it’s a public forum. People use it to state their opinions. If you’re looking for “help”, you’re not likely to find it in the comments section anywhere on the Internet (or editorial letters) as that isn’t their purpose.

          Second, I don’t really see Sykes’ letter as “berating” anyone. He merely pointed out that comparing a trivial annoyance with the stress of war is absurd.

          You say:
          “It would be foolish, however, to assume that our experiences in war define an imaginary point on a spectrum of suffering, on which we are morally justified in pointing out the rightful place of others.”
          Then, because of your shared experience, proceed to do just that. I fail to see how his editorial letter (and it’s exactly that) is in any way “shouting down” Paltrow. The man has a right to his opinion the same as everyone else. Your collection of letters from hypothetical people simultaneously implies that because all people suffer, none have the right to call others out while also marking the varying degrees of differences on the “spectrum of suffering”. So, which is it?

          “Shouting down a person like you have done will only make people more afraid to honestly discuss and inquire about war.”

          Again, where has he shouted anyone down? If a strongly worded opinion is enough to give this much concern, then maybe the Internet isn’t the best place for you. As long as there is war, for or against, people will discuss it. Paltrow getting getting her feelings hurt (which is doubtful considering she likely doesn’t even know this letter exists) won’t be a variable in that equation. I can think of no bigger testament to that than veterans returning from Vietnam to the hippies and other hard-left attitudes.

          “If people aren’t free to make mistakes, ask “dumb” questions, and test out ideas, then we will never learn.”

          Neither will they learn if those mistakes, dumb questions and ideas aren’t called out when they are wrong.

          “An entire generation of Americans will grow up with an “abstinence” policy about the topic of war.”

          Andrew, let’s put this into perspective. You’re fear is that because of this man’s opinion, stated in the form of an open letter to a celebrity who probably doesn’t even know it exists, that all discussion about war will stop. It just doesn’t hold water. Granted, you aren’t saying that this and only this will achieve that, but neither would a hundred letters of peoples opinions on this subject. Want to know why? Because people will never cease to have opinions. From the trivial to the important, people will always have their take on it and they’ll always be willing to share it, especially over the Internet.

          “The public’s opinion of military service members and veterans is generally weak. That is, they have little grasp of our place in their lives except as figurehead heroes or carriers of misunderstood mental illness, and therefore a threat.”

          I beg to differ. There is substantial support and respect for our military men & women, especially in the South, Mid-West and with conservatives in general. Say what you will about them, but the most staunch supporters of the military tend to be conservative and this country is largely conservative. Even better is that there has been a revival of sorts recently with Hollywood no longer bound and determined to portray our military as rapists and murderers.

          “I hope you continue to write and share your experiences on what it means to have survived war, seen others who have not survived it, and to have returned home to a country in need of education on that topic.”

          …Then why’d you write your post?! That is PRECISELY what he did.

          “Despite my hope that my “job” would be complete when I returned home and put my uniform away, I have accepted that veterans must force the issue in a benevolent and thoughtful manner.”

          So…because he didn’t do this the way that you thought he should have, it’s wrong. Are you serious? I could see it if Sykes had cussed her out or unfairly belittled her, but he didn’t. He simply called her out for a disrespectful comparison of the trivial with the deadly.

          I am truly baffled by your post. On the one hand, it’s well-worded, it at least appears that you put some thought into it. Then on the other hand, it’s largely hogwash.

    • youre,an,idiot

      andrew, not to burst your buble, but you are a douche-nozzle-ass-clown. I’m confident that, although you may have been in the same Army…possibly even in the same Afghanistan…you have not shared the same experiences as Mr. Sikes. Based on the way you write you were in charge of the motor pool or the mess hall or an “intel” officer (always been an oxymoron) hiding away behind a desk while telling all your friends you were “at war”. in any event, you were safely lodged miles from any actual military action, pushing around people who your government gave you control over simply because you went to college. Regardless of where you were; you most likely joined because you wanted to “capture the spirit of war and put it on paper”.

      Your rambling, ego-fueling diotribe has less to do with Sikes being wrong than it does for you to think the world is reading your message. “composite characters”…seriously, you fu@%ing douche!?!?! bad stuff happens all over the world…Sikes didn’t say that he was more or less aggrieved than a girl in Asia or a person in Africa or a prisoner in Turkey or a side of ham at an overeaters anonymous meeting! your equally-douchey friend however compared being insulted on a social media site to war…it’s a dumb-ass comparison by a woman who is world-renowned for constanly being in “me-mode”!!! Sikes is venting his frustration with that comparison in an honest and well-written letter. you jumping to her defense just shows what an ass-hat you are.

      to link your idiotic comment to a wordpress website further validates the fact that you are another attention-whore looking to scream to the world “look at me, i have something to say”! another bubble-burster for you: as much as i wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of getting the “hit” on your link…understand that most of the hits you are getting are either from people looking to see where they can harrass you next on your “promotional tour” or members of the newly formed “bowe bergdahl fan club for disallusioned soldiers”.

      in closing, you are still a dick…but, hey…that’s just my opinion!

  • David Hampton

    297 and Adult Stewie, According to usmilitary.about.com, http://usmilitary.about.com/od/terrorism/a/iraqdeath1000.htm,
    The Army (including the Army National Guard and Reserves) comprises 48.8% of
    the total DOD force, but sustained 73.2% (2,716) of the combat deaths in Iraq
    and Afghanistan. The Marine Corps (including the Reserves) makes up only 10.8%
    of the total DOD force, but experienced 23.3% (867) of the combat related
    deaths. The Navy (including Reserves) make up 18.9% of the total DOD force, and
    sustained 2.2% (84) of the total combat casualties. The Air Force (including
    Air National Guard and Reserves) comprises 21.5% of the total DOD force, and
    experienced 1.1% (40) of the total casualties. There has been one Coast Guard
    combat casualty. The numbers are almost identical, percentage wise, for those
    wounded in action, 30,490 U.S. service members have been wounded due to combat
    actions in Iraq and 2,309 in Afghanistan (32,799 total). The Army experienced
    22,948 (70.0%) of those casualties, the Marine Corps 8,721 (26.6%), the Navy
    656 (2%), and the Air Force 474 (1.4%). So, from my perspective, the Air Force
    really has no say in any discussion concerning meaningful service to our
    country…heck, there were more U.S. women killed in the Iraq and Afghan war
    than there were air force weenies… Furthermore, I didn’t see SFC Sikes
    comments as being anything like bragging or look at me, he spoke for all vets
    (even those who were never called to combat) in order to point out to all those
    who’ve never given anything to their country that nothing in their daily lives
    can be compared to what soldiers face in combat.

    • tomKatt

      What did the Vets you refer to “give” to our country? They were compensated for a dangerous job just like a cop or firefighter or coal miner. They received a pay check, sometimes a signing bonus, food, room and board and medical (hold the VA jokes) You don’t see these folks or most service personnel calling out others for their meaningless comments. If the pedestal wasn’t going to be high enough for you, you and people like Mr. Sikes shouldn’t have hired on.

      • David Hampton

        Using your example, JFK shouldn’t have hired on as President of the U.S.
        Just as Paltrow has a right to express her views in public, so does SFC Sikes. Firefighters and police and coal miners go to work with the expectation that they will come home at night; whereas I’m sure that SFC Sikes has gone on missions where the odds were seriously stacked against him and his team and it was understood that some would not return at the end of the day. That is a hero. I don’t for a moment consider those firefighters, paramedics or police who died in the World Trace Center collapse heroes because they went in with the expectation that they would come out safely. HOWEVER, some went in after the first building collapsed or while both buildings were still settling in order to save others who had fallen and those were certainly very brave heroes…in my opinion.

        • tomKatt

          David, your president scenario is exactly what I’m talking about. Even though he ran for the office, he knew the potential dangers of being “hired” he had the option to withdraw or continue at his at his job. A drafted service member doesn’t. Whether or not Sikes, or anyone else who was not drafted, went out on dangerous missions is immaterial. They knew the risks and hired on anyway. That simply is not the definition of a hero since he was doing what he was hired to do. I agree with you that, for the same logic, the firefighters, police, paramedics who were doing their jobs, but lost their lives on 911, while a tragedy, were not necessarily heroes either. I don’t know the entire story of Mr. Sikes and maybe he did do something heroic while in a battle. But make him a hero for doing something, not being something. No one is arguing the Mr. Sikes has the right to express his views but with freedom of expression comes the freedom to debunk.

          • Billie Jean Isnotmylover

            Down with Twitter Vader!! Vietnam Vets had it bad….we get it. Don’t hate on the present day soldiers for being the heroes that they are. Down with Twitter Vader!!

          • Maurice A Tillman

            Great…the good ol “My war was better than your war” troll. Please elaborate on why soldiers in Vietnam are more or less heroic than soldiers of today.

          • David Hampton

            When JFK and later when Bobbie was killed the whole world whined about it and continues to do so. Reading through all of your posts, I don’t see any where you tell them to shut up since both John and Robert knew what they were signing up for. Your side seems to always be ready to defend Hollywood types (read your own post about Biebler) and are always seemingly ready and willing to listen to anything those people have to say although most of them have never done anything for the people of America, yet at the same time, you’re ready to shush someone who has certainly earned a right to have his say. The military’s definition of bravery is showing courage even when you are in great fear for your life (maybe not word for word – it’s been awhile – but that sums it up pretty well), so, in my opinion, those men and women who volunteer to stand and protect the rest of us are certainly more a hero than someone who was simply made to serve, because they know going in that they may be asked to give their lives and yet they do it gladly. Some people do enter service just to have a job but most that I was associated with (I’ve served my country continuously since August 1973) continued to serve because they felt that they could make a difference and knew that the world is not a nice safe place like the liberals would have us believe it is. Shame on Paltrow for making such a sensless remark and shame on you for defending her drivel while shushing someone who daily puts his life on the line so that she can continue to spew her mindless nonsense.
            To clarify my previous statement, I’ve got no beef with those who were drafted and served honorably when called – many men who were drafted went above and beyond the call of duty and gave their lives for the safety of their comrads and are now honored as heroes. I do however believe that it is more honorable to volunteer to serve than to be drafted.

          • tomKatt

            Today’s soldier does not volunteer, rather they apply, get hired and get paid. Much the same as a police officer, who also does not volunteer and certainly no more than a bagger at the local grocery store for the same reason. Todays soldiers have done nothing more for the people of America than a cop or firefighter or coal miner does as these are all dangerous jobs but they chose to do them and in return are paid. You are sadly in error when you compare today’s soldier to draft era soldiers. A person could volunteer during those times. Not today.

      • docreid

        You’re an absolute idiot….period…end of discussion

      • Noonespecial

        Serious DA. You should move out of this country and live elsewhere.

    • https://www.facebook.com/FarRightOfLeft Farrightofleft

      Well said @disqus_T1bsQdnoVP:disqus, you forgot to add something for this @tomKatt:disqus What has Hollywood done besides push for
      everyone else to save the
      country while they sit back and really do nothing except to come out
      and say something “controversial” right BEFORE their NEXT project is
      about to premiere? Sorry, but I am sick
      and tired of liberals defending Hollywood and compare them to our service men and women. The desktop-armchair-warriors who want to be a ‘movie star’.

      Worship no
      man/woman, not this one, not others who have no plausible and actionable solutions for our country.

      And I’m offended when they compare themselves to my shipmates!!! Period!

  • Linda Barbera

    Please HELP and Support an Innocent Soldier

    Please Ask your friends and family to SIGN and SHARE Michael’s Petition.

    Drop All Charges Against SFC Barbera


    In 2007, no one questioned that SFC Barbera shot enemy combatants in defense of his unit. Two years passed before any allegation was made that the…

  • Robert Moulds

    The people in Hollywood should be more greatful that their way of life is being protected. True memorial day was to honor the vets of the American civil war but since then it is to honor those we either defend America or extend her interest over seas. They have allowed the rest of us to live in a liberal democracy even if our enemies could not ship vast armies to invade us.

    • Marine Wife

      Robert. I’m not sure where you were told that memorial day is to “honor the vets of the American Civil War” but just a little bit of info here:
      The purpose of Memorial Day is to honor the many fallen service members from all wars and engagments past and present.

      Yours truly,
      A proud Military wife

  • chuckfreyer

    Folks , Paltrow is an all American Hero. She has raised more money and paid more tax than this brain-damaged person that does not understand “metaphor” . Get medical help. Having said all this – this man is also a hero too; just suffering from medical brain damage

    • Jack Bandit

      There is no way in hell you aren’t a troll. Maybe be a little more subtle next time.

    • Noonespecial

      Anyone that gave you a thumbs-up is dumber than paint.

    • Tom

      Another person that that defines the word fuktard

  • Rodney James

    Good job Chuck…way to rationalize stupidity. By pointing out all that Paltrow (member of the top 1%) has done you have managed to equate her good deeds of paying taxes (easily presumed to have been minimized waaay lower by a high powered top 1% CPA) to be the same as being wounded in action.
    “Metaphor…” Hmmft. Brain damaged? Really?
    I guess by your logic SFC Sikes should have stayed home and sold girl scout cookies instead of being part of the REALLY relevant 1%.
    Chuck. You. Are. A. Jackass.
    Paltrow. Why don’t you move to Mazar Al Shariff and see how difficult you life is when you cannot get reception on your cell phone…?

  • Smash_the_State

    Whos gives a crap? Tell that meathead he was the one that signed up to go fightthe rich man’s war. No sympathy for him. And don’t bother with “he’s fighting for your freedom to say that” b.s. I’m not ignorant enough to fall for that crap. I’m not ignorant enough to believe that killing children and raping women in Iraq or Afghanistan is protecting muh freedums. You ignorant fools will believe any lie spoonfed to you by the government. Ask this that green beret if he’s one of the soldiers over there guarding the poppy fields and bricks opium. Or was he one the ones guarding the oil in Iraq because Saddam was nationalizing their oil and the U.S. had to put an end to that?

    • Ognol Longo

      Oh, one last thing b/c you obviously know nothing about global events and politics… Your comment about Iraq is 110% wrong.. We went there b/c Bush had a deathwish for Saddam for an assassination attempt on his father – NOT oil, you retard.. If this was true, Saddam could have stopped Bush in his tracks by publicly making this claim before and during the war campaigns through the UN… You’re nothing but a freaking mouth with not a damn atom of sense about you..

      • Smash_the_State

        Oh really? Now it’s about a grudge match? I thought it was about WMDs? Funny, you just call me names, yet give no proof. If it wasn’t about oil, then how come the day before the invasion Polish GROMs and Navy SEALs stormed and took control of the MABOT KOOAT oil terminals? Two of of the most important terminals for exporting Iraqi oil.

        Also, there’s this, which came from a Bush cabinet meeting in April of 2001:

        The report, Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century, concludes: ‘The United States remains a prisoner of its energy dilemma. Iraq remains a de- stabilizing influence to … the flow of oil to international markets from the Middle East. Saddam Hussein has also demonstrated a willingness to threaten to use the oil weapon and to use his own export program to manipulate oil markets. Therefore the US should conduct an immediate policy review toward Iraq including military, energy, economic and political/ diplomatic assessments.


        Yea, keep believing thousands of U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died because of a grudge match or made up WMDs. Not for the same reason we’ve overthrown governments in many other countries, for western business interests (Iran in 73, Guatemala in 54, Honduras in the early 1900s etc etc..)

      • Tom

        You give the work fuktard meaning

  • Noonespecial

    That was great. LOve it.

  • alaanile

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  • alaanile

    Great…the good ol “My war was better than your war” troll. Please elaborate on why soldiers in Vietnam are more or less heroic than soldiers of today.
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