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  • Jat

    Understand your intent, and think it’s a good one. I’d like to point out, however – that not all who give birth are qualified for eternal sainthood. Some are abusive, and not good people. The reasons vary, but many who abuse are afflicted with personality disorders. Adult children of those moms have compelling reasons to avoid contact – as it’s critical to their recovery and healing process. Many wish for loving, nurturing mothers they never had, and this time of year is often hard on them.

    • sjplwc

      Obviously, technically, I agree with you , Jat. But overwhelmingly, undeniably the problem with most mom vs. children issues have to do with selfishness, refusal to forgive, stubbornness, pride, etc. Frankly, very few folks on the planet need encouragement to remain angry or bitter or alienated from one another. Sadly, that pretty much seems to come to us naturally. So I’ll stick with what I’ve said and let the tiny minority who have a legit excuse to remain estranged go with that option. To the rest I urge, once more: get things right while you can.

  • D

    Beautiful. Thanks for this, Steve.

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