• AR154U

    But this is a WIN WIN !! The Obama White House keeps its flow of illegal voters and ICE agency will receive larger and larger budgets “to keep up with overwhelming workload” ! Government Bureaucracy 101

  • Tom K.

    36,007 new Democrat voters / streetwise criminals. Who is looking out for You ? AND it’s the Dems that want to take away your legal firearms AS they are make America more dangerous. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  • lizaz

    Watch out for a huge increase in drunk drivers and sexual assaults!! Two of the illegal aliens’ favorite things to do…….

  • Rham

    What for us civilians is daily work, to government employees is overwhelming workload. Releasing criminals under illegal status back into the population is an insane thing to do. My solution? Because they are so many, fill few complete train loads with them and take them to the border and let them cross the river. No need to deport them via airplane.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    It sure as hell doesn’t look like we need immigration reform. Barry the clown has all the doors wide open now.

  • Jr1776


  • colsooonscoorner

    If obumma weren’t so loose on release, there wouldn’t be so many coming.

  • Global Minority

    They could solve this problem but they dont want too. Its simple. Oporation wet back ring any bells…. Honstley its both parties not one and it didnt start with this President although it has gotten much worse under him…. And the beat goes on

  • David S.

    So, have a criminal “rap sheet” and continue to break the law by being here illegally? Wow. In order to fix that, we should look at how other countries handle illegals, look at how we do things, and make the necessary “corrections”. It appears that following the law is too tall of an order for Obama (on so many different levels, of course). Should CIC stand for “Criminal in Chief” instead?

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