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  • jb80538

    The 20 something whiny brats think it’s all about them. They may not even be able to read what was written here. Comprehension would even be another matter.

  • Erik

    Well said. I am sure there will be plenty of rebuttals posted about being cold and insensitive…which I think is the point! I am tired of the touchy feely ways that have become prevalent.

  • LeSellers

    He may have been rich, but he exuded the welfarism mentality: everything was about him, and nothing was about responsibility (personal responsibility).

    People who expect the world to give them everything are singularly unprepared to exist in a real world where even necessities must be wrested from the hands of mother nature.

    Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Joe Bob Jim Bob


  • Island

    You are SOOOO right Doug. If only the young kids would start listening


    Being older now, my daughters understand WHY I was the way I was when boys came a calling!

    They were required to park the car, come in and introduce themselves in a respectful manner and then proclaim their intentions for the evenings events!

    Not that I was trying to be a brute but, when I shook their hands, if their knuckles popped, the better I felt I got my point across!

    If they tried to come over with their pants “saggin”, the date was off until he changed and returned his big brothers pant to him!

    Last but not least, pictures speak 1001 words. My military and police pictures in my home were additional evidence that I was not playing a game!

    Bring her home sober, safe and on time, and you won’t receive an ass whooping! Have a great evening “kids”!!!

    • Barbaree

      You rock! Some fathers tell the boys that they’re not afraid to return to prison!


        Well, I used to go to “jail” on a daily basis! LMAO I took a lot of idiots there!

  • regulus30

    chickification of men;;; new generation of wimpy ass666ed puzzies;; grow A set you urban pukes……..A COUNTRY BOY “CAN SURVIVE”, CAN YOU RUN TROT LINE, CAN YOU SKIN A BUCK;; YOU CITY SLIME…….

    • Sylvester Jones

      Get a life you radical nut case.

      • Denver Kitty

        Sylvester…really? You can’t tell when someone’s pisssed? regulus30 is an Illinois boy — the land of Lincoln. Remember? Or were you asleep at your school desk? I’m a “city kitty” who can respect a earthy MAN. You would not survive one full day without your “electronic device”. I actually pity you. What I won’t do is seek you or any of your ilk out…I don’t gravitate to wussies, and you do sound like one. God bless the U.S.A.

        • Sylvester Jones

          Any day punk step out and try me you two-bit fag.

          • regulus30

            WELL TAR BABY IF WE WERE SOME PLACE OTHER THAN CYBER SPACE;; I would take you down, but since you can run and hide in your cyber cocoon;; I can only lament on the pleasure of kicking you stupid ass666.

          • Sylvester Jones

            Dream on punk.

        • regulus30

          thanks ;; not all city people are ilk;;but big cities are what created the dependency on socialist [union] services;; take up the garbage, clean the streets, drive the taxis, run the mass transits, ;; ie; socialism/communism…country folk work sun up to sun down growing the food that “sylvester” shoves into his pie hole; they work 24/7/365 to keep these urbans alive…..

          • taliesin319

            As a New Yorker, I went hunting with my dad and my sisters whom he took every year during the season. He was not alone. many fathers did the same. Most of my classmates learned to
            use weapons safely. In those days there were rod and gun clubs in High School. Our boys now are being raised to be girls and timid girls at that. Reg, Sylvester is not about to tangle with anyone and if he did we’d all buy tickets to see it and give all the proceeds to him for proving us mistaken.

          • regulus30

            exactly;; well I must be honest, once I made sylvester as the target , I would put 230 grains in his empty cranium….I am not into pssing contests.

          • taliesin319

            Nice choice. Good hunting.

      • reggiec

        Those are the words to a Country song. A good one I might add.

      • regulus30

        I got one sylvester;; you weak ass66ed loser;; I will survive even during your reign of failure;; molon labe putah…….

        • Sylvester Jones

          Step outside and see who’s the real man you punk.

          • Denver Kitty

            Sylvester, the pussie, I want to buy tickets to this one. Sylvester, you are going to hear 2 sounds: 1. regulus30 hitting you, and . you hitting the ground. LOL.

          • Sylvester Jones

            I doubt that. Want to make a bet you pussie?

          • Rob Davis

            I’ll take that bet. Liberal pansy ass.

          • Sylvester Jones

            I’m not a liberal and definitely not a pansy.

          • regulus30

            see you are so removed from reality ; you even talk cyber stupid….milk does NOT ORIGINATE in a carton, nor do your frozen veggies and ice cream.

          • regulus30

            If you are getting to this sight via Doug Giles ;; take a look at the handgun Clint Eastwood is holding ;; that is a 44 magnum revolver [the most powerful handgun made];; just for your info sylvester;; of all the large caliber weapons I own, it is the only one that punches a clean hole through 1/4 inch steel at 100 yards…

          • Sylvester Jones

            Well good for you, all my guns are capable of home defense, etc.

          • Combat Veteran Seabee

            I don’t see your sorry arse going anywhere fool!

          • Sylvester Jones

            Vet here also. Quit talking out of your fat mouth, you don’t know me from Adam.

      • regulus30

        you actually think YOU HAVE ONE??????

        • David

          oh my, two guys stroking at each other with a couple more watching. That’s pretty gay for this site :)

          • regulus30

            if that is your take you may be the one who is gay.

  • Oldskool


    • TRex

      I believe it was a joke. That’s Giles’ style if you’re not familiar with him.

      • Oldskool

        I like beer, in fact, I think I’ll have one. But I wanted to see what others thought about drinking beer to soften life’s hard edges.

    • gypsy

      Orrr, good ole American Bourbon

    • gypsy

      Or good ole fashion American Bourbon

  • Jill

    One of the best ways to fight the anti-gunners is to join the NRA. Call today and pass this around friends and family. Call 877-NRA-2000. With all the power of the federal government and the media coming after our guns we need to be united!

    • regulus30


  • Denver Kitty

    Doug, some of the best “advice” I’ve read. The reason I stay single is that I don’t want to raise another child. I want a “man”…and there seems to be very few out there. I’m still keeping my eyes (and mind) open because you never know. I have standards, morals, goals, and dreams. I want someone who is a match for me. God bless the U.S.A.

  • RhondaOR

    Yes, why don’t you get young men into murdering animals and smoking gross cigars macho freak? You Doug Giles foster the brutish mysoginism that abuses women.

    • Denver Kitty

      Jill, not to defend Doug Giles BUT…just how many times did you vote for Obama? Doug abuses women? Have you seen/read about his daughters? They are incredible young women. I really believe you need to read up on both Doug and his family. “Brutish mysoginism”…nice try but my dictionary says that’s non-existent. Get a grip and stop endeavoring to be a troll. God bless the U.S.A.

    • Johnny

      A machoism that will lay down their lives for a real woman. Yeah, I guess going vegan is some much nobler.

    • Dale

      What does that mean? You don’t murder animals, you kill animals, man has been doing it since whenever. I don’t like cigars.

    • taliesin319

      If you want to speak about hatred of women do us all the curtesy of learning how to spell it or if it was a typo practice your coordination.

    • NoRINO

      So, you must be OK with ‘war on babies’ and a Muslim supporter.

    • Henry L

      “Murdering” refers to killing people. Unless you are a monkey who can talk.

    • krdave

      Rhonda, here you are again. You are always so full of it.

    • Rob Davis

      The only people that abuse Women are Liberal psychos and Muslims. Macho freak?! He’s a responsible Father with morals – two things Liberals lack entirely.

      Why don’t you learn some morals, and while you’re at it, go on a hunting trip, learn responsibility with firearms, the value of life, and where meat comes from.

      If you’ve EVER eaten meat, I don’t care if its Fish or Chicken, you’re nothing but a hypocrite, but that wouldn’t surprise me at all coming from a brainwashed, fearful, lying Liberal nut case like you.

      Kindly move to the EU, maybe there’s still time for you to get into a Socialist country over there, but be warned – Europeans are also getting sick and tired of you whiny, illogical fools very quickly.

    • bet1125

      Did you write this editorial letter?

      • CharlieFromMass

        Love it! Where did you find that?

        • bet1125

          Hey Charlie, can’t recall where I first saw this but I saved it as the ultimate example of lib logic. Feel free to cut and paste; you must be surrounded and outnumbered in Massachusetts as I am here in the People’s Republic of California.

          • CharlieFromMass

            Yeah, it gets pretty depressing here sometimes. Well, all we can do is keep trying, I guess. I don’t look so much for domination as I do balance. Massachusetts is a beautiful example of what one-party rule can do. You folks at least have some changes with occasional Republican majorites in your legislature and getting governors that are Republican.

            I’m copying and pasting that for myself. I need that in my collection of clip-art.

    • gypsy

      I can only say, you’re an ignorant, self absorbed, coddled little girl. I would like to see you live in Afghanistan or Nigeria for 5 years to see what life is really all about and bad things can gett.

    • oldgoatee

      Every party has a pooper bit who invited Rhonda?

      • Dave

        Rhonda is a troll. Rhonda has the “hots” for Doug and is pi$$ed because someone much better already married him.

  • Ulfric Thorsson

    More rich spoiled BRATS who were “raised” (using that term VERY loosely!) by other whiny self indulgent candy asses. Seriously,you sissies,we need to take a few pages from Sparta’s playbook

  • Recon5

    Pretty reasonable advice. But Elliot’s Manifesto was really just Elliot justifying, or trying to rationalize his disturbed mental state. Elliot was not your average boy.

    • Ulfric Thorsson

      No,but whinny little bitches like him are BECOMING the average

      • Recon5

        Yes they are, and they now come in assorted cisgenders as well as the traditionally liberal variety. I call them the Democratic SVU. Except when I call them the LBP’s – little bitch patrol,the rise of the real third party. Or Third Way, depending.

    • NoRINO

      You are correct, average boys don’t drive BMW with chit-face father from Hollywood.

  • CaptGene

    Elliot is the result of narcissists inbreeding. All they are going to get are more narcissists. You see it all throughout the hollyweird crowd.

    • lisarichards124

      Elliot is the reason my parents always told me never marry a man who can’t do anything but look at himself, you’ll breed morons

  • Al

    Good advice Doug, and goes along with kids getting participation awards and not having to make the team anymore. My guess is he had a nanny growing up, and parents probably “free spirits”. I raised my son to have a pair and handle rejection. He ended up serving 20 years in the USMC and retired as a gunnery sergeant. Married he treats his wife with respect and his sister the same way.
    Elliot Rodgers was just a spoiled brat always told by nanny and if they were there his parents that he was perfect.

    • Trish P

      He did have nannies when staying with his father (father usually gone on location) and with a mother who gave him EVERYTHING he wanted. Who never said no (re: his own writings). Religion was never mentioned.

  • marlene

    way to go Doug!

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    Elliot was the masculine side of Pajama Boy. Both are what the white male hating Progressive left expects of todays “boys”. They are certainly not men as they appear to have acquiesced to their expected cultural roles. Growing up is tough but it’s easier if the males out there just “grow a pair” to quote a recently much maligned city official. Life is easier when you stop giving a crap about what everyone else thinks and set your own standards of achievement. I’m wondering if during Elliot’s formative years he was ever taken to church by his parents, exposed to the Ten Commandments, ever provided with Christian guidelines to use as a baseline of acceptable behavior. In today’s Hollywood, I’m guessing not likely and if I’m correct, we shouldn’t be surprised at what happened. His parents should be examining their own role in this event and stop blaming guns. No gun ever jumped out of a box and killed someone.

    • michaelcuddilehammer

      Life is easier when you stop giving a crap about what everyone else thinks and set your own standards of achievement.
      When I was 12 (around 1956) my grandfather told me to never concern myself with what others thought of me. They were the ones that have to live with that thought, not me.

      • EHeassler_USNRet

        Pretty good advice I’d say.

    • lisarichards124

      I just spit laughing at your opening words! OMG! That’s so true and PJ Boy is as gay as the come!

      • EHeassler_USNRet

        Yep, I think the Libs shot themselves in the foot with that add. It certainly wasn’t in the ‘nads.

  • Gunflint

    Well said Doug!

  • http://theawakenednation.ning.com/profile/KevinMKeener Snowman8wa

    @Doug Giles,
    AMEN Brother! RE: your last:

    “We do not teach our daughters to be rude, but we do teach our girls to cudgel off narcissistic crotch rockets and let them know, in no uncertain way, that they aren’t interested in your shallow life if you’re insistent on being a toad.”

    We Dads of daughters lead “the horse” to water and yet……….they still kiss a lot of “TOADS” in their seeking that fairytail prince they’ve been told exists.

    I’m constantly reminded by my daughters how they DO listen to what I say….and they still do what they want. I’d like to see a counter article for the whiney “mean” girls that the N.O.W. and LGBT AGENDA[s] has created as well.

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • MrBultitude

    Excellent essay. As a fellow dad of a great daughter, I am definitely training her to avoid self-absorbed lunks and look for the visionaries. Keep up the good work.

  • ron44

    This needs to be in the main stream papers and electronic media..spread this if you can,,,vary good,

  • MontieR

    You nailed it. My second daughter is 20 and finally is understanding. She is now seeing a youth pastor, all the dregs she went to church.

  • Son of my Father

    Touche’, Mr. Giles…Touche’!!! I am a 44 year old man who was raised by a “Real” Father…he wasn’t perfect, just consistent, stern, caring, hard ass, self reliant, raised himself on a tobacco farm, USAF Vietnam Vet, put him and a wife through college, made something of himself never asking for a DIME, secretly helping many people never asking for recognition (At his wake age 57, many people told me stories of generosity he did for them, never asking payback or public knowledge). Lessons I learned from him I would never trade for a zillion dollars. REAL FATHERS make REAL MEN. Period.

    • lisarichards124

      My 81 year-old retired builder of a dad taught me how to repair houses–I’m sort of a “Rehab Addict” because of Dad. He said not all guys know how because too many don’t want to lay down their own floors, re-plaster, put in new sinks and faucets–dad and I are shopping for the new faucets to repair the 1920’s sinks in our antique home. Also buying plaster and paint–asked if I would redo all the walls that settled.

      Then we’re going to sand and stain the old floors.

      I love it! And I can do it! Not to mention plating trees and more in gardens because dad taught me. He said you shouldn’t pay a fortune to some foreign worker who will screw it up and is illegal. You learn, you can build anything if you try. Hey, why not! So far, what I’ve redone on the inside of the house is fabulous!

      Could Elliot Rogers tear out plaster and re-plaster–by hand? No, he was too busy getting psycho because he was a virgin. GMAB! No girl want s whiner!

      I’m as girly as women come. No one would ever look at me in my high heels, hair, makeup and cloths and think I can repair a home and plant orchards, but I was taught to get things done even if you have to do it yourself, and you better know how, because you could be stuck if you don’t.

      If dad can’t do it, I don’t have to call a handyman, gardener or builder–I can put on the tool belt, get out the equipment and do it! and then go shopping at Bergdorfs

    • parlayer

      my dad was a narsisist. and it was different, My neighbor helped make me the Man I am today, (hunting and fishing trips and the like) Bless you Rocky!! All is Good!

    • CharlieFromMass

      Very well said.

  • Robert Nabors

    if anything this is more a letter to liberals in general

  • 19greg45

    Love it!!!

  • Wordell

    Not having a son(s)…my daughters(!), each, now age 37 and 32, thanked me for being a “loving” hard -ss when they both were in their mid twenties. The eldest did it first with a sit down with me, holding hands at a table…her younger sister did the same about the same time in her mid twenties. I was called everything but a child of God by both of them for the discipline, direction, attention, rules, regulations, and “it’s Dad’s way or the highway” direction of behavior….in and out of the house…that they were to live…all the time along the way… me being called a “Nazi” by them when they didn’t get their whiney way. This direction in life I taught them to embrace (truth, honor, character, integrity…anything/everything non-liberal/”progressive”) paid off. Understand something……this discipline was enforced, but most of what they thanked me for was the truth…and lot’s of love and laughter I gave them. My wife and I prepared them for the good, the bad, and the ugly of life and how to experience the good most of the time. They both fell in love with great guys, married, and are successful in their endeavors. They have good days, bad days…just like everyone else…but they are equipped with the understanding and resolve to overcome/improvise/and adapt. It works. Too bad discipline and truth has been replaced by liberalism. You witness its effect every day in the news nationwide. Sad. Those who voted in (twice !) the dominant purveyor and leader of this destructive behavior, can reap what they have sown. It only gets worse after this, as his election has infested more and more of everyday American life. When it’s rotten at the top, all below are doomed. Again…sad.

    • lisarichards124

      My parents would not allow me to date until I turned 18. I’m the only girl in a family full of boys!

      BTW, that made me tough, but not in a hard way, but in a know how to punch back way. And Dad always told all the boys: “You cannot hit Lisa, she’s a lady, never ever hit a lady no matter what. Always protect girls, defend them.”

      But I was dad’s little girl. At 81, he still calls me his little girl and heaven help any guy who sass talks men in a nasty way: “Whoa, who do you think you are talking to! That lady is my daughter and you don’t speak that way to a lady! Apologize.”

      Thank you daddy!

      BTW: When I was 16, a boy I liked asked me out and I begged mom and dad. They said okay….but…we’re going on the date with you both. We’re driving you, taking you to dinner and supervising.

      I thought I would die! But the boy? Oh, he had the time of his life–and so did I– talking to my father who lived in Brooklyn during the 1950s and hung out at Harlem jazz clubs and heard the greats sing and play, as well as going to the original Met Opera House and seeing the greats of that say perform.

      Dad saw the Yankees when the infamous played, dad saw the Hindenburg as it flew over his New Canaan CT farm as a child. Minutes later dad and Nan listened live as it blew up.

      Dad listened to FDR announce WWII, dad saw the war planes fly over his childhood home and said there were so many planes the sky was dark. Dad saw TV invented, he remembers when trolly cars were in NYC and CT.

      And my mother–a professional ballerina and tap dancer whose uncle was one of Glenn Miller’s backup singers, he dated Ava Gardner and Yvonne DeCarlo–who came to my mother’s family home for dinners–and my uncle fought in the battle of Okinawa.

      And dad’s parents, they had been all over the world and saw everything. My grandmother, who was 95 and born in 1890 was still alive and boy did she have things to tell.

      Yeah, that boy loved having my parents take us on our date–so did I. I think he was more interested in me for my family and the fact I was raised by walking talking history.

      But my father did tell him in front of me, “If you ever try to touch my daughter or think about that, or think about really dating her until she’s 18, I’ll anchor you at the bottom of my lake, do you understand?”

      We were only allowed to be friends and by the time I was 18, we were really only friends and never anything else. So my parents were right to not let me date until 18, because I didn’t know who or what I wanted at 16 and could have made a mistake.

  • Casmige

    This would be great advice however one must certainly remember that when dealing with the unreasonable?? one cannot ‘reason’ with the unreasonable.

    It’s like ‘good’ having a dialogue with ‘evil’ & some-how thinking that simple persuasive well constituted arguments, facts, & figures will some-how stem the tide of evil’s intentions.

    It can’t & it won’t.

    The only way to deal with ‘evil’ & the unreasonable is to be very well prepared for it & at the moment it reveals its evil intent?? To deal with it on its terms in swift decided action….else, if one palliates it or coddles it??….it will simply re-group & re-plan its attack.

    evil, like stupidity is rarely if ever cured through reasonable approaches & dialogue.

    If G*D could not do it with satan, then what makes us mere mortal people capable of the hubris of thinking we can or do any different.

    There is a stark reality that every one, both Good & evil, needs to carefully & fully consider……..there are only 2 sides that any one person can elect to be on.

    The sobering facts of the matter that “The Good” have to deal with?? ……is that to defeat evil?? one will have to use & implement the means & various implements to accomplish their battle with evil in order to vanquish it & keep it from hurting or gaining the ascendancy over others.

    “Good” is required the responsibility of being “Their Brothers Keeper”…& that unfortunately means arming ourselves with the mind-set & the implements to defend with absolute certainty the defenseless.

    evil can only triumph when good people do nothing……but then again?? When good people do nothing?? They are actually siding with the evil and therefore not really ‘good’ in the least.

    once can make a choice, but in NOT making a choice?? One has STILL Made a choice.

    One can side with the “good” but that requires decided & determined action….mere words & sentiment is not enough.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    It is the liberal mind-set (A mental deficiency no less) to think that one can reason & dialogue & diplomatically resolve things with evil people.

    This is the same on a Micro familial sense as well as a Macro governmental National stance.

    “Every-one is a winner & gets a trophy” is simply setting every-one up for variance & ultimate stinkin’-thinkin’ based narcissism and the subsequent & very real zombie Apocalypse where the mindless hive mentality of those who suppose they should have something they are denied by others who worked & earned it will come down to a battle for the mind on such things in the valley of megeddo….

    • fed up

      if ~GOD~ couldnt do it with satan???? you better go back and read ‘THE BOOK’ …….AGAIN

      • Casmige

        Yeah, G*D couldn’t “reason” or convince satan….IDK, but that is what the version of Holy Writ i have read says.

        There’s no reasoning with evil.

        There is YET to be the White-throne judgment where all evil & variance will be annihilated & thrown into the lake of fire.

        So, I’m sorry, but what were you thinking I meant & referenced??

        satan was kicked out of heaven and he’s on a rather short leash here in the here-&-now.

        SO, I stand by my assessment: G*D can’t & didn’t do it with evil or satan then, now or ever & neither should “we” mere humans think to palliate, coddle or try to ‘reason” with or persuade evil to be or do other-wise than what it simply will ultimately do.

        The only thing for “Good” to do?? is to like-wise as G*D will ultimately do & can only do & that is to annihilate evil….

        We all found out what negotiating with evil in the guise of Mussolini, Hitler & Stalin got us, huh herr Neville Chamberlain??.

  • lisarichards124

    Thank you Doug Giles!

    I’m sick of these whiny losers who are oh so upset because girls wont have sex with them. We wont have sex with you morons because you are wimps, girly men, you act like you’re gay, you suck at everything: You can’t change a tire, you can’t replace a sink or faucet–I can do all three, you can’t plaster walls or lay down floors–I can do both because my contractor builder dad has taught me to literally be a “Rehab Addict” ala that TV show, because dad said you’ve had me to fix and replace and restore and rebuild everything, but you need to know so you wont pay a fortune for some imbecile from a foreign country who can’t do it, or some stupid American kid who can’t do anything but comb his girly hair!

    You can’t even read! You don’t know history and you think Andrew Jackson was Michael s older brother!

    Yeah you girly boys who whine, we girls today can do handyman work, fix cars–and we even took classes so we would know how in case we were stuck on the side of a highway!

    We take self-defense classes and not the wimpy kind, but the kind where you learn to break necks eight different ways because we women don’t like being raped!

    Let me tell you Elliot-esses out there what we women love in men: We love real men, not metro-sexual guys who are into their looks and cologne that stinks to high heaven and would get them killed in the wild. Elliot Rogers probably couldn’t spell hunt, dear or deer.

    Yeah, we like guys who know how to use a gun to hunt and protect us, as well as go shooting with us.

    We like Godly men, Bible reading, God-fearing men, because those men obey God and treat a woman right–Just don’t cheat with whores ala Jimmy Swaggart or we real women will remove your balls and throw them to the dogs. And we can’t stand the guys who made Geek philosophy their religion: Go wear a toga! Go home to your mother!

    Oh, we girls hate that: Mama’s boys who cry to their mothers about everything. When you are engaged to us or married to us girls, you left your mother and father and cleaved unto us, so cut the damn apron strings and be a man and husband! Wash your own hair and do your own damn laundry, you’re married!

    We like the Moses’ and Aarons and Jacobs, Calebs, Josuas, Gideons, Samuels and David and Jonathans. We can’t stand the self-centered Sauls!

    Hold the door open for us–cars, buildings, etc, hold out our chairs for us, carry heavy stuff for us even if we can–show us you’re a man and want to be a man.

    Don’t try to buy us: Giving us expensive things does not impress us girls, it tells us you are not willing to give us your heart and you want to control us with gifts. We hate being bought, we prefer being loved, liked, your best friend, your companion, someone you can talk to and we can talk to, share with good times and bad.

    Don’t try to impress us with yourself because that’s arrogance and we only have pity for you guys who swagger with self-centered egoism.

    Get the memo: We would rather date and marry homely who’s nice, kind, Godly, loving, understanding, has integrity, fidelity, is honest, decent, trustworthy, works hard, is a go-getter, never gives up, unselfish, rather than some good-looking guy who thinks he’s the be-all end-all and thinks same-sex marriage is him and a mirror.

    Look only last a few decades and then everyone goes to old age pot.

    But you whiny snit-faced brats who think girls should have sex with you because are as useless as a Michelle Obama weight loss book and you will never get a real woman, or any woman for that matter and you will have to go over to the gay Movement, because they are the only ones who will have you

    • MM

      Lisa- May we use this as an original post for ClashDaily.com?
      Editor, ClashDaily.com

      • lisarichards124

        I would be honored!

        • oldgoatee

          Fantastic post! I can hear my late wife in your words and I do miss her.

          • lisarichards124

            You would never know it by looking at me, that I can help my 81 year-old father–who’s stronger than a linebacker– repair my parents antique home, but I can because he taught me at a young age to paint, plaster, sand floors, refinish with stain and wax, lay in floors, etc. I can paint the outside of the house as well. A bit steep on those Gothic Tudor peeks, but dad’s 81 and retired from building 10 years-ago and said do you want to hire foreigners who do a sloppy job or Americans guys who only know how to do graffiti or do you want to get it done right?

            The basement is huge and it has all dad’s equipment he said I can use to repair, restore.

            Oh, he said never marry a wimp, a whinny mama’s boy, don’t marry a guy who thinks he’s good looking even if he is, don’t let a guy buy you when I your father have been able to give you everything, and you are smart enough to make your own money and buy whatever you want. Dad said any man who thinks giving you expensive things will get you only wants to own you.

            I agree, and all my jewelry came from dad, grand-dad, grandma and grandma and my mother. Anything else I can buy. I prefer a Godly man who’s life is centered and grounded on and in Jesus and His Word, or he won’t treat me right or well.

            Elliot Roger was not only insane, but he was also spoiled because his parents probably felt guilty over his insanity. They should have locked him up and those kids would be alive.

            It’s not the gun that was mentally unstable, nor the knife, it was the insane brat who couldn’t get laid.

      • lisarichards124

        Do you want it edited and polished?

    • LTsiao

      Excellent! Nicely done! Raise daughters to be choosy, never settle for a man, wait until and hunt for the Godly man you are intended to marry. Lifelong commitment!

      • lisarichards124

        Exactly! And my parents have been happily married 58 years, still hold hands like teenagers, still in love. They made the decision then to found and ground their marriage and family on Christ

    • bet1125

      I think I love you….by the way, Michelle’s work out video is much better than the weight-loss book. You might be able to find it on Amazon, titled “Body by Stinkbug”.

      • lisarichards124

        Yikes. Working out for me is hiking miles around the hills where I live. Gyms smell, nature rocks! I walk with deer, wild turkey, see tons of birds, woodlands, and I breathe great air from the woods and off the ocean down the street where I also love to hike and collect shells.

        Oh, doesn’t Michelle eat that stuff fried but tells us we can’t?

        Note to Michelle: I live on butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lamb, beef, chicken and fruits and veggies and cheese, cheese, cheese and bread–and ICE CREAM–and this 5′ 6inch woman only weights 98 pounds! So there! Fats are good for us, we must eat fats in daily, oils, meet or we are not healthy. So explain how I’m so skinny and I live on fats and protein and carbs galore? You can’t Michelle, because you don’t believe in God or the diet He created for mankind

        • Lugh

          How old are you? You may yet become a sea cow. You learned all the male stuff. What about the feminine arts? Role reversal is wrong and un-Godly.

          • lisarichards124

            darling, at my age, if you’ve never gained weight, you never will, and since both my parents–elderly–are skinny, as were all my grandparents on all sides, as are my siblings and relatives, I don’t have to worry.

            And sorry my little darling, but I’m a girly girl who loves being a woman and could never be a man or a lesbian. Role reversal is not for me. I like men and respect men who act like men. Michelle Obama might be a woman, but she acts like a dictator who thinks she has rights to tell us all how to live and eat.

            And darling, it’s not nice to ask a lady her age, but let’s say I voted for Reagan–first pres, watched the moon landing and walk, watched Nixon resign, thought Carter was Castor with a Georgia accent and also remember RFK’s shooting.

            As to the feminist arts: I write about them on my blog and describe radical feminists as saggy-tittied hairy-pitted bra-less women with more hair under their arms than gorillas. I prefer being a girl

          • bet1125

            Michelle Obama might be a woman, then again, she might not.

          • Molly

            I think you nailed it…Michelle MIGHT be a woman…I have my doubts. But go easy on the state of older tits, they can’t help it. Doesn’t make one a lesbo or a libtard.

          • lisarichards124

            Very true. My late grannie would say the same thing, after telling me, “FDR and Wilson were the anti-Christs!” And forget getting her started on Carter. During those years…oh could she rip him apart for his big government FDR Wilson ways she so hated, because she was born in 1890 and made money and owned land before IRS taxation. “Tax” was the biggest “F” bomb in my grandmother’s world. If alive today, she would be a 124 year-old tea party leader! In a bra of course, she was a Coolidge woman!

          • scot sims

            If you’re going to be so honest change your icon. You’re definitely not in your 20s.

          • lisarichards124

            I never said I was in my 20s. And that Icon was recently taken, so I have to say to you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, YOU FABULOUS WONDERFUL MAN YOU!

            I’m 48 and I’m proud of the fact I don’t look it. And i never hide my age from anyone because I don’t look my age. I’m proud of that!
            That’s an up-to-date icon. And you: I LOVE YOU!

        • bet1125

          Good point..maybe the best thing about your workout is you don’t have to wait on any equipment while the person ostensibly using it is staring at themself in the mirror. Are you a fellow Californian, outnumbered and surrounded on all sides?

          • lisarichards124

            No, not Californian, born and bred Connecticut Nutmegger: I’m one of those Puritans who believes God is the only answer to everything.

            But yeah, surrounded by idiots who think big government is the answer, but thank God there are still a lot of conservatives here and being Yankees we are brutally honest and don’t hold back from our opinions toward those Leftist who invaded our region and state years-ago and decided to progressively left out wings. You usually find them in the gyms, the conservatives are usually out hiking, riding horses, we play golf and tennis, but don’t get me near a left winger with a racket unless you want to see me fit a racket over their head for their leftist stupidity.

          • bet1125

            Ahh, Connecticut, the OTHER state President Rollo Tomasi is from. There are a lot of conservatives here as well but mostly in the rural areas. L.A. and San Fran are lost, here in San Diego it’s more balanced because of the military presence. Not too many gals like yourself out here, so if you don’t mind I’d like to consider you as my new online friend and fellow warrior fighting the good fight.

          • lisarichards124

            In a state this small with just a little more than 2 million–and that’s because we are next to NYC, so biz people live here or NJ, plus we have had an enormous influx of illegal aliens here because they come looking for day labor–landscaping, and I know they are being counted because of the welfare checks to illegals, plus, I’ve stood on line in my own town on voting day and watched illegals attempting to vote and get hauled out while screaming racism.

            BTW: Black cops are now hired to watch the polls so that when illegal shave to be hauled out, they may scream racism, but they can’t say the white guy did it.

            We have military and we Nutmeggers are sooooooooo proud of Groton Naval Base, as well as Ernest Borgnine, who was so loyal to that base and to the vets until he died, because he came from that base. And we have National Guard big here. We have leftists, but we have a lot of very pro-American people here and it irritates the Left.

            We’ve been Dem for decades, but even the Dems were very conservative until the 90s when Californians moved in. Sorry, but it’s true. This state went crazy over Reagan! And because H. W. Bush was from Greenwich, we CT-ers really flooded our lawns with Reagan/Bush signs even though we knew Bush was wishy washy, but it was Reagan we knew who would make a difference and not back down.

            Wish he said no to amnesty, because that opened Kennedy’s 65′ door wider and now we have 50 million in the country destroying our economy.

            Ah, San Diego: I love to go up to the top of those cliff overlooking the Naval Base there and watch the planes come in on the base. My grandparents lived out there, but died 5 and 10 years-ago, so I don’t go out now, but used to every January for a month.

            My grandparents despised Pelosi. My grandmother was trying to start up a small clothing shop at age 85 and regulations were so wild out there. She blamed the Dems. My grandfather wanted IRS and income and property taxes abolished. This was pre-tea party. He would love Cong, Linder’s Fair Tax book.

            Before my gran died, 1 month, she said promise me you will keep writing your blog and going to tea parties and speaking out and fighting to restore this country, I’m too old now, I would if I were young–she was dying–so promise me you’ll never stop writing and fighting for America. I promised and I meant every single word of it.

            We must fight. Capt. Nathan Hale said to the British before they hanged him and asked if he had any regret, “I have but only one regret, that I have only one life to give up for my country.”

            We need to think and live that way, and we will win.

          • bet1125

            When I was a kid growing up in Sherman Oaks, Ernie Borgnine used to get his hair cut at the same place I did, Sam & Ernie’s barber shop on Moorpark St. near Fulton Ave. He gave me a quarter once when I told him how much I liked Mchale’s Navy.
            I think Groton is where the Electric Boat Company used to build the Gato class and Balao class diesel subs during WWII.
            I get the sense that more people are starting to see the light in regards to what’s happening to the country. The stagnancy of the economy is hitting even the wealthy and the daily scandals and outrages are being noticed by even the hardcore lefties; which is why they so furiously hurl accusations. It gets tiresome constantly having to defend the indefensible.
            I know we will win, if for no other reason than that if it all comes down to actual fighting, most libs are pansies.
            Sorry to hear about your grandparents; if you ever want to come out to SD again I’d be happy to hang out with you.

          • lisarichards124

            Groton Navel Base New London, CT is amazing. The entire state has so many early American heroes, but the Left took over and its all but forgotten.

            This summer is the 400 year anniversary of Adrian Block of Holland discovering CT by sailing into the Long Island Sound and up the CT River–but don’t think it is even being discussed or celebrated. Never mind and he and all the discoverers who came here got along well with the CT tribes and there weren’t fights, we must make kids believe Black and then Roger Sherman massacred Pequot and Algonquin and Mohegan and nothing in this state is Indian named–even though the settlers named everything according to tribe names or language.

    • fed up

      WOWSERS!! sometime tell us how you really feel about these wimps!

    • scot sims

      You state you can do anything a man can do, better than a man. Ultimate feminist. Poser.

      • lisarichards124

        No darling, I never said I can do anything a man can do, because I can’t do anything a man can do: I’m a woman, I am not as physically strong as a man, I also don’t believe women should be in combat on front lines, because we are not strong like men and can’t lift a 200 pound guy with 150 pounds of stuff on his back to safety.

        I also am a woman, so I’m not built physically like a man and can’t do that and never would ant to because I love being a woman.

        I’m no left wing feminist, I’m a traditional feminist who believes women can do anything, but not everything a man can do.

        But yeah, I can lay floors, plaster, paint, put in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Any woman can do that if taught and girls should know how to do those things and help your husbands fix up those dream homes you buy, or in my case, those antique homes you inherit and have to constantly fix.

        Also, my dad is 81, don’t you think my contractor/builder dad should have his little girl help him keep up the house? He taught me, he paid for me to go to college, paid my way for years, don’t I owe him?

        BTW: I also sew professionally–cloths, linens, drapes, etc. I also cook and bake like no tomorrow, I paint, draw, I garden–flowers and veggies and orchards and was trained in classical music.

        I hate feminists because they really do want to be men. I like being girl, I would never change that for anything!

        Because a girl’s father–who BTW has sons, so he wasn’t teaching me out of wishing he had sons–teaches her to take care of herself in case, is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. I’ve also found that manly men like it, because I’m not some helpless no nothing. I may not look like I can do anything but shop and do lunch, but I can do a lot and I love it and I love taking care of my parents now that I can and give back to them

        • scot sims

          Most conservatives believe men and women have distinct roles in life. For a woman to work on cars, lay floors, etc. is usurping a man’s position, as helpmate or not. Your place is within the home fulfilling the traditional roles. To state otherwise is heresy.
          I am not your “darling”. You do not know me.

          • lisarichards124

            I believe we have distinct roles, but you are a not a Godly man, you are a control freak who believe women should not be allowed to do anything but cook, clean and tend children. We do all those things and more.

            Oh, and Jesus’ resurrected body was found first by women who reported His resurrection before them men did, and women followed Jesus and they ministered to him–that does not mean they taught Him, but there were female disciples.

            A woman knowing how to do things is not heresy, you wont find that in the Bible darling!

            Esther did something that was forbidden to all women in order to save the Jewish race and he king husband so respected her for entering the king’s throne room that was forbidden to save her people.

            You darling are not a Christian man that you think a woman must know only one place in life. If so, God would never have sent Esther to save her people.


          • scot sims

            I actually don’t believe any of the statements in my second post. I actually do believe that anyone has the right to pursue any trade or interest they wish – it’s the individuals choice, correct?
            I am parroting, though, what most men on this site and other conservative sites believe and frequently state.
            By your statement does that mean “traditional” christian men are godless control freaks wanting their women to conform to traditional gender roles as they say god intended?
            Your continuance of calling me “Darling” may be, as some would say, evidence of someone who is a control freak themselves.

          • msamericanpatriot

            Not really, loser. It just means the man wont be nagged to death to do them. She would do them herself and there would be peace in the house.

          • scot sims

            Ever wonder why no one likes you?

          • msamericanpatriot

            No not really. I guess you going to have to tell me why, loser.

          • msamericanpatriot

            No not really. Tell me why, Loser. Apparently you never heard about nagging can KILL men. So with all those skill she know she keeps the peace in the house and her man healthy.

          • scot sims

            English must be your second language.

          • msamericanpatriot

            Nope it is my ONLY language. My family history on both sides can be traced back to the 1700″s and since the 1800’s it forked. No inbreds in my family.Now try again loser.

          • scot sims

            My family goes back three million years. But we’re not snobs about it.

          • msamericanpatriot

            I don’t subscribe to the out of Africa theroy here. I see my self as come from Cro Magon stock. You know the cave painters of France.

          • scot sims

            Do you believe Cro Magnons just popped into existence?

            This is tedious.

            Carry on.

          • msamericanpatriot

            No the Caucasian Mountain range is where they hailed from.

          • scot sims

            I see. You’re one of those people…..

          • msamericanpatriot

            Oh and what is that self hater.

          • scot sims

            Your self esteem is so low that that you have to call people names to build yourself up? Sad.

            You know what sort I referred to.

    • Natalie

      I second thissssssss

  • Kathy W

    Sea Cow here. I agree that Elliott likely was in a school of self-centered snobs but he wanted to be one of them and that is such a mistake. My child went to a school like that but she did not want to become one of them. She became so much more. She was attractive like this egomaniac but being a newcomer and poor was too difficult to overcome, as was her shyness. She is now the gorgeous girl they all regret not befriending and she is more successful than most of them. She never admired those weak little hothouse plants and God answered my prayers for that. They are to be pitied, not emulated. She met a real man, not from that school. He is a hunter and they ride horses together but he is also a reader and has a university degree. He also knows he has found a prize and he has put a ring on it, knowing she is the best of the best.

  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    We must remember that this kid was in the lap of luxury. His father is a Hollywood director. He had this deluded vision that he was to have entitlements from his fathers work. WRONG! He was also having mental issues that not only his parents touched on but other family members also said that he refused to take his meds. These are the people to blame, not the NRA or any other gun rights groups or gun manufactures. This boy should have been hospitalized and made to stay and take his meds until he can show that he is capable of living in the real world. He is just a whiny pussy that can’t accept his own shortcomings and even trying to right them. His family knew he was unstable. And if Cali has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, how the hell did he pass the background check? Or did his parents buy him that gun to try and appease him? Now a days parents more often than not don’t want to interact with their own children because they are so caught up in their own worlds they just want to be left alone buy their kids so they can pursue their own careers. They are more focused on their next pay raise, next office or secretary rather than concentrating on their family, and that is all of our faults. Since the advent of political correctness, our country is choking on our own vomit. We no longer care that pedophiles are out there we are now asking 4, 5, and 6 year olds if they could be gay. WTF! Again WTF! If we don’t stop with all this BULLSHIT that our country, leaders and people in positions of authority telling us how we are to live, treat each other and do as THEY say, our country will be completely trashed and nothing and n o one will be able to fix it. Lets stop all this crap and start living like we are supposed to, like God tells us to and not the Islamic way at all. These people that want to blame everybody else for their problems need to be medicated and heavily. Stop the nonsense and lets take our country back. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

    • Lugh

      Luxury leads to corruption yet that is exactly what 99.99% of Christians strive for – just like non-Christians. Something is very wrong with this picture. As Kierkegaard said a “Christian” is a just a man like any other.

  • parlayer

    That’s what I did. I got two girls myself. Both wound up with MEN. for which I praise God.

  • Don Sr.

    amen to all you said Goug. My thoughts exactly.

  • Don Sr.

    was meant to say amen to all you said Doug

  • machodog

    We have been raising girly men for a couple generations now. In some towns, children are not allowed to play outside at recess in schools because they might get hurt. Parents have been arrested and prosecuted when their child hurt themselves on merry-go-rounds and swing sets even though the teacher saw what had happened. Pasty white children stay indoors playing video games for hours on end, never venturing to go outside and be adventuresome, and climb trees and so on. In schools there can be no competition among students so that there are no losers…it might hurt their psychies. Boys are not allowed to be boys anymore. So, of course you eventually won’t have men.

    • Threemarie

      Excellent post. Your last sentence sums up the way the current liberal, whiny, poor me males behave. They aren’t men. They’re “Other.” Have you seen this? Questionaires, surveys, etc. that ask for the responder’s gender list Male, Female & Other. Other. Right. Unbelievable. God created Man & Woman. The Bible does not say that He created Other. Sad, ridiculous people.

  • Art Hock

    Damn right! Do like I did when I was seventeen. Grow up, get off mama’s tit, and grow some balls, join the Marine Corps, get my ass kicked, and go to Korea and fight for the USA. His old man is also a whiny bitch who didn’t do a job of raising the little twerp just bought him BMW’s and let him stalk girls and have his fantasies. The NRA didn’t cause this little wimp to go off his rocker, lack of parenting and the California attitude of living in fairy land didn’t help either.

    • Lugh

      No, no young man should join the Army since Vets are considered the Enemy now. This Nation isn’t worth it anymore.

      • Art Hock

        Are you kidding??? Just because the commies and muslims in Washington consider the military the enemy doesn’t mean that people with brains shouldn’t do everything to straighten out the greatest nation on earth and get it back where it was 50 years ago. You have been listening to the fool in chief too much.

  • Kanudawg

    Doug, as a fellow father of three daughters, three step-daughters, and four granddaughters your essay was especially poignant. There is nothing in the Dad’s Handbook that says a dad has to like any guy that a daughter drags home to introduce to you.

  • Jeremy Stolz

    Every guy I know has been rejected by way more girls than they’d care to count, but from my experience for every one that says no, there are at least two or three that say yes, if you aren’t a complete dick, like he probably was. His parents never telling him no probably had a lot to do with him going on a killing spree.

  • matt mccleary

    Perfect list dude…I loved it. Theres way to many whiney baby liberal turds out there and they do need to man up and take charge of there lives. I loved your post Doug and will purchace more of your stuff. Good for you.

  • selahgreene

    A great manifesto for young men. Particularly point #6.

    Keep in mind, folks, that these points come from a father who actually loves his children, spent time with them when they were growing up and they needed him most, and taught them. Sadly, Rodgers lacked that kind of relationship, just like many of us. To those of us who didn’t have a caring father, it is critical to turn to THE Father. Rodgers is a case lesson in what not to do – turn inward. But when you are a youngster spoiled with expensive toys, humility is not high on your list (I speak from experience).

    • wdcraftr

      Yeah, just look at Justin Beiber, or Miley.. Spoiled Brats… No morals, no inclination of whom God or Jesus is, or what Life is all about..

    • Shofar threading

      Too many have been raised without the knowledge and forewarning already supplied to all:

      “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a
      roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:7-9

  • huntermoonsong

    You people really don’t seem to understand what painful shyness really is. I don’t agree with what Rodger’s did, but I do understand what his painful shyness did to his life. The only thing I don’t understand is why he didn’t at least go out once and pay for sex.

    • bet1125

      He was painfully shy about paying for things he felt were owed to him.

    • Lugh

      It wasn’t about girls or sex per se. They were just status symbols for him. He was consumed with envy for those above him on the socio-economic scale.

      • msamericanpatriot

        You are forgetting the kid was RAISED at the top of the socio economic scale. His father was a Hollywood producer.

    • Natalie

      because defiling himself with a prostitute would have made his love for women better….


  • cancanjody

    Alpha Dad wrote a great piece I agree with , then blew it with 2 words…..sea cow.

    • DocJimmy

      He just called it like he saw it. I’ve seen the same thing from my HS reunion photos so don’t blame him for calling what he sees; blame the “sea-cows” for being what he saw…..

    • Lugh

      That’s what Facebook is for: to see how American Women turn into sea cows. European Women tend not to. So it’s not automatically genetic so much as it is our diet. American Women have to learn from the French.

      • NukeWaste

        It isn’t the diet. It is the fact that they stop caring about themselves as soon as they have somebody or just give up.

        • scot sims

          This is funny as 90% of the men making these comments haven’t seen their “feet” in thirty years. lol,

  • bet1125

    I use Dan Hedaya’s classic line in “Clueless”. He looks at the little punk that is taking his daughter on a date and says “I want my daughter home by midnight; I have a .45 and a shovel…no one will miss you.”

    • Molly

      Yes, that WAS classic and probably would work pretty well.

  • W.A. Bullard Jr.

    Elliot Rogers is a ‘pussy boy’ and being a pussy boy he is a prototypical example of the millennial turd heaps passing for “men”. The millennials are all the brat whelped bastard [can’t tell whether they are men, boy, or girls or maybe they’re all ‘trannies’ who like to pleasure themselves] offspring of the 60s flower child cowards of the VietNam era. A really good eugenics program would be to get all the Elliot Rogers’s to “off” themselves without taking the innocent along on their narcissistic suicide ride; the gene pool would be purified and the flower child cowards would all die in drugged somnolent silence mainlining in pure smack to “…In a Gaddda’ of Eda Honey’. What a dream?! but then one can only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • WelderChick

    Right on the money! Thanks for saying this. And it had me laughing, too! My dad also taught me and my sis what to look for in men. My sis never listened and so is with a bunch of losers. I did and am married 25 years. Too many kids are whiners. I think most have had a lot handed to them. My kids have not and they’re far better off than my nieces who HAVE had everything handed to them.

  • aterry

    Tough Love from the Rowdy Right Reverend! You nailed it Doug.

  • http://www.displayad.com/ California Architect

    Great advice. His parents need advice too. Although they didn’t pull the trigger or stab anyone, they definitely contributed to Elliot’s mental condition.

  • Lugh

    The mainstream media, including Clash, is hiding the racial aspect of this. This guy hated Whites and Asians as well. In other words, he hated pure breeds since he was a mutt. Breed inside your race and don’t create more confused, hate filled half breeds.


      Wishful thinking, my friend, the populace gets more & more mongrelized by the day. But it’s about a whole lot more than race, it’s attitude and work ethic. I have friends, colleagues & family of mixed races/cultures and they are happy, successsful people.

      • NukeWaste

        This is all about attitude and work ethic. Most people that I know are Heinz 57s. It doesn’t hurt us. The real problem is trying to equalize the sexes. Quit it. Let females do female work and males do male work. Don’t change rules and standards so that females can pretend equality. They can get over it.

      • msamericanpatriot

        The mongrelization wouldn’t be happening if the Jews like that kids father weren’t pushing it. Study things like the Protocols of Zion or the International Jew and you will see they re behind it. The white race already had TRUE NATURAL diversity. Why is it only white countries cant stay white? Why is this forced diversity stuff not pushed on say China or Japan?

    • msamericanpatriot

      Lugh the kid was of jewish/asian ancestry. So he was fed a steady diet of hate whitey from an early age

  • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

    Great Advice! But it is something obvious to those of OUR generation…today these soft and fruity sniveling simps are products of the same kinds of parents who subscript to modern day social ME theology and self absorbed lifestyles

    • Jay Star

      Nowadays the men are trying to get in touch with their female side and the women are going for their male side. The men talk in a whine voice and the women with a growl. Don’t believe me, listen to the younger “Me” generation and see for yourself. lol

      • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

        Oh I see it every day…..believe me! If we ever had a War like WWII we would LOSE

        • karpenter

          I’ve Been Saying That For Years.
          I’m Grateful The Wars Of The Past Were Fought In The Past, Because Today’s Policy Mongrels Are Clearly Not Up To The Task.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Hate to tell you…WW III is looming on the horizon, and shaping up to be worse than its predacessors.

          • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

            Well again I rest my case…..if e ever had a war LIKE WWIII, in this case your WWIII…….WE WILL LOSE……….

          • sandraleesmith46

            I know, my point is it’s not “if”, but “when”, and that’s not far off.

          • jjkrjw

            You’re right, karpenter. It’s the “policy mongrels” who continue to wussify our military, the ones in the WH telling Pentagon generals what to do. And now this administration is practically dismantling our military. Still, we have some fine people in our military as well as SEALs and Rangers. Most here seem conservative, so VOTE in your primary and VOTE in November. Don’t stay home. Kick out the career politicians.

        • NukeWaste

          No, WE WOULDN’T!! I trained many high school students who went into the Armed Forces and are still there. I trust them and their peers to protect us.

          • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

            Those you speak about are the exception, NOT the rule….This is exactly my point. Back in WWII those kids were the RULE not the exception…Today the majority are soft and fruity….

      • Lugh

        Don’t believe women: they often say they want the sensitive type but they want thugs and money men. They only like Alan Alda because he was on TV and therefore a “winner”.

  • Natalie

    Nice advice…could have done without the potty mouth, but I agree. Men who feel sorry for themselves throw themselves on women and want them to…well, feel sorry for them. I understand that men have feelings and deserve to be treated fairly, but acting like the ‘woe is me’ guy is a huge turn off.

    • msamericanpatriot

      Agreed. I seem to attract that type and hate it then blame feminism for the way they are. They were probably abused at the hands of them.


    Nothing new here, we’ve been wussifying our boys for decades in this nation and are raising egg boys who live at home well into their 30s! There is a problem with the choices women make in men- the divorce, illegitimacy and domestic violence rates are living proof. But none of that excuses killing people coz you’re a cheesedick wimp no self respecting female would come anywhere near. Nature is cruel and his kind must never reproduce.

    • msamericanpatriot

      You would be surprised to learn that the most abusive relationship are lesbian ones. Woman on man is next but goes under reported because men are told to take it like a man. Man on woman would be next.

      • scot sims

        I am surprised to hear this, as it’s categorically false.

        • msamericanpatriot
        • WeKe

          No…it’s true! Women hit their husbands far more often then men hit us. True, most of the time it’s not even anything that can hurt them, they are by far stronger than we are but still women hit men more than they hit women…at least here in America..we’re not talking about some muslim place that beats their wives!

          • scot sims

            Percentages. In overall numbers hetero women are the victim. Sometimes it’s better to look in your own backyard and worry about what’s going on there.

          • NukeWaste

            You can be put in jail if a judge demands to see her bruises and she doesn’t have enough of them. (Saudi Arabia)

  • Beachhawk

    This is what happens after years of having the Democrats tell you you’re someone’s victim when you don’t get everything you want. That’s the reason we have the most narcissistic president in American history and why he tends to blame George W. Bush for all of the things that have gone wrong in his administration.

  • blackyb

    Who gives a flying flip it dykesy Ellen is sniffing and snubbing. She is a silly woman, anyway trying to play man. It is all so pathetic.

  • Rob Price

    “Man up!” my favorite saying to my boys , AND my daughters. Quit whining, get off your butt, make something of yourself and make your own future. ALWAYS, look out for #1 first! Take care of yourself, no one else is going to do it for you!
    Tough on my kids? You damn right, and proud of it! My kids don’t ask for anything from anyone, they go out and earn it themselves. If today’s America had the same brain pattern, she wouldn’t be at bankruptcy’s doorstep now!
    AMERICA! It’s past time to grow a pair and stand on your own two feet!

  • PennJim

    I recently saw an article where these, obviously, liberal parents were being applauded for raising their daughter as a son. Sickening, but my point is, what’s the big deal? For decades now the public school system and liberal, whiny parents have been raising their boys to be girls (or effeminate, or ‘girly-men).

    • NukeWaste

      And when they snap and go postal, male attitudes are blamed instead of the repressive feminazis who are the real source of this problem.
      And I don’t give a $hit what you fools say! Dress like a whore, expect to be treated like one.

      • msamericanpatriot

        Agreed. A lot of the false rape charges can be traced to the way they were dressed. They usually have daddy issues and that is why they dress that way in the first place.

    • msamericanpatriot

      There is a lesbian couple raised their adopted male child as female. They are MAKING him take hormones.

      • PennJim

        That is just wrong on several levels.

        • msamericanpatriot

          Yeah it is. The pics I have see the kid looks miserable as hell.

          • PennJim

            It’s sure good that we have all these highly educated social engineers to tell us what’s good for us, otherwise that boy might actually believe that he is miserable. (sarc)

  • msamericanpatriot

    Doug, we need to rid American of feminism in order to ensure more men like Elliot doesn’t happen. He came from a broken home which is what feminism causes. Most of your incarcerated males came from single mother households which are a feminists ideal. Those males are fed a steady diet of they are worthless and are the cause of all the world’s problems. Feminism teaches females to see men as that and also as nothing more that sperm banks and atms. Feminism is a cancer that needs to be eradicated and then we would not have monsters like Elliot. Feminism is to blame for this. Yes he could name one men’s rights group but he was no men’s right member. Men’s rights groups are against that nonsense he did. Apparently, in the house hold he was raised in if it could be called such a thing he was fed a steady diet of women like flashy dressers and cars and all such of bunk but when he tried to do those things reality slapped him in the face. Feminism teaches all about this so call chivalry crap that is nothing like its’ middle ages counterpart. Once it is gone then America can be great once again.

    • Teresa Ann Ramsey

      The feminists wanted a reversal of the gender roles. These types always want to fight nature and are surprised when they lose. You can’t fight thousands of years of mother nature. We are animals- some may think on a higher level but we are still animals and are bound by the rules of nature. There is a survival reason for why men are physically stronger than women and a reason for the ability to multi task we see in women. It’s all hard wired into our brains, at one time it was completely necessary for our survival and may yet be again. We have a whole generation that is lost in fighting nature and your right we are all suffering for it.

      • weke

        ABSOLUTELY CORRECT Teresa Ann Ramsey!
        Thank you for some words that make sense at last…my sister females seem to be losing their minds! hey think they are men and/or don’t need men! Part of the methodical take
        down of American society!

        • NukeWaste

          Then when they turn thirty and want a man really badly, they can’t get one. So they blame us for what they lack. I was accused of not being willing to look inside a seacow and see the beauty within. OK! Why should I? I have seen entrails before. They don’t do anything for me. These would just be covered in fat. I told her to go lez.

    • CaptainKirk

      I’m pretty sure feminism isn’t why Elliot Rodger went on a shooting rampage. Feminism isn’t about the reversal of gender roles or making men feel like crap about themselves. It’s about being treated as an equal rather than property, which means equal pay, equal opportunities, the ability to own property and the right to vote. It’s about being able to stand on our own two feet rather than depending on a man for support. And, more than anything, being valued for being able to do that.

      Elliot Rodger was a chauvinist who thought he deserved to have women worshiping at his feet, which he didn’t learn from a feminist.

      Anyway, if you went to school, own a car and/or a house, vote, or have a job, thank the feminists of old. They’re the reason you have the rights that you do.

      • msamericanpatriot

        Okay Captain Idiot is what you should be called. You sound like a mangina. It MAY have been about equality at one time but it is not anymore. It is a flat out hate movement. It teaches that ALL heterosexual sex is rape. It comes up with idiotic terms as stare rape and switch rape. It is about role reversals. If not then explain why two lesbians are forcing their adopted son to take female hormones and live a girl and he is about 8-9 years old. Explain to me about the lesbian who killed a boy because he refused to call her father/dad. Explain to me how Sweden is now leading in rape in Europe since feminism is firmly entrenched there and soon there will be laws against speaking out against it. Explain to me why men can not freely gather in Detroit to discus men’s issues without receiving death threats and it is not only them getting it but also hotel staff where the event is to take place.Explain to me why there are NO men’s domestic abuse centers. No Men’s student unions or male studies. Explain to me how the world would be better off with female leaders where two of the bloodiest rulers in history were women: Bloody Mary from England and Catherine the Great of Russia. Google this stuff and you will see I am right. Yes I am female and I support MEN’S rights. I am what is called a honey badger and proud of my moniker.

    • VolunteerVet

      There is no such thing as being entitled to a woman’s affection. First, you need to build some self confidence. Then you need to smile warmly and gently to women. It helps to be interested in her… Her dreams, aspirations and passions.

      He obviously wanted the vacuous gold digger types. Why I cannot imagine… To all you young men out there trying to get something going with a woman, try watching “Gone With The Wind” and study Rhett Butler. Don’t try to be him, but rather be yourself with some knowledge gained from Rhett.

      Earn your own self respect and learn to act forcefully and with confidence. Don’t expect to succeed on the first try. Actually, you succeed more by not trying too hard. Don’t act like a whiny wimp. Be yourself, be somebody. Being genuine is essential. Nobody scores all the time.

      I’ll say it again, smile warmly and show interest in her as a person. If the chemistry is right and you act like a real man (not some macho jerk) things will work out…

  • Rham

    …and if all these fail, hang yourself!

  • Tito el Mendiguito

    Insightful, well written. Careful about the “Obamaland” criticisms, if you’re a “reader” like you advise, then you know the Republicans have a FAR worse track record of helping veterans than Dems…

  • J.J

    Selling your Beemer is the opposite thing to do when trying to pick up chicks. Most women want a man with money who can support them not some guy who gave all of his to charity. And #6 won’t help you either unless she is all into your religion. Otherwise leave it out.

    • Lailahj

      #6 has nothing to do with religion. And all too often, guys who drive expensive sports cars are compensating for something. Keep your Beemer if you want someone silly and shallow like you. Someone that age driving a Beemer his daddy gave him doesn’t give the impression he can support a family – just that he’s a spoiled brat.

      • msamericanpatriot

        I remember in high school this one girl went through FIVE of them by the time she and I graduated. She wreck one and daddy would get her another. Then again her daddy was ceo of a bank.

  • John Stratemeyer

    “Solopsistic!” What a great word!

    • NotJim

      It’d be even greater if you spelled it right — as Doug did.

      • John Stratemeyer

        I’m sorry that you’re offended by my imperfection.

        • NukeWaste

          I’m sorry but you must shoot your spellchecker. Mine too.

          • John Stratemeyer

            That would be suicide. My spellchecker is me.

  • tim

    How insightful #3 is!!! This man is a well-spoken genius!

  • PVB

    God Bless you and your brave words

  • bandit

    B O O M ! ! !

  • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    Better than I expected. ;-)

  • staffon

    Wow, I think I love this man. If he’s not already, Doug Giles will make an epic father.

  • Scoobie

    Awesome and so true.

  • johnnywood

    Tell it like it is brother.:-)

  • Kris Hulbert

    Some good stuff in here if you can get past all the bible thumbing and insecure need to burrow through the thesaurus for every $20 dollar word Dad could find.

    ‘Screed’? Really? That might be the most forced use of a “smart” word I’ve ever seen.

    Here’s one more free tip for attracting women, don’t try to impress them with a ten dollar word when a .25 center will do. It makes you look like the very narcisstic wuss Dad is railing against.

    • TJ

      Kris is insecure.

      • msamericanpatriot

        Yeah just like Elliot.

    • jjkrjw

      An impressive vocabulary comes from reading a lot. Girls like intelligent guys.

    • notadouche

      Screed is a $10 word to you? Try roughly $0.79

    • Kylie Tigerpuss Pickens

      I found his vocabulary refreshing. It’s nice to see that some people actually have one.

  • jjkrjw

    Liberals and feminists have so dumbed down our schools and cultural roles that about half of us need someone else to take care of us. When I see Jesse Watters on “Watters World,” and listen to the simple questions he asks people, most cannot recognize or name anything of importance. Our media keep us distracted with rappers and Hollywood nonsense, and the people Watters asks can all name Katy Perry or Kanye West. Giles says, “Get a vision.” “…save a nation….” Please save ours.

    Read the Constitution! And all the amendments! Find out what’s going on in the world. Develop an interest in politics and get active before we all hear the flushing sound. Did you know that 41 democrat senators voted to abolish the First Amendment? Yes, 41. That’s almost half of our Senate–all liberals who keep half of us on gov’t programs. (Thank God I’m not one of them.) It’s ironical that the last word of Doug Giles’ article is “toad” because that’s what I think liberal voters are–toads who vote for democrats who want to take away our rights. Think the First Amendment is just about free speech? Please read it. Save our nation.

    • NukeWaste

      How many people say, “Read the Constitution and The Bill of Rights”? The Bill of Rights are the 1st 10 Amendments to the Constitution. I still don’t know why we didn’t limit voting to landholders. We wouldn’t be where we are now.

    • CaptainKirk

      Ironical isn’t a word.

      And for the record, Ted Cruise pulled that lie about Democrats wanting to abolish the First Amendment out of his butt during a church service. The bill they’re voting on this year has to do with limiting the amount people can contribute to political campaigns, which Cruise claims would “muzzle” church leaders who criticize the government. And there has never – look it up – been a vote to abolish the First Amendment. There have been a multitude of court cases for the purpose of clarification but never a direct challenge to the amendment.

  • Kevin Crowley

    Ha Ha!!!! Doug just scored another goal, after driving “Elliot” through the boards with a crosscheck, and a good mashing i tn eface with the handle of his Hockey Stick, into Elliot’s teeth. Nice smile, Elliot! HA! Need some stitches? Here, I’ll help ya out, with a drilling between your star crossed eyes!

  • c69101

    Anyone wanting to limit or take away my unalienable rights is the enemy as far as I`m concerned!

  • depaz

    Elliott is a perfect example of what happens when we live in a “everybody has to get a trophy” society. Sometimes life just sucks, and the younger you are when learn that lesson and learn how to deal with it, the better. . . .

  • roy hoco

    well said, enough said. I think it is called “get a life!”

  • Teri O’Brien

    Too bad every youngster doesn’t have an endless font of common sense like Doug around to help him pull his head out of–the clouds–and figure out that sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. Great post!

  • frankenbiker

    Right on Giles. When I first got out of the Navy, I was 21, shy and very much a dork. After a long list of rejections, even though I lived right on the beach in HB, I finally took control, realized my rejections were because of my innate shyness, and whimpiness. I started to man up, walk tall and strut instead of walk head down. Even though I was still a dork inside, that part of me was slowly disappearing and things changed for the better. Too many kids suffer from the “poor me” syndrome, they cut, they commit suicide, or like this fool, go on killing rampages. What a sorry state this entitlement generation is in.

  • Ben Name

    Yep, those “all for free” girls are always way out of guy’s leagues.

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