OBAMA: ‘My Government’ Doesn’t Need Congress To Swap 5 Terrorists for Bergdahl

The video  shows the thought processes of our commander in chief and how he views his leadership role over the  American Government.  This Freudian slip is alarming and the American people need to wake up to his disdain for the rule of law outlined in our Constitution.

Allen West picked up on it and brought it to our attention. He said:

“Yesterday in an interview with NBC News regarding why he didn’t seek approval for the Berdgahl swap, Obama’s arrogance was in full flower when he said it was a unanimous decision from “MY government.”

Read more at Allen B. West


  • Fred

    When is congress going to impeach this arrogant ass?

    • Sam Houston

      When do We the People get to try him and sentence him to Death?

      • C20

        Like an 80 yr old woman recently said how she’d fight with her cane, sticks, walker to the end.

      • Joan

        When the senate or congress gets off its fat lazy asses!!!

    • GramE

      Never. It takes guts and honest men and women. Both of which seem to be missing in enough quantity in DC today.

    • OzzWorx

      When is the Military going to return the U.S.A. to her people?
      When is the Secret Service going to protect the Office of the President and arrest this pretender?
      If Congress is going to impeach, Articles of Impeachment need to be prepared just before the next election so the people can choose a Senate that can execute them after the DemonRats are ousted.
      Every Senator and Representative need to state where they stand.
      After impeachment, tried for treason, sentenced to firing squad.

  • Bobbala

    People of the state, by the state and for the state shall not perish from the Earth …
    — Lincoln, Obama or both??

  • bushwacko

    Can’t keep up with it all, kind of boggles the mind, but I do remember him saying the military fights for him. Egotistic beyond all belief.

  • AR154U

    He’s RIGHT !!!,.. Until “We” or Congress stop him otherwise !

    • C20

      It’s down to ‘we’ but no violence. No ability to allow him to declare MLa, his major wt dream.


    Aiding and abetting the enemy equals TREASON every time! If even one American is killed or injured by the release of those camel humping, sons of retarded goats odumbass MUST be held criminally liable. Wake up people its going to get a LOT worse before this America hating criminal regime is gone. MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs GFY

    • Sam Houston

      Soldiers died bring these basterds supposedly off the battlefield and to Justice. Their blood is now on Obama’s hands. The Traitor in Chief deserves the Death Penalty afforded by Law.

  • Sam Houston

    This NBC News video applet is junk. You are forced to watch a 30 sec commercial then you can’t reply the video without reloading and going thru another damn commercial!

    @01:23 King Obozo was about to say “I will continue to do………if I have enough terrorist in Gitmo to trade for”.

  • http://113tidbits.com/ tony greene

    Can we survive with this POS in office another year? I’m surprised he hasn’t exchanged “football ” codes with VLAD. He did promise the Russians more..

  • Jean Henri Laprime

    HIS government?

    • C20

      It’s not HIS. Never forget that. It’s words. It’s the lame attempt at the ‘Friday Crisis’. I keep a notebook of the daily ‘Crisis’ and cover-up ‘crisis’.

  • foxxybey

    From the jackass himself, “His government” seems to have forgotten We the People are the Government and the Nazi Islamist in the White House works for us and not we for him. The half breed idiot needs to be impeached or hung.

    • buck

      when the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there s freedom !

      • foxxybey

        Hitler all over again. God bless buch.

        • EL

          I was around during the Hitler years and I’ve always thought he was very like him. How come most people in America didn’t and even now don’t see that? I just heard someone the other day say how much they LOVED him. Believe that? Idiots beyond compare. Of course, I live in Massachusetts where there are a LOT of idiots.

          • foxxybey

            Sad, I learned real history when I was in school something not taught today. Wow, I feel sorry for you El, that has to be terrible. I’ll pray for your safety friend, God Bless and Shalom

  • kds


  • jong

    Sooner or later this fraud will have to be arrested along with the rest of his “cabinet” that resembles more Hitlers or Stalin’s inner circle than any free society.

  • del

    We need congress to impeach his sorry ass before he destroys something else. Then we need to repeal all the crap the jerk has passed for the horrible 6 years he has been allowed to squat in our white house!

    • C20

      They’re not going to do it. The spineless have been threatened or bought off or are so scared that they won’t get to be part of the underground city when it all hits the fan.

  • Bronson

    Can this ILLEGAL ALIEN be reminded we have a MARINE IN A MEXICAN JAIL??? And we would be willing to trade this POS your speaking with for our Marine.

  • KJ

    Gosh and by golly. Obama has made himself a king. And our founding fathers fought a war to ensure the blessings of liberty as they threw off the shackles of King George III.

    Down with the king. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW.

  • C20

    He’s part of the low down club, ain’t no king. He’s the most ‘wannabe’ pseudo Napolian the world has seen coming out of the US. Everything around him is fake except for a few of the fawning WH people who live in their own Virtual Reality game with real actors on a real “stage”.

  • trugrits

    Yep he let it slip. He figures he has taken the role as dictator. How much more proof do the people need to realize this?

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    “Hey Barry… that isn’t your government pal. That’s OUR government, and you work for us you pinhead!” Where did this clown learn ANYTHING about our government and it’s machinations?

    • The_Frog_Prince

      At Harvard maybe?

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        And that’s his biggest problem. Someone convinced him that an Ivy League education was something special, yet all the education in the world won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have any character to hang it on… and this clown clearly hasn’t got any character at all. Probably the most honor-deficient man on this Earth today!

        • Shofar threading

          Eric, your word “character” is one that has been playing on my mind a lot lately. Case in point in NJ, which made national headlines, where a selfish rotten kid didn’t like the “suffocating” (i.e., no outlandish hard drinking/pot, etc.) rules in her parents house, left to live with “friends”(?) of her parents, and then sued the parents for her forthcoming college tuition. Oh she got terrific grades — but where was her character? The parents and (private Christian) school were absent in teaching her this. (In this case the judge saw the light and denied her petition. The girl went back to her parents house. No further light shed on the outcome there.)

          Character isn’t a word to be associated with Obama. His whole life has been a set-up by others. Of that I have no doubt. He IS a puppet. If a group wants to manipulate someone, they choose a vessel without morals or character. They got one in this man, oops person. How everyone can’t see this he is play-acting is beyond me. Visible proof is when he comes across a strong, (evil?) x-KGBer in Putin and shrivels in his presence. It’s pathetic. And this man “represents” us !

          May the Lord come quickly. <

          • Eric Haulenbeek

            Wow… couldn’t have said it better myself. I know there are many more people out here who are also on the same page as we are. To quote Sarah Palin, “You can put lipstick on pig, but it’s still a pig!” Sarah has it right too, thank the Lord!


          • Shofar threading

            That’s a frustrating part, Eric. One sees so many honestly concerned citizens — veterans — some politicians — AND gun owners (yes!) who are outraged and truly love this country and want renewal. But, we are thwarted. Those few sympathizers in DC seem stymied themselves. At the moment the liberal machine has the source of evil behind it, THAT is for sure. This is satan’s world. He was thrown from heaven to earth, not hell.* And he’s very active here.

            Some, perhaps many, will totally disagree with me, but I don’t see any kind of resolution until the leader of OUR camp sets His plan in action (and I think He has, though we can’t see it all now). Abraham and Isaac were told by Elohim to have patience, to wait. For many that’s extremely hard. Everyone has a different role, certainly different from mine, I’m sure, but everyone has to search their own heart to know how they show their own trust in God in patience.

            I think Sarah has tapped into her role and her way, seriously and in jest. Hopefully we all will. Blessings. <

            *"So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast TO the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." Revelation 12:8-10

  • dandeman

    Yeah right. I call BS. Only when it serves your promotional needs will you ever do anything other than mouth off propaganda. We don’t have Government Administration in the WH , we have an Advertisement Agency in the WH. These slime balls don’t strategize for the well being of the country – they instead whip up slogans and brand recognition themes so they can get more likes on facebook.
    The WH mantra –
    if you can’t say it in 143 characters for twitter, then don’t say anything.
    If you can’t back up what you say, then blame it on racism
    If you get caught in a lie – divert attention away to polarize something else
    above all else – LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and BLAME whenever and wherever possible.

  • MoDeVille

    Time for this douche bag to go. Long overdue.

  • azcowboy

    In other words…I helped my brothers out…and gave them the 5 main guys they needed…even though I was advised NOT to do it by the Pentagon and others…and tried to sweep it under the rug by “bringing back a deserter…I mean soldier”.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Time to remove the idiot from office.

  • ss442es

    I’ts a win, win”. Obama says I turn loose some brothers from gitmo and get a brother from Afghanistan!

    When will congress man up and bust this puking traitor?

  • Smilinjack

    Time for him to be removed from office…………

    • Robert

      Might have to remove his hunta members from what used to be the US congress first.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    We have known that this is the way he is ruling!

  • Eagles_76

    It’s not your government A-hole, it’s ours. You work for us. We pay your salary A-hole. Your nothing more then a Ignorant, Obnoxous, Over bearing Cockroach. Your a Gutless little Pissant hidding behind your white house fence. We all know your a MUSLIM from Islam and your intentionally trying to destroy our Country. It’s a shame that the old school republicans are so damn gutless. If they’d have the balls they were born with you’d be in prison living the rest of your life as the prisons sex toy. But beings how you favor Queers and Lesbians you’d probably enjoy it. GO ROT IN HELL TRAITOR.

    • Robert

      Sarra Palin has more balls than ALL the old school republicans and democRATS in congress / hunta.

      • Todd

        Know what you mean, I doubt Todd Palin reveres his wife as having “balls”. Personally, as a husband I’d cringe at the thought of my wife having balls.

    • Barbaree

      TERRIFIC POST!!!!!!!!

    • Nancy Sternberg

      Please don’t insult the cockroaches!

    • sandraleesmith46

      It’s NOT our government! And the reason Congress hasn’t “done anything” is that THEY, too, are part of the private corporation that IS DC, and pro-NWO!

  • Winston

    Obama speaks like a typical narcissistic dictator doomed to a long (or short) life of loneliness.

    • EL

      I always hoped his life would be short. One day longer is TOO long.

      • eg8tr

        Amen to that.

  • Chained

    Call on the Senate Sgt at Arms Andrew Willison for he has the power to arrest this POS.

    As chief law enforcement officer of the
    Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the
    Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members
    themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the
    Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and
    Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate
    Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of
    the Senate floor, chamber and galleries.

    The Sergeant at Arms is
    authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules,
    including the President of the United States.


    • Shofar threading

      Thanks, Chained. for the information. I checked Wikipedia (no friend of conservatives) and the first paragraph reads:

      “The Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper, elected by the MEMBERS, serves as the protocol and chief law enforcement officer and is the principal administrative manager for most support services in the United States Senate.” If elected by the MEMBERS, considering the Democrats rule the Senate (dirty Harry), which party cast the most votes AND do you think one of “their guys” would enforce such an arrest? I think not.

      • desert dweller

        not as long as the slimey a.h. Reid is there! the retards in the senate listen to that retard constantly! Shows just how freaking bad this congress has gotten!!

      • Chained

        Possibly but the dems are starting to tire of his shenanigans too. I think if enough people call he must act on it. This is still a govt of the people right? Arrrrrrrgh…….

  • jim scofield

    Where is the reciprocation them from Mexico You freed
    36000 criminals Where is Sgt Tamorasi

  • DC/Tex

    The Hitler wan-a-be will be able to take credit for destroying the greatest nation of this time period.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Antichrist-In-Chief, son of the devil, making his daddy proud.

      • Shofar threading

        I don’t know where in the structure of God’s plan this creature fits, but he IS showing himself to be at least one of Lucifer’s sons. <

        • DC/Tex

          If Lucifer had a son he would look like Obama.

        • eg8tr

          Amen to that.

    • Joseph Toth

      That will be his legacy.and the do nothing congress.

    • eg8tr

      Oh so true.

  • Coldcowboy

    Hey, ass hole Obama, how about trading yourself for OUR marine in Mexico!

    • jim scofield

      They wouldn’t take him

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    You work for US, WE, The People, pünk! DO NOT forget it! We can and will terminate you at will with extreme prejudice. Now you say, “YES SIR!” DISMISSED….pünk @$$ ph@660t.

    • sandraleesmith46

      No, they don’t, and haven’t since 1870. Indeed, it was LINCOLN’S overreach of power that set the stage for Thaddeus Stevens to lead Congeess, in the late 1860s, to rewrite and gut the Constitution our Founders gave us, which was capped by the incorporation of DC into a PRIVATE corporation, no longer answerable to we the people, which has been steadily stealing what powers remained to the states, until they had sufficient control, unilaterally to drop the pretense of liberty and a Constitutional government!

  • relayman

    Every week its one offensive and brazen stunt or another that this ghetto rat pulls just to see just how far he can go and get away with it. Like a spoiled brat testing its boundaries with undisciplined parents. Unfortunately for the near future at least we have to deal with a senate still in control of the d-RATS and too many gutless and spineless rino’s in Congress to do anything about it.

  • California Architect

    Yes, Obama said, “My government” which is essentially anti-democracy. Secondly, Obama hid behind a soldier when asked why he didn’t consult Congress as he is required to do. Then he made sound as if consulting the advisors within the White House will suffice.

  • jlbs

    We, the people, are the government. You, hussein, have an administration, and you and your administration work for us, the government. It’s a common belief that the government resides and works in DC, but We, the People, are the government, and you are obligated to listen to us. Again, YOU WORK FOR US, so get off your high horse (or camel, whichever you prefer).

    • eg8tr

      He did/does not know that. Ignorance is his bliss.

  • Shofar threading

    “MY” government? Such arrogance from such a dunderhead. I didn’t know we had a coronation. Most liberals seem to be a lost cause, but YOU rinos ! Are your souls worth the temporary power now? I’d say you made a very bad exchange for the fake v. real Messiah. <

  • medivac

    Newsflash, arse whole !! You are NOT my president and my government is a totally different ball game that is by the people and for the people. You don’t belong on this chunk of real estate so get the hell outta here !!!

  • sickpuppy70454

    His arrogance is has gotten unbelievable. If congress doesn’t do something SOON, they will become irrelevant.

    • Jon Willey

      They already are. They have done nothing to stop him. Articles of impeachment should have been filed long ago.

  • John W Tobin

    He is nothing less than a narcissistic, communist minded, and trained, POS!

    • eg8tr

      Could not have said it better.

  • http://batman-news.com patrioticvigilantie

    He needs to be ousted, either by impeachment or force by people or military

  • GDS068

    Obama & Clinton don’t belong in the Oval office or as past head of the State Department. They both belong behind bars (as in prison bars) for their anti-American treasonous acts!!!

  • Swampfox

    Wake up, America. We are already a dictatorship, with a lot of little dictators running around. This administration has shown on numerous occasions that it does not believe in nor recognize The Constitution of the United States. AND the American people have shown that, for the most part, all they will do is complain. I’m glad I already have one foot in the grave, for I get sick seeing what yellow back cowards people have become. Afraid to call a turd a turd because it might offend someone. I AM ASHAME for this country. IF only LEE hadn’t surrendered.

  • James in Texas

    From his own mouth…………….Obama has finally told the entire nation that this is “His government” and He doesn’t need anyone else, no Senate, no House, no Rule of Law, this is “His government”, Period. He apparently believe his own made-up story about being the messiah, and Emperor. And, the Main-stream Media hold much responsibility for him feeling that way, afterall, “they” have covered for him from day one and “If” he is successful all of you will be the very first useful idiots he has shot, Period!

    • desert dweller

      With the media tagging along sucking his ass all the way! freaking pathetic!!

      • eg8tr

        so sadly so true.

    • Jim T

      I hope when he refuses to leave the White House and the end of his term and declares martial law that the Marines will have the balls to march in there and drag his sorry ass out.

    • Veteranasm

      He can stick his government up his ass !! I ain’t working …

  • Jay Star

    Its not “His Government!” It’s the peoples government! I just wonder if anybody cares any more! When are we going to say “Enough”?

    • Jon Willey

      Have you told any of your congressional representatives that it is enough!

      • desert dweller

        You damned straight! MANY TIMES!

      • Jim T

        Whenever I tell my POS congressman anything all I get is canned letters back. His name is Pete Visclosky and the only thing he is good for is getting earmarks for NW Indiana. Other than that he follows the party line 100%. Voted for Obamacare 40+ times. Up here we call it Viscloskycare.

  • top2004

    Yu arrogant POS who told you it was your government, ITs OUR GOERNMENT!!!

    • eg8tr

      Uhh, it used to be but Adolph re-incarnated does not agree with us.

  • top2004

    You people in the Military . DO Something!!!!

  • top2004

    Obviously the idiots in the house and senate to include the supreme court are too C.S. and with his man Holder in the JD he’s not going to do anything. You know those two black goons in front of that polling place said it all “Now your gonna see what its like to be ruled by a black man” Well WAmerica you awake yet?

    • desert dweller

      They are chicken shyt because the NWO controls them, if they want to stay on the gravy train, they do what the a.h.’s tell them…no other reason in this world they could be so phucking STUPID as to sit on their lazy asses and let this scumsucking pig get away with what he has….this p.o.s. wants an uprising so he can declare martial law and stay in office….he better be damned careful that he doesn’t get what he wants imho

    • Eliott

      Congress is afraid to do anything because he is the first negro President. They are afraid of being called racist. I wish they would get some balls and forget all this race bs and impeach this poor excuse for a President.

      • eg8tr

        agree completely. Run Ben Run and show us what an intelligent black man can do.

        • Eliott

          I hate to say this and I pray to God I am wrong but I don’t think we will see a Republican President in 2016. The Republicans are wasting all of their energy fighting between themselves. Liberals are ignorant and race baiters but the one thing they do is stand together. That is one thing about them the Republicans could take a lesson from.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    He’s out of uniform. He needs to have a custom-made uniform of a 10-star general, with a wheel cap full of oak leaves and lightening bolts, and displaying the Order of Unbelievable Greatness, the Order of the Green Banner, and the Order of the Star and Crescent. Don’t forget the gold epaulets. Oh, and patent leather boots.

    Emperor Jones could do it, HIH Emperor Barry the 1st can do it. Trust me, no one will know you are just a temp, like, you know? Hired help?

  • Alleged Comment

    On GrudgeReport today it says a psychiatrist is questioning Barry’s erratic behavior.

    Meaning that Barry may be unstable. I SHOULD SAY! You can see he does not belong there as I have said that time and time again for YEARS! And I’m not even a psychiatrist!!!

    • gretagarbo123

      Yes, a narcissist is never a good choice as a leader. They are inherently unstable and only care about themselves, of course. Hitler and Stalin were examples of narcissists who would never appoint people around them who knew anything, only people who would agree with them. Obama is the same way.

      • eg8tr

        did you mean to say Nazi? He does meet that standard with his current executive actions with no interest in we the people.

  • eg8tr

    His name needs to be changed to Adolph Hussein Obummer.

  • Uninterested Inyouropinion

    Stop saying Bergdahl is a deserter. He is a POW and he didn’t leave his post. Plus, those 5 terrorists are being tracked with GPS implants. Its a strategic move, not a poilitical one. You people wanna talk about who they voted for, who they gonna impeach out of office. STOP THAT CRAP, you wannabe-american douchebag recyclers! You all suck major donkey sausage.

    • luciteehee

      Michelle, Go check your lettuce bed! It’s losing its head!


      Go away troll!

    • Snoopy

      You AND “your government” are full of beans. That clown was a deserter! He walked off his post AND left his weapon there. He had NO intention of returning.
      IMHO he was working for SFB from the start, just to get their muzzie buddies released so they can do MORE damage and KILL MORE PEOPLE!
      Why don’t YOU go join them You seem to be on their side as well!

    • eg8tr

      Wow Implants–are you unaware that they can be removed in no time. The facts do support his actions as a deserter. As a Vietnam Vet if he would have done that in Pleiku we would have searched him down not rescued him.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        And rightly so. As awful as this may sound to many people life in the military is regulated differently than that on the outside. It has to be this way, if not things would unravel very quickly

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      He walked away from the unit he was posted to and went looking for the Taliban. That’s a matter of record! He was a deserter then and he’ll always be a deserter. That will always be his classification as far as the US Military is concerned, and as most Americans are concerned as well. There will always be a few liberals like you who think that rationalizing the man’s conduct is the nicer thing to do. But it’s not. When Obama made the political decision to create this latest stupid move he expected to be seen as the strong decisive leader bringing home some poor sap who’d been held against his will for the past five years. Instead the entire country saw right through his latest fiasco and pinned the tail on this donkey, right where it belongs! Obama has always been way over his head in this job from the very beginning, and it NEVER gets better. That’s because this clown is nothing but an empty suit, and more and more people are seeing this for themselves every time he pulls one of these foolish stunts.

    • Pablo Descartes

      My opinion is that barry soetoro is the true tea-bahgger & his progressive socialist supporters are traitorous pondscum.

    • Arlinda2

      The government belongs to we, the people. The Preamble to he Constitution states : “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” No where in the Constitution does it state that the government belongs to the president. The Constitutional genius got the Constitution wrong again when he erroneously stated that it guaranteed equality to all people with phrase “all men are created equal.” It does not. He mixed up the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence The WH brainiac referred to the Bill of Rights as notions of the founders. Rights are not notions. As for your reference to impeachment, You are as illiterate about the Constitution as is the moron in the WH. The articles of impeachment originate in the House and are then voted upon by the Senate not we, the people Your slobbering admiration and illiterate defense of the feckless incompetent president whose only talent is prancing and bragging about that which he knows not that he knows not indicates that you are as stupid as he is. We have, indeed, become a nation of imbeciles.

    • agbjr

      Sitting in a cubicle at the Ministry of Propaganda? Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to count you among his minions.

      Liberty and the Constitution! Now and forever!

      • WelderChick


    • WelderChick

      He’s a deserter! His platoon mates have nothing to gain by lying about that. It’s also been proven with his own emails that he’s a taliban sympathizer. And anyone who believes that tracking those terrorists with gps is going to do any good has their heads up their arses. Like they’d care. What, will the implants explode and kill them if they don’t behave? Don’t think so. I don’t think Papa Obama should be impeached. I think he should be tried, found guilty of and SHOT for treason!

    • Veteranasm

      And you are a major donkey sausage , Moron !!!

      • Uninterested Inyouropinion

        maybe so, but bergdahl isn’t a traitor. thats the spin and you are buying it.

    • Chubby Freen

      Pull your head out into the sunshine before you suffer any additional brain damage. Bergdahl is not only a traitor but a likely threat to Americans once he’s freed. He and his brain-dead father converted to Islam and have embraced the Jihad on America. He was training the Taliban in bomb-making techniques new to them and I believe he will be recruiting and training others here to start bombing Americans inside the US. As far as GPS implants, if that was even done, they could be found and removed by any competent physician. You’re government? Watch and read all about it:




      • Uninterested Inyouropinion

        bergdahl is an islamist traitor, huh? man you believe every little bit of crap you see on the interwebs, dont you?

        • eg8tr

          And you probably believe every little bit of crap that comes from the presidents mouth(and it really isn’t a “little bit”).

          • Uninterested Inyouropinion

            i dont listen to the president. so , no

    • barto

      You leave your post in an active combat zone you are a deserter, plain and simple. GPS implants, are you serious…then do you think he and his minions will trace these five like they did with the guns sent to Mexico in “fast and furious” gun running scheme? It was and has been political all along by Obama in hopes of taking some of the pressure off him due to scandals involving him and his administration. The “my Government” statement by him shows just how arrogant he is and ignorant, stupid people like you are going along with his excuses and lies, only to be sucked in and become a part of ANOTHER BIG LIE….you’re pathetic.

      • Uninterested Inyouropinion

        they use the implants to get a location, dr. einstein

  • luciteehee

    He has been an I, ME, MINE, MY, President since he took the Oath of Office in 2009! The SECOND one, since he flubbed the ORIGINAL! First time THAT had ever happened in the history of our Country! As for “Bird-Dog”, he was known as a DESERTER by this Administration since the last part of 2009! 0’Bama promised to close Gitmo immediately! Was BD the “carrot” to dangle! Was the plans put in place from the beginning for the way it finally ended? Was THAT why BD was kept alive so long, even though he wasn’t exactly an appreciative “guest”! Usually terrorists aren’t so accommodating unless there’s a high stake poker came and THEY’RE holding all the ACES! When the “Fiendish Five” were released, they made the remark that they had rather capture one IMPORTANT MAN like BD than a hundred worthless men! WHO made him IMPORTANT? Only a blithering IDIOT would fail to see “WHO and WHY” he was so important! And who MADE him that way!

  • Hammer

    My government my ass…we the people don’t need him and he will NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT and I will NOT abide by any laws he initiates…PERIOD…

  • newhere

    I agree with much that has been said here. I hope that all of you are also writing/calling your senators and representatives.

    • RockyMtn1776

      I have been for several months. Getting a President impeached and actually OUT of office is next to impossible. The people themselves could do it but I do not see that happening at the present time. I expected a military coup long before now. Nothing there either.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        That makes two of us !

    • Chubby Freen

      There’s no point in calling or writing. The reason none are bucking him is almost assuredly because all of them are dirty, with many criminal, dishonorable dealings in their past for which the voters would never re-elect them, and the NSA, rather than wasting time with our emails and phone calls, has been collecting the communications of our critters in both houses of congress, and is using knowledge of their dark deeds to blackmail them into submission.

  • JJfan

    Trouble is, he doesn’t think “his government” needs Congress at all. He prefers being a dictator.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Refresh my memory , What did we do with the last dick-tator we had on our turf back in the late 1700’s.

  • Charles

    The fraud in the WH is doing all he can to demoralize the American military thus encouraging America’s young to not join. It’s pretty clear that America’s real enemies today are in DC.

    • Alleged Comment

      Did you know they always have been?

      According to Glenn Beck Washington’s army wanted to march toward the capital to go after Washington for not supporting the army and what not.

      So, DC has always been a rat’s nest of treason. Not many people realize that. They have almost NEVER been for the people.

      But it always attracted the WORST people of humanity. And Barry represents them in the WORST way. As does Biden, Jarrett, Kerry, Reid, etc.

      We have ways of removing them, it’s called NOT VOTING FOR THEM!!!

  • spidermike

    956 days to go with this POS. Only divine intervention will save us. Pray Psalms 109:8-9

    • Maranatha2011

      I agree that only our sovereign God can pull our chestnuts out of this fire. No matter what this potus does, it will never, ever be bad enough to remove him. That’s because our society is so apathetic, amoral, hardened to righteousness, that there is no line of demarcation between right & wrong. PC nonsense is all people seem to live by, not God’s infallible laws. Since this nation has turned from Him, we no longer have his wisdom or blessings. If America had been in this moral condition in 1945, we would be living in a very different America. I have no doubt that it was God’s intervention that enabled us to win that war. Now, God has no responsibility to help us. However, since I believe every word He has said, I believe He will help us if we do as He instructed in 2 Chronicles 7:14. (We, meaning His children, as His promises are for His own)If He would have spared Sodom for 10 righteous, surely He would spare this new Sodom for the righteous remnant we surely have. I hope we do humble ourselves, confess, repent & turn to God to heal our land. Remember that it needs be in His time, not ours. Meanwhile, we fight the good fight, share the Gospel so that converted sinners will finally see the truth.
      I can’t read Proverbs 26 without feeling that it was written for a certain President. It fortifies me.

  • Indiana Conservative

    I wish more honesty would coming gushing forth from BLACK SATAN!Let all the America people see his true side to tyranny.Jesus said inLuke To Whom much is given MUCH WILL BE REQUIRED.THe rich man in Luke 16:19-30 is saving a nice hot seat for him in eternity.This delusional idiot is too narcistic to realize that Congress is part of government.When do the checks & balances kick in here?????????????Where is the check on the fool in the oval office by congress & the other branch of the three?

  • Arlinda2

    The government belongs to we, the people. The Preamble to he Constitution states : “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” No where in the Constitution does it state that the government belongs to the president. The Constitutional genius got the Constitution wrong again when he erroneously stated that it guaranteed equality to all people with phrase “all men are created equal.” It does not. He mixed up the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence The WH brainiac referred to the Bill of Rights as notions of the founders. Rights are not notions. As for your reference to impeachment, You are as illiterate about the Constitution as is the moron in the WH. The articles of impeachment originate in the House and are then voted upon by the Senate not we, the people Your slobbering admiration and illiterate defense of the feckless incompetent president whose only talent is prancing and bragging about that which he knows not that he knows not indicates that you are as stupid as he is. We have, indeed, become a nation of imbeciles.

  • jdbixii

    It was a very highly publicized case and people have been aware of it since 2009. The fact is that only recently has it been suggested that the guy deserted rather than that he wandered off and was captured. It would seem that the military will get to the facts in an investigation. The truth is what it is and why would there be any reason to cover it up………unless the guy was on a classified, undercover mission…..and if that was the case, they’ll find some “section 8-type excuse” to pass him off to the V.A. and let them deal with it.

    • robocop33

      Wrong, it has ALWAYS been reported that he left his post with the express intent to find the Taliban and be with them as ‘kindred spirits’. This is why the Taliban at first thought he was either drunk or crazy. NO American ever walks into the hands of the Taliban because they know that they will be beheaded! Not so Bergdahl, he traded them classified information to help them kill more Americans including those who were trying to bring him back to face charges. 6 were killed doing that before they simply said the hell with him. There are also photos showing Bergdahl dressed in camo that is clean and neatly pressed wearing a full beard and smiling as he helps train Taliban. Bergdahl is not only a deserter, he is a traitor and should be shot.

  • Mutt

    The Coward in Chief is so arrogant that he’s now delusional. He is headed for a glorious day of reckoning for the American people, but it will be an awful day for him. I can’t wait!

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      Unfortunately, I don’t think he is delusional. The silence of the media and the congress, including the so-called republican majority, is sending him the message that “yes, oh great messiah, it is your government and we are your people. Do with us and with this nation as you will.” And he is.

    • JeanneD

      He thinks that he is the Emperor and Chief and that the Congress is his army of pages.

      • AClearThought

        I’m starting to think the same thing about the congress.

      • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

        And, unfortunately, most members of congress on both sides of the aisle are behaving as though they are his army of pages. I have never heard them so silent.

        • JeanneD

          Time for a citizens march on Congress and the president in Washington Then maybe they would listen to what we have to say. It isn’t happening at the ballot box. That is another thing that is hard to figure out !

          • ChicagoThunder1

            It’s not hard they cheat plain and simple but time will tell at the next election. If that don’t happen then it’s up to the military to bring them up on charges and that’s only because they are the only ones that have the armor to go against the SS.

        • ChicagoThunder1

          And most people believe that the Devil don’t exist…

  • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

    He’s acknowledging he has won, people. He knows that no one will say or do anything to stop him. And we can bet that the silence currently emanating from Capitol Hill, from a Congress assigned the duty of being a check and a balance, will become even more deafening than it has been all week.

    • AClearThought

      If he was a Republican there would be rioting in the streets and the Dems would be screaming to the rooftops.

      • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

        And he would have been impeached during his first term.

    • JeanneD

      What about a damn march on Washington ? That would show them how angry we are at the whole lot of them !

    • ChicagoThunder1

      It’s also what they mean by “A this point what difference does it make”.



    • 820 REDHORSE

      Did you mean “fire on them” or fire them ? Just want to be clear , I know which one I would like to see.

  • AClearThought

    I don’t get it….There must be something “We the People” don’t know. Something big enough to paralyze congress, the S.C., the Senate minority, the Military. They’re so quiet like they’re expecting a nuke to go off. They all can’t be NWO goons….can they?
    We should probably find out if they’ve recently bought summer houses in Europe.

    • Alupara

      Brazil Accords 1992.

      • AClearThought

        You mean Agenda 21?

        • Alupara

          Far beyond that.

          • AClearThought

            How far can you go beyond culling the world ‘s population to a tenth of what it is?

          • Alupara

            Exterminating all those who stand in their way.

          • AClearThought

            Isn’t that the agenda 21 plan?

  • mudguy1

    Obama has just released 5 rabid dogs on the American People.
    Dogs that have rabies are put down not released.

  • Uninterested Inyouropinion

    Bergdahl still innocent until proven guilty, stop hating on the soldier when you dont know the facts. He is an American POW and deserves only respect and medical care at this point.

    • Retarded USN

      Stop Protecting A Deserter WHEN YOU Don’t Hear the FACTS.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      So is Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers all lying about him deserting? I believe them over the lying Obama administration’s mouthpiece puppets. Hopefully ALL the FACTS will all come out, and Bergdahl will be prosecuted for treason.

      • Uninterested Inyouropinion

        they got paid to lie. are you really that naive?

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Go tell your Organizing for America handlers that stupid statements make them look more idiotic than they already are..

    • Don


      • Uninterested Inyouropinion

        yeah i’d like to see you go to afghanistan for a few years. let us know how much of a hero you become.

    • Gorni

      You really can’t be this obtuse, can you?

      • Uninterested Inyouropinion

        why dont you go to afghanistan and sit up on a mountain for a few months, lets see how well you hold up.

        • Gorni

          I will believe the 6 patriot soldiers over the son of an insane father. Lives were lost looking for this deserter.

    • Lynn Munoz

      as they say in New York, shaddup.

    • 19gundog43

      He’s a deserter at best and a trader worst case. Try using you two brain cells and listen the his tem mates he deserted moron. Your kind are what got us into this mess dips&t

  • retarded USN

    His Government? His Decision? His Fascist, Socialist, Over throw of the US Government AND the US Citizens.
    IF The man in question HAD Served Honorably, there would be No question to get him back. BUT the man in question is a deserter, traitor, and has committed “treason”. He cost the lives of 6 soldiers to “find the “DESERTER” who “walked away from his post””. He put MANY American lives at stake for his “DISILLUTIONIST” idea.
    Hang, let’s give freedom to terrorists who will KILL Americans to “FREE” a DESERTER just so we can give him punishment under the UCMJ (desertion during time of war = DEATH). AND since Obama (the POTUS (Piece Of Totally Useless S—) undermines, circumvents, makes his own laws and breaks them, SHOULD be not ONLY IMPEACHED, But put on Trial for Treason for Releasing Known Enemies of the United States and Americans.
    MY GOVERNMENT gives ME that right to do it, AND MY Government is the one Formed by the CONSTITUTION and, according to that document, Obama is NOT AUTHORIZED to Hold the Office of President!.
    When are we going to take back OUR America and OUST the “illegal. lying one that has ruined our USA? IF WE wait much longer, He will have torn up the Constitution, dismissed congress, fire ALL the judges AND Name himself “DICTATOR” or “KING” and call us his Obama Nation. That is an abomination.

  • louluna

    Congress needs to do their job and charge this turd with treason than have him executed by firing squad

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Congress isn’t going to do anything. All they’ve given us are the Dog and Pony Shows, but nothing of substance to actually correct anything the Liar in Chief has done illegally.

      • louluna

        Yea I know, but how sad they won’t do as I wish

  • georgethorvat

    Hail King Obama. all hail Kin Obama! He is our new Lord and Master and we shall obey him to our dying breath ; the insulate miserable lying, pot smoking worthless Kenyan homosexual dolt.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The true Barack Obama slipped and showed us positively how his mind works. It isn’t a government of the people, it’s HIS government. What a jackass.

  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    GUILTY OF TREASON BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT! President Barack Hussein Obama, disregarded Congress to negotiate with terrorists for the release of a Sgt. Bergdahl who is guilty of desertion, treason, and is most likely a current member of the Taliban, for the release of 5 extremely high level members of the Taliban.
    By definition of treason, we won’t get into President Obama’s violations. He is guilty of treason in the first degree here. Fact, he did not ask congress if we could make a trade for Sgt. Bergdahl, nor in his negotiations with terrorist did he take into account the circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture. President Obama, did not hand over grunt level terrorists — rather he traded the equivalent of 5 generals for that of 1 grunt level deserter. We, according to the President, will be in Afghanistan for at least another 18 months, gradually drawing down the level of troops to 9,800 by
    the end of the year and continuing to 0 over the 2015 year. His trade giving
    the Taliban 5 generals puts an insurmountable amount of pressure and danger on
    our remaining troops. The generals that the Taliban just reacquired are also labeled according to US intelligence highly likely to seek acts of terrorism
    against the United States and its Allies. IN CONCLUSION, Both Obama and
    Bergdahl must be arrested, Charged with TREASON and removed, in handcuffs to
    Maximum Security! Tried and Executed! (These FACTS were gleaned from an article by Zachary Welsh and posted in National Politics,Slider,World Politics)

    • Gorni

      Bingo, Bingo, Bingo….. I couldn’t have said it better! Don’t forget about the American’s that have been murdered, raped, robbed, etc, etc from the 39,000 illegal criminals that he released from our prisons.

      He stated that “his” government doesn’t leave a man behind? If that is true, then why is there a Marine sitting in a mexican jail? You could add this to his lies.

    • robocop33

      Actually Shirley Obama did ask Congress twice in 2011 and 2012 and both times Congress said no way. So fast forward to 2014 and he just does it without telling anyone until AFTER these head Taliban Leaders are safely in the hands of other Taliban members.

  • http://batman-news.com art

    just like in benghazi

  • Joe Bob Jim Bob

    Treasonous Act…….not that it will help, but I’m calling and emailing my congressmen.

  • Sylvester Jones

    Get him out of office and now.

  • bushwacko

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse. This guy is truly demented. Bergdahl goes from being on “his” capture or kill list to hero of the state. I suppose in odamnus’ mind, since he declared the “war is over”, Bowe couldn’t possibly be a deserter. Wow Big O, did the terrorist surrender? Do they know the war is over? Who won? The Taliban give up there weapons? Why in Gods name are you such a hopeless piece of egotistical scat? God Save The Republic.

  • John Stratemeyer

    Colonel West is spot on. President Obozo has lost his mind. Not that it’s a big loss.

  • Mort Leith

    Somebody needs to inform this GA*Ymuzlim TRAITORp0S that it isn’t HIS government

  • BC

    It’s not your government dick head!!!

  • robocop33

    Just who the hell is Obama’s Government? Is it him, Jarrett, and Rice? I have news for him, according to the US Constitution is is EQUALLY divided between the Presidency, the Congress, and the SCOTUS. He is only 1/3 of it and what he is allowed to do is limited. Apparently Obama, who is supposedly a Constitutional scholar, has either never read it or forgotten it exists! Obama should be arrested for a number of laws that he has broken and immediately impeached. A trial should follow for the laws he has broken including Treason and he should then after being found guilty be stood up against the wall and shot by a military firing squad as directed by the law.

  • gepops58

    Your government belongs to WE the PEOPLE,you are just there hired to do a job that is clearly way over your head,hopefully by now the blind deaf idiots that put you there are having some serious regrets. I do know the rest of the country you know the ones that you are pleased to call wrong thinking Americans have already had some serious regrets about you way back in 2008! Anyway true american presidents DO NOT bargain with terrorists and surely do not come out on the loosing end of the deal as you did,5for1aint good math or good for america. I can only imagine what other kind of deals you have working in that feeble little brain not to mention the crime wave that will befall the balance of our troops in country or here in the states to the citizens,god only knows what other nonsense you and your narsicissist Marxist arrogance will befall this country before your done…. Impeachment? I don’t think that is an appropriate punshiment,this calls for no less than a charge of treason and life in prison or death!

  • Kathryn

    Will someone PLEEEASE tell me why he hasn’t been impeached yet??? Seriously!!! Nixon was impeached over far more minor wrongdoings than these… Why, even Billy-boy was impeached for a single “moral slipup” (though unfortunately he didn’t get fired or resign). Will someone please explain why we haven’t begun the impeachment process on this blatant traitor yet, who has more “Gates” than a horse track???

    • Kevin Straughn

      Nixon wasn’t impeached, he resigned!

    • Eliott

      I have been saying this for a long time to deaf ears. He will never be impeached because of his historic presidency. Being the first black President, Congress is afraid of starting a civil war in this country and that is what would happen if they impeach the first black President. You see what happens in cities that are predominately black when their sports team either wins or loses a championship series. They burn buildings, turn over cars and beat almost to death any white person they can find. What do you think they would do if Obama is impeached?

      • Neal Avery

        So we are a nation of fear the blacks, right?

        • Eliott

          Among our elected officials? YES.

      • jimshaw54

        People have to remember that 94% of blacks voted for Obama — not once but twice. I find it hard to believe that he would have had that vote percentage for any reason other than race, but we also have to remember that blacks are in the minority so it took a lot of other people to put him into office. The media was in the tank for him, the large number of people on welfare that would vote for anyone they thought would keep their “checks” coming, and those whites who wanted a “black” president for the sake of “fairness” and/or that they wanted to prove that they weren’t racist. All of these indicate that many people voted for him for reasons other than his ability, policies, and principles.

        I don’t believe that most of the above would be happy to have “their” president impeached. So it is a stretch to believe that there would be a civil war if Obama was impeached, but there most likely would be some incidents if he were to be impeached.

        By the way: Some of the rioting in cities like Seattle were NOT racially motivated.

        Whatever, many would be unhappy if the “legacy” of our first black president was besmirched. It would be the same if it was our first female president. So the chances of impeachment are slim to none. .

        • leewacker

          I don’t know. There seem to be a lot of blacks who are as unhappy with what they are seeing as a “black” president who is showing more and more of a bad turn of mind towards the blacks in this country! He has done nothing for them, has relegated them to less than human stature, and yet, there are those who praise him as the “messiah!” I would think that should the blacks actually riot over an impeachment, it would be brought on more by the islamists than anyone! We cannot trust those people at all!

      • leewacker

        From what I have been reading and hearing from black Americans, they are just as unhappy about Obama as the rest of us! It is only the fool liberals who think he’s the “bee’s knees!”

    • Neal Avery

      He hasn’t been tried for impeachment, because Harry Reid controls the Senate. An impeachment trial is presided over by the Chief Justice and voted on by the Senate.


    Except for using the word government instead of the more precise “administration,” he’s exactly right. Obama is the head of the executive branch of government. Congress is the lawmaking branch of government. There is a difference, and even Republicans (perhaps especially Republicans) know and exploit that difference. Remember the guy who inhabited the White House about a decade a ago who said, “Ahm the decider.”? Now there was a man with a master’s degree in arrogance.

    • lifeissogood

      When did America become a monarchy? I must have missed that history lesson.
      I also missed the lesson where the power of the purse was transfered to the executive branch. Mind enlightening me?
      Big difference between ‘government’ and ‘administration’.

    • Neal Avery

      Congress makes the laws. The Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the constitutionality of the laws. The president and the executive branch are supposed to enforce the laws that congress passes. “The Administrator” must have failed Civics, but that is sealed with the rest of his records. Except for his grades at Occidental where he was enrolled as a foreign student.

  • malocolmX

    if this were a real free country or any other nation on earth that thinks they are free;; this sick basta666rd would already be meeting his vestal virgins

  • RLJR1


  • leewacker

    This faux “president” only thinks he has a government! What he does have is a runaway disaster!

  • Joan

    Its not you’re government Obama!!! You numb scull!!

  • 19gundog43

    If our Founders were alive today he would already be stretching a rope.

  • armydadtexas

    ONCE AGAIN, OBAMA SPITS AND STOMPS ON THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. HELLO! Legislative and Judicial Branches of the United States Government>>>>>>>>Where the hell are you?

  • DukeDiesel

    “Me, me ,me, I, I, I.” And this freaking A-hole is running the country. Poor Obama, it must be hard being the Devil’s son, but then again, he is doing such a wonderful job!

  • Rham

    Arrogant but most of all, not cool (which he wants desperately to be). This pathetic excuse for a president calls everything uses me, mine, my on everything. My government, my military. None of that is his, not even his salary is his. It is our money, our government our military. He is just a passer by, elected twice by the imbeciles what live in this country which are now the majority and have wasted 8 years of this country and nothing to show for except division, debt, screw-ups, persecution and money wasting.

  • frankenbiker

    This man thinks this regime is his own personal play thing, to do with as HE SEES FIT. He’s a narcissistic, paranoid, delusional, schizoid. Who likes little boys and virgin goats. Just like a good muzzie.

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