‘I’M AN A-HOLE': Gary Oldman Apologizes To Hollywood For Being Brutally Honest

If Oldman would’ve slammed white Christians or conservatives he would been given an Oscar but alas … he offended the wrong crowd … and now, he grovels at their feet.  Check it out.

Here is some of the transcript via Today.com

  • “I have deeply injured and wounded a great many people.”
  • “From my heart, I am profoundly, profoundly sorry and deeply apologetic, especially to the fans because they’ve been so incredible to me and very loyal. … They’re like Team Oldman.”
  • “I’m a public figure. I should be an example and an inspiration. And I’m an a——. I’m 56 and I should know better!”
  • “I stepped out of my area of expertise and I just landed both feet in a hornet’s nest.”


  • WelderChick

    Hey, we ordinary folks who cherish what’s good and right can’t be looking to Hollywood for anything. These people will roll over if the right button is pushed. There are only a few celebs who won’t and most of them don’t live anywhere near California, let alone Hollywood. Man, I’m embarrassed for Oldman as his cow-towing to the idiots is so public and makes him look so dumb!

    • Barrustio

      Charlton Heston is the only actor whom I saw who didn’t toe the Hollywood line. Ed Asner was a wimp and led the wimps

      • Ewade

        He’s also an avowed Communist.

        • Barbaracvm

          You are referring to Asner? ?

          • Barrustio

            Surely…..certainly not Heston

      • WelderChick

        I think Clint Eastwood has kept to his guns as well.

        • Barrustio

          Of course, how could I forget….”Make my day liberals”

    • Barbaree

      We should hold hollyweird accountable for what they brought on us with obama. We should not forget!

  • taliesin319

    Scratch any one of them and you will get the same result. They have no kind of inner core. They stand for nothing and fall for everything. Children who never grow up. The folk he’s groveling to will never forgive him, will hate him, marginalize him, and will of course tearfully attend his funeral.

  • Dawn Garland

    Oldman–just stop it! you said what you meant-why apologize-do they say they are sorry for agreeeing with all of the wrong things–the things that you said were truthful, the problem is many hollywood people can’t handle the truth or are afraid to say it….and now it seems you might go back into your shell of hollywood—all of you people better remember, if not for US you guys would be NOWHERE! we are your paycheck.

  • me1952

    Come on, the old boy got a phone call warning him to tow the line or else.
    The only thing missing from this video is the gun to his head and a copy of today’s newspaper.

    • Barrustio

      Who was that Western movie star, Cliff Robertson I believe who got blackballed by Hollywood for whistle blowing on Begelman (a mogul-type of which Oldman speaks) who had written a hot check or something to that effect. I’m sure the consequences that Robertson suffered were probably made clear to Oldman

      • me1952

        This reminds me of that New Jersey mayor, Corey Booker, who criticized Obama and quickly retracted. No doubt he also got hauled to the liberal woodshed.
        How funny that liberals pride themselves on being such bastions of tolerance….until you criticize them.

  • Jr1776

    Need work Gary ? stand for something.

    • sandyinindy

      He did, that is until Hollyweird told him what he really stands for. Well, it was refreshing and brave for what, 37.4 hours, to hear someone speak honestly. I wonder when Hollyweird will let him let go of his ankles and stand back up?

  • Barrustio

    Backpedaling is an Obama thing and not a manly thing to do especially when you have said nothing wrong

  • Valorie

    What really ticks me off with people like this is they have the initial courage to speak out, speak their minds…then later say they are sorry. What a waste of human DNA. Grow a backbone. Stand behind your words. Don’t let the liberals/progressives push you around. You have a God given right to your convictions. Time to take a spoonful of “I said what I said and I’ll stand behind what I said” if people don’t like it…tell them to move along and not waste your time.

    • Eliott

      My reply up top and your reply are a lot alike.

  • Marilyn Z

    OK…what in the world did he say to get the Hollywood liberals that upset that he has to be PROFOUNDLY sorry?

    Nevermind…just found it. I like what he said. Is he so in need of a job that he has to eat his words and fall on his sword like this? Maybe he is schizophrenic…by golly, if I say it, I mean it. I am old enough to try to consider my words before I burn my bridges.

    • Gringo_Cracker

      Oldman told Playboy he’s been married four times, so yeah, he might really need the income.

  • Angelfire4280

    No need to apologize cuz the babies in Hollywood manifest the usual faux outrage,
    Gary. Stand by yours views like a man. Tomorrow, the fake outrage will be directed somewhere else.

  • 2Texayn

    Be a man…stand your ground…let the cry babies stew.

  • azcowboy

    What a wimp…he needs to turn in his man card IMMEDIATELY. Obviously got some feedback from a “few” and now is trying to do damage control. Whatever happened to real men who stood by their TRUE principals and took the hit regardless?

    • DenisetheCelt

      Not “a few”. The JEW. He outraged Jews for simply saying something that is true, So he must be crucified.

  • stillafan

    Once again a Brit actor shows the Hollywood elite what class and humility looks like. I agreed with the spirit of his rant, but he’s right, he crossed the line out of his own area of expertise and he was offensive. I wish more actors would figure that one out! Just because they play the role of an expert — reading someone else’s writing, moving to someone else’s direction, in someone else’s clothing, with perfect lighting, in a made up environment –does not make them an expert at ANYTHING cultural or political.

    • DenisetheCelt

      Yes. You can criticize ANYTHING else but Jews. Right?

  • AbleAmerican1

    A Kizz Azz Flip Flopper..!! Guess he hasn’t seen the new Hillary presentation of “Murder, Inc.” Bill’s got one out too…Their ‘closets’ full of “Soprano actions” to silence those that have disagreed with their corruption agenda..but then…she & Bill know & profess…”What difference does it now make”..

  • Ewade

    Some fag producer types probably told him, “You’ll never work in this town again.” So he grovels shamelessly. What a pussy.

  • RM Molon Labe

    you should NEVER apologize… for speaking TRUTH…Molon Labe

  • drprobus

    Screw him! Effing pussy.

  • Defend The Constitution

    What Gary Oldman originally said is obviously and undeniably true.

    It’s a waste of time and energy to wage war upon such unalienable truths.

  • Work2SnowSki

    The more this stuff happens, the more I want to see this administration in Prison.

  • jong

    A real man on either side would have said that is what I think. If you dont like it suck it up. Just ask any of ole jug ears boy friends.

  • VJamison

    What a wimp! I was so impressed that someone in the business could stand up to the liberal Hollowood mob, but no, he’s just another Hollywood head.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Would that be a Dick Head?

  • chaslie45

    Grovel, grovel, grovel. What did he say, ‘I used words I shouldn’t have’. In other words, I won’t stand up for my freedom of speech. The Hollywood bigwigs must have put the screws to him. The only reason he is apologizing is to save his career. It’s all about money.

    • DenisetheCelt

      His career was over the second that interview went to press. He ought to have known that. Hollywood Jews are publicly gloating over Oldman’ career death.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Gary Oldman, actor, stated that Jews
    control Hollywood, Jews became outraged and hysterical over this well
    documented reality – and Jews sic Abe Foxman on an actor, and then gloat
    about how Oldman’s career is OVER.

    OK folks – what have we learned, so far, by this little episode?

  • get-it-on

    “Deeply injured and wounded a great many people”? Are you $hitting me? Add another ahole Hollywood degenerate to the list of “movie stars” I will boycott, both past and future films.

  • Eliott

    First of all, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Secondly, if there is one thing that really angers me, it is when someone says something that they REALLY mean, only to walk it back the next day and beg for forgiveness. He expressed his feelings and now he is on his hands and knees. I like him as an actor but what he did left a sour taste in my mouth. You say it, you own it. Man up.

    • SammyD

      He would make for a great RINO wouldn’t he?

      • Eliott

        Yes indeed.

  • Psychodad

    Why wasn’t he in pajama’s ? A teddy bear would have been nice too .

  • Ken

    Great! Another one cowers to the bullying from the left.

  • Audrey Russo

    Just another weenie…how incredibly pathetic. My question: How is he able to stand without a spine?

  • Jane18

    Wow Gary! Yesterday I thought you were coming to your senses… Now today, I see you have relapsed back into that world of heathens!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Just another lying liberal!

  • KD

    C’mon, Gary! Hang in there. Be somebody, not just another Hollywood caricature…
    I understand your need to mollify, but is this really the best time to back down from a legitimate viewpoint because some of the very people you (righteously) upset are bitter about it? What, you’re going to be blacklisted now? Don’t you know we’d have your back if you stand your ground and handed their A$$es to them and then can’t work because of your honesty? Talk about growing your fan base! You could triple it overnight if you keep up the assault of mindless Zombie Hollywood lefty hypocrisy.
    If you’ve overspent and worried, don’t be. I bet you a million bucks you could realize tripe/quadruple that in donations if you’re really in a jam…
    The cycle of recrimination and fear of speaking out must be broken. Freedom of speech must be restored. Thought/voice Police must have their teeth pulled, and the only way that’s going to happen is for you “stars” to speak out against them. The righteous need spokespersons with “Media” cred. Suck it up – we all have challenges, but few of us have the privileged “name recognition” you enjoy. Use it wisely. Please.

  • Claude M. Dionne

    As I have e-mailed yesterday, he was ‘RIGHT’ by putting the left-wing Liberals (same here in Canada). WHO and WHY was he pressured to apologize? Perhaps, it was to the American Actors’ Guild, is it possible? You cannot please EVERYBODY at the same time, ALL of the time(s)! Keep speaking for all the world’s abnormal-
    ities, Gary! Enough said!!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Gary Oldman folded under pressure. I guess he needs work.

  • http://www.de-navarro.com dnav

    Effin wimp.

  • ssoldie

    So what the hell has he got to apologizes for, if he believes he was brutally ‘HONEST’. hey! numb nuts, Oldman , that makes no sense.Hypocrite.

  • Jay Star

    Flip flops like a fish out of water! Hard to believe in a person like that!

  • brandi n. kay

    Why in the hell is he apologizing??!! Political Correctness was the beginning of the downfall of American society. All of these different groups demanding special rights…women, gays, and blacks…have PC’ed the US into pandering to the LEAST common denominator. See my article on wordpress. I am an equal opportunity offender.

  • graybuffalo

    I am sure they threatened him with never working in Hollyweird again. Screw Gary Oldman. As far as I am concerned I will NEVER watch anything with him in it again. He is dead to me. He is a sniveling weasel with no spine.

  • graybuffalo

    Too bad McCarthy didn’t get to finish the job in Hollywood…a nest of communists.

  • SammyD

    Sad that Gary was forced to backtrack his perspective.

  • SammyD

    Gary, the movie and film industry have diversified out of Hollywood like Las Colinas, Texas. You might not be in another major myopic, but you could still work in the industry. Who knows, it might just open other avenues for you. You could team up with the avant garde like Dinesh Souza. You break Hollywood hypocrisy wide open and come out on top. You could become a great reformer like Reagan did as the SAC President.

  • anarchyst

    The “chosen” are the only people who cry out out that they are being attacked while they are attacking YOU.
    Gary Oldman should not have apologized . . . maybe Oldman and Mel Gibson can get together and collaborate on some worthwhile projects. Of course, the “chosen” won’t like it, but so what??

  • Reb Biker

    What a sickening display of groveling, and all to save his career from the consequences of telling the truth. Someone please hand me a barf bag.

  • luvbach1

    Apologizing mainly to his far-left fans.

  • knight2

    No Gary you’re not an @sshole but a pussy coward hollywood douche bag.

  • OrlandoRican

    Lost any respect I for him as an actor and as a person.

  • A. Tsai

    Shouldn’t have backed down. He was telling the truth.

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