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Animal rights lunatics are at it again protesting legal hunting/game management while calling for the deaths of the humans that legally hunt.  I know … go figure.  This time it is Jordan Kendall, with petitions for Facebook to take down her big game hunting photos.

As we have documented via ClashDaily.com, the bunny lovers breathe out, with great regularity, al-Qaeda-like death threats using the vilest of language, all in the name of animal love.  Here’s the latest examples.  Check ‘em out Clashers.


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  • Sgtsnuffy


  • WelderChick

    I just don’t get the level of hatred being leveled against this girl. If you don’t like what she does, why in the world go to her FB page??

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Liberals enjoy hating people. It’s one of the very few things in life that they really get off on. That and killing babies… they just love killing babies, hypocritical bastards!

  • Psychodad

    Liberals talk tough as they hide behind their lawyers . Jeff Dunham needs to add a new character to his puppets based on a liberal lawyer ( Silence , I sue you ! )

  • Bobseeks

    Membership in PETA is a sure sign of mental and moral degeneracy. Animal rights activists are sociopaths who belong in prison.

  • bimmerguy2009

    Know what I wonder? Who is Dianne Warren, and who gives a rip what she thinks?

  • Justin Tyme

    I find it telling these same people who bit*h about this have no problem dismembering pre-born babies but scream about the animal. Oh and I didn’t give my opinion on the hunt– just the hypocrisy

  • Jr1776

    Let’s go liberal hunting.

  • John Stratemeyer

    Just like the comedian, whose name I’ve already forgotten, who said pretty much the same thing last week, or maybe it was the week before, I’ve never heard of Diane Warren. I’d bet she’s pro-abortion though.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Oh heck yeah… they have no problem at all murdering little babies. Such a bunch of hypocrites!

  • JubalE662

    If anything happens to that girl, it should be open season on warren (whoever she is?) and the petard f*cks.

  • Ewade

    Who is Diane Warren and why would I care what she says?

  • TiredVET1

    She is trying to take down a face book page of a legal hunter and advocating death to a person. Can we say HYPOCRITE in the biggest way. Not ok to kill animals but ok to kill humans boy love the way the left thinks when I need a laugh I just look at the blogs and I know they will do something to make me laugh.

    • GeoInSD

      Not just hypocritical. It is simply SICK!!!

  • reggiec

    What they do not realize is that big game hunting is sometimes the only source of income for the hunting guides. In addition the meat is given to local tribes. It is a boon to local economies and is very controlled to “manage” game numbers to prevent over populations.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      The problem is that these whacko’s put animals before people in the food chain. They’re really a bunch of crazy psychotics who aught to be medicated and locked away somewhere.

    • GeoInSD

      But you assume that the welfare of actual people are more important than the Left’s ideology.
      On one occasion Margaret Thatcher called out an MP who was complaining that income inequality increased during Lady Thatcher’s administration though he acknowledged that people were lifted out of poverty. Lady Thatcher pointed out that that MP would rather have greater equality and greater poverty than less poverty and greater inequality.

  • LTsiao

    Are they all vegans?
    Do they think meat just comes from little plastic trays from the local market?

    They are so ridiculous, if there were not game management wildlife would suffer from various problems. If someone pays the fees, legally hunts and does want to pose with a photo, the animal rights jerks should keep quiet.

    • Ewade

      So, are you saying like, chicken mcnuggets really do come from chickens?

  • I_P_Frehley

    Diane Warren? Never heard of him

    • junkmailbin

      d warren, it is not me who smells of rotting fish, it is the hunter over there who showers every day so the fishies will have no water

  • deseartu1

    I hope when the world ends she is my friend to help me to survive…..YOU GO GIRL! I don’t see all the articles on all of the men who daily kill animals for sport… how about Roosevelt? Cheney? Deer season in the Midwest? poor bambi! I have never seen a bunch of cat fighting woman haters…..Jealousy is the bitch here! I hope that singer artists hears from this girls family attorney for a Death Threat! That’s how I see it….

  • Medic614

    I don’t think she can get her wish, because all the liberal sheeple disarmed. Didn’t they?

    • JubalE662

      Yep, they never do anything themselves, they hide behind bureaucracy, lawyers… gutless pukes.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      They wouldn’t be liberal if they were armed, right? Piss on them!

  • lisarichards124

    Kendal has my support, her pics are up on my Face Book. I hope others who support and believe hunting is a God-given right will do the same and support this girl.

    Diane Warren?????? Is she still alive……

  • AR154U

    These cowardice liberals need to find her and do the “hit job” themselves,… this little lady knows how to handle a gun and hopefully they will find this out the hard way !!!

  • Winston

    They can’t build enough institutions for the insane wackos in the world to put them. That’s one crazy nut who should be tired.

  • lisarichards124

    Okay Diane Warren….I had no idea you still existed since you were never really that great to begin with, but in honor of you, I will continue re-posting more of Kendal’s hunt pics on my Face book to support her.

    As to Kendal: You’re welcome in my home any time you visit the NYC area. And you can raid my fur closet, just bring me a cheetah rug!

    • Lowell

      You are one up on me — I had no idea Diane Warren ever existed!

  • LittleMoose

    Liberals will call for releasing a convicted cop killer from jail, then call for the murder of a hunter. Can you see the logic of this? No? Neither can I.

  • MadPunter1963

    Only a demented liberal could get away with openly promoting premeditated murder.
    Only a demented liberal could think that knee-jerk emotionalism trumps facts and reason.

  • GA Patriot

    Ahh, the tolerance of the Left is always touching in it’s peaceable gentility.

  • 7papa7

    These idiots don’t mind killing humans, which is illegal, but get upset when an animal is LEGALLY hunted. Like they say stupid is as stupid does. Maybe we should put horns on these clowns send them out and go hunt them since they have no problem killing humans.

    • http://gravatar.com/hummingharpman hummingharpman

      Even better; send these tree hugging a–holes out into the jungle with lions and tigers and bears…..”oh my!……” and make sure they are NOT armed with any kind of weapons that might injure or kill those poooooooor defenseless animals!……..Papa, Mama and Baby Bear…..come and get it! Dinner’s served!!….liberal a–hole on a pile of leaves….Just hope those poor bears don’t get food poisoning from eaing so much shite!

      • 7papa7

        My concern, like yours. is that the critters would get sick and die a slow death. Much more humane to hunt them.

        • http://gravatar.com/hummingharpman hummingharpman

          Yes indeed!

        • Joken Joe

          Food poisoning. A terrible way to go. Dalmer was a lib. Feed them to Daimler, he’ll eat anything.

  • rog363

    Any one know when well be able to get a license to hunt Liberals? They definitely aren’t an endangered species and the herd really should be thinned out.

    • rivahmitch

      Yep. To steal a phrase from Michener’s “The Drifters” that will happen “when the crunch comes” May it be soon.

      • yaki534

        A waste of ammunition.

    • Joken Joe

      Wait for the stuff. They’ll eat and kill there own. Because coming after someone who can fight back isn’t there style.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    I for one certainly couldn’t care less what this Diane Warren bastard/bitch thinks (is she a female)! That goes for all the whiney “animal rights” whacko’s think. They’re irrational train of thought isn’t worth following, and they’re about the nastiest people you’d ever want to meet. In fact you’d never want to meet one of these fruitcakes!

  • ConnieJ

    I’m sure all those anti-hunting mavens buy their meat at the grocery, where no animals are killed. What? They’re vegetarians? Well then, they don’t go to the doctor (animals used in med school training), take any meds (including gelcaps and other OTCs), or wear leather of any kind. They also don’t eat veggies (takes away the food supply of their precious animals). They are such PERFECT human beings. They donate all their time and energy to feeding and caring for all the homeless pets (they don’t care about homeless people). Such vicious attacks upon the ordinary American citizens must really warm their little judgemental hearts.

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    Animal activists are.responsible for more acts of domestic terrorism, destruction of private property, bombings, assault and murder than any other group in America.

    Source: FBI annual report on crime and domestic terrorism.

  • Wes

    I’m sure those violent death wishes were just simple expressions of liberal tolerance. However, if you ever use the words “Chicago” or “apartment”, fear not, MSNBC will forever brand you as a racist!

    • Crusty Conservative

      Liberals are COMPLETELY tolerant………of everyone that agrees with them!

  • yaki534

    She better be a vegan, but vegans kill plants. There is a difference? Killing is killing.

    • 1straightshooter

      Well she won’t be a vegan any more after she gets married! Woohoo!!!!

  • 2Texayn

    These idiots know nothing of animal husbandry and the genuine need for hunters in the population control of certain species of animals. Another open mouth…insert foot liberal sharing their intellectual poverty with anyone who’ll wade though the tantrums

  • usmc1063

    These words come from the same people who actively support the mass slaughter of humans in the mothers womb. Yet by killing any animal for any purpose they go all out in condemning the individuals that do. I absolute have no use for these idiots what so ever and if it was hunting season I’d go out right now and shoot something for dinner.

    • Joken Joe

      Hook up with your local farmers and ranchers. If it becomes a nuisance animal it can be hunted. Keeps my freezer stocked.

    • bet1125

      And the same people who conduct vigils outside of prisons, wailing and gnashing their teeth at the imminent execution of mass murderers.

  • ActualConundrum

    Perhaps someone should hunt down the unknown song writer bitch monster . What the hell is a Jordan Kendall and why would someone care what her sick twisted fevered obvious terrorist brain thinks. Why doesn’t she prove her devotion to animals. And offer herself to feed a lion. Then everyone wins. This Kendall thing is a real monster.

    • Ryan Cawdor

      I believe you got the names crossed. Jordan Kendall is the cheerleader/hunter. Diane Warren is the “song writer bitch monster”.

      • ActualConundrum

        Oops your right. Better go fix that . LOL

  • PETA Puffers Suck

    Now PETA has the right to sensor our feelings!?………Overreach!

    • FletchGuy

      It’s not PETA. Its those of us who are responsible hunters and who manage game populations responsibly. What she is doing can not be defended by any rational wildlife conservator. I hunt but as food for my family not for the sport of killing. If you think what she is doing ok then your no better then a liberal who takes welfare with no thought of getting off. Just plain irresponsible and she should be scorned for killing animals not for food, use, or population control.

      • Bart Smith

        You’re just ignorant. She is participating in hunts that are sanctioned for the purpose of preventing overpopulation. I suppose you’d be happier watching the animals overpopulate and die slow deaths from starvation and disease, possibly wiping out many more animals than controlled hunts kill.

        Who are you to say that the African game officials who issued the permits for the hunts are managing their game animals irresponsibly?

        • FletchGuy

          Bart…. Ill keep it simple your absolutly wrong.. guess where she killed these animals? Come on guess if you read its in there…..Yes thats right game reserve clubs… So no this was not population control sorry. These animals are raised by humans so later they can charge someone to shoot them. This was done for 2 reasons..Someone had money and gets a kick out of killing for fun…and someone could care less about these animals but like the money. most of these animals do not even run from humans as the people raised and fed them so it’s not like she was in the bush stalking a free wild animal that mauled a village or she stalked it across the desert to feed her village. She did it for a selfie and for the fun of killing. Thats what makes it wrong. I can not even comprehend how some think this is ok.I know no real hunter or anyone who claims to be a republican can support this as we support the right to bare arms and in that right to be morally responsible, ethically correct, and to understand and respect life or taking of and any idiot supporting what she is doing should not own a gun ever.

          • Bart Smith

            Even if you’re correct about the game reserve, which as someone who hunted over there every year for about 10 years, I contend you’re dead wrong. What they call a game reserve over there, is about the equivalent of out national forests. But by your logic it’s morally reprehensible and ethically wrong to raise an animal to be killed. Someone better tell all the hog, cattle, chicken, and other farmers, plus all those that eat meat.

            I’ll go a step further. If these animals are bred and raised in captivity, even better as these hunts are having no effect on the wild population. However, I suppose you’d tell me it’s wrong to shoot the hog I’ve been raising on my land and give the meat to my neighbors down the road that don’t have much. By your assertion, that’s about the equivalent of what she did.

            And by the way, calling people idiots who disagree with you shows an immature mind and is what people resort to when they lack a good argument. You sound more like a liberal troll trying to pose as a conservative hunter to me.

  • hanktioga

    Ignorant liberal trash posted here. Whomever(all of them ) that want her killed should be in jail or committed.

    • Tommy Tickles

      For they are the true terrorists!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Who’s Dianne Warren? And why would I give a RAT’S A$$ what she thinks? Jordan, you go girl! Awesome hunt and great pics…gotta love the big smile in every shot.. (Yes, pun intended!!)

  • The_Frog_Prince

    We need to start filling up the loony bins with all these left wing loons.

  • FletchGuy

    Again with some of Doug’s recent articles I have to say he might be a bit off in the head. Yes I am a moderate rep/ Tea Party Patriot and I agree this girl needs to be stopped from what she is doing. It’s not not animal right nuts that are mad but just normal people who have a respect for life and a good standard in hunting reasonability. This girl should be ashamed as she is way out of line. If her parents instilled this in her then they are they kind of people who should not be allowed to bare arms as they are horrible people and not responsible hunters. She is not killing or hunting for species management and she is not hunting to eat the meat. She is hunting for the pure kill which is not what real or responsible hunters do. She is killing things like cheetahs, lions, and hippos for no reason or purpose other then to kill. I hunt and I hunt to supplement my families food. I do not take joy in killing just to kill but I hunt for a true need. For this writer to say to have ethics and to respect animal life makes you a lunatic shows Doug has left the realm of just a responsible republican or right leaning person into a realm of careless and damaging person.

    Doug i suggest you hit reset and come back to this world as you have gone the way of the coo coo bird and no longer speak or represent the moral and ethical responsible right. You have become a wack job without moral or respect for life or any care for our own responsibility to care for our future. You with your crazed unfounded rash judgements have become as irresponsible and nieve as the left. We can hunt but for need not just for the thrill of a kill. That makes you a sicko who is not needed in society.

    • hanktioga

      Fletchieboy; Human Abortion ok with you? Sounds like it. I suggest you get far from the tea party since it shows you to be an ignorant wildlife conservative. She was issued permits to take these animals OK?

    • SATCitizen

      I worked with a big-game hunter and meat does feed area villages.

      • FletchGuy

        Some yes. many of these paid hunts the meat is just disposed of and the fur and heads kept. these are not people hunting to live they are very well off and care less as long as they get the thrill, kill, and trophy. thats what makes it wrong.

        • SATCitizen

          And many are able to have their trophy and feed villages. The hunters I know are not wasteful people. Letting the most fertile valley in California lay waste for a 2′-smelt fish is wasteful.

    • LTsiao

      Even if she was taking these animals illegally, which she was not, it does in no way justify the killing of the girl, or the advocating of such an act.

      • FletchGuy

        She took them legally in a closed preserve. basically its the same as saying ok we will pay this farmer who is raising these cows from birth money. Then we come down to the farm with high powered rifles you put the cows in a feild closed off and we shoot them and take a picture..Where is the sport? Where are her morals? Did she just save lives? Did she eat the lions meat with her family and give thanks for its nutrients that continue her life? Nope dad wrote a check they drove to the herds and she killed the animals and took selfies for facebook.

        This makes her an idiot. I do not have any respect, defence or care for the stupid. As stupid as she is she had to know that doing something like put this on facebook show casing her stupidity and lack or ethics and morals might just piss people off… Since she is of the stupid and she did do this herself to herself so be it. Im not like the liberals I will not defned your stupidity, your laziness or blame other game. She is a big girl. She made these decisions. Now deal with it.No way she didn’t know this outcome so if your that dumb maybe society can improve if you weren’t part of it. her parents instilled nothing good in her obviously.

        • LTsiao

          So you advocate killing her? Is that your holier than thou stance?
          Makes you an immoral idiot. Not her.
          The animals taken in preseves are used to feed the locals. The meat is used, and all of the animal. The income from the hunt provides other things for the locals. Whether you agree with what she did or not does not justify killing her.
          Meat does not come from trays in the supermarket.

    • bet1125

      I think you’re being a bit harsh on the girl’s parents. Would you like having to wear long sleeved shirts the rest of your life?

    • usmc1063

      I have read your long genre, in some parts I agree with you. I too hunt to gather food and have been doing so for nearly all of my life. I don’t collect trophies of the kill simply because I don’t see the necessity of it. Yet I don’t find fault with those who do. To me it’s their way of expressing their hunting experience.
      Now down to the grit of the story. Land and Animal management is what most people don’t see. When herds become over populated they need to be thinned to a proper and maintained level. Too many animals in one area can and do destroy the eco system. Nature tries to provide a natural solution but with the ever growing human and animal population it becomes out of balance. Now with controlled hunts animals are harvested for the betterment of all. First of all the fees for licensing each hunted animal can amount into the thousands of dollars. This money helps the local economies of developing nations as well as it’s people. These permits are hard to come by and when they are opened they are grabbed up quickly. In other words there are limits to what you can and can’t take. This is not the wild west Buffalo hunts shoot anything that moves move’s for the pleasure of it scenario that you might think. In other words everyone benefits from the hunt from money to fresh meat.
      Now what’s wrong here is people are threating this young woman’s life mostly over pictures. Many of these people who threaten her have been spoon fed liberal idealism since a very young age. None of them have a clue about how he real world works and survives. They just deem that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Now if you are falling into that liberal trap, you will become one of them and help castrate America and her people from their freedom. Remember it’s not about the hunt it’s about the ability to do so freely. If this is not the way you think then you need to better define your political spectrum.

    • Dave

      Moderate republican = democrat/liberal aka communist

      • FletchGuy

        Nope far from that. I belive in small government, I believe in self sufficence, I believe in fiscal responsibility, I believe in a strong Armed forces for deteriant actions, I think government assitance is to help you stand on your own with limits in a certain time not to carry you. I belive in a traditional family unit. I am against illegal aliens entering this country. I am solid in my beliefs. Now that said I am for marijuana to be legal as it has more medical use then 75% of the narcotics corps get paid to feed us. I am not for GAy marriage being a marriage. If your gay thats fine you be you but let those of us who are the average normal traditional kind live ours. If you want to live here then get inline do it right apply and pay taxes. I think we have freedom of religion but do not push it on me and do not mix any religion in my politics. If your religious fine enjoy but keep it to yourself.I am pro choice with limits. I am for restricted social programs. If you go on governement assit none of this 3,4,5,6, kids 2 and then you choose take help and stablize with sterilization or your go on your own… I am for the death sentence and not these drawn out 20 year waits. i say within 30 days of conviction and zero doubt you die and have it done in public to make the point. You rape you die, you molest you die, you do sick twist animal abuse you die.. If you claim to be an alley then you will have to prove it and those who are not get no funding, no help, no money.

        If thats what you think a liberal is then you might need to get a dictionary as you have no idea.

    • Chubby Freen

      Who the hell are YOU to judge ANYBODY? How do you know what the inner motivations of this young lady are or were? And why does it even matter. A license would have been sold for SOMEBODY to cull out these dangerous creatures (the hippo kills more people than any other animal on the African continent). They all would have died, anyway. I’d be so proud to have a daughter like Jordan Kendall, who has worked hard to master the discipline required to stalk and kill dangerous predators (that prey on humans) and dispatch them with a BOW. If her shot had been rushed, and the arrow placed innacurately, the lion would have died the next day, but Jordan would have died that very day. It takes real nerves of steel to keep one’s cool under those circumstances, and not miss due to shaking hands or a hurried shot in order to “get away” if anything goes wrong.At least she isn’t showing her ass on TV, or playing heavy metal music and flashing the mano cornuto at drooling fans, or marching in an “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration. This beautiful young lady will go far in life!

      • FletchGuy

        Wh am I you ask? Let me tell you who I am.. I am a US citizen. I was blessed with the right to bare arms and I thankfully accept that privledge as my right. I as a responsible American take that very seriously. I take the power of having a weapon that takes life very serious. I accept I can hunt for food to live on. I have taken numourous hunting classes and course all the way back to boy scouts. You know one of the biggest things you are taught and made to remember….respect life. Hunt for the need not for the thrill of killing. Those who kill for enjoyment of killing are sick individuals who are not welcomed in the responsible gun owner communitty. See your attitude is a huge issue in our country. We as citizens and activists need to care. We need to care about if some idiot is out to kill and take a life just for their own sick fun. thats not civil. that.s not responsible, and thats not ethical.. You should care about all of those if you want to own a gun. You sound very very leftist.. Well why shouldnt I do it someone else will do it anyways…That sir makes you the king of the idiots to say that… She was not taught proper respect for life or the use of her weapon.

        You’d be proud of having a daughter who goes to a fenced in preserve where animals are human fed then enclosed and you basically shoot them in an enclosure? You make America worse by your leftist ideals. These were not wild roaming animals of animals that were nuisance of dangers they are in a game preserve trapped. Yeah be real proud of someone like that. You obviously do not have the mental comprehension to be a responsible gun owner if you really believe the nonsense you spew.

        I hunt and I have taken animals life, but I did it for food to feed my family. I have taken an extra deer for populatiuon control from the wild and used that deer for food. What kind of ass hat is proud of someone who kills for fun or a simple thrill. You are why the gun community gets a bad name just as this girl who was brought up without the respect for life or death. I wish you maybe would have at least read about her. The only danger she was in was what she put herself in for a thrill kill. Did I miss the huge hippo problem in Texas where she lives oh again she paid big money to travel to African to go to a fenced in area where animals are lured in by food and then shot them as they came to feed. Yeah real proud of that. You made up an entire scenario to fit your own want to kill for fun that never happened. She and any idiot that supports this stupidity should be shamed, they should not own guns, they do not deserve the responsibility to take life as its nothing more then a head on the wall..not sure if you got distracted but this has nothing to do with being a whore or music you listen to as thats a whole nother issue but for this she is wrong and the product of bad parents, bad gun owners, and irresponsible hunters.

  • SATCitizen

    Aren’t these the same “sobbies” that say “Hobby Lobby is kiiIIing women?!” What a hypocritical bunch of looneys!

  • Tia

    Had to look it up but Diane Warren is a song writer. Some of the people she writes for are Celine D ion, Michael Bolton, and Cher. She wrote Bed of Nails for Alice Cooper, I Don’t Wamt To Miss A Thing for Aerosmith, I ‘d Die F or You-Meatloaf , Blame It On The Rain-Million Vanilli, Born To be Somebody-J. Bieber, a few songs for Gloria Estefan and some country singers Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood. There was a very long list but very few that were highlighted as “hits.” No one cares what she has to say anyway, even in her songs!! A wacko spouting about things that she, obviously, doesn’t know anything about. You go Kendal! Don’t pay attention to these wacko comments. That’s what happens in your later years from too much dope and booze!!!

  • SATCitizen

    Farcebook allows steps for home abortions to stay on their pages.

    • WelderChick

      Really? That’s horrible!

      • SATCitizen

        Not only that, at the same time they refused to keep online the pro-life message. . .from that point on they became farcebook and have no use for ‘em.

  • momforguns

    Hunting season is considered humane to reduce over population in certain
    species to prevent starvation and self destruction. When does the Liberal Progressive
    nut job hunting season begin???

  • Jim

    You really should be very careful what you hope for as it may come back to you, hard.

  • Bill Kozel

    Here’s the way this works…we either cull the heads and bless the local economies with money for the hunting, or we get overpopulation. Perfect example are national parks where grizzly bears are unafraid of humans and kill us. If they were hunted they would be afraid of us and stay away from humans. Wherever big game hunters get permits, it’s because they are culling the overpopulations of animals.

    Example; polar bears are over populating and permits are issued for killing them. If they are not controlled they kill people. PETA places animal life above human life. PETA are a Godless lot. God killed the first animals for clothing for Adam and Eve when they were booted out of the Garden of Eden. He also gave us the right to kill and eat them as well as use them for clothing, that’s biblical.

    Regardless, the communities where big game permits are issued, benefit the specific community as well as provide funds to study and control the population at healthy levels.

    I still recall the numbskull PETA gang that bought lobsters and released them into a fresh water pond where they die a painful death as they are salt water species. This is how brain dead these PETA people can be, all emotion and no logic.

    We have outbreaks of rabies and the mange because hardly anyone traps anymore.

    Wake up and smell the coffee burning, humans are far more important than animals.

  • Joken Joe

    Tree huggers what are they even good for? Then again there Hippocrates. Its ok to kill a unborn human. They think you should die because you disagree with them. I’m going to exercise my rights as a member of peta, that’s people eating tasty animals. Let’s see. What should it be? Bambi on a bun? Chops wrapped in bacon? Hmmmm, I think bambi stew will do ?

    • Global Minority

      Lol. Peta… I love it

      • Joken Joe

        Thxs. An old joke, but still usefully.

  • Tinman Jones

    Sometimes it seems like ignorant people outnumber the non-ignorant. Our last two elections are indicative of this, and now all this crud about a hunting cheerleader. How sick can people be to post the hateful crud that they post? As disappointing as humanity can be, there is still plenty of good in the world. We just have to look beyond lame street media reporting and liberal mush brains. GOOD is around us! Romans 12:12, everybody!

  • BUD


  • BUD


    • bet1125

      Maybe psychotics entertaining true americans?

      • RetMedic

        People Eating Tasty Animals

    • Old Curmudgeon

      Or the other PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals..

  • BUD


  • Nana

    Must be a Muslim!

  • lizaz

    I imagine these are the same people who are pro-abortion….they don’t mind murdering human babies, but aren’t in favor of hunting either for subsistence or sport!!! A bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you say????

  • Larry Cowden

    Jordan Kendall, just another useless person with no real life or purpose other than to decorate a wall. She needs to go back to the bedroom or kitchen where she belongs and do something usefull there.

    • mjnellett

      little bit of a male chauvinist aren’t we Larry? I would rather have a woman next to me that can stare death coming at you in the face and still hit it between the eyes. If the SHTF Kendall is more than welcome to join my wife and I. I’ll bet you that Jordan donates a lot of that meat to feed the locals…wanna bet?

      • Cameron Triplett Sr

        I’d be proud to load her rifles.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      You sound a little jealous. GROW A PAIR.

    • rangerchuck

      outstanding…, real ladies man…, do you chain them in cages until you decide if they belong in the kitchen or the bedroom… and make them watch when you pack fudge with your boy friend

  • Roy Mallmann

    Just who is Diane Warren?

    • 1straightshooter

      I think it is a black arachnid. If you see one just step on it.

  • Kevlar Linc

    Here’s a suggestion for the so-called animal rights jihadis: Put your money where your twittering pie hole is, take a trip to Zimbabwe, and organize a protest march. Let’s see how that goes…. We’ll wait….

  • mule man

    Back at you Diane !!!!!!!!!!

  • johnnywood

    Diane who?

  • Daniel Gray

    Diane is a liberal liar. She claims she wrote “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion, and according to the copyright, it was written by Deniece Williams. Diane claimed she wrote Rythm of the Night by DeBarge, but copyright says the writers were Writer(s): Francesco Bontempi, Annehley Gordon, John Virgo Garrett Iii,
    Giorgio Spagna, Benito Benites, Michael Gaffey, Peter Wilfred Glenister. and she is claiming a lot more authorship of songs the copyright clearly says she had nothing to do with.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    So as you sow, that shall you also reap. Diane has wished for her own death.

  • CommiMarko

    Who … at first I thought it was John Kerry in his umpa lumpa pose but with a wig … is that a women or is that a man ? It doesn’t matter to ObamaNazis and the ObamaSodomites … Sieg Heil Hoppie-Changie

  • CommiMarko

    nice turtle neck … it hides his/hers/its Adam’s apple nicely .. God Lord

  • Tom K.

    How is it that these Animal Rights Knuckleheads IGNORE the slaughter of African Elephants by Jihadist Muslims using poison darts which cause the elephant a slow painful death – THEN when this outstanding animal falls, the Jihadists hack the tusks from this animal’s face with a machette before the elephant is dead. The Ivory is sold to the Chinese and the illegal money is used for Human slavery / trafficking and other Terrorist activities. All of this is of course ILLEGAL. However, Ms. Kendall’s hunts are all legal and clean kills. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.


    • Chubby Freen

      The truth is, the poachers are rat-poor people who live in a part of the world where people starve to death every day due to a lack of money. No EBT cards there. I try not to judge the actions of people in that position because I know that some day, it could be me who’s so desperate that I have to poach something just to live for one more day.

  • Pendy1

    What does Diane Warren “really think”? Who cares?

  • bikerbob


  • Greg

    maybe someone should bag Diane Warren…with a paper bag..that head is ugly as hell

    • David Gray

      Never heard of Diane Warren (probly related to the Skank Elizabeth Warren) until now but why are all the angry leftist women butt ugly? And don’t tell me Pamela Anderson, she’s not angry just a leftist.

  • empty pockets

    Such “compassion”, such “tolerance”. They are what their own icon, G. B. Shaw, the eugenicist playwright proclaimed should be humanely eliminated: “useless eaters.”

  • William Baumbart

    Ah yes the great and tolerant ones. No respector of persons, but worshipers animal skat.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      I suppose you are a card-carrying member of the “great & tolerant ones”? BTW, you mis-spelled “scat”.

  • Ron Gilbert

    These types of words are not protected by Freedom of Speech, according to SCOTUS. They are called “fighting words”. Fighting words are those that incite others to violence against someone or a group of people.

  • Ron Gilbert

    I get a kick out of PETA’s tweet where they call for a vote to have her photo’s taken down. We live in a Republic, not a Democracy, where the individual is protected from the mob mentality.

  • Zakkova

    I am not a hunter but I respect hunter’s rights. I just can’t bring myself to kill an animal especially one as majestic as a lion. But I have no problem killing people. Killing bad people is good sport. I’ll have to grab one of our hunters like Kendall Jones and bring her on a people killing mission. I think she would like that. We’ll start off with Michelle Malkin.

    • Cameron Triplett Sr

      OOOOO! Be very careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, but it probably won’t be what you expected. You might be Number 2 on the hit list of “bad people”. Who gets to decide that list anyway? You? I hope not!

    • rangerchuck

      you need to be dispatched to the Father for counseling. you’d make good lion bait

    • Chubby Freen

      Kendall and Michelle will probably team up to kick your buttafooko ass…

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Dave the Barbarian

    Kendall Jones can obviously take care of herself! This Diane Warren, however, seems to be your typical loudmouth bully progressive who probably hides behind heavily armed thugs! Cowardice at it’s finest! ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM!

  • Cameron Triplett Sr

    If the same statement was made about those who support the ACA or ANY Liberal pet cause, all hell would break loose across Liberal America condemning the person(s) who dared opine such! HYPOCRITES!!

  • RealityCheck

    it’s very easy to distinguish who the real haters are, as they are outing themselves with every tweet – never forget how these liberal loons twist the truth. The fight is on between the loons and the right eous. Which side are you on?

  • CT

    This song writer needs to be charged with inducing panic and making a terriost threat.

  • Michael

    When the zombie apocalypse comes, Diane Warren will be wishing Kendall Jones was on her team.

  • A_Sound_Bite

    Diane Warren, the so-called “popular song writer,” needs someone to give her the ol’ “bloody-head-of-a-dead-horse-in-the-bed” treatment. I’ll send Tom Hagen out tomorrow to Las Vegas or Hollywood Hills or wherever that broad lives. I think I’ll throw in a bag of tasty venison-kabobs as an hors d’oeuvre, too.

  • Mys77

    Whatever happened to all the liberal talk about hate speech, so much for tolerance!

  • The_Fast_and_Furious_Gunrunner

    Wait, that dude’s a chick?

    • Chubby Freen

      Love your avatar…

  • mackadoo

    After seeing what this “Popular song writer”, whom I’ve never heard of, had to say, I can only surmise that the stupid people are quite bellicose today.

  • tmunson15

    lol…. wanda sykes in white face…..

  • gypsy

    Wow, look at all the publicity this no name bottom feeder is getting

  • GQ4U

    You cannot murder animals. You kill or slaughter them. The left thinks meat is manufactured in the back of grocery stores then placed in plastic wrap. I hope someone explains the vegi-cide involved in their salad.

    • sovereigntyofone

      I knew someone that was a vegetarian and to say the least they had a few beers short of a six pack.
      They said, we grow our own vegetables in the garden and I swear I can hear the carrots scream when I pull them out of the ground. Now tell me these people have a sane bead on life.
      Just my 2 cents worth.

      • GQ4U

        They actually murder carrots for survival? How horrible.

  • phxgeo

    As usual the so called celebrities show their stupidity more often than they make sense. I suppose they are vegetarians …………. This is exactly why I will not spend my money to watch any of their movies, buy their songs or go to their concerts. They are more dishonest or non-principled than the people they show their hate speech for. If a conservative wrote something like they do you can bet you behind they would insist the person be arrested for hate speech. The left is the MOST INTOLERANT group of people in the world!

  • Brad Nelson

    another celebrity skid mark. anybody know who the little pecker dripping is?

    • gypsy

      Ummm, a pecker dripping skid mark?

  • gypsy

    I wonder how long ‘it’ would survive if ‘it’ had to live in Afghanistan, Iraq or maybe Iran for a couple of years.

  • jim scofield

    PETA People Eating Tasty Animals in the words of Ted Nugent You Gotta kill em
    to Grill em. as for the peta morons get a life.

  • kktex12

    Diane warren, she dies I come hunting.

  • James Maxwell

    i wonder how many burgers she eats or how many pair of leather shoes, handbags
    or other such items she has that are made from DEAD Animals? Typical mindless
    moronic left wing utopian that has no knowledge of hunting, or the reason that
    there are game management areas for hunting. Nor does “It” realize that without
    managed hunts more of the animals would either starve to death or be slaughtered
    by pouches. Managed preserves allow people to hunt, fact the risk that they may
    be injured or killed by the very animals they are hunting. They pay a hefty price
    for the privilege of going halfway around the world to hunt these animal with no
    guarantee that they will actually kill what they are after. Their hunting ensure that
    dangerous animals are removed or in some cases relocated to areas where
    they are not a threaten to others.

    • Chubby Freen

      I wonder how many abortions she’s had…

  • herdzcatz

    And they call us haters?

  • http://www.de-navarro.com dnav

    Diane Warren has just written her own death sentence by the words of her own mouth. Haters will judge themselves every time.

  • RLM357

    Are these people for real? Sounds a bunch of juvenile Stuffed Bunny Huggers.! That singer, of whom I have never heard of, is a dolt . Why not wear your Bunny Ears and come to my woods? No body wants to “Mount her”.I don’t think her Rack would look good on our walls either. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  • brandi n. kay

    Ms. Warren, you have now committed a felony. It is known as a “terroristic threat” and you have done so publically. You are a public figure, SHE is NOT. You just ‘ordered’ her execution. SHE has done nothing illegal, you just have. SHE has proven that she is capable of taking care of herself and her loved ones. Furthermore, she has not broken any of God’s laws, either. YOU HAVE.

    • ADRoberts

      Warren has nothing to fear. Holder and Obama WILL defend criminals and the lawless while harrassing and labeling Christians, veterans, conservatives, and Tea Partiers as domestic terrorists.
      Folks it is here. Dictatorship.

      • brandi n. kay

        Yes, I know, I’ve read the document from DHS, but I brought it up, because I wonder if SHE realizes that SHE has committed a felony. If someone threatened her life, she would have the FBI hunting them down. Yet, she feels no responsibility in saying she wishes peta would post a picture of this teenager ripped apart by lions. Ms. warren is displaying irrational, homicidal tendencies. She’s bordering on psychopathic/sociopathic.

        • Scott

          Bordering ??

          • brandi n. kay

            I was being NICE!!

    • Dawn Garland

      lovae your statement!

    • Dawn Garland

      I meant LOVE

  • Donna Lampkin

    I am convinced that liberals are truly mentally ill. They talk about killing any one who disagrees with them and get angry if they can’t continue to kill thousands of babies a year. They are more worried about animals than innocent, helpless babies. These brain dead losers brought us Obuma.

  • ???

    A fox type hunt should be arranged for the liberal POS Cee U Next Thursday. Only then will she have something to complain about.

  • billconner

    If some of you had to survive you wouldn’t there may be a time you wish you had shut up paid attention

  • BeriBeri99

    Diane who? ? ?

    When I GOOGLED her I realized why I didn’t recognize her, I do not recognize any of her titles.

    Probably just as well her popularity will wane from now on.

  • Chubby Freen

    Diane WHO?

  • dontdoitagain

    I think the little darling better look into her own lifestyle. Even if she professes to be a vegan, I’ll bet she wears dead cows on her feet and around her wrist and waist. I’m almost willing to bet that if she looks at her shampoo/creme rinse she will find animal products as ingredients. I find the henna/placenta deep conditioner works well. Sounds gross, I know, but it works!

  • NoCommiesPlease

    I find it both sad and hilarious that a) these same people don’t protest jihadis who post photos and videos of dead HUMANS all over Facebook, and b) the top posts on the page of the deluded moron woman heading this witch hunt are recipes on how to grill a perfect steak and such. Where do you think your steak comes from, peabrain? Unreal.

  • Laura

    I am not against hunting. I grew up in a family that hunts. But I have to admit seeing these dead animals made me sad.

    • Dean Anniballi

      Yup. We should only kill ugly animals like cows.

      • Laura

        Cows are cuter than Rhinos. But as cute as they are, they taste better than they look. Yum!

        • Dean Anniballi

          Thanks, Laura. I hate the hypocrisy of the animal rights people that eat meat, wear leather, etc. They think they are so in tune, but demonstrate just how out of touch they really are. Nature is complicated; animals live, animals die, and unlike most of these hypocrites, I understand how nature works. Most of these people will likely be cremated because they can’t stand the thought to their bodies will be consumed once they die. I’m not morbid, but I am realistic. Have a great week.

  • BS Detector

    All animals die eventually from something. Normally in the wild, they get sick or malnourished and grow weak and then become prey for some other animal. Almost always, they are still alive as they are being torn apart and eaten. Other animals don’t kill quickly to put their prey out of its misery. But being shot by a hunter is probably the most painless and humane way that any animal can possibly die.

  • Just Me

    Actually, I am a gun owner. Grew up in Tennessee. Loved shooting my ’03, then my M1. Served in the military (Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Airborne), love guns…but I hate M*F*rs who like to kill. Only Queers like to kill.

    • Billca

      You need not hunt if it is not something that appeals to you. Just like owning a gun is not mandatory. But do not insist on painting all hunters with too broad of a brush.

      Hunting provides money for wildlife management in both Africa and the US. Hunters in the US pay for wildlife habitat and game management via hunting licenses and a federal excise tax on guns and ammo. In Africa, you buy a license for a (steep) fee, then pay for the animal you hunted. $450 for an Impala, $1100 for a Wildebeast, $22,500 for a lion and $45,000 for an elephant. If you shoot it, you bought it, even if you can’t recover it. Plus where you hunt is controlled and what you are allowed to hunt is also controlled. Game meat goes to local villiages (after you get your few pounds) while the hunter gets the trophy head and skin. If your country’s laws prohibit importing the head or skin, you can arrange to sell it to a broker (for about 1/3 what he’s reap on it).

      But killing just to kill something that isn’t a nuisance or pest animal (varmint) is simply wrong.

    • Dean Anniballi

      So where do you get your food? At the grocery store? Any clue what happens on a slaughterhouse? Oh, that’s OK, because you PAID someone to kill FOR you

    • Chubby Freen

      That why you joined the Marines, Private Pyle?

  • http://www.truthanchor.com/ Thessalonianguy

    Two words;
    Civil suit

  • coldboreshot

    Diane, it’s gotta suck to wake up and be you every day

  • Dawn Garland

    wow- Diane-are you even human? sane? one thing for sure-you are a frigging lunatic-I hope you don’t have children or ever have any-your heart is stone.

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