• SiRobertson

    Bill has been becoming more as*holish for a long time. His arrogance and rudeness is his undoing and it seems he’s wanting to interview Hilldebeast or something.

    • E Wolfe

      Hilldebeast: I like it.

    • Randmo

      What’s with that picture of moochell? What the he|| is she hiding under her dress? Is that a…..? Wow, She’s hung like a horse.

      • SiRobertson

        The Mooch was born a male…Michael Vaughn Robinson. He had a sex change operation while in college. What Joan Rivers said recently is true, which is that obama is a phagg and the Mooch is a trannie.

  • wyatt81

    Bill’s ego will not allow him to admit being wrong on anything.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Bill O’Reilly is a closet obama worshipper, with latent liberal inclinations!

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Zactly! Nailed it.

  • undunder

    I don’t watch O’Reilly anymore. He is rude to his guests cutting them off when they don’t hang on his every word. He only seems to be more conservative when his viewers demand it. He seems like a phony and I don;t have time for that.

    • Oldtymepatriot

      You nailed O’Reilly, I couldn’t have said it any better.

    • taliesin319

      I used to follow him but ended my subscription when he told us all that the second forgery was legal.
      Every expert from internet forgery experts to adobe and even Pravda and members of the Russian police formerly know as the KGB pointed out exactly how the both forgeries were done. Photoshop also said forgery. Lord Moncton calculated the odds of its being genuine and they were nil. His
      article can be googled. Noone trusts O’Reilly. He does do a lot to help the vets and troops. its a shame he sold out.

  • c69101

    Lib bill sucks!

  • SAWB

    Not sure why O’Reilly is relevant anymore. His ego is so large. I remember him taking credit on many occasions for being the first to report something when in fact Glen Beck had been reporting on it on the same network for months.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    O’Reilly will never admit when he’s on the wrong side of the facts.

  • VictorLandry

    Sometimes O’R lets his alligator mouth override his hummingbird butt.

  • OrlandoRican

    O’Reilly’s ego has gotten in his way. If he thinks by being nice to the liberals the Republicans are going to win, he has another thing coming. Both McCain and Romney played “nice” with Obama while his minions in the media and elsewhere were destroying them. Meanwhile Obama stayed above the fray. BTW, Hillary would never agree to be interviewed by O’Reilly. So give it up, Bill.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Bill has guest on his show for window dressing only, as he’ll ask the guest a question, then cut them off and answer the question himself. A very rude and over bearing man.

  • reggiec

    I wait til Megyn Kelly comes on after O’Reilly to watch Fox.

  • Leo2Leo

    Megan Kelly rocks!

  • jillocity

    another reason i never get my news from tv…

  • 2War Abn Vet

    So, Blowhard Bill got his but* handed to him.

  • teaman

    Haven’t you folks learned that Bill is a Jackass with a show!! He, along with many others, have absolutely no common sense!

    • ya

      He is not a jackass.. He is heads above any liberal. But he sometimes jumps in the pc pool which is dishonest.

  • mcbee555

    I don’t think O’Reilly was “destroyed.” He has a right to his opinion, and his audience demonstrated that they too, have opinions, many contrary to O’Reilly’s in this case. The issue won’t cause that audience to stop tuning to O’Reilly.
    He is direct , that’s his style. Some TV personalities sugar-coat, the TV world offers all types and viewers are free to choose among them. Personally, I prefer that rather than government interference which would dictate who can and who cannot appear on TV news commentary programs. He asked for audience votes, he received same.

  • stombut

    Well thanks for clearing that up for us all knowing and all seeing Carnac. Sorry Bill wrong again. A now daily occurrence on your show. His rating will continue to plummet as more and more of real America is looking for a true conservative, enter Miss Kelly

  • AP Besser, Jr.

    Whereas I do not recommend lowering oneself to the level of Libertards & Demonrats; that is, shrill vitriolic spewing with no factual basis, I feel, Bill, that reminding Hellary of the blood on her hands was fair game. Hellary wars her Trflon pantsuits to great effect.

  • Johnstoirvin

    Yesterday, O’Reilly said he just can’t understand why obama doesn’t see that his policies and unilateral actions are upsetting the folks.

    Everyday, I say I just can’t understand why O’Reilly doesn’t see that his arrogance, self-perceived omniscience and disrespect for the views of others (regardless of party) are upsetting the viewers.

    • Barbaree

      I can’t believe O’Reilly can be so naive! Of course, obama sees it, but he doesn’t care a wit! I never thought a president of the U.S. would be so against his people!

  • don76550

    I would have never thought I would see ORiley wearing Hillary kneepads. Tell me Bill, how long does it take to kiss a butt as large as Hillary’s?

  • CharacterHasNoColor

    What is with these N.E. goomba’s? Pompous sanctimonious bloviating boobs. Grow a pair little Billy!

  • panamacarol

    It has been a mystery to me that Bill will not admit or see the obvious! He acts like barry is a regular guy. He is NOT. What is going on in this country is exactly what barry wants. He is bankrupting this country for a purpose.

    • DogWithoutSlippers

      Correct! From WITHIN.

    • Aubryn

      It is no mystery at all

      • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

        not even close and therefore should be called out by Billy boy !

  • ya

    Well guess what? There’s a new cable network called One America News. They’re new and fresh….watch Bill try to squash them. We now have a choice. If Bill is going to put down We The People we now can change channels. I think Bill will get the message.

    • USAForever48

      I will look for it on our DISH Network, ya, and if we don’t have it, I will call them and request it. Bill O’Reilly is persona non grata in this household. He is so full of himself, he’s become ridiculous. Haven’t watched him in two, maybe three years, and don’t ever intend to watch him again. Thanks for the tip about One America News. Best wishes.

      • Aubryn

        NewsMax also just went from internet alone to Dishnet. It’s fantastic! Telling the truth about islam!

        • USAForever48

          Thanks for the info, Aubryn. I didn’t know about this and I will absolutely look for it. I have a hunch DISH Network is going to hear from me (like tomorrow morning!!!) to get One America News and NewsMax. Best wishes from Nebraska!

          • Aubryn

            and back to ya from Washington!

  • AR154U

    ” President Obama is a patriot ! ” ~ Billy “O’Lucky Charms” O’Reilly (Hoping to win more interviews later)

    • Barbaree

      I almost jumped through the TV when he said that!

  • Rickintheforest

    O’Reilly’s arrogance and self-determined omniscience has bothered me for some time; along with his constant interruptions of guests. Between all of that and his dismissive “yeah yeah yeah” responses when someone deigns to take exception to him – I’ve had enough. Go ahead and interview Hillary, Bill. You and the liberals all seem to think she’s the next anointed One. I completely disagree. And I’m sick and tired of New York, DC and LA harboring the notion that they and they alone are of any importance.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    O’Reilly is a big government, blowhard who doesn;t question any of the Usurper-In-Chief’s pretend qualifications. Don’t waste your time listening to him.

    • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

      No question and also check out PRAVDA/MSM at my site.

      Is our so-called journalism or what I call PRAVDA/MSM any different at all from the Soviet propaganda machine of the politburo from the 1960s-70s ? It is exactly the same thing. They censor what they want so people can only hear, see or read exactly what they want them to hear, read or see ! There is no difference at all. This how Obama has gotten away with Benghazi , F&F and many other crimes and bad acts. This is their power ! They can control nearly all narratives and dialogue and that is how they create the many control mechanisms that are simply the illusions we all live under here in USSA today !

      No rocket science just a lot of deceit and lies and subterfuge.

  • Susan

    O’Reilly is part of the Dialectical Materialism which the Left uses (two steps forward, one step back). He is allowed to exist—ONLY because of his masters, who control what he can or can not say: like “French” Youths.

    He is allowed to disagree with the Marxists (NWO) only if it helps to ease up the discontent of the masses—fool them, so the noose can be tightened later. All is “perceptions”—never about Truth/God.

    He is actually helping erase Common Sense and God-Given Individual Natural Rights concepts in America (on purpose–so he can make millions). The Left will force him OUT (destroy him) if he goes off the track (states anything about the evil, vile filthy act of sodomy, which the Left needs to normalize in children to flip “Good and Evil” and erase Christianity. which will erase the Constitution (Individual Natural Rights from God). The Left needs to destroy Individualism in children for the Collective Ethics of the Left. Common Sense has to be destroyed (Natural Law Theory (Reason/Biology/Truth)—which sodomy destroys).

    It is what has been going on for a hundred years since JP Morgan bought up all the AP outlets and the Cultural Marxists took over educational brainwashing with John Dewey and Edward Bernays and a Marxist system of brainwashing.

    • Ewade

      Wow! You are spot on with everything. Most people don’t realize the media we are exposed to are only what the NWO Elite want us to know. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the organization actively steering us toward a one world government, and almost every Media talking head, including many at Fox, are card carrying members of the CFR. This includes O’Reilly, Krystol, Hume, Hannity, Krauthhammer, Bolton, and of course their leader, Rupert Murdock.

      • Susan

        Yep–I know I am correct. I’ve done a decade or more of research and worked in schools, so know the Marxist agitprop and lies put into a child’s little vulnerable mind to flip “Good and Evil” and erase Christianity and the Laws of Nature (Our Constitution).

        The elite are creating pagan, occult, muslim ethics in children by promoting such irrational, vile behaviors as homosexuality and promoting dysfunction and evil in MSM 24/7. Trying to normalize evil in our culture erases Christian Ethics –that which created the Age of Reason and Individualism (which has to be erased for the NWO of collectivism and slavery).

        It is why such intellectual people, (like who you name) like Krauthammer will be very Rational (and correct), but will all of a sudden be pro-homosexual and for the vice of sodomy. It is bizarre.

        A person trained in science—who does NOT understand Natural Laws, and the nihilistic, vice and history of sodomy, and throws out Natural Law Theory, which created Science and Reason and our “Justice” (virtue) system, is totally BIZARRE (unless they are using the Dialectic). To promote paganism or that Rite of Worship of Ba’al—-sodomy—-and pederasty—comes right out of the Satanic CFR and the Bohemian Grove where boys are used for their little chanting pagan rituals.

        The only explanation is that the Left is trying to RECREATE REALITY (for the children) and “shape’ the worldview for that “Happy” Slavery the Marxists need to instill in people—where there can be no Reason, Logic or Natural Laws (God’s Design of human beings/nature).

        They have to destroy education (which Common Core completely does) and the get control of MSM (to pump in a new reality to the kids and shape all their perceptions of Normal and Good).

        They are flipping Good and Evil and destroying all critical thinking (Reason). There is no Reason or Logic, when Classical Education is eliminated and Natural Law Theory is erased—the very ideas that created the Enlightenment and USA. To return minds to the 3rd world level of ignorance is essential—they have to keep children from Truth/God/Reason/Natural Law. (The indoctrination centers which now include every house because of TV–is succeeding).

    • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

      I completely agree, and more at my site ! check it out

    • Aubryn

      This is why I spent 33 years homeschooling all my children K-12. You are clearly on it! Or on it clearly :)

  • Dukhooker

    O’Reilly is nearly always correct on moral issues, but when he makes an error he is about as recalcitrant as Barry the Fairy in owning up to it. He usually resorts, as he did in this case with Laura Ingraham, to interruptions and bullying tactics, and he really needs to work at improving this.

  • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

    Oreilly is largely just another status quo shill. Not long ago he said on air that the borders were fairly well secure ? Then he said he could NOT see why Google and others would want to harvest all your information , then he ridiculed two military guys who were on his show, for NOT trusting their own government ? All of these events happened rather recently. But he now says he was wrong about the borders ? But only because he cannot dispell the obvious !

    Pretty obvious he is not the smart guy he claims to be, Hey ?
    The simple truth is that we all live in many illusions created as control mechanisms ! And all are created by PRAVDA/MSM to control YOU and your tax dollars to be used against you.

  • Dealing-with-idiots

    This guy is just an entertainer…

  • Mys77

    He was wrong, he knows it, but failed to admit it, but that was his “opinion”. He has a right to voice it.

  • JulieB

    We conservatives proved Bull O’Really wrong and he still won’t admit it. Such a narcissist!!!

  • rivahmitch

    O’Reilly’s problem is that he’s traded his balls for acceptability by the enemy. That’s always a bad trade.

    • LoneWolf

      O’Reilly had balls? The ones he has in his mouth don’t count!

    • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

      To some degree there is truth in you comment and certainly part of his new image !

  • Azsteve53

    Unlike MSNBC viewers, those who watch the Oreilly show are clear thinkers, not lemmings. This is the clear result of those who have the ability to think for themselves no matter who is telling them otherwise

  • Jinglebob

    You get to put your two cents in during a O’ Riley interview providing you agree with him and let him tell everyone the information he had you on for in the first place.

    • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

      Most pf the talking heads do that also , it is a control mechanism.

    • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

      I agree when there are many more important and relevent issues to discuss and point out, like an overdose of them ?

      What I am disappointed and irritated with is the fact that he has a huge audience and it actually very powerful and influential , yet he does NOT use it at all correctly given todays issues and importance !
      He could do so much more if he would simply tell the entire truth of many matters and just call a spade a spade in most events ? Many times he dances around and makes all manner of excuses and really makes himself look stupid ?

      I look at it this way, if a tithead like me can figure it out better than he with all his staff, something is BS ! Many of his comments and positions lately have been quite lame.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        He was a teacher, formerly. No wonder the level of education has deteriorated.

        • http://www.downtoearththinking.com/ Down to Earth Thinking

          He has done some good in the past, so maybe he will wake up ?

          Notioce the boycotts on Costco today werkwed in very short order ? I have been pushing it in the last few days and have a page up at my site with names and email to contact the recipients check it out and help make the list bigger and better and lets go make some stuff happen for the better ! We have a lot of power so lets use it !

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Don’t hold a lot of hope for him waking up.

            Costco needs a bitchslap wakeup.

  • Dr. Richard Kimble

    While I watch O’Reilly and the other Fox shows everynight, Bill has really been full of himself as of late, which makes him quite irritating, like with his preaching about Hillary being “ambushed” by this guy.

  • sargeant rock

    O’Rielly is a narcissist. He is the only one who is always right, the rest of the world is always wrong, or haven’t you noticed…. If you say anything against what HE says is right, he will sarcastically put you down and proclaim his own point as the only right one…


    It’s moral Billy’s show and he can whine and rationalize if he wants……

  • gmhunt4

    O’Rielly wants t interview Hillary, so he is “ass” kissing…………

  • CensoredSpeech

    Maybe Hillary can gift Bill O’Reilly a diamond-studded dog collar with a gold lead, Chihuahua sized of course.

  • getthemlibsout

    takes just under 1.2 seconds to get EXTREMELY bored with billy….his EGO won’t fit on my big screen

  • ratmandu

    And he says this poll shows the hate of the majority indicating that we the majority got it wrong and that his minority view is right ! What an egomaniac !

  • mustang

    Why this pompous ass & self serving wind bag still has a show is beyond me. I would rather listen to the humor of Dennis miller or the sharp & accurate opinions of laura Ingram.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Mr. pomposity can’t get his facts straight about guns either.

    • Sam Falcon

      not guns and definitely not weed either. His arguments against legalization are straight out of the “refer madness” propaganda movies.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Gods forbid you should bring up “o”boy’s legitimacy either.

  • Matt Carpenter

    Man, my respect for this site’s point-of-view just increased. There are way too many Conservatives hanging on Billy-boy’s every word and not thinking for themselves.

  • Ken

    He didn’t lecture me because I’m not a viewer of this fraud. I never watch his show.

  • Tommie

    Bill isn’t the nice guy most people think he is. Pure showboat. He’s for Bill.

  • stonemike

    Hes a megalomaniac and I quit watching him interrupt his guests a long time ago !

  • Noffie56

    I love Fox News, but I can not stand “know it all Bill”. When Bill is on the air, it’s time to watch something else for an hour. He is a very rude person and a know it all Ass.

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