• Bobseeks

    These people are the backbone of the democrat party – violent, ignorant, hate-filled, and just plain scum. If the democrats aren’t stopped, all of the USA will look like Ferguson.

  • SiRobertson

    I cannot understand why they don’t pepper them with at least rubber bullets until each thug backs down, then arrest them and make them do time and pay restitution. So sick of this crap from these crappy, stupid people. They just LOOK for any excuse to chimp out.

    • Rattlerjake

      Rubber bullets hell, and where are you going to house them to do time? They need to just shoot as many as they can with lead bullets. These feral demoturds will never be of any value to any society!

      • SiRobertson

        I agree totally….they’re worthless and uncivilized and I wish Lincoln had sent them all back after the Civil War. But, since there are so many laws protecting this species I don’t get why the police can’t seem to be able to do anything to curb their savagery when it’s happening, not even dogs or water hoses. It’s crazy! I’m sure if a private citizen shot them to protect his property that law biding citizen would probably be tried for murder. Everything’s upside down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      Short answer: you can’t get a clear shot.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      They’ve been using rubber and wooden bullets against the crowds.

  • clubgitmo

    Bunch of animals.

  • FrankC

    If I owned any of the businesses looted or even damaged, I would close those businesses and relocate.

    • SiRobertson

      It’s called “white flight” and has been going on all along. What you end up with is Detroilet, Chitcago, Birmingham, Africa, etc.

      Ghettos don’t create blacks, blacks create ghettos.

      • FrankC

        This brings the circle back around and shows the actual problem. The businesses have left the inner cities because of vandalism and theft. This means there are no real employment options for the residents of the inner cities, trapping them on welfare. Next bring in the pathetic education designed by the NEA and the liberals, and the kids do not get an education that will allow them to relocate to a place that does have job opportunities. The end result is grinding poverty that destroys any feeling of self-worth, and traps them in that one place for multiple generations. It also buys their votes for the Democrats who designed this trap, all using tax payer money extorted from those of us who do work for a living. The blacks are back in slavery but have been dumbed-down to the point where they can’t see that.

  • madashellnow

    These people are no better than terrorists. They are lawless and need to be treated as such.

    • Rattlerjake

      Israel has Palestinians, America has Niggastinians.

    • SiRobertson

      They ARE terrorists and any of them doing this should be shot.

  • Jack King

    Bunch of savages. Low self esteem,inbred, fatherless, welfare state,food stamp,free obama phone coming to Steal,kill,and destroy and if any of that is going on then it is evil. What kind of evil mentality does an adult have to do this stuff and where do these people work and are employed at ,that they have time from their jobs to do this? Plus why cant the police use force and get a handle on this,anyone else would be shot for robbing stores,attacking police. Wonder why you do not see adult white people rioting like this? Maybe they are to busy working or have to much common sense.

    • Rattlerjake

      Mob violence is nothing more than an excuse for these ferals to commit crimes and not be held accountable.

      • Howie_Roark

        “police brutality”… winning a basketball game…losing a basketball game…Saturday…doesn’t matter: all acceptable excuses to riot for these people

    • btty

      That’s the problem, they dont/won’t work a real job. Looting, breaking and entering is their job . Disgusting thugs and yes they should be held accountable. This is what happens when you put a black thug in the white house and a black thug as attorney general

  • Howie_Roark

    If these people think this is acceptable, then whites should have been obligated to turn every ghetto in Knoxville into a pile of smouldering ashes after the Christian/Newsom murders.

  • elton123

    Look at those thugs —- pants slung low and underwear showing. They should be arrested, sent to jail and then they will know the true meaning of showing their underwear

    • Sgtsnuffy

      That’s were the wearing of the pants low originated, in Prisons. It designated that the con was available for sex for a price like a pack of smokes or other favors. And no I don’t have personal experience of prison life that’s for you trolls out there..

  • WesTexan

    This is the result of LBJ’s Great Society and decades of the Democrat (and RINO) welfare state — single-mom households that qualified for more government handouts if dad would just leave. These zombies are the children of the socialist welfare state. “Looters should be shot on sight,” followed by socialist lawyers.

    • Guest2


  • DeadReckoning

    They claim they want justice for the shooting. Then, rather than wait for the investigation, they indulge the criminal nature of their primitive culture and loot and burn property of people who had nothing to do with it.
    They lose any sympathy at all.
    Looks like another version of Planet Of The Apes.

    • SiRobertson

      Can you imagine how many riots we’d be having if whites did this every time a black killed one of us? Full time rioting and we’d never get anything else done.

      These mongrels don’t care about the tens of thousands of blacks murdered by other blacks every year in this country. Funny how homobama, Al Sharpton, etc., don’t care either.

    • Thomas Bogan

      They can’t help themselves. They’re Democrats. Same mentality as the French Revolution, guillotine every one in sight.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      What makes you think that the rioters are part of the protesters? I would wager that they’re local gangs who know that they can use big crowds as cover.

      • Gabrielle Alyse

        He doesn’t know. He’s just making that assumption. In fact, the majority of the protesters have been demonstrating peacefully starting less than an hour after Brown was gunned down. The looters are the moronic minority… many of whom (over 30 have been arrested) aren’t even from Ferguson, but neighboring towns/cities.

  • SiRobertson

    Just another excuse for these subhumans to chimp out and steal/destroy. It’s now known that many of these thugs are not even locals. More of homobama’s and holder’s handywork…..they’re always on the lookout for another Trayvon they can exploit and cause racial outbursts with. Time for real bullets to meet these constant black rioters. Young black males, our worst terrorist threat.

  • Azsteve53

    Same thing happened in LA and other places. Somehow a black person is killed and it justifies the killing, robbery, looting and damage to innocents everywhere. This must be what makes progressive blacks fell better about themselves

  • Thomas Bogan

    Quit calling this “protest”. Peaceful protest does not include looting and arson, these are rioters and should be shot.

  • ADRoberts

    I understood that the dead teen was trying to get the officer’s gun and was assaulting the officer inside the police car.
    This is another false flag for the black. And it is an excuse for lawlessness and thievery. Stop playing with them. They have nothing to do with the legal case in the death. They are just criminals.
    And the surest way to deal with them is to use REAL bullets. If you DON’T stop criminals while they are committing crimes, you are just encouraging them to continue.
    The first time you open fire on them, they WILL leave and not come back. Unless they are really stupid.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      The first paragraph is known—but the question remains: was the danger already over before the shots were fired? If he’s not a direct threat, shoot at his foot.

      • ADRoberts

        I have never been attacked. I am 6’3″ and have been 6’4″. Mostly over 200#.
        Now tell me, IF you were being attacked is there a microsecond when a person is suddenly able to turn off the adrenaline and rationally declare that “the direct threat is over”.
        If you can do that, you are one in a million.
        When A PERSON attacks a policeman, what should they expect. Even if the cop were totally evil and corrupt, he is still going to FIGHT back and the more evil he is, the more likely he will shot you BEFORE you even get close enough to attack him. This officer had shown restraint.

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

          The ballistics tests would go a long way to answering that question—the toxicology tests may also provide answers.

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          I think that someone running from you and/or putting their hands in the air (according to eye-witnesses) is a pretty good indicator that there is no longer a threat.

          • ADRoberts

            I think that you are much inclined to believe ONE particular side of the story. Have you ever considered that those “eye witnesses” were lying. Think of what a gang member would do, not that these people were gangmembers.
            Are you prejudiced? Would you take one side no matter what.
            Now I would guess that if the FORENSICS came back and indicated that the kid was NOT running away and was not raising his hands in the air, you would then disbelieve that too.
            When there are two sides of a story, you can be assured that the truth is NEITHER one.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Sorry, for the last response, I must’ve scrolled right over this comment.
            I’m not really inclined to believe any one story over the other. I’m more inclined to side with the facts… all of which have yet to be released and probably won’t be for some time. And sure, I’ve considered the eye witnesses could’ve been lying… I’ve also considered that Wilson could be lying too.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      The first paragraph is part of the officer’s account of what happened… which doesn’t quite match up with what eye-witnesses claim to have seen. Mind you, this happened around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

      • http://thelibertyzone.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/the-continued-crazy-of-scott-schoemann/ Freddy Neat Shee

        And, as it turns out, what the officer said was the truth as shown by the injuries the officer sustained, the GSW on Brown, etc. And we also now know that the “eye witnesses” included Dorian Johnson who was INVOLVED IN THE EVENTS (and obviously, on Brown’s side).

        Adding to the circus is Mr. Anthony Shahid, who was standing behind Johnson in a dark green shirt in one of the interviews, and who later decided to don a fake police cap and stir up the crowd with the “hands up don’t shoot” thing.

        Anthony Shahid is a severe racial and anti-police antagonist within the Saint Louis community. He is very well known by activists and law enforcement. Mr. Shahid is an avowed friend of the notorious Louis Farrakhan, and also a National Action Network (NAN) friend of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.

        Here’s an article about Shahid: http://www.riverfronttimes.com/2003-02-19/news/who-s-afraid-of-anthony-shahid/

        So — we still don’t know yet. Are you a willing participant in the effort to mislead and LIE to us with regards to this case? To participate in the lynching of officer Wilson? Or are you just a dumb victim here, mindlessly defecating your “information” everywhere you can?

        I think I know the answer to that. I told you I’d call you out.

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          Where is the proof that officer sustained a broken orbital socket at the scene? I still haven’t seen any photos of his injuries taken at the scene of the shooting, at the police station and/or at the hospital… much less any documents from the hospital in which he was treated. Where is proof that the GSW on Brown indicate without a doubt that he was “charging?” Granted, I don’t know much about guns or bullet trajectory but someone I was discussing this with a while back knows a good bit about both… however, based on the limited info we have thus far, that person couldn’t say for sure whether those wounds were consistent with Brown charging a stationary or slowly moving Wilson or if Wilson was charging a stationary or slowly moving Brown.
          Some of the key things I’m looking for are proof that Wilson sustained his alleged injuries at the scene (at least one officer or paramedic should’ve taken stills of Wilson before he left the scene) and/or proof that Brown had his hands on or near the weapon when it was discharged at/in Wilson’s vehicle.

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Quit with the tear gas…use MUSTARD GAS!!! If you’re going to do something, do it right! Quit using bean bags and rubber bullets…go for the kill…use real ammo!

    • Pablo Descartes

      No, you don’t appear to understand, those “lethal” measures are only for patriotic Americans.

  • AR154U

    Obama’s reparations plan of “Just take it” is working just fine !!!

  • 2EdgedSword

    Smells like False Flag. Ignore.

  • Herbert Sanchez

    If the police had shot the first half dozen looters, the rioting would have ended muy pronto!

  • Herbert Sanchez

    African-Americans burn down grocery stores in their own communities and then complain that there is a lack of grocery stores in their community.

    As to stopping the riots, why not electronically de-activate the food stamp cards in the riot areas. Threatened with a cutoff of their leeching, the rioters will soon be brought to heel.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      The place that was burned was a gas station/convenience store, not a grocery.

  • Jinglebob

    Just an excuse for them to steal all the stuff they can while they can.

  • Liberty

    Sharpton will make it all…better….Nothing like throwing gas on the fire.

  • georgethorvat

    Just thank the good Lord Al Sharpton has finally arrived on the scene to save the day and to see that justice shall prevail. What a wonderful guy!

  • patriot4life

    Stinkin’ N!**ERS , Of coarse non of them work , Obama’s America , What about NON STOP BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE …F THEM !!! .

    • Tom Moran

      You’re no patriot. Using words like that only paint our side as the bad guys. We win by getting more people on our side not by alienating them with perjoratives.

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