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#WARONWOMEN: ISIS Executes Women’s Rights Lawyer And US Feminists Think Christianity Is ‘The Problem’

DG – I’m still waiting for radical feminists who whiz on Christianity and Conservatives to turn their verbal guns on Islam. Check out this latest atrocity from the “Religion Of Peace.”

By Jim Kouri
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

While some Democratic Party lawmakers use the “war on women” slogan to score political points, women in war-torn Iraq, Syria and other Muslim nations are being tortured, raped and murdered by Islamist terrorists, the most recent victim being human rights attorney Sameera Salih Ali Al-Nuaimy, according to reports including one from the United Nations on Thursday.

Human rights activists the world over are condemning the unimaginable torture and cold-blooded public execution by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) of the legal services volunteer, Sameera Salih Ali Al-Nuaimy, an attorney who worked pro-bono for the human rights of Iraqi women.

The human rights community also condemned the arbitrary and illegal detention, sexual exploitation and enslavement of hundreds of females as young 10-years-old in regions of Iraq and Syria that are being invaded and occupied by the Islamic terrorists from groups such as ISIS and Syria’s Al-Nusra Front, a group linked to al-Qaida.

According to Middle Eastern news media, Ms. Al-Nuaimy, was a respected attorney who specialized in promoting, and fighting for, the rights of women. Following her brutal treatment by her ISIS captors she was publicly executed by a masked firing squad in Mosul.

“This horrifying public execution – of a courageous woman whose only weapons were the words she used in defence of the human rights of others – lays bare the bankrupt ideology of ISIL and its affiliates,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said in a statementreleased on Thursday.

Al-Nuaimy was “arrested” by ISIS as a result of her social-media posts on her Facebook page that criticized ISIS for its total destruction of Shi’ite mosques and shrines in Mosul. ISIS is a Sunni Islamic group opposed to Iraq’s majority Shi’ite population.

ISIS claims that she was tried and convicted of the religious crime of apostasy by a so-called court under Shariah law. Her entire family was prevented by ISIS from giving her a proper Muslim funeral service and burial .

Her execution follows a number of attacks against other prominent women in areas under ISIS control, according to reports. For example, in July, a female political candidate running for office in the general election was viciously murdered by ISIS or members of one of their allied Islamist groups.

Two days later, terrorists broke into the home of another woman who dared to run for political office in the last election. They murdered her and abducted her husband. On the same day, yet another female candidate in the last general election was abducted when gunmen stormed her house in eastern Mosul. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since then.

An announcement by ISIS to all of the city of Mosul’s mosques demanded under severe penalty that all women should return to veiling their faces. They were also warned against walking in public without a “male guardian.”

“Perhaps when some of these American politicians — male or female — start talking about ‘war on women’ in the United States, they should think about the plight of Muslim women whose biggest problem isn’t free contraception, but freedom from the firing squad or worse,” said former U.S. police adviser to Iraq, Jeffrey Linders.

Originally published on The Examiner

jimJim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Contact Jim. What others are saying about Jim Kouri: picked up an article Jim wrote about the FARC guerrillas being charged with conspiracy.

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