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BHO Insults Entrepreneurs, Again…

Dear Mr. President,

Please do not put your reality on all the innovative, creative, risk taking, living on whatever is left over after paying all their employees, and might I add independent individuals who are held in the greatest esteem by true Americans. Of course I am speaking such great accolades about the American Entrepreneur.

You see Mr. President, it is probably true that you did not make it on your own. You probably never even thought about working your way through college so as not to be constrained by student loans when you would enter the real world of competition like many small business owners have done. Oh that’s right you never did enter the real world of competition. But of course, you always planned to stay in the comfy world of academia where its who you know and are you playing their song, that is the rule for new highers. And we of course we are so thankful when we heard you were finally able to pay your student loan back eight years ago and didn’t default on your commitment to repay them.

But you probably didn’t make it through college on your own either because of those helpful cooperative learning groups. Which one in the group were you Mr. President? The one who did all the work for the other individuals lack of effort but still had to share your grade with those who didn’t earn it? Or were you the one who took the grade that the poor soul earned who couldn’t dare to think about getting a bad grade, so therefore, worked himself to the point of performing a near miracle, when his not so faithful partners bailed on their responsibilities? Based on your thinking processes that you shared with the American public the other day , we have a pretty good idea which one you were.

What about your college transcripts, Mr. President. Why haven’t we been privy to see those so we can know what kind of boy genius you are? No, you couldn’t have made it to the White House without providing those to the public with out the help of others, now could you? So you really are dependent on others who have made you into the person you are today. You really couldn’t have accomplished the goal of the Presidency without the strategic help of others who needed you as their pawn. So who exactly are these people who have helped you try to destroy the Exceptionalism of America, Mr. President! It’s ok…you don’t need to tell us. We already have a pretty good idea about who they might be.

Contrary to your reality, however, is the reality of most middle class Americans who you say you are fighting for but in reality are fighting against us.
We, as free, independent, God fearing, Bible believing and Gun toting Americans, still take pride in the power of the God given uniqueness, creativeness, ingenuity and will of the individual, sir, and we would appreciate you dropping that “it takes a village crap!”.