Brad Pitts’ Mom Called All Kinds of Nasty Names by Tolerant Left!

Written by Doug Giles on July 10, 2012

The tolerant left threatens Brad Pitt’s mom for dissing Obama’s gay marriage agenda. I wonder if this will make Brad and Angelina think twice about their allegiance to the left?

(WND) Jane Pitt, mother of actor Brad Pitt, has been scared into silence by the hate-filled, vulgar and even violent reaction to her public assertion that Barack Obama is “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.”

Pitt has even been the subject of death threats following her letter to the editor of Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader in which she asserted failure to vote for Republican presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney constituted a vote for Obama.

WND spoke briefly with Pitt and asked about the media assault against her for her comments as a private citizen supporting Romney. With inflections in her voice that conveyed fear and despair, she quietly and politely said she was not interested in talking to anyone in the media about the incident.

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