Christianity Today Whines About Mixed Martial Arts

Written by Doug Giles on July 12, 2012

My good buddy and contributor, John Renken, steps inside the ring and challenges Christianity Today’s pooh-pooh’ing of MMA. Could CT get more lame? Probably…

Renken- I have several problems with your critique of MMA. My first complaint is I am not sure what the book In His Steps has to do with anything. It isn’t Bible and it isn’t Theology so why bring into in the equation since it has no authority? Next, up is the statement that “ministries that focus on ‘ultimate fighters’ are giving young men a deformed view of masculinity,” then you went on to use the word meek from the Sermon on the Mount. The word there is the same word used for humility and has nothing to do with being a tamed animal. It literally is speaking of being humble. The JFB commentary adds this “Towards men this disposition is the opposite of high-mindedness, and a quarrelsome and revengeful spirit; it ‘rather takes wrong, and suffers itself to be defrauded.’”