CNN Poll: 75% Of Financial Experts Say a Drunk Joan Rivers Would Improve Markets

Written by Doug Giles on July 16, 2012

At this stage of suckiness in our economy I believe financial experts would agree that Joan Rivers on a weekend tequila bender could improve the markets.

Seriously, check this out. CNN POLL: 75% Of Financial Experts Say Romney Victory Would Improve Markets

Breitbart- A recent CNN Money survey found that 75% of money managers and investment strategists believe a Mitt Romney victory would lift U.S. markets. The survey also found that “many are also hoping for the GOP to gain control of both the House and the Senate.”

Leading up to the November elections, 80 percent of those surveyed agreed that the stock market will remain volatile and possibly get worse.

John Praveen, managing director and chief investment strategist for Prudential International Investments Advisers says investors are not sanguine about lawmakers’ ability to keep America from driving off the fiscal cliff.