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Liberal Bigots, Traditional Marriage and Chicken Sandwiches

The Webster’s Dictionary defines a bigot as: “A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinion and prejudices.”

With this definition in mind, let’s take a look at the growing outrage with Chick-fil-A and their support of traditional marriage. Why is it the left and gay rights groups across the country are condemning them for their personal beliefs? Does that not fit the definition above. The left seeks to destroy anyone who doesn’t believe the way that they do because they are intolerantly devoted to their own worldview.

The left has already handed out their talking points and has begun to ask the question, “What does homosexuality have to do with chicken?” I think that is a great question. However, I have a question of my own. What does homosexuality have to do with any food or retail sales company? Nothing, but when it comes to companies who make their support for gay rights public, they are not asked this same question. Instead they are praised and worshipped by the leftist community and applauded for their bravery.

Let’s look at a few examples. Kraft Foods recently released a photo of what has now been termed the Gay Oreo. This Oreo is shown with a rainbow colored filling and was accompanied by Facebook updates that stated, “Proudly support love” and “June25/Pride.” There was also Target: the national retail chain has come out with pro-gay shirts and greeting cards to be sold in their stores. The proceeds go to funding pro-gay advocacy groups. Last but not least is Home Depot. Home Depot recently entered a float in a gay pride parade in San Francisco.

So I will ask again. What does gay pride have to do with Oreos, Target stores or construction supplies? It has nothing to do with them. The left doesn’t seem to be able to connect the dots on these companies the way they were able to with Chick-fil-A. No one has called on these companies to be boycotted in the media. No celebrities that I have seen have been railing on about how these companies have no business weighing in on gay rights.

The only thing that I can assume is that it’s only bad if you are against homosexuality. By portraying people of faith and those who support traditional marriage as bigots, the left effectively shields themselves from the truth, which is that they are actually the bigots. By ostracizing and attacking those with different opinions they silence the argument and insure that theirs is the only voice heard. These are the actions of an intolerant and obstinately devoted group also called bigots.

Just to provide you with an example of this leftist bigotry, I want to tell you about a group call ACT UP. This group was seen just this year throwing the ashes of a dead AIDS patient at a Catholic Church on Good Friday. Another example is that of the several churches that were vandalized after the infamous Prop 8 decision in California. How does any of this demonstrate tolerance and civility towards the views of others? Yet it is the religious right that is chastised for being bigoted and closed-minded.

Not only is the bigoted left raining down contempt on Chick-fil-A for talking about how they feel about traditional marriage but they are also throwing a fit about what Chick-fil-A does with their money. Chick-fil-A donates money to several traditional marriage advocacy and research groups. Among them are the Marriage and Family Foundation, Exodus International and the Family Research Council. Again we are circling back to the hypocrisy and intolerance of the left. Target, which started an entire line of shirts to raise money for pro-gay advocacy groups, is worshipped by the left as a beacon of corporate morality and caring. But Chick-fil-A, which donates private money to charities, is condemned.

It also is worth mentioning that the left is using various media outlets to slander these organizations. The Huffington Post released an article that accuses the advocacy groups supported by Chick-fil-A of promoting religious hate speech that marginalized homosexuals. The article goes a step further and says these groups also are against campaigns designed to keep gay teens from committing suicide.

The Huffington Post and many others, including celebrities, are the ones who push this leftist agenda and this age of mass hypocrisy. We must understand that Chick-fil-A has the right to give money to whomever they choose and it has nothing to do with their business.

As Christians we believe that homosexuality is wrong. This doesn’t mean, as the left tries to tell us, that we hate homosexuals or wish them harm. It’s quite the opposite. We as Christians attempt to emulate Christ who loved sinners but didn’t embrace their sin. It is the bigoted left who attempts to slander Christians and those of faith by calling them hate mongers.

So in short, Chick-fil-A shouldn’t be applauded or condemned for the personal choice that they have made. If you as a person disagree with the way they feel then it is your right to go elsewhere to eat. However, we must end this age of media wars where successful businesses are targeted because of their personal religious beliefs by a bigoted and politically motivated few.

The first amendment of The United States Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion. I personally respect the decision made by Chick-fil-A and I will continue to eat there. However, I only shop at Lowes. This doesn’t mean I would look down on anyone who shops at Home Depot because it is their business. However, you do run the risk of being a hypocrite by publicly boycotting Chick-fil-A and faithfully shopping at Home Depot.

Mark Mayberry

Mark Mayberry lives in Tennessee and is pursuing a Law Degree. He hopes to work in politics and law after graduating. He is also a staff writer at and is the operator of Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing as well as with his family. You can reach Mark on Facebook and Twitter as well as his website