Muslims Justify Sex-Slavery Using the Koran

Published on July 30, 2012

It seems that Muslim men have found a way to justify their lustful passions and fornication, have women dress slutty and cast of the not so sexy hijab and still lead a righteous life according to the Koran and even be encouraged to do so.

He argued that, when it comes to marriage, “we Muslims have overly complicated things,” so that men are often forced to be single throughout their prime, finally getting married between the ages of 30-40 (when they might be expected to have a sufficient income to open a household). Similarly, many Egyptian women do not want to wear the hijab in public.

The solution, according to Awn, is to re-institute sex-slavery—allowing men to marry and copulate much earlier in life, and women who want to dress freely to do so, as technically they are sex-slaves and mandated to go about loosely attired, anyway.

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