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Pastors Drinking the IRS Kool-Aid

By Jeff Mullen

People continually ask me, “Jeff, what is YOUR agenda?” Why can’t you just be a “regular” pastor? They say things like, “Don’t you know you can’t talk about politics in church?” To which I respond, “What are you smoking?”.

I know what they’re implying because they drank the IRS political punch. So I give them my best pathetic look and remind them that there is no such thing as “separation of church and state”. Yes, it’s true – you’ve been Punk’d! If you can find it in my handy-dandy pocket constitution I’ll give you ten thousand George Washington’s.

Somehow the left leaning leeches in our country feel a pastor shouldn’t be involved in politics. These Godless minions run around screaming things like, “If we don’t stop these moralists they’ll be burning witches bound to the street lights surrounding city hall! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!”

The fact that a growing minority of citizens in our nation continues to loudly reveal a landslide of ignorance with regard to the Christian origins of America’s political system also propels me forward in my political endeavors. I intend to do my part, however large or small, to bring America back to her roots. “We ministers are not trying to ‘take over’ America. We are trying to prevent her takeover.”

So here is MY question – “What is THEIR agenda?” We all have one, and I’ve told you mine – so I might as well inform you of theirs. You see, I have to do it because your local pinhead progressive certainly won’t man (or women) up and tell you. But I can outline exactly what THEY intend to do.

They intend to force a FEDERALLY ESTABLISHED RELIGION, which trumps all other religions in America: the religion of SECULAR HUMANISM. This is the polar opposite of what the correct interpretation of “separation of church and state” meant in the context of Jefferson’s Danbury Baptist letter. And they have and will continue to do it successfully if they can get people like me to zip it and wilt into the backdrop. But since that’s not going to happen, they’re willing to trash the 1st Amendment; i.e.: The Johnson Amendment – in hopes of forcing pastors to shut up and sit down.

Has anyone noticed how often the 1st Amendment is attacked and undermined by the pathetic progressives in this country? In their minds, it’s okay to display a statue of Jesus smeared with elephant dung or human urine in the name of “free speech,” but apparently it’s NOT okay for a minister to teach against what Judeo/Christian religion has called sin for 4000 years. Apparently art is protected “speech,” – but speech is not protected speech.

Well I HAVE noticed, and I didn’t trade-in my 1st Amendment rights for ordination papers, and I can only hope to embolden my peers. I am fed up with radical secularism in America and hope that you as fellow citizens and especially ministers will remember Gideon: drink your water, keep your eyes peeled, OR BE DISQUALIFIED!

Jesus called us to be Salt and Light in this world, monsignor. Yes that even means the messy world of politics. Every aspect of our lives intersects with politics. I say, rather than griping about the pathetic decisions and the twisted politicians who twitter, facebook and email their private parts to complete strangers – how about if we replace them with men and women with Godly character?

How about if we the pastors worry less about an unconstitutional law and less about the Dems and less about the outcry of other passive, progressive, pathetic pastors and stand boldly on our platforms and proclaim the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We are not just called to be pastors in the pulpit but prophets in the land!

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