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Risky Business is Following Obama’s Business Plan

By Craig R. Hall

The entire country should be now able to see that Barack Obama has no interest in our country surviving as our founding fathers created it, but instead the president is hastening its ending in one of the ways our founders feared. In a speech in Virginia, the president stated, “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” This statement goes to our president’s seeming disdain of freedom and the capitalist system. And when you look at Obama’s forays into the business world, his disdain is confirmed.

Our system of capitalism is based on two concepts: the freedom to do business away from government interference and the freedom to do business with anyone you choose to create a mutually beneficial relationship. So let’s understand this more fully based on Obama’s extensive business success stories we hear so much about.

Let’s take his work as a community organizer—you know, the “expertise” to which so many pointed as a qualification to be president. Basically, Obama was given a job from a bunch of money that a few left-leaning, rich people decided to spend on the less fortunate. He never once had to go out and earn any money to keep the doors open, he simply drew a paycheck. Additionally, Obama’s client base, while it may have in some ways needed the services he was providing, simply had no way to benefit back the organization for which Obama was working.

In other words, our president seems to have an affinity for wanting to help people using other people’s money. And he prefers that those same folks continue to come to him for their needs instead of growing from a freedom-based, mutually-beneficial relationship to their own self-sufficiency.

Now let’s look at General Motors. We once again have our president using other people’s money, but this time under the guise of helping out a struggling company whose closure would have a “devastating effect on the economy”. Now I won’t go into disproving the negative in terms of how GM’s closing would or would not hurt the economy, as I believe a traditional bankruptcy would have changed little as to how GM came out of its government-dictated bankruptcy.

But that said, this flat-out government interference in what should have been a private matter (added with the fact that when government does these things the law be damned) shows just how Obama believes the government’s role should be in business; and that would be a role similar to that of a tweaker, strung out on meth. The only difference here is that the gang in DC prefers playing with your money while trying to fix problems they created and know nothing about, instead of taking apart and rebuilding your lawnmower at 3am. Oh, and paying off constituencies.

So what resulted here was the government tossing aside bankruptcy laws to benefit the unions, taking guarantees away from guaranteed and secured creditors, forgiving a large percentage of the “loans” the taxpayers gave GM, while also relieving GM’s debt to many of its creditors. Now I don’t know what business you are in, but if you or I tried that in bankruptcy court, we’d be in jail.

The fact is, GM’s loans will never be paid back because we are not requiring GM to pay back all the money we gave it. Additionally, GM’s stock is down and the union still holds a large amount of it. The UAW will want its investment back some day, and it won’t want a loss, either. And now we have the federal government disproportionately buying GM fleet vehicles (can you say Volt sales?) to shore up GM’s sales numbers. GM will never be free from the government. And it looks more and more like GM will need more of your tax dollars for rebates and tax credits to sell cars, with the government eventually becoming the majority of its sales.

Obama’s last business model is the wheel of fortune known as green energy. Without going into specifics, this is simply the government throwing our money down the toilet, and sadly, it is not low flow. These relationships do have mutually beneficial winners, however. That is, if you work for the government, are a campaign bundler for Obama, or are an executive at one of the failed companies who at least got a high-paying job created out of the program. Thank goodness we didn’t get a second round of loans to some of these companies, otherwise we’d have to additionally count the jobs saved.

Worst of all, these green companies enjoyed some of the most hands-off treatment from our benevolent federal government, as the government’s accountants had many concerns that were ignored by the folks in charge of the money.

To put it succinctly, when it comes to Obama and business there’s a simple solution: Whatever it is that Obama says to do, do the opposite. Then you’d have a capitalistic system, where all parties entering into commerce together do it freely, to their mutual benefit. Because, Mr. President, as you said, “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.”

Yes, our founders did. And that is what most Americans want.

But with our freedom and business success, comes Obama’s loss of power and his business model’s failure. And that is not what Obama wants.