The Wussification of America Part 59: The Olympic Douche Suits!

Written by Doug Giles on July 18, 2012

Chris Bedford slays it in his latest screed on Daily Caller. I said on a radio show this week that the uniforms our guys should be wearing should be plaid sleeveless buttoned-down shirts, emblazoned with an American flag, that says “Kiss Our Ass” on the back.

From Daily Caller-
Let’s just ignore that the Olympics started out with burly men wrestling in the nude, and peaked with running fast in circles. Let’s look past the fact that rugby won’t be played, but badminton is represented. Let’s not even get started on the fact that women’s volleyball — perhaps the most impressive Olympic sport next to nothing, can now be played in shorts. Instead, let’s focus on one thing that even has Harry Reid– an architect of American decline — outraged: These lily white pants and gold-button blazers were manufactured by Communist China — a vast stretch of modern gulags, a global leader in religious persecution, a master of mass suppression and, at best, a competitor — more likely an adversary — of the United States.