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Unborn baby clings to life after mother was shot three times by Dark Knight killer

Any other Christians out there having a rough time feeling anything but disdain for this Holmes weasel? Unforgivable stuff. I would love to hear his excuse. Daddy didn’t love me? Mommy was late for my 3rd grade play? I have low blood sugar and I didn’t have my daily Butterfinger? My girlfriend thought I was a dork so she dumped me?

From the Daily Mail– An unborn baby is clinging to life after its mother was shot three times by the Batman massacre gunman, the Daily Mail can reveal. Ashley Moser, 25, was hit in the abdomen and twice in the throat when ‘demonic’ James Holmes opened fire during a midnight premiere of the film, The Dark Knight Rises, in Colorado. She was sitting next to her six-year-old daughter, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, who was one of 12 people killed by Holmes. Ms Moser’s brother, Robert Sierra, told the Mail: ‘I don’t know how, but she still has the baby. Yesterday I was told she had lost it and today it’s OK. It’s a miracle as she was shot in the stomach.


Doug Giles

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