We Knew It Wouldn’t Take Long For Them To Go After Our Guns!

Published on July 21, 2012

The “logic” of the left is mind numbing. Never could they bring themselves to concur that if someone had a concealed weapons permit and was actually carrying their weapon of choice with them, that they could possibly have stopped the mass massacre of innocent people.

We applaud the Aurora police for their speedy arrival but then again, they did get there after the fact. Imagine if you had one or say even three people packing that dreadful night in that theater how different the outcome would be. The carrying individuals could have shocked him into reality, knocked him off his game plan and then probably either taken him down or at least sent him running.

But no! Instead, the left wants to take our guns so that we can boldly go into any public place knowing that we are moving targets or sitting ducks for any wack-a-doo who decides he needs a little attention (by no less than the main stream media of course) because he’s feeling a little pissy over the way things aren’t working out for him.

Right thinking Americans know that our guns keep communities safe. And I propose that 18 not 21 should be the mandatory age that individuals should be allowed to carry in every state of this God blessed nation.

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