Why Hasn’t Brian Ross of ABC News Been Fired?

Written by Doug Giles on July 23, 2012

A great question posed by Dan Mitchell. God knows if Hannity or anyone else, who are center-rght, would have done what Ross did they’d be fired quicker than a chimichanga dipped in motor oil would go thru Larry The Cable Guy’s digestive tract.

Townhall.com– I try not to spend too much time complaining about media bias, mostly because it doesn’t do any good.
But I have had a couple of posts about the topic, usually when there’s a hopelessly outrageous example on an issue I care about.

  • That’s why I complained about an ABC report about Mitt Romney and tax havens.
  • It’s why I groused about a Reuters report that presumed Obama’s spending plans created jobs.
  • And it’s why I nailed the Washington Post for using “slash” to describe a tiny reduction in the growth of spending.
  • I’ve also had a few posts where I hit the media for mistakes that probably don’t represent overt bias, but instead reflect no knowledge of economics and/or a cloistered worldview.

  • This New York Times report about government freebies being costless.
  • This distorted story, also from the New York Times, about tax reform and loopholes.
  • A report from the EU Observer about which Greek political parties are against bailouts.
  • And this story from the Associated Press about Social Security’s finances.
  • Now we can add another example to the list. But it definitely belongs in the first group, because this is clear, blatant, and deliberate bias. I’m talking, of course, about ABC News and its reprehensible decision to smear a member of the Tea Party simply because he had the same name as the Colorado killer.
    The obvious question to ask is why the reporter who did the smear, Brian Ross, hasn’t been fired. But not just Brian Ross. The axe should fall on anyone involved in the ideologically biased and legally reckless decision to speculate that a 52-year old Hispanic Tea Party member was responsible for the Colorado shooting…

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