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World’s Leading Doctors, Medical Experts Hail U.S. Supreme Court Decision

By Michael Madshack, DP Assistant Editor

(EARTH) —The world’s most famous physicians, humanitarians, and medical experts are adding their cheers to last month’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring most of the controversial “Affordable Care Act” of 2010 constitutional, particularly its “individual mandate” for all Americans to acquire health insurance.

Jeers were also heard outside the Supreme Court building and around the nation as the ruling was read, mainly from Tea Party activists and other healthcare overhaul opponents. A Gallup poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans disagreed with the Court’s 5–4 decision, believing the mandate unconstitutional, with an even greater majority of Americans believing the ACA to be morally wrong as well.

Although most top medical and healthcare experts around the world support the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, citing a litany of motives for why upholding “Obamacare,” as it has come to be called, is so crucial.

“I could not agree more with the American Supreme Court’s decision,” said world-renowned physician and 94-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Hugo Rafael Chavez, of Venezuela. The 58-year-old medical expert and documented savior of at least 208 drowning infants (as of June 8th) said he would have preferred the U.S.’s high court demand all U.S. residents, legal or not, sign up for a universal, single-payer healthcare plan immediately after the Court’s 10:30 AM ruling.

“…But that unfortunately is not how things work in the United States,” continued Venezuela’s leading general practitioner, himself suffering from an undisclosed type of cancer. “The climate of the U.S. is one of individual choice and responsibility. So it is very possible that this measure to horde all its people into an eventual one-size-fits-all form of health coverage may become problematic, regardless of the (Supreme Court’s) decision.”

U.S. news, talk radio stations, and the blogosphere were exploding with both elation and fury after the Supreme Court’s surprise ruling. Even supporters of President Obama and the 2010 Democrat-controlled Congress that passed the healthcare law were shocked at the court’s support of the sweeping measure. Although such shock by Obamacare supporters and opponents is shocking in and of itself, according to world famous Cuban pediatrician and gynecologist, a one Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, Ph.D.

Said Dr. Castro, Cuba’s official “Supreme Physician,” to the Associated Press after the Thursday ruling, “It amazes me that over sixty–percent of the people of the United States still don’t agree with the healthcare overhaul, or their court’s approval of it. It leaves me uneasy. Sixty–percent disapproval is not a good sign for the (healthcare) law’s benefits or value. Now, if we were talking a 98 or 99-percent disapproval of the law, that’s when we would know it was good legislation.”

Added the also Honorary Genealogist, Dr. Castro, “The more people who oppose a law, the better; that’s how you know it’s good for them.”

World‒renowned expert in sociology, geology, pathology, radiology, cardiology, podiatry, urology, and astrology (not to mention winner of World War IX), Dr. Kim Jung-un of North Korea, also praised the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Thursday, hailing Chief Justice John Roberts in particular. Dr. Jung-un said that although he agreed with Justice Roberts’ explanation on “Obamacare,” the ruling has its drawbacks, as the average age of the Justices who ruled in favor of the law (65 years old) should have already rendered them “suitable for euthanasia.”

“I’m pleased with the court’s ruling regarding one of the last holdouts of freedom of choice regarding a subject’s healthcare,” Dr. Jung-un said Thursday.

Although Kim Jung-un, a “leader” in public health matters in the Far East, as formally recognized by the United Nations, as well as the only man to discover a cure for AIDS on Neptune following a week-long visit to the icy planet last February, remained somewhat reserved on Thursday’s decision. “I’m just a bit weary of the wisdom in such a ruling,” said Dr. Jung-un, “as most of the (Justices) who voted in favor of the healthcare law should have, because of their age, already been humanely ‘put to sleep’. But it is an irony we experts in the global medical community are willing to accept…for now.”

From the Caribbean, to the Far East, to Latin America, world famous physicians and health experts are declaring the Supreme Court’s ruling “monumental” and “groundbreaking” for those who wish to live as they please, and choose –or not– the health insurance plans they want, as well as the health-affecting behaviors and lifestyles they desire.

Up-and-coming expert and winner of 1,679 national awards in matters of Iranian medical breakthroughs and discoveries, Sir Doctor John Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, also added his input on the SCOTUS ruling to the international press Thursday, supporting the Supreme Court’s controversial decision.

Dr. Ahmadinejad may perhaps hold the most upbeat, optimistic interpretation of the Roberts’ court ruling yet, stating: “This is a great day for freedom, for liberty, and the health of every state. This Roberts’ ruling is a strike for freedom; the freedom of every citizen to not have to agonize over deciding which type of healthcare and other choices are best for them.”

Truth be told, according to Dr. Ahmadinejad, the Court’s ruling is really “about democracy.” Added Dr. Ahmadinejad, “(The ruling) really is about the choice of the individual…to have their lifestyles and health controlled by their governments in a nationalized health system, or to have their lifestyles and health controlled by their governments in a nationalized health system. It’s truly remarkable. Score one for democracy and the freedom from the will of the people!”

UPDATE: Supreme Physician of the People’s Republic of Cuba, Dr. Fidel Castro, and Venezuela’s Chief Doctor, Hugo Rafael Chavez, have been humanely euthanized Friday morning due to advanced age and illness, according to the Associated Press.

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