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25 Ways Of What America Would Be Like If We Were All Christian Conservative Tea Partiers

by John Hawkins

To most Christian Conservatives John’s list is only common sense stuff. We cannot understand why anyone would be opposed to such ideas. This should be the Republican Parties platform or new “contract with America”. Give us this and we will work hard to make sure we never get in this position of “evil is good and good is evil”, again.

If every American was a Christian conservative Tea Partier…

1) …There would be fewer regulations, lower taxes, a business-friendly environment, and a much smaller government that would lead to considerably stronger economic growth and job creation. In fact, we’d probably have to dramatically increase the number of work permits we hand out to foreign workers, not because there are “jobs Americans won’t do” (which don’t actually exist), but because so many Americans would be employed that we’d have to bring in more people to do all of the available work.

2) …The richest Americans would have more money. Of course, so would the middle class and the poor. In fact, the only Americans who wouldn’t benefit economically would be the Americans who spend their lives relying on the government, instead of their own effort, to pay their bills.

3) …We’d have some form of a Balanced Budget Amendment to insure that we don’t have a deficit or a debt.

4) …We’d have a much flatter, simpler tax code that you could fill out on a single sheet of paper.

5) …Welfare and food stamps would still exist, but there wouldn’t be as much need for them, it would be considered shameful to take either, and you can be sure that people would have to work for every hand-out they receive.

6) …Social Security would be privatized and invested.


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