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Anti-hunting Extremists Focus Their Hate on Olympic Shooter Corey Cogdell

By Mike Piccione

Corey Cogdell is a 26 year old Olympic trap shooter who recently represented the United States in the London games. In 2008 Corey took a bronze medal at the Beijing games and she finished 11th in the qualification round.

Corey is also a hunter and anti-hunting extremists are aggressively attacking her using social media.

The largest of the Facebook pages bashing Corey is “Corey Cogdell Please Stop Killing Animals For Sport”; that page has 1643 members.

Barbara Cote writes on the “Corey Cogdell Please Stop Killing Animals For Sport” Facebook page: “You get what you deserve… bitch… I’ll bet if the animals could celebrate they would … however, animals are kind and sweet … unlike you… bitch… Karma is getting you big time … woo hooo… Efff you and yours!!!”

John Ehrenfeld the administrator of the site writes under a picture of Corey holding a raccoon, “A shot of a smiling Corey Cogdell with a slaughtered raccoon. What a cowardly, vile person. She should not be representing the United States at the Olympics!”

Toni Albanese, a frequent poster to the page writes, “Practice random acts of kindness and compassion to all sentient beings and the blessings will really begin to happen to you”, followed by a cute heart icon.

However Albanese encourages her fellow page members to “Start posting on her fan page people” indicating that she is quick to encourage anything but random acts of kindness and encourages the hate speech to spill over to those that support Cory Cogdell.

Albanese also writes, “Serial Killer, proud of her kill :/ Disgrace to America…..Hope you lose tomorrow”, as a further example of her compassion.

The unwitting Albanese also boasts the love of her cat Tigger. Ms. Albanese, free your cat. Keeping a predator against its will is cruel and so is the food made from animal flesh you willingly feed your animal. Ms. Albanese is fine with her paying people to kill animals on her behalf to feed her pets, but hunting is wrong.

Oh the hypocrisy…

To John Ehrenfeld’s credit he did make overtures to his base that, “Please be careful as some posts sound threatening and that is not what we are all about. That will not be tolerated and is unacceptable.”

However in a profound act of hypocrisy he also writes “no personal attacks or threats will be permitted.” But the site is dedicated to personally attacking Corey since the comments go way beyond their cause to stop hunting. What seems to be acceptable to him is to demean, attack and harass a young lady representing the United States at the Olympics because she is a hunter.

I’m wondering if John is a devout vegan living in a home devoid of leather. I certainly hope he practices what he preaches and raises millions of dollars to stop poaching animals across the world like hunters do. Instead, he uses a cause as a straw-man to direct his hate towards others while doing nothing to benefit animals at all on his hateful page.

To visit Corey Cogdell Please Stop Killing Animals For Sport click here.

To become a fan of Corey Cogdell please click here.

Cory is a member of Safari Club International. To support SCI click here.

Image courtesy of Felipe Menegaz