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There’s a bubbling narrative in the media right now that’s spreading a poison by asking if it’s really appropriate for Romney to even hold his convention as Hurricane Isaac heads towards New Orleans. The ever so thoughtful among Obama’s Media Palace Guards are concern-trolling themselves into a lather as they beard-scratch over the “unfortunate” optics of a partisan party as our fellow American are pummeled by Isaac.

That’s right, Obama’s media shills are all but saying that Romney needs to cancel his coming out party that has been in the planning for over a year now because he might get a bounce that forever puts him ahead of Their Precious One it might politically hurt…Romney — and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

This is the Media-Collective quietly laying a Narrative Track that will allow them to question the wisdom and heart of the GOP as their convention rolls on. It’s a political tactic; nothing more, nothing less.

Nowhere, however, is the media at all worked up or even calling attention to the fact that yesterday — long after we knew Isaac could be a terrible storm — Obama announced his intention to still hold campaign rallies in Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia over today and tomorrow.

Not only is this classless and desperate failure of a president violating the long-held tradition of not campaigning during the other party’s convention, but with the knowledge that tomorrow is the day Isaac is expected to hit land, Obama’s decided to do something other than play golf that would be a perfect opportunity to gallivant around the country playing politician.


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