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Cheney Calls Obama a Chump

Fox News- Tonight in Sean Hannity’s interview with Dick Cheney, the former vice president spoke out about the 2012 election season. Cheney just held the biggest fundraiser in the history of Wyoming for the presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney.

Cheney said that he doesn’t believe President Obama was prepared for the job and added, “he served a couple of terms, undistinguished terms, in the Illinois state senate, missed a lot of votes, ran for the House of Representatives once and got beat and then ran for senator from Illinois … and then he disappeared for two years. I never heard anything of him while he was a member of the United States Senate and then all of a sudden he’s running for president.”

President Obama attributes blame to the Bush administration on certain problems, but Cheney was quick to point out that the president has had almost four years to deal with the issues we face as a nation and “he hasn’t dealt with them.”

Cheney said, “I think with respect to the economy, it’s the whole thing was captured in that statement the other day to small business, you know, if you’ve got a small business, you didn’t build it, somebody else did. I’ve got friends that, you know, that’s been their success story of their lives. It’s one of the great success stories of America, that we can do that sort of thing in the United States. And Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate it or understand it or have any sympathy whatsoever. He thinks everything that happens that’s good in the country comes from the government. And he’s just dead wrong.”


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