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Fluke? Democrats? Ridiculous!

Here at summer 2012’s end, the unfortunately, but aptly, named Sandra Fluke has become something of a familiar figure. For months now, this “Queen of Contraception” has been all over TV screens, radio talk gabfests and the political commentariat. Still, every time she freshly surfaces I find myself gawping in stupefied dismay — first at her; but even more so, at the civilizational catastrophe she embodies.

For those who don’t know, Fluke is the thirty-ish Georgetown Law school student and “reproductive rights activist” — in another time, she’d be considered an adult woman – who, nearly single-handedly, has transformed the “free contraception” issue into a cause célèbre.

That’s right, the mission that get’s her out of bed every morning? Government mandating someone else feed her stash of birth control pills, or condoms, or abortifacients – whatever pregnancy preventer/terminator strikes her fancy at the time.

Seriously. This is not — at least not chronologically — some gum-smacking teenybopper pontificating on life’s big questions from her perch at the Mall’s food court. This is a feminist and lawyer-in-the-making who, presumably, hopes someday to represent other individuals or corporations before our courts. One who expects to be treated with the respect normally accorded grown-ups.

Yet, notwithstanding all that and with straight face, Fluke pounds the table over her “constitutional right” to coerce someone else into underwriting her baby-proofed sexual escapades. (Costs, according to an estimate she volunteered earlier this year? $3000 (!) over the course of a three year law school career.)

Between Wal-Mart discounts and her own ingenuity, you’d think she could keep herself stocked in Yaz. Instead, Fluke gravely and insistently informs the whole world she’s demanding not only carefree sex — and apparently lots and lots of it — but that others pay the freight for it.

Those others? Technically, at least according to the president’s most recent blueprint, they are health insurance companies, financed operationally by the businesses and individuals who patronize them.

If a Roman Catholic or Evangelical Christian business owner, or devoutly Jewish or Muslim insurance purchaser, or simply, a freedom-loving, Constitution-honoring American objects to being herded into this contraception-for-the-masses scheme? Sandra Fluke and her fellow-travelers retort: Women must have their regular, coital satisfaction, you see; complete with fully-blossoming orgasms undiluted by any subconscious, pesky fear of pregnancy. Society owes them this. Our Founders, in fact, pledged lives, fortune and sacred honor for it. Didn’t you realize that?

Any religious or liberty objections, then, must step aside.

Thomas Jefferson, mind you, one of those aforecited Revolutionaries, might take exception. It was he, after all, who wrote, “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Yep, freedom of conscience was a big deal to our third president; probably even more cherished than limitless, government-furnished rubbers.

The rantings of Fluke and friends are startling enough. Even more dispiriting, even more chilling, however, is the sizable cohort of ballot-casters who miss entirely the preposterousness of their prophylactic passion; and the major political party officially devoted to its implementation.

Lately, word comes that Sandra Fluke — and others who share her ardor for government-guaranteed birth control for all — will be headlining that political party’s upcoming national convention. When leading Democrats gather next week in Charlotte, not only Ms. Fluke but president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and top-hand over at NARAL Pro-Choice America, Nancy Keenan, will be taking the podium, stumping for their concupiscence-curdled, abortion-addled message of copulation without consequence, without end.

Honestly, what kind of political coalition heroinizes spokeswomen like these? What kind of Chief Executive unflinchingly and pathetically panders to them?

We’re not talking, after all, about last century’s doughty suffragettes, or more recently, the distaff denouncers of wife-abuse. These Sandra-Fluke types eat, breath and live a rather more dubious crusade: more pre-born boys and girls snuffed out by their mothers; and birth control devices showered, indiscriminately and at others’ expense, on all comers.

The party of Barack Obama likes to flatter itself as the champion of elevated notions. What they’ve actually, aggressively adopted as centerpiece of their program is the legalized killing of unborn human beings and the strong-arming of one group of Americans into bankrolling the pregnancy-free recreational sex habits of another.

Contemporary feminism and modern liberalism have bullied the Dems to this place: I am woman, hear me roar — but first cover my monthly birth control tab.

Domestic and international jihadism menaces; financial meltdown, the debauching of our borders, daunting unemployment numbers and so many other sobering concerns stalk the nation, and the party of the Left yield pride of place to …? The unsettling demands of this child-deploring gaggle.

Harsh, you say? Nah — harsh is one million-plus abortions — that’s human lives cut short — annually. Harsh is dragooning hard-working individuals or private businesses into ponying up for a physiologically mature woman’s contraceptive cache. Harsh is the first amendment (freedom of religion, freedom of association) and fourth amendment (private property protections) — genuinely Constitutional rights, not Ms. Fluke’s libidinously fantasist ones — scrubbed from the Constitution to prop up a national fornication fund.

Political and cultural Leftists, philosophically at home among the Democrats, were moving recognizably in this direction decades before Sandra Fluke was even born. It’s appropriate, then, they should be represented by this ridiculous woman; standard bearer for her ridiculous political party; which is led by an equally ridiculous president.

Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.