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Head in the Sand Greenies

If you drive an electric Chevy Volt (which according to a NY Times study takes 26 years to break even on costs vs. a comparable gas powered vehicle), it doesn’t make you morally superior … It just makes you a dummy. Yes a dummy, because all the “save-the-environment” fantasyland rhetoric has inhibited your ability to perform even the most basic math. Greenies tend to stick their heads in the sand when facts and figures are used, which is surprising since they probably believe a human head will do irreparable harm to that very same sand.

My daily driver is a Ford F-150 and I actually opted for the 6-cylinder EcoBoost over the 8-cylinder engine because of the better fuel economy (and the extra kick of the twin turbo). It wasn’t so I could slap a “save the manatee” bumper sticker on it, along with the better gas mileage, and have a double dose feeling of save-the-planet euphoria.

My reasons were completely selfish: Utilize section 179 of the tax code to write-off $25k for my business, plus get a little better fuel economy than my old truck. That’s it, nothing more, and I’m intellectually honest enough to admit it. I didn’t want to look like a sissy so I took off the EcoBoost emblems and blacked out the whole thing so now it appears to be the love child of the Trans Am from Knight Rider and the truck from The Fall Guy. A redneck gangsta hybrid if you will. Who says pop culture doesn’t shape young impressionable minds?

But I digress; fuel efficient vehicles shouldn’t look like effeminate golf carts just to cater to the moral superiority complexes of Greenies that dream of cars fueled by fairy dust and the stuff inside of Pixy Stix.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being a good steward of our God-given resources but the green movement is such an empty, feel good ideology with no substance. When you have Hollywood elitists like Leonardo DiCaprio, who consume hundreds of times more than your average citizen, as a spokesman for Earth Day, you gotta know the movement is somewhat bogus. Leo, if you really believe this bunk, instead of just driving your token Prius, how about you rid yourself of a mansion or two and start crapping in the woods so we know you’re serious?

On Earth Day I actually suggested that people piss on the tire of a Chevy Volt to save a flush. I’ll admit it was not for water conservation but for my personal animosity towards environmental propaganda. Billions of tax dollars are used to subsidize green programs. So apparently all the original energy, fuel, and resources it took to make the billions of tax dollars used for the subsidies don’t count as energy to make the new green energy? There seems to be a slight error in this logic. If something takes a huge amount of resources to subsidize, then it ain’t green, my friends. This is real life with no reset button so the first pile of cash and energy actually does count.

Some of the extreme Greenies will strap themselves to a tree to save it or protest to protect the livelihood of an endangered insect yet have no problem vacuuming an unborn human life right out of the womb. Their priorities seem to be a little muffed up, but of course that’s just my humble opinion.

The new construction industry in America hands out energy brownie points when certain products (deemed environmentally friendly) are incorporated into the building process. Of course the government and their green energy buddies make the decision of what is good and what is bad. It’s basically the equivalent of your kindergarten teacher giving you a gold sticker at the end of the day. There’s not a whole lot of substance behind it but it does make you all warm and fuzzy when your mommy pats you on the head for being a good boy.

The 2012 energy code, which has ties to the horrendous Obama stimulus package, is interfering
with actual common sense efficiency upgrades that my clients are able to choose from. No longer can they just go with the items that give them a return and payback on their upgrades, but they are forced with the feel good nonsensical items chosen by the worst of all hybrids … the government/green movement hybrid.

Finally, we have the whole concept of Carbon Offsets which is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels. Where do I even begin? How is this garbage even palatable to Johnny Q. Public? If your carbon footprint is too big, then just pay a fee so Al Gore can get rich from planting a tree in your honor.

Seriously, what the freakin’ hell? This is so incomprehensible to my brain which is hardwired to process logical equations. Is it guilt, stupidity, gullibility, or all of the above? What’s next? Carbohydrate Credits so fatties can guiltlessly gorge on those super sized fries but then pay five penalty bucks to have some buffoon plant a potato in their honor? Come on people we are smarter than this!

Wow, I made it through an entire green energy rant without mentioning Solyndra. Oops, I just mentioned Solyndra.

Todd W. Reed

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.