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Holder’s DOJ Refuses to Close Whistleblower’s Retaliation Case

By Katie Pavlich, Townhall Editor and author of Fast and Furious

Today marks the four year anniversary of when ATF Special Agent Jay Dobyns’ house was burned to the ground. The blaze was set to his home while his wife and children were sleeping inside at 3 a.m. As a refresher, Dobyns is a 25-year ATF veteran and worked undercover in the Hells Angels gang for two years in what was known as “Operation Black Biscuit.” When he got out after putting dozens of the Angels in prison, members of the gang in coordination with hard criminals in prisons around the country, issued death threats against him and his family. These criminals and their associates are suspected to be responsible for the arson of Dobyns’ home. Four years later, ATF still hasn’t held a single person accountable within the agency for failing to address threats against his family and hasn’t solved the arson of his home.

As a refresher:

Dobyns has put a number of the nations’ most violent criminals behind bars, which naturally comes with threats from those criminals and their buddies in return. After he finished his work bringing down the Hells Angels, things were no different.

Approximately a year after Operation Black Biscuit concluded beginning in 2004 through 2008, Dobyns and ATF became aware of credible and substantial violent threats against him and his family. Those threats included plans to murder him either with a bullet or by injecting him with the AIDS virus, kidnapping and torturing his then 15-year-old daughter and kidnapping his wife in order to videotape a gang rape of her. Dobyns and ATF also learned contracts were solicited between the Hells Angels, the Aryan Brotherhood and the MS-13 gang to carry out these threats.

During Operation Black Biscuit, Dobyns operated as a special field agent under ATF Phoenix Field Office management. At the time of the threats, that management team included Special Agent in Charge of the ATF Phoenix Field Division William Newell, Assistant Special Agent in Charge George Gillett and ATF Deputy Assistant Director William McMahon, who served as Newell’s direct supervisor at the time. All were intimately involved in Operation Fast and Furious. Newell and McMahon have both testified before the House Oversight Committee regarding their roles in the lethal gun trafficking operation that deliberately put over 2,000 high powered weapons into the hands of ruthless Mexican drug cartels and allowed those weapons to be lost south of the border.

“…….The identical techniques, tactics, practices and personnel that were used on me were repeated in Fast and Furious. You’ve got a flawed response plan that is not well thought out, both to the gun trafficking in Fast and Furious to the threats against me. You’ve got the same people who are at the tip of the spear in developing the plan to send thousands of weapons to Mexico and ignoring death threats and not realizing when it is failing. Then you’ve got the point when they get called out and caught in their bad acts both in Fast and Furious and my threat response. Then you go into the immediate denial of ‘no we didn’t do that.’ Then, when it starts to be proved, you go into the attack on the person that exposed it, that blew the whistle. They attacked me just like they attacked John Dodson and Pete Forcelli and those guys. Then you go into the cover-up where they are denying the evidence and hiding the evidence of what they did wrong and then you go into the lies under oath that they’re denying and raising their right hand, swearing to tell the truth and willingly and intentionally not telling the truth,” Dobyns says.