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If America Forsakes Its Christian Roots Then It Can Kiss Its Butt Good-bye!

No matter what your Marxist, lesbian, long-toothed, community college history teacher sporting a bad haircut, stretch pants and stale coffee breath says, the vast majority of the founding fathers of our great nation were deeply committed Christians.  I’m talkin’ deep.

The truly great men who laid the foundations of our nation were solid, principled men who had profound internal convictions regarding God’s eternal truths and believed those verities should serve as a blueprint for an external government.

Those godly, risk-taking “rebels with a cause” went into life’s laboratory on fresh American soil, as they looked to heaven for wisdom to build a country that would blow their grandmothers’ non-existent support stockings off.

And man, did these Christian men … you heard me, Christian men, not atheist or agnostic or secular relativists … did they do it right!

Yes, little Sally secularist, they created, from a Judeo-Christian premise, the United States of America; a human achievement without parallel. (By the way, my secularist friend, what have you created over the last 300 years that comes close to what Judeo-Christian men have built here in the US? Uh, France?)

Get it right, difficult as it may seem in today’s progressive surroundings: Christian men, implementing a biblical worldview, are responsible for, as English historian Paul Johnson says, “the creation of the United States, the greatest of all human adventures.”

Given the overwhelming success of the U.S. in implementing a type of government which had not been attempted on such a grand scale in 1,500 years, our farseeing forefathers understood that a great start and a successful run did not ensure continued blessing if the foundations upon which the nation were built were systematically destroyed.

And here is where we must watch our national backside, if we are not to witness the undoing of an amazingly successful, young experiment in self-government.

In two-hundred-plus years of awe-inspiring prosperity, the Christian roots and the initial notes of risk and daring regarding the American enterprise have derailed into atheistic materialism, moral complacency and corrupting self-assurance.  Far from the original ethical and moral moorings to which we were initially tied, we have drifted in a direction of decadence that the framers never intended or even imagined.

The re-writing of our history (by denying that God was integral to these godly men’s lives), the ongoing offensives to remove the law of God from our country and Constitution; our ethical rot that’s on a par with Sodom and Rome: America!  What the hell are you thinking?

Let us be clear.  If traditional Americans don’t wake up, stand up, rile up and build up our original godly foundations, then history will throw up on our “Great Experiment”, and the U.S. will serve merely as a tourist stop on the way to another new, principled, God-honoring land.

Judeo-Christian roots support our luscious American tree.  There is a direct correlation between our principled relationship to God and the prosperity of our nation. Currently, atheistic and god-denying, axe-wielders are hacking away at our religious roots like Paul Bunyan on crystal meth, while the Church and many traditional Americans are taking a passive nap.  Mr. & Mrs. America, we all should want to protect this heritage and proudly perpetuate the great gift of a richly principled America to coming generations.

If we want to pass on this great land of ours and that for which it has stood, we must fight postmodern gravity and institutional entropy.  We must realize and embrace the fact that freedom is never free.  God’s not the least bit obligated to bless us when we ditch His objective truth and its application to culture.

Be warned: our democracy would not be the first to commit national suicide.

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of (290M+ page views). Giles is also the author of the NEW book, The Wildman Devotional: A 50 Day Devotional For Men. Follow Doug on Instagram and Truth Social at @thegilesway and on Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.