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If You Are American It Is More Difficult To Get Tickets To Empty Olympic Events

What a financial disaster these Olympic Games have become. The fans that are trying to go and fill those empty seats are unable to obtain the tickets due to the incompetence and logistical problems of Olympic organizers. But the idea that American’s are being especially penalized is especially disturbing. Were they purposely trying to put it to the American’s again?

If you’re an American, you’re mostly out of luck. And that’s not sitting well with fans of Team USA hoping to catch any action at the games. The reason is almost as difficult to explain as the process. But we’ll try:

Anyone with a US address can’t go through the official Olympics ticketing process. That’s reserved for UK and European Union dwellers. Instead, Americans are being routed through CoSport, the official reseller of LOCOG (the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games). Once there, after filling out the online forms, you can start selectting from available events, purchase tickets and get the address of where will-call is in London.

But a quick check Wednesday of the available tickets for any event between now and the end of the games returned zero results as of 9 p.m. London time. Earlier in the morning, one ticket was available for swimming later this week, with a $450-$650 price range.