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No One Owes Anyone Anything Ever

A lot of us are sick to death hearing we owe somebody something: that the country owes somebody something, or that the moneyed class owes the poor, or that whites owe blacks or the yellow people owe the brown people or the corporations owe the workers or Americans owe the whole flippin’ world.

Seriously. We are sick of hearing about it. Here’s why. It’s a useless series of rants engaged to guilt trip people: power plays design to control all people by demonizing some to make dependents of others. (And in the end only the puppet masters prosper.)

Let’s get something straight: for everybody, everywhere, always—no one owes anyone anything, other than respect!

Just because you think your poor cousin deserves food stamps doesn’t mean the government has the right to steal from me to buy food stamps, wasting my money, making your cousin a steer, providing him only candy and cigarettes.

I am under no obligation to send money to King Barack so he can hire poorly paid doctors managed by bureaucrats to provide lousy medical care for people who don’t pay into the system, people who subsist on donuts and caffeine and ruin their health in other ways.

Just because some tree hugger demands it, doesn’t mean I’m required to submit, that I should be prevented from developing my land, driving my car or using the light bulb I choose. No eco-groovy freak has the right to dictate proper toilet paper usage, or anything else in my personal life.

And simply because legions of men and women believe promiscuity is a civil right, that claim is no justification for demanding I pay for their contraception, penicillin, or abortions.

However, I do owe my wife a good living and faithfulness and love and support. I owe my kids a decent upbringing, education, food, clothing, shelter and a better than average shot at success. I owe my country my support, my love, and my devotion. I owe my God worship, adoration, obedience and 10% of my income. And I owe my fellow man love, respect and good will.

When I give, beyond these obligations and the duty to pay reasonable taxes to support legitimate government functions, it is a voluntary act on my part. It is not up to the president or anyone else to demand I do anything. The more they do so, the more intense and fierce the resistance. Stay out of my face, and out of my life.

I’m sick and tired of government bureaucracies and tin-horned dictators telling me I owe somebody something, or I must comply with this or that regulation, or I should violate my own conscience and support the latest hair-brained social experiment, when I know darn well, based on experience, it’s all a crock.

So you can take your DMV healthcare, your public funding of abortion, your demands I support same-sex marriage, your radical green agenda, your push to ban guns and embrace illegality, your efforts to crush Christianity, your “education” reform, and your thieving ways, and shove ‘em.

Thankfully there remain enough true blue Americans left to resist you, confront you, and defeat you on election day.

You’ve gone too far too often and the time has come to send you out to find a real job.

You know what I’d like to hear pretty soon?

I’d like to hear the politicians and the bureaucrats tell us they owe us a balanced budget, and a fair return on our tax dollars properly invested. I’d like to hear them say they owe us excellent service.

I’d like to hear them tell us they owe us decent roads, a properly funded military, strong national defense, fair trade, proper immigration management, respect for states’ rights, and small, lean, efficient government.

We owe them nothing.

They owe us everything.

Ain’t it about time we got this thing squared around properly?

Image courtesy of Jacques Bellange; public domain 

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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