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Obama Is Setting Employers Up to Be Sued By Directing Labor Bosses To Not Hand Out “Required by Law” Pink Slips Notices

Obama does not want a possible 1million people losing their jobs right before the election so he’s trying to prevent the bad news until after he gets their vote. Only problem is…now they know! Looks like the light has shined on another nefarious Obama scheme to deceive the good people of our fair land.

The Obama Administration is setting up employers to be sued and take on a huge financial burden when trial lawyers come out of the woodwork. I recommend companies take a hard look and err on the side of caution by letting their people know what could happen to their jobs in the near future. Is this the type of risk corporations want to take? If I were on the board of directors, I would fire the CEO who took this risk,” Inhofe said.

Under The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) companies with more than 100 employees must give a 60 days notice of a mass layoff. The Senate Armed Services has received letters from eight defense companies saying they will have to layoff thousands of workers due to sequestration. Sequestration is projected to put more than 1 million Americans out of work, Sen. Inhofe warns.