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Why I Loathe Barack Hussein Obama

Loathe- (v) To regard with extreme dislike and hostility.
The current occupier of the White House is a contemptible, vain, calculated, conceited, loathsome, prosperity hating, pompous, arrogant ass. I can’t stand the man. There, I said it. I would not like him personally and would not enjoy his company at a dinner party or a golf outing. And, I especially don’t like his wife. I think this man is a bigger threat to the sovereignty, security, prosperity and solvency of this country than the former Soviet Union, Jimmy Carter, and Red China combined. He and his cronies need to be removed from office and his policies completely and solidly refuted from the ballot box this November. Here are my reasons for my complete and utter disdain for this president:

More people have lost their jobs under Obama than any president in the modern age. The number of people living in poverty is at an all-time high. He has presided over the worst economy since the Great Depression. Gas prices have doubled and commodity prices have gone through the roof. Electricity and groceries are more expensive due in large part to his regulatory and energy policies. He has added more to the debt than all other 43 presidents combined. Household net worth for the average American has been reduced by 40% and the nation’s credit rating was reduced for the first time ever under his watch.

He is married to an America hating wife. From her comment about not being proud of her country to her furrowed brow and disgusting remark at a September 11 ceremony I believe that Michelle Obama hates America as the Founders intended it to be. Regardless of what exactly she said during the 9-11 event, she is clearly expressing some kind of disgust for the pomp and circumstance surrounding a ceremony honoring this country’s most cherished symbols, Old Glory. Watch and decide for yourself.

Joe Biden is his Vice President. Biden is a fool and buffoon by any definition.

Rather than give all credit to the Navy Seals and the intelligence community of the United States, Obama chose to politicize the Killing of Osama Bin Laden and take personal credit for the accomplishment. Intelligence gathered from the mission was quickly rendered useless because of this action and many lives in the intelligence community were needlessly put at risk because of his arrogance and inability of his administration to prevent leaks. The credit taking continues to this day.

The “You didn’t build that,” remark. The idea that we must have government programs, roads and bridges, and all other kinds of government services in order for businesses to be successful is ludicrous and demonstrates a complete and utter lack of even a semblance of understanding of how the economy works. It was free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit that built this nation, not government works programs, welfare payments, or “stimulus” dollars.

The welfare state has bloated under Obama by 19% to nearly one TRILLION dollars. The number of people who are being added to the public dole under Obama is unprecedented where one in seven Americans is on food stamps and over one-half of American households receive some kind of government payment.

The Obama “Jobs Council” doesn’t meet for six months, but he has time for multiple golf outings and over a hundred fundraisers in the same time period. He has played well over 100 rounds of golf since assuming the Presidency.

The Obamacare suppository. As the facts continue to emerge about this unprecedented takeover of the private economy, Americans dislike this legislation more and more. Healthcare costs are already on the rise and projected costs are skyrocketing. And to that I say Gomer Pyle style, “Surprise, surprise, surprise.”

Fast and Furious. Let us never forget that the entire reason for this failed scheme was to bolster the narrative that legally purchased guns from the United States were being funneled to drug gangs in Mexico and therefore needed further restrictions. The plan backfired with one American Law Enforcement Agent being killed and scores of Mexican nationals murdered with these illegally purchased weapons. Eric Holder was charged with contempt of Congress as a result, but since his department is tasked with enforcing the contempt charges, nothing is likely to happen.

The lack of leadership from this President is staggering. He couldn’t lead a troop of Boy Scouts to the toilet. He has divided Americans, pitted one class against another and race relations have only gotten worse since his ascension. He has played the blame game from day one and often takes credit for things he didn’t do. He has failed to promote successful policies. His last budget did not garner even one vote and failed in the Senate 99-0. Not one person in his own party would vote for it! His only “success” was Obamacare. I’ll give him that one. He has failed to shut down our borders, but there aren’t any jobs for illegal aliens to take anyway. He has failed to reduce the deficit as promised. Not that I am for it, but he even failed in his promise to shut down Gitmo. It is not safe for him to give speeches without a teleprompter because he may reveal what’s truly in his heart like the “You didn’t build that” remark.

His 2008 campaign promise still sends shivers up my spine, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded,” Obama in Colorado on the campaign trail.

And finally, don’t think for a minute that I have forgotten about Bill Ayres, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the American Apology Tour, the removing of Churchill’s bust from the White House, Solyndra, the General Motors takeover, his disdain for Israel, reversing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” the Joe the Plumber comment about spreading the wealth, over 30 unelected czars, “The private sector is doing fine” comment, his open microphone statement to the Russians about having more flexibility after the election (to destroy our defense capabilities), Michelle’s taxpayer funded vacations, his administration’s support of the UN Small Arms Treaty, his support of the Occupy Wall Street hooligans, his nominations of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, Cap and Trade, and the BAILOUTS!

I love my country and I am sick and tired of witnessing its internal destruction at the hands of the current president and his ilk.

Yes, I loathe this man and for good reasons.

Steve Sheldon

Steve Sheldon is a lifelong outdoorsman, hunter, gun-rights enthusiast and widely published author. Steve spent a dozen years in private industry as an investment broker and owner of multiple businesses. He served the National Rifle Association almost ten years in various capacities before moving to Americans for Prosperity in his current role of External Affairs Officer. Steve has held various church leadership roles over the years and served in a jail ministry.