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Lesser of Two Evils? Yes, And Your Point Is … ?

“Voting for Mitt Romney is only voting for the lesser of two evils!”. Some of us are hearing that a lot these days from folks who see Obama as bad for America, but who have no intention of throwing any kind of support behind his former-governor-of-Massachusetts adversary. In the article below, Gary DeMar addresses this objection by sort of pointing out the obvious — although lots of otherwise thoughtful, Christian people seemed to have missed his rather obvious point. In fact, it’s practicing Christians who ought to have recognized DeMar’s observation a long time ago …

You’ve heard anti-Republican critics say, “I just can’t vote for the lesser of two evils.” If this is true, then you can never vote since we’re all evil, although some are more evil than others. I have a number of Calvinist friends who use the “lesser of two evils” argument. If you know anything about Calvinism, then you know the acronym TULIP. The “T” in Tulip stands for Total Depravity. It also goes by the names total inability or total corruption. It’s not that a person is pure depravity but that all his actions and thoughts are tainted by evil. Sin has corrupted every part of our being.

This means that any choice of a political candidate is a lesser of two totally depraved people. The people that say they will not vote for the lesser of two evils will get one of the two evils whether they vote or not. In this election, they may get the greater of two evils…

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