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Pigskin Pundit: NFL Week #2

[Editor: Apologies to you, precious Clash readers, and our PP, for posting this week’s predictions the morning after Thursday night’s Bear/Packers game. Good news? His prediction for that match up proved correct – so you might want to pay attention to what he has to say about this weekend’s other contests as well …]

by Pigskin Pundit

Well, got Week One out of the way with a few surprises, but overall expectations were fairly on the mark.  My record begins at  10-5 (didn’t pick the Dallas/Giants game). 

Let’s see how Sophomore Week goes.
Bears @ Packers – A grrreat game between two blue-collar, smash-mouth teams.  After last week, I’ve got to believe Rodgers & crew won’t surrender two in a row at home, especially to a division rival.   The Bears are good enough, but GB has too much pride (and talent) to start 0-2 at home.  GB in a grinder.

Bucs @ Giants – Same as Bears/Packers.  Giants don’t want to get the rumor mill around Tom Coughlin fired up again, even though the Bucs are a decent, hungry team on the rise.  NY gets it done in Gotham…er, Jersey.

Raiders @ Dolphins – Last week I wouldn’t have given Miami a prayer against up-and-coming Oakland.  After the Raiders beat themselves with stupidity and feckless play on Monday night, the ‘Phins might just pull this one out.  Or not.  I’ll take the Dolphins, just because they’re home.

Texans @ Jaguars – The stars at night, are big and bright … Deep in the heart of Texas … The Jaguars lose, even with Jones-Drew … deep in the heart … you get it.

Browns @ Bengals – In the “Who Cares” battle for Ohio, the Bengals are probably the better team, even though the prison-orange of their uniforms remains apropos.  Marvin’s Marvels ought to be able to put this one away.  As a side note, the Patriots should never have let Green-Ellis leave town.  His skills and nose for the endzone will be missed in New England. 

Chiefs @ Bills – This will probably be an interesting game … if you live in KC or Buffalo.    Actually, it will be interesting to see which of these evenly-matched teams has the gumption to win their first game.  If the Chiefs pick up a road win, that’s a good indicator for them.  If the Bills can’t prevail in their own house, that’s very telling also.  Buffalo will storm the Cassel, and I think when the dust settles the Bills will be 1-1.

Ravens @ Eagles – Ravens usually feast on whatever eagles leave behind.  These Ravens have a more predatory edge to them, and I expect they’ll take what they want forcibly from the Eagles.  Look for the Ravens to plunder the Eagles’ nest.

Saints @ Panthers – Well, last week was a bit of a shocker.  For sure, RG3 and the Skins played a solid game, but in reality the Aints just looked lackluster and aimless.  Are they THAT dependent on the presence of Sean Payton for inspiration?  Honestly, I like Cam Newton at home this week.  Panthers scratch one out.

Cardinals @ Patriots – The Patriots have a long history with guys in Red Coats, and it doesn’t end well for the guys in the Red Coats.  Patriots.

Vikings @ Colts – Last week the Vikes drew a weak home opponent.  This week they draw a weak road opponent.  Vikings start the season a false 2-0.  Reality is on the way to Minneapolis like a wrecking ball, in the form of the 49ers and Lions.  But they get one more week of sunny picnics in Indy before it hits.

Redskins @ Rams – Week 1 magic continues into Week 2, as the honeymoon between RG3 & DC persists.  Sounds like a new sitcom, doesn’t it?  Skins’ game.  

Cowboys @ Seahawks – America’s team invades Grunge City.  Cactus whiskey vs. mocha latte.  I like the guys with guns in this one.

Jets @ Steelers – Not sure what this week will tell us about Gang Green.  A loss to the beat-up Steelers will indicate a lot more than a win will.  Rex wants (and needs) vindication.  Jets should pull this one out.

Titans @ Chargers – The Titans need to get Chris Johnson some running room.  Turner’s Bolts will probably not surrender much, taking a page from last week’s Patriots’ playbook.  I don’t think the Tennessee secondary can shut down Phillip Rivers for 60 minutes, and I also don’t think we’ll see as many drops from Antonio Gates & Company like we did against the Raiders.  Bolts win in an electrifying game.

Lions @ 49ers – No way the Lions are going to find any gold in San Francisco.  The Niners will though … Lion pelts are a nice, golden hue…

Broncos @ Falcons – Two teams with much to prove.  Two good passing games.  Two stalwart defenses.  I’m giving the nod to Atlanta, because 60 minutes of covering Michael Turner, Roddy White  and Julio Jones would wear down the best defenses in the game, and Denver doesn’t have one of those yet. 
Enjoy Sophomore Week!  We’ll find out who looks more promising this season as we get deeper in.
-Pigskin Pundit

Image:1st Play; courtesy of Cedward Brice