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News Clash

Planned Parenthood Handing Out Anti-Romney/Ryan Rubbers At DNC.

A move that I believe to be one of the lowest political advertisements of all time is taking place at the Democratic National Convention.
Yesterday, Planned Parenthood hosted a rally event outside the location for the convention.  They paraded politicians and celebrities who support the liberal women’s health agenda which includes support for murdering unborn children and handing out contraceptives to every person who wants one, not matter what age they are.  Obama’s contraception poster girl Sandra Fluke was there as was Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and actress Aisha Tyler.

But perhaps the biggest attraction at the event where the bright pink packages of condoms that were being handed out to all.  On the front of the condom package was the message:

“Protect Yourself From Romney & Ryan In This Election.”

On the inside of the cover it read:
“Learn The Facts About Romney & Ryan”
Then perhaps the most offensive statement of all was on the actual wrapping of the condom which read:

“PROPER ATTIRE Required for entry.”

When a campaign has to stoop to using something as personal and private as a condom to denigrate your opponent, it can only be seen as an act of desperation from a morally depraved group of individuals.  It lowers the campaign to a level of debasement that has never before been reached in the annals of American politics.  Its flagrant display reminds me of the moral debauchery that pervaded Ancient Rome, Sodom and Gomorrah just prior to their collapse and destruction.