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Priorities: Obama’s Camp Condemns Romney Before it Condemns Terrorists

By John Nolte

At 11:53pm last night Talking Points Memo released a statement from the Obama campaign condemning Mitt Romney for criticizing something the White House itself disavowed — an appalling apology issued by the State Department.

Eight hours later, President Obama finally got around to condemning the monsters who attacked us on our own soil and killed our fellow citizens.

Yesterday, on the 11th anniversary of September 11, the Obama White House snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accepted an invitation from David Letterman, and apologized to Islamists upset over a  film that mocks Islam and Mohammed — something “artists” in America do to Christianity with my tax dollars on a fairly regular basis.

First off: Why is our Embassy apologizing for a film no one has seen and apologizing for freedom of speech and expression? In a word, that’s un-American. And let’s remember that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doubled down on the apology. Last night, though, the White House finally disavowed the apology, but now the hypocritical and wildly dishonest Obama campaign is lashing out at Mitt Romney for being critical of the same apology the White House itself disavowed.

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