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Where is Our Survivor Guilt?

From G.C. Mandrake via

Here is something to think about when the hawkish rhetoric flies about our need for continued fighting in the Middle East. The video below is of the father of Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr. On August 10th his son, Lance Corporal Buckley Jr., and two other marines were working out in the gym when they were murdered by an Afghan police officer after sharing a meal with him.

New York 4 reports, “Buckley, 21, was killed last Friday in Afghanistan. He was one of six Marines to die in two separate incidents in the Helmand province. Buckley died just before a planned surprise visit to his family and friends on Long Island.” His father said his son, “didn’t feel good over there…He was there four months and he said not once did anyone say ‘Thank you.'”

As a former Air Force Psychologist, I have worked with many depressed and suicidal war veterans.  They feel guilty that they survived when their buddies died. Their survivor guilt was unrelenting and oppressive. It was hard for them to be convinced that they, of all people, are the last ones on the face of the earth to be guilty. They risked their lives for their friends and their country.

My question is, if they feel utterly guilty and they were there, where in God’s name is our survivor guilt? And by our, I am referring to those of us over here, safe and sound, beating the war drums for a war that we don’t even know is worth fighting, is helping to destroy our economy, and certainly is not declared by our Congress.

God Bless the Buckley family, and may God have mercy on our souls.

*Note video Published on Aug 24, 2012 by 19Keese who notes ABC 7 News has NO affiliation with this footage; it was taken by an IPhone camera while numerous networks were there as well to receive the story.

G.C. Mandrake

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