Four Reasons Black Christians Should Not Vote for Obama

Published on October 21, 2012

Jackson, Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church and regional bishop in the Fellowship of International Churches is no stranger to controversial opinions. In fact, it was his stance in 2009 against gay marriage that really put him in the political spotlight.  “I believe that the Bible teaches that same-sex marriage is an oxymoron. If you redefine marriage, you have to redefine family. You’d have to redefine parenting. I’m looking at the extinction of marriage. And black culture is in a free fall.”

Back in the pulpit on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, Jackson took a strong political stand on the upcoming November elections. “The Bible says righteousness and justice,”he preached. “We’ve come to a point…  there would be a split in the Christian world. And divided, we would not be able to stand. We’re here at the pinnacle of this election. We’re here in 2012 making some awesome choices because we’ve been a little bit slow in hearing the message of righteousness and justice.”