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Fox News or Out Foxed by Sharia?

By Jeff Mullen

Fox News
I am an avid Fox News viewer and appreciate much of what they share. Yes, it’s true they lean to the right as the remaining media leans to the left – but I appreciate that about them.

At the same time they are skittish of our Muslim population as Obama is (adoring or submissive). They come close to exposing the truths of the Quran, at times, but can’t actually get themselves to share the entire truth with the American people.

Have you heard the phrase, “The truth will set you free”? If that is a true statement, then why hesitate to share the “entire truth”? Answer? Do you really want an answer? The reality is that the media, even Fox News is convinced that “we can’t handle the truth”.

The truth is – American’s are benevolent, kind, loving, civil and NAÏVE! We cannot handle the truth. We’re pretty sure that God is love; we remember learning it in Sunday school and AWANA. And we’ve heard from just about everybody, including some influential Christians, that “we all worship the same God”; however Allah is not the same as the God of the Bible. Not by a long shot.

Out Foxed
Here is what for the most part Americans do not understand: our nation was framed on the Declaration and the Constitution – our charter and our bylaws which delineate the Liberty that is our birthright as free men. The first Amendment declares our freedom especially in the area of religion.

An American can fully reject any notion of God if he so pleases or can be all out worshipers of our Creator, (Jehovah) God. We can even choose to worship a pair of dirty socks and we can actually go online and create a non-profit, “Church of the Dirty Socks” and then encourage other people to worship dirty socks, sing praise to dirty socks, even to tithe to dirty socks. (Would that be “net” tithe or just “gross”?

But with Islam? No, No, No! There is nothing BUT the Quran. EVERYTHING is built from the QURAN in Islam. It is Sharia or else. It’s a “my way or the highway” religion (as long as the highway is strewn with IED’s and C-4 explosive). Remember, Islam is a fully functioning culture; economically, socially, judicially – there is no room for a democracy or a Republic. They are wholly incompatible. As the Prime Minister of Turkey said, “Democracy is a streetcar. We will ride on it until we reach our destination, then get off!”  And when these guys get off, the bus disintegrates into a cloud of smoke, fire and ball bearings.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Hadith, the handbook for the Quran. The Hadith is the playbook for how the infidels – that’s YOU and I – will be coerced or killed.

In America we want to believe, “Islam is a religion of peace”. No, it’s a culture of pieces … little burning, charred pieces. And NO, it is not a religion at all but a civilization – a way of living. You have NO option but Allah. You must follow him through Mohammed.

But Mohammed (who believes in child molestation and the torturing of women) proclaims that there are but three options in an Islamic world: become a Muslim; become a slave or assume room temperature. Convert, submit or die! That’s diversity under Sharia.

How long will Americans live ignorant and naïve? How long will we bury our heads in the sand pretending it’s not true or hoping it will go away? How long will we deny the truth? How long will it take for Muslims to gain enough strength to gain leverage? Too late!

It’s time we pull our head out of the freaking sand, people! See the truth – stand in opposition! It is very apparent that the majority of our Congress is not up to the task. They are pathetic! WE THE PEOPLE must stand FOR our great nation. We must act now, while there’s still time. If we don’t stand today, our children will be forced to bow tomorrow.

It begins where it always does. “What is truth?” When you’ve answered that, and I know you can handle it, then you protect it, you teach your children to revere it and you call the enemies of truth to account. It’s been said “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” But it’s also true that “good men, once informed, will never stand idle.” Stand with me my friends – the honor of our fathers, the future of our children, they are worth the cost.

Image: Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday; courtesy of; MC1 Chad J. McNeeley; public domain