MSLSD’s el Douche Toure Says Voting for BHO in 2012 Proves We’re Not Racists

Written by Doug Giles on October 1, 2012

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist not voting for him in 2012 will prove that you’re not an idiot.

From his spot on the Time Ideas blog, the MSNBC anchor Toure admitted “If President Obama had to run against Senator Obama of 2008, he’d probably be crushed. Back then, Obama seemed superhuman; today he is merely mortal. His victory in 2008 was historic, breaking the race barrier in the nation’s highest office.”

Guess what came next. Re-electing Obama is a greater test of whether America is racist than it was in 2008: “But an Obama victory in 2012 would say something even more profound about how far our country has come. Granted, Obama’s election (or not) is merely one of many factors that will tell us where we are on race in America. But it is a big one.” Toure put Obama into the metaphor of The Matrix: