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NFL Picks – Week 8

by The Pigskin Pundit

Normalcy has returned to Planet Pigskin, at least momentarily.  This week was fraught with closely-contested battles where the outcome came right down to the final minutes or in some cases, overtime. 

Most games went about as expected, with Pittsburgh doing exactly as I predicted they would and making me look dumb once again, and Buffalo has become the weekly coin-flip team once more this year.  This week evened me out from last week’s debacle, as I went 11-2 and stand at 56-33 for the season.

Week 8 is loaded with great division and conference rivalry games.  Here are the picks.

Buccaneers @ Vikings – Short-week game, and Tampa is going to come up short here against the now for-real Vikes at home.

Dolphins @ Jets – Miami has shown some real new heart this season.  The Jets have shown the same old inconsistency that has become Ryan’s hallmark in NY.  I like the upstart Phins on the road this week.

Chargers @ Browns – The Bolts may be the same old team they have been for several years, but that’s still enough to shut the power off in Cleveland.  San Diego.

Colts @ Titans – The Horseshoes are having some Luck with their rebuilding year, but Tennessee is resilient, especially when veteran Hasselbeck is calling the offense.  Titans in a tight one.

Patriots @ Rams (London) – This road game will be a lot closer than people think.  New England has shown much weakness on the defensive side of the ball recently, and insufficient offensive horsepower to overcome it.  Rams are getting solid, but still aren’t in New England’s class yet.  Patriots prevail in Old Blighty.

Jaguars @ Packers – These cats don’t have nine lives.  They don’t even have one life, without Jones-Drew.  Packers will be pelters this week.

Falcons @ Eagles – Normally eagles win this contest in nature … but not in football.  Philly has no answer for the Man from Atlanta.

Redskins @ Steelers – Watch this: I’m picking the Steelers to win at home … which means they’ll drop this one to Chief Three Sticks and his bristling band of braves.  Anything to keep me looking silly.

Seahawks @ Lions – The Lions play tough D.  The Seahawks play tougher D, and more O.  Raptors take one in the Lions’ den.

Panthers @ Bears – Chicago continues to establish its dominance, and nobody gives a fig about Newton’s griping.  Halas’ henchmen at home.

Raiders @ Chiefs – KC is in disarray, talent notwithstanding.  Charles could be the biggest factor in the outcome, but Oakland will have a scheme to neutralize him.  Raiders defeather the Chiefs.

Giants @ Cowboys – The critical Dallas running game is on life-support.  The Giants should dominate on defense, and Romo’s arm (and head) won’t be enough.  Victor will be Cruzing with Eli.  NY big in Big D.

Saints @ Broncos – Two great slingers duking it out in thin air, as New Orleans attempts to keep their recent momentum going.  They’ll find it impossible to do shoving it up the Rockies.  Saints’ great Archie Manning’s little boy will apply the brakes.  Ponies prance.

49ers @ Cardinals – Harbaugh the Younger knows he needs to beat teams like Phoenix in order to establish a dominant mentality on his team.  A loss in the desert means they share the division lead, and sows the seeds of doubt.  Prospectors prevail for breathing room and bragging rights.

Enjoy the games!

-Pigskin Pundit

Image:;author Jeffrey Beall; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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