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Pigskin Pundit: NFL Picks Week Five

by ClashDaily’s Pigskin Pundit

Week Four was a revealing week, as teams began to display what kind of quality they have and what their true character is shaping up to be in 2012. The Patriots showed how weak their defensive secondary is, and then in the same game unleashed a record-setting second-half offense that obliterated the Sybillistic Bills and their schizophrenic quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Eagles showed a promise for this season, and the Jets displayed a complete inability to beat a top-tier NFC team at home.

I went 11-4 in Week Four, and am now 40-22 for the season. There are teams better than their records, and most likely a couple teams (Vikings, Cardinals) that are certainly not as good as their record. Let the sifting begin!

Cardinals @ Rams – The Rams have heart, and they are letting it show with some gutsy plays. Bradford will continue to improve and probably turn out to be a worthy #1 pick. That said, the Cardinals probably are a better team, and have proved they can win on the road. Cards by ten or less.

Eagles @ Steelers – The Battle of Pennsylvania as East meets West should reveal an emerging team gaining an edge over a declining one. Vick-tory in Pittsburgh is for the Birds.

Packers @ Colts – Green Bay needs a cupcake to keep them rolling. The Colts will show some fight at home, but get frosted anyway. Packers in a solid win.

Browns @ Giants – The only thing Hot In Cleveland will be head coach Pat “Don’t Call Me Fritz” Shurmur’s seat after this one. Giants huge at home.

Falcons @ Redskins – Hats off to RG3’s spirited revitalization of once-proud Washington. His weekly exploits make you WANT to follow this team, which is just what they need. Unfortunately, Matt Ryan’s team FORCES you to watch THEM weekly, because they are already a finalist contender. Falcons roll on in the Capitol. Fair warning to New Orleans, Chicago, Green Bay and San Francisco; Atlanta is hungrier than you are, and more deeply developed.

Dolphins @ Bengals – Cincy is a team that is probably not as good as their record, but they are good enough to beat Miami, who IS as bad as their record, with more grief apparently to unfold. Tony the Tiger eats Flipper for breakfast.

Ravens @ Chiefs – Gut check for both teams. Ravens want another run at the ring. Chiefs want respect and a winning record. KC has some talent, but they don’t seem to go anywhere with it week to week. Ravens win this one, just because they’re better all around.

Seahawks @ Panthers – This is a tough game to pick. Pete Carroll builds effective defenses. His team does about as well on the road as they do at home. The Panthers with Cam Newton are everybody’s favorite, exciting underdog team of the future. I picked the Seahawks in this one because I think Carroll’s D will hold and give Wilson & Lynch time to put enough on the board.

Bears @ Jaguars – Bears roar, Jags don’t score. Chicago continues their relentless march towards the post-season.

Broncos @ Patriots – Two great quarterbacks going at it. Peyton is again Peyton, and I don’t think New England’s cheesy secondary can contain him for 60 minutes. And rest assured, Manning ALWAYS plays 60 minutes of football, as the Texans found out in their narrow win. The Patriots don’t have the leisure of spotting Manning a 2-TD lead in the first half, and last week in Buffalo showed just how much work they still have to do. Broncos pick up a huge road win in the game of the week.

Bills @ 49ers – Ryan Fitzpatrick runs for his life most of the game, as SF finds end zone gold…repeatedly.

Titans @ Vikings – I could pick either team here, as they are pretty even. The Vikes have momentum, but they are the worst 3-1 team in a long time. They will hold off Hasselbeck & Johnson for the win at home.

Chargers @ Saints – This is the week the Saints go marching in. They have to wake up before it’s too late, and while I have nothing against the Chargers, I just think this is the Saints’ game to lose. They won’t.

Texans @ Jets – If Rex Ryan ran his team as capably as he runs his mouth, they’d be undefeated. Every year. Results are what football people listen to, and he doesn’t deliver. Houston will use this game to sharpen their spurs for the next opponent. Hey Rex, there’s a new sheriff in town … and his name is Kubiak.

Enjoy the games!

-Pigskin Pundit

Image courtesy of Flickr user hyku