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Wallace Hammers Weasel Axelrod

David Axelrod, senior adviser to President Obama, had a tense interview on Fox News Sunday, wherein host Chris Wallace pressed him on the White House response to the recent attacks in Libya. Defending the administration’s response, Axelrod further added that Mitt Romney is “working hard to exploit” the issue.

Asked whether Obama takes “personal responsibility” for the situation, Axelrod replied, “At the top-line level, the president of the United States takes responsibility for everything that happens on his watch.”

He also responded to the Romney campaign’s criticism that Vice President Joe Biden‘s debate response about whether there were requests for additional security directly contradicts sworn testimony of State Department officials.

There “was no contradiction since the requests didn’t rise to the White House level,” Axelrod said. These requests go into the security professionals into the State Department. … It didn’t come to the White House, and that was what the vice president was responding to.”

Wallace also brought up remarks by Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, in which she said the reason Libya has become “the political topic it is, is because of” the Romney campaign. Asked whether he believes this, said there are two separate issues: the serious issue regarding the attack and bringing the killers to justice, and the way the Romney campaign has responded to the attack.


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