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A Petition for Waterboarding the White House?

President Barack Husein Obama never ceases to amaze me. Any individual or group that wants to create a petition and accumulates 25,000 or more signatures will be addressed by the White House. Yup, that’s correct, all one needs is 25K John Does for a “reward” of having the staff review the online proposal. We can have a riot with this tool.

No, I am not calling Obama a tool. Well maybe. This will kind of be like flooding Representatives and Senators phone lines when hearing something that needs to be protested. If you have a legitimate or illegitimate cause, heck, why not generate a petition. It is really easy, just go to this provided link, and you are in like flint. Before I continue, I have to show you this quote from Barry, the comedian that is on this web site.

“My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and efffectiveness in government.”— President Barack Obama

Obama will now have something else to blame his atrocious economy, staggering unemployment, horrendous foreign policies and all other forms of destruction he has initiated. Just last week, his Union friends were blaming Mitt Romney and “Bain” like practices for causing Hostess to close their doors. No more strawberries and peaches over those tasty Twinkies.

There have been various types of petitions started. The first “Secede” petition was started in Louisiana and then followed up by numerous other states, Texas being the first to hit the needed mark to deserve attention. If anyone can do it, Texans can. Of course their state is just about three times as big as most in the nation. When this first came out on Face Book, my first thought was, WOW this is going to be fun. Those on the left were calling signers of the petition sore losers. The moderates that call themselves Republicans were saying signers of the petition were just nut case far right wingers. HEY, be careful, I signed that petition so all the Hoosiers in Indiana could be set free from National chaos.

The first thing I must say, signing this petition just shows my repulsion in this President and his pathetic administration including the czars. Czar, where in the world did that word come from? Kind of sounds like the old U.S.Socialist Republic doesn’t it. Sorry folks, 25,000 is a very small fraction of the population. This is just the number the White House put out there to make the petition possibly valid. It takes more than that to make State Secession happen. I believe most that signed the petition are stating they would rather live in one small State that offers freedom than one large Nation under Marxist control. That is the direction we are headed, Right?

The Mary Jane petition in Colorado actually had more signed on to it than Bambi had votes… Here are a few examples of petitions that can be found at the governments site.

– Declare A Grief Awareness Day

– Create a single-payer healthcare system for the betterment of American citizens & businesses, which will lower costs

– Ban Big Labor Boss Richard Trumka from the W.H. for destroying great companies like Hostess and killing 18,000+ jobs!

– End all foreign aid to the State of Israel.

– The liberals have crafted a petition that asks for all those signing a petition for their state to secede be denied citizenship.

I have a petition I would like to start and it might get the 25,000 necessary signers to have it addressed by the White House staff. President Obama and the staff surrounding the poor loser shall be water boarded in order to find out the truth about everything hidden in the last four years. I imagine that petition might shake things up a bit.

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David Hiatt

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.