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Media Meltdown: Why The GOP Sucks at TV and What They Can Do About It.

Michael Walsh- The fact is that GOP candidates, by and large, are not particularly well-versed in dealing with the media. As the Washington Generals of this particular sporting event, they’ve been cast as the slow, clueless white guys who got no game, and it must be said that they usually play their part to perfection. Which is why, effective immediately, conservatives need to develop their own, non-Fox media operation, in part to return fire and in part to educate prospective candidates in the ways of the media. You think the Democrats leave this stuff to chance? The way forward is to use their weapons against them.

The truth is, Republicans think the point of being interviewed is to politely and honestly answer the interrogator’s questions, while Democrats know that the purpose of any interview is to use the question as a stick with which to beat the other side into cowering submission. We can laugh all we want at the risible character known as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but guess what? Her side just won.